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Zodiac Kids ~ Babies, Elevenses, Teens

Posted by sarahdelamerehurding on July 3, 2012 at 5:55 PM


Good Night… ~redjeep


Zodiac Kids




If you are parents to an Aries child you really have to be ready for anything. Ruled by Mars, these kids are unpredictable and full of energy. Expect erratic behaviour and all sorts of shenanigans. A healthy mischievous streak bestows this child with a wicked sense of humour too. You can expect pranks galore and endless madness to keep you busy. Life is not dull with an Aries child in the house, that’s for sure.


BABY: Aries babies love stimulation, lots of activity and noise; ideal really if you have a busy family. These munchkins get bored easily, and need constant attention. Their senses must be stretched, so take note of what they are looking at, listening to and touching. Aries babies respond to different textures, mad colours and frantic music. Exhausting indeed! You may ask; do they ever sleep? Well, of all the Zodiac babies, Aries is the most wakeful when put to bed alone. Your Aries baby ironically gets more rest when you stop creeping around. Dare to put the cot in the front room; or at least let them share with a sibling. The more wound up you get; the crankier these babies become. Do yourself a favour and don’t be precious with your Aries baby; or YOU will be the one who suffers.


CHILD: This child is very strong willed, so prepare for much friction as you begin to lay down the ground rules. Aries kids don’t respond well to discipline; but they do need to be contained somehow. Only you know what the boundaries for your child will be. But be assured they will push you to the limits as they test them out. Young Aries easily develops bad habits such as untidiness, bad manners and playing-in-the-dirt. These kids make it their mission to see what they can get away with. So you could usefully ignore them most of the time. If they are free from harm; then remember the rest is just an excuse for boldness. Aries generally knows what’s right and what’s not, so you needn’t worry on that score. Most of the time they’re just winding you up; don’t rise to the bait!


ELEVENSES: Once the temper tantrums have stopped, you can enjoy the intelligence and brightness of your young Aries. These kids need to keep physically active, and there is certainly energy to burn most of the time. But as the sensitive, creative side to Aries develops, you will notice your youngster becoming more thoughtful and reflective. (Well, on a good day anyhow). Aries children are quite dramatic, so you can expect a fair quota of Drama Queen behaviour, and a natural flare for performing in front of the adults. Young Arians are quick learners, so good schooling is a must. These clever kids can easily reach the top of the class with the right encouragement and a good education. But, it’s the same old story, if they get bored, there will be lots of mischief to compensate.




Little Taureans are real home-birds. If you are parents to a Taurus child you will never be rid of them. No, they do not remain child-like, and they do pull their weight. But Taurus is hopeless at letting go of the past. So leave their bedroom in place, even when they are long gone and married with kids of their own. Taurus is reluctant to leave home turf, and needs family to stabilize and harmonize their existence.


BABY: Baby Taurus is a demanding little creature. With a strong will and stubborn temperament, you will soon wonder where the tranquil days went. But this delightful Zodiac baby will repay you with oodles of affection and lots of tactile action. The best way you can reassure your Taurean child is with a cuddle. Remember, what you say is not half as important as what you DO with this baby. Soft, sensual tranquil environments with great smells and warm, cosy fabrics are what this baby needs. The mellow, peaceful and relaxed vibe of a family home speaks to the heart of little Taurus. But this baby needs to know there is love in abundance; so will test your reactions often in the bid for yet another cuddle. Irregular sleeping patterns will be taxing; so be patient…and cuddle!


CHILD: Taurus kids are adventurous and keen to understand. Their inquisitive streak kicks-in early and no secret is well enough hidden. These children have intense instincts and will just know what you’re up to. Taurus needs to maintain the Status Quo and gets insecure when things change. But, you can expect a battle of wills once they have made up their mind about something. Be warned; they WILL not budge! Do not bargain with young Taurus. There really is no point. Nor should you withhold your physical touch as they find that very difficult to forgive. Don’t gloss over the endless questions, or spurn Taurus child’s affection. The best thing is to remain straightforward. Emotional trauma upsets them, so try not to argue in front of this kid, as they internalize an awful lot.


ELEVENSES: Taurus teens work hard when a subject grabs their interest. Their sheer tenacity and determination means that they will get the grades needed to pursue the career that makes sense. Despite their home-loving ways; Taurus is an independent creature who needs to roam free. You will find Taurus individuality develops quickly from the age of six. This Sun Sign often struggles with Mathematics and Physical Education; but is meticulous, so grasps details and stores a lot of info in that expansive brain. Music elevates the Taurus soul, and it is a good idea to pay for your child’s music lessons as soon as they express an interest. Taurus teen is a sensuous being who is likely to have a string of admirers. But there is a heartless streak too; if they are not interested - that’s it.




Little Geminis are exhausting company; but they are entertaining and intelligent too. You will certainly benefit from a sense of humour, for Gemini provides many a belly laugh. If you are a parent to a young Gemini it is important that you really listen to that endless chatter. Huge offense will be taken if you switch off. So try to appreciate their earnestness, even when you’re knackered!


BABY: Gemini babies are lively souls who will communicate in whatever way they can. You can expect to have quite a dynamic, expressive baby on your hands. Somehow Gemini manages to connect in profound, surprising ways, well before the first words. Gemini baby also has a wicked sense of humour and quite a chuckle which will delight you in its heartiness. There is a knowing contained in this young soul and a willingness to muck-in and see what happens. You don’t really need a rigid routine with Gemini babies, for they are flexible and willing to go with the flow. In fact it is better not to impose a strict regime on this child. Gemini is an endless source of entertainment and destined to bring you many laughs and plenty to think about. Enjoy experimenting; it’s an adventure.


CHILD: Gemini youngsters love to shred things, so you would be well advised to leave precious items out-of-reach. If you want to keep your toddler quiet, a pile of old magazines and newspapers in the corner should do the trick. Hours of fun! Gemini kids have a special way of communicating and often words are not necessary. One look from those expressive eyes will let you know what is going on. Learn the language of those eyes and you won’t go far wrong. Gemini loves to day dream and you will often catch your youngster looking out the window, gazing ethereally into space. Gemini is not always that grounded, so learn when to step in before your child floats off entirely. The Gemini youngster has many real friends and a myriad of imaginary ones too. Cute!


ELEVENSES: Gemini kids question everything. They have intelligent, enquiring minds that want to fully grasp what’s going on. These children are creative, with a love of the arts. So, paint-box, crayons and paper will keep them happy; well, for about five minutes anyway! Gemini is enthusiastic and loves to day dream. But this child’s imagination is so profound that fantasies are become just as vivid as reality once they get a grip. These kiddies are nifty little liars when they want to be too. It’s not usually done out of badness. But the blurring of what actually happened is easy enough when the truth hurts. Little Gemini’s are independent souls who absorb information like a sponge. Let them wander as they will as their energy levels allow them to cope with just about everything.




Parents of little Cancers are blessed with caring, considerate children. Ruled by The Moon, these lunar creatures are sensitive, psychic beings with a protective emotional shell. Don’t let this child down; you will never be allowed to forget it. These kids have a strong sense of loyalty. But, they are great at emotional blackmail too. Their techniques wear you down and inevitably they get their way.


BABY: Cancerian babies are invariably gorgeous, cuddly creatures. With the typical button-features of a perfect child, these little dotes are guaranteed to send you ga-ga! Cancer kids generally sleep well; except on a Full Moon when they are likely to be exceptionally energized. Also, Cancer babies are easily amused. You don’t really need to splash out on pricey toys. Besides, these babies are usually so fixated on mammy they won’t be distracted by fancy goods. The cute-but-clingy phase lasts until the etheric cords linking mother and child begin to loosen-up (age three). Then the cheeky stuff begins to kick-in; but if you thought cutting the umbilical cord was easy! It IS a good idea to breast-feed your Cancerian baby for as long as possible to boost optimum health.


CHILD: The monsters come out to play in the Cancer psyche when school and outside commitments require stretches apart from mammy. It is important to be disciplined with your child and explain things gently. Chances are your little cuddle-bunny will need a lot of reassurance as the big wide world beckons. If these adjustments take place smoothly, you may then experience the opposite problem. Walkabout syndrome is probably not a big rebellion. But, the new-found freedom of your increasingly independent child leads to interesting developments. Keep a beady-eye on your child during this phase. Explorative Cancers are expert at slipping through any precaution you care to put in place. They are skilled at outwitting you, for their psychic sense detects how to slip through the net!


ELEVENSES: You will have noticed from a young age that your Cancerian has a knowing-air. Despite Mammy-fixation, these little lovelies are very in-tune and able to discern what’s what in all sorts of obscure situations. Don’t think you can hide things from your child. They will invariably sniff out your worst secrets, so the straightforward approach is the best one. Let your child come up with the complexities. There will certainly be enough going-down to keep you busy (and worried) for quite some time. ‘Why’ is Cancer’s favourite word; so prepare intelligent answers to your child’s annoyingly perceptive questions! Your child is innately wise, so you can expect to raise a little oracle. Your lunar-child is an old Soul who needs to be nurtured and trusted.




If you are parents to little Leo, you have your work cut-out. Leo’s are shameless attention-seekers with a heart of gold. This kid performs for effect and needs a constant, patient audience. You do not overlook Leo unless you want endless flak. For sanity’s sake, keep Leo at the hub of family activity. Ruled by the Sun these kids are colourful with a sunny disposition and great sense of humour.


BABY: Baby Leo needs lots of hugs, reassurance and attention. These are cute babies with a wicked chuckle and mischievous glint in the eye; which I defy you to resist! Little Leo is very interested in what is going on, and responds well to stimulation, so long as the environment is not too hectic and noisy. Little Leo is a baby to be proud of. Gorgeous, with a lovely disposition, these bundles of joy keep themselves entertained for hours. If they are aware of you in the background watching, they will feign disinterest and perform to impress. Don’t forget to heap praise upon them later, as this will ensure at least some gaps of peace and quiet. Leo is quick witted and intelligent. But when the chat starts, you will be on the receiving end of endless ideas, reports and jokes. Hours of fun!


CHILD: Leo kids are natural leaders and you will find them running rings around you from a very early age. You can expect to be shown the way by your Little Leo, and more often than not, they are right with their hunches and intuitions. Full of heart and courage, these kids have natural strength and a love of life. Do not be afraid of spoiling them; you won’t be able to resist lavishing lots of attention and gifts upon them anyhow. It IS their birthright to land on their feet with lots of sensual trappings in the future, so they might as well get used to it from an early age. You will not affect them adversely by providing them with what they require. Denial is not really the best way to discipline these kids. Besides, too much discipline just makes them feel unloved, uncomfortable and miserable.


ELEVENSES: Nurture your Leo kid. They are open-hearted and full of unusual, creative ideas. Natural leaders and performers, quite possibly fame awaits them down-the-road. Leo does have a lazy streak though, so getting them to contribute to household chores is likely to be a chore in itself. Your kid is bound to be demanding of your time, money and attention. But the up-side is that you will be rewarded in bountiful ways in years to come. Little Leo does reach a stage of self-containment and independence soon enough. Leo expends high amounts of energy putting their all into things. So you will notice quiet times of reflection and introspection during the teen years. This is nothing to worry about; it is just Leo recharging the batteries for the next attempt at gaining recognition.




Being parents to a Virgo child is a fairly joyful experience, though you may sometimes wonder if you have spawned an old head on young shoulders; well, what’s new? You have! You really don’t need to nag or criticize your Virgo child. These kids are very self-aware, introspective and self-critical. You don’t need to enforce rules to keep them on track, and you may in fact find they are better behaved than you are.


BABY: Your Virgo baby is bound to be beautiful with gorgeous rounded features and a knowing look in the eye. These children are usually Old Souls incarnated to make the world a better place. Very evolved, and easy to look after, your baby responds well to routine and a cool, tranquil environment. You can expect your baby to beat all records and probably develop a step-ahead of its peers. But, Virgo babies can be little control freaks, and you will notice that they don’t like their routine to be upset. They are flexible enough if you need to travel, or if there is a change of plan. But do try to stick to regular hours, feeds and sleeps, wherever you may be. Virgo baby has delicate digestion, so won’t thank you for missing a feed, or heating up the milk to the wrong temperature!


CHILD: You can expect your Virgo child to run a tight ship! Yes, at times it will feel like this kid is running the family home. But, the beauty of it is; you will find that your child is right most of the time. You would be well-advised to swallow your pride and hang on their every word. You might as well accept that you have produced a little oracle and get on with it. Test it out, and see what goes wrong when you ignore your little Virgo’s hunches. These kids are wise souls sent to help you and make your life easier; you might as well get used to it. Virgos are practical, earthy old souls with a matter-of-fact approach to life. But they do need lots of reassurance and TLC. It is lonely for them sometimes with so-called friends who get jealous of their talents, knowing-ways and good looks.


ELEVENSES: It is a myth that Virgo is prim and proper. These kids are actually earthy, sensuous beings with a great connection to Mother Earth. If you have any doubt how to bring out the best in your teen Virgo, encourage their innate link with nature. Virgo kids are perfectionist and thorough in their work, play and relationships. But they are quite serious-minded, so could use some cajoling sometimes to spark up their sense of fun.


Ruled by Mercury, these kids are very intelligent and seem to carry the whole weight of the world on their shoulders. It is as if they already understand what they are being taught at school. Little Virgo really has heard it all before. Like a sponge, this child responds well to new ideas, so you more than likely have a Grade A student on your hands.




Libran kids are obtuse, so you can expect lots of contrary behaviour and bizarre disagreements from your little angel. Yes, the Libran child invariably looks gorgeous; like butter-wouldn’t-melt. But as all parents know, appearances can be deceiving. Libran kids will argue the point ad infinitum; so you really have to make sure that no means NO. Stick to the boundaries that feel right, and don’t budge an inch.


BABY: Baby Librans are witty and amusing with a real feel for music. Indeed it is music that will calm their souls before sleep; so before you try any of the usual tricks give your child a blast of Beethoven. It will work quicker than all the soothers in Mothercare! Libran babies are shy little things and may need their confidence boosted as they start to emerge into the big wide world. A squeeze of the hand at well-chosen moments should do the trick. But be warned, Libran kids are very good at playing off both ends against the middle. They will approach the favoured parent with a request and invariably win them over with general cuteness. Previous denials and resistance from Bad-Cop parent will then have no impact. Do guard against being out-maneuvered by your nifty child.


CHILD: Little Librans are creative and intelligent beings possessing profound imaginations. Here is another child of the Zodiac likely to have a plethora of imaginary friends. Don’t discourage the make-believe aspect of your child’s psyche; for it is the dreams and visions of this kid that make life bearable. Play-time boosts your child’s confidence and allows them to assert control on their environment. The imagination is literally a haven from adverse pressures, people and experiences. But, Librans become increasingly self-willed and stubborn as their equilibrium stabilizes. You can expect a few screaming matches and temper tantrums as moodiness kicks-in. Librans get seduced by the latest craze or gadget; so expect to be worn-down until you relent. Just say yes!


ELEVENSES: Your Libran child is clever, but tends to excel at one or two subjects rather than across the board. There may be some angst and loss of confidence on account of subjects that don’t gel with the Libran mind (usually Maths and Science). But gentle coaching can get your kid over most of the hurdles. Arts, Media and Music suit Libra well indeed. You can expect your child to shine in one area, which will set them up for a successful career. Your little Libran is bound to have a wicked sense of humour and gets easily distracted by the opposite sex. Anyone who takes their fancy gets put on a pedestal which can lead to scanty school reports and dodgy grades. Eventually of course, reality dawns and your B student will be able to concentrate once again, and get a few A’s!




Being parent to a Scorpio is an uncomfortable privilege! This child is a cute little thing, who can read your mind and anticipate your next move. Once they get the measure of you; you can expect your buttons to be merrily pushed until you relent to that impressive will. There is a bewitching quality to this kid, which serves them well. You needn’t have too many fears on account of little Scorpio.


BABY: Your baby Scorpio is an alluring, charming creature, who will captivate you with just one look. You will notice a knowing glint in your child’s eye and realize you have spawned a mind-reader; or perhaps a mind-bender! Don’t be daunted, but do be careful. This youngster does not understand the meaning of the word ‘no’. The sooner you lay down ground rules and impose a routine, the better. Scorpio loves to control things and loves a bit of drama too, so you can expect many a temper tantrum in the supermarket if you try to avoid the latest fad. Scorpio child is destined to play a dominant role in family life, and you will find that older siblings are quite charmed by the new arrival. This viper-in the-nest is a bossy little thing, who will stir things up BIG time. Brace yourself.


CHILD: Watch out for your child’s tendency to exaggerate. This bundle of brooding mischief loves gossip and drama, so it is important to check the facts before you run to other parents or teachers complaining about injustice in the play-ground. Your child loves to wind up unsavory characters and is likely to get into a scrape or two. But Scorpio kids with their innate psychic ability are street wise and canny. It is advisable to stay in their good books, for the infamous sting-in-the-tail is no myth. Your little Scorpio is excellent at pushing buttons and sensing weak spots; and their behaviour can be unpredictable as well as mysterious. Scorpio has their own reason for doing things and those well-honed instincts will get them out of all sorts of trouble, even as they land their mates right in it!


ELEVENSES: Your Scorpio child is well able to cast a spell or two. Their stories and shenanigans are captivating. They are likely to be surrounded by all sorts of mates in awe of their charisma. Don’t be surprised if your kid is a ring-leader for many a rebellious uprising, as they are particularly good at making teacher’s lives a misery. Of course their political awareness is not that well developed yet. But just wait until they hit student age! Young Scorpio will ignore what makes them feel uncomfortable and responds only to what is understood. The opposite sex gets torture not romance at this stage; for Scorpio is not adverse to a bit of intimidation. Life with this child is certainly weird and wonderful; and you can expect to be kept on your toes. Scorpio makes the rules up; get used to it!




Young Sagittarians are lively and fun. If you are parents to a little Sagittarian, you are in for lots of laughs. But will need boundless energy to keep up with the mad shenanigans. These kids have a well developed sense of adventure; so you will need to keep an eye on them. They are likely to wander. It is a good idea to encourage your child to sublimate all that excess energy with lots of physical activity.


BABY: Needless to say, it is quite tricky to get this baby to unwind enough to sleep. Innately restless, this is the baby you will have to push around the block, hoping the land-of-nod will descend a.s.a.p. But, the extra exercise and fresh air is just what you both need, so get into it. You really have no choice. You will have to come up with endless ideas to keep your child amused. This baby needs attention, stimulation and constant activity. At a later stage, you may be relieved to notice a lazy streak develop. But really, for your child’s benefit it is better to encourage positive activity. If you notice lethargy kicking-in, it is usually a sign of listlessness and despondency, so do be hands-on when it happens. Go to a film, go for a drive, have a giggle, or go kick a ball…together!


CHILD: This kid is a bundle of vibrant energy, destined to run rings around you for many hours of the day, and many years to come. You will get respite, but only once your little dynamo has collapsed into a heap of exhaustion in the corner. This physical sign scoots around like a mad thing until the batteries run low; which they do at a moment’s notice. It is a good idea to learn the art of cat-napping if you have a young Sagittarian on your hands. Grab your moment! You are also likely to have wakeful nights once that overactive imagination starts on the night-time terrors. The best way to calm the mind of this frantic creature is with a lilac-coloured bedroom and a charming nightlight of the moon. Learn to pace your child if you have a tight schedule; a workable routine is crucial.


ELEVENSES: Your child is a natural sporting champ, which is a great use of all that surplus energy. Intelligent, with a lively mind, young Sag is also good at studies. But, the opposite sex is likely to be a distraction from an early age. Thankfully, the school work does not suffer too much. These kids really do have energy for everything! Your child’s insatiable curiosity gives them a hunger for travel and adventure. Sagittarius has a love of life and embraces it in all its glory. Your kid is not likely to get into serious trouble. But there will inevitably be the odd scrape. Your child’s humour is their saving grace, so do encourage it at every given opportunity. At least your Sag is great at looking on the bright side, and more often than not they are the tonic YOU need at the end of a weary day.





Little Capricorns love their home life. If you are parents to young Capricorn, you are lucky to have a youngster who will really treasure family life. Indeed, this Earth Sign finds it difficult to detach from its roots. So when the time comes to flee the nest, your son or daughter will certainly need a gentle nudge. If you don’t manage this, chances are they would still have their own room upstairs, aged 42!


BABY: Baby Capricorns are as good as gold. They respond well to a practical routine and adore home life. These babies sense what is best for the family, and are great at settling down for the night, unless they are unwell. In fact if you have a cranky Capricorn baby on your hands, chances are they need to be checked over by your GP. In the fullness of health these babies sleep so well, you are likely to get a full night’s sleep right from the off. Indeed, you may well have to wake them up in the mornings; they really do love their cosy nest. If you are planning a baby, you could do worse than aiming for a mini-Capricorn! The only potential problem is the inevitable teething saga. Your baby Capricorn is bound to get frustrated that sleep is no longer straightforward. Try Bonjella!


CHILD: This child hates to be unsettled and needs the grounding of home life to function effectively in the adult world. The formative years set Capricorn up for life and they are eternally grateful for a settled, comfortable home-life. Depending on the Zodiac Signs of the family, your little one may sometimes get over-shadowed. Make an effort to include them if this happens a lot. But generally these kids are happy watching and observing from the side-lines. It’s the way they learn what is acceptable and what is not. Capricorn kids are quite placid; but the good news is they are obedient and love to do as they are told. You are lucky indeed to have such an obliging child. The only frustration or concern may be their lack of independence and slightly serious-minded nature. Lighten them up!


ELEVENSES: Young Capricorns are studious and hardworking. They are never rebellious for the sake of it, except perhaps when they have been hurt. But these placid, docile kids are not a complete pushover, and they sometimes do something controversial to make a point. Take note when this happens, as they are more than likely upset and need a good old-heart-to-heart. As young teens, Capricorns begin to show more oomph, creativity and develop a taste for life. Their years watching and observing begin to pay off and their confidence increases. It is difficult to fault the performance of this Grade A student. But there may be clashes with the most authoritative parent as the need to assert independence kicks-in. This may be a shock after the many docile years; but it passes.




The young Aquarian has an opinion on everything. If you are a parent to this intelligent Air Sign, you certainly have an intelligent child on your hands. Indeed the incessant chat is likely to drive you bananas after a while. But be mindful that it is very important to nurture this trait in your little Aquarian. In time to come, when they have talked their way into a lucrative career, you will be glad you did!


BABY: This little dote is a gorgeous baby who thrives on attention and interesting company. Mature and independent from a young age, this child still hates to be left alone. Aquarius babies need company for speedy development and enjoyable vibes. This little one would happily sleep through a party in the corner, rather than pine upstairs knowing there’s fun going on down below. Of course this does not mean you can never go out. But do make efforts to keep your child up-to-speed with your plans. Your Aquarian baby is really an old soul in a little body, so you must not ignore or overlook them. Besides, the joyful disposition of your wee dote will keep you amused and repay you handsomely. Don’t bother with fancy toys; that old cuddly bear or comfort blanket is what matters.


CHILD: Your Aquarian kid is a born entrepreneur, and stands to make a mint. Encourage this child’s lively mind and wicked sense of humour. If you tolerate all the chat and do not say ‘hush’ the whole time; you will really help set your baby up for life. Patience and a listening ear really is the best gift you could possibly give. These old souls are generous and spirited too; so you can only benefit in the long run if you support them beyond the call of duty now. Your little Aquarian has an experimental, quirky nature and needs a certain amount of privacy. If there are many siblings to contend with, your little one will love the company. But also need quality time and special gestures of affection. Apart from that they are independent, resourceful, and good at staging their own entertainment.


ELEVENSES: Your Aquarian child has strong instincts and is able to sense what to do next without any prompting from you. Don’t be tempted to interfere; you won’t be thanked. Little Aquarians are popular and well-loved; and your child will want to join in with all sorts of activities. Aquarius is a team player who loves to be included. But, there is still occasional need to withdraw. The quiet moments are the prime time to subtly check that all is well. Aquarians like to follow their intuition and do not respond well to routine. They perform well with the subjects they like; but will not be pushed along with those they don’t. Your child is a gadget whiz and is likely to spend hours on the computer. Don’t expect them to be tidy while they are absorbed; the chores can wait.




You have your hands full if you are parent to the Zodiac Fish. Your little Piscean is highly psychic and you won’t get away with anything. This little one can read your mind and will often tell you what you have just done, or who you have just talked to. These kids come alive at night, so you can expect fitful nights with your baby and endless nights lying awake waiting for your teenager to show face.


BABY: This baby is a gorgeous, sensitive creature. But, you will have your work cut-out adjusting to their sleeping pattern. Pisces comes alive at night and the Moon does strange things to this baby’s delicate system. There is something very special about your otherworldly baby. You will soon appreciate this when their extra-sensory perception starts to develop. These kids have a natural zest for life. But you will also notice a tricky duality in their behaviour. On the one hand you have a cute, obliging little child; and on the other, the monster who just won’t settle comes out to play. Pisces has a golden, endearing nature one minute and a petulant, impatient nature the next. Pisces babies are exhausting, but entertaining. They are mystical, magical babies who are also very human.


CHILD: Your Zodiac Fish is very cute, and loveable. But you can expect a battle of wills if you impose unreasonable boundaries. Pisces needs some structure; but generally, these kids do not respond well to discipline. They simply need to know where they stand. You may sometimes notice a selfish streak when it comes to sharing thoughts, possessions and affections. Pisces child will not be forced to do go against their natural inclinations. You can be assured there is a reason for this; but it is no excuse for bad behaviour. Never forget that your little fish is very susceptible to energies, so may take an unexpected dislike to certain people. Pay attention to this and don’t assume that they are just being rude. Pisces has plenty of imaginary friends and does not need weird human ones!


ELEVENSES: Your Pisces child is likely to be an avid reader, so do line up an interesting array of books to keep them busy. These intelligent kids respond well to the arts. But Pisces learns at a measured pace, and may find it tricky to retain facts and figures. Exam time can be stressful and coursework seems to suit the Piscean psyche rather better. Your child will likely have quite far-fetched dreams. But these are treasured and fiercely guarded; so do not try to steer them away from their chosen career. This would only make them more desperate and determined to prove you wrong. When this Zodiac Sign sets its heart on a course of action, nothing will deter or discourage their resolve. There is a touch of genius about your Pisces and wicked instincts too! Wait and see…



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What IS Psychic Ability?

Posted by sarahdelamerehurding on July 3, 2012 at 5:15 PM

What is psychic ability?


There are a lot of preconceived ideas about the psychic world, and the supposed mystics who haunt its corridors. Is the mystical profession an elaborate con, or are there genuine healers in circulation who can actually make a difference?


Unfortunately a great number of people, usually men I might add, view this phenomenon with a disinterested cynicism. It is as if such ‘flaky’ ideas appeal immeasurably to their own sense of superiority. Sadly, they are by-passing a myriad of experience with such a restricted outlook. As with anything a bit of careful balance does not go amiss; just as it is possible to give too much importance to a psychic reading, so too it is easy to get stuck in an endless maze of logic. We miss out on the subtle nuances of our lives by focusing relentlessly on the rational. What are the cynics afraid of - that there might be something in it? Perhaps the concept of someone being able to rummage through your psychic drawers is too much to bear.


By definition, a black and white reaction to life’s diversity is limiting. The colour washes out of existence if we adhere too strongly to what makes ‘sense’. We all have - male and female alike - the propensity to think in a masculine or a feminine way. It is the feminine part of our psyche that connects with spiritual truth. Unless you’re a rational fundamentalist of course! There are two gender-based reactions to life’s realities. The ‘Macho’ dismissive stifles thought with its rigidity and non-compromise; whilst gentle feminine openness is liberating and frees the mind. The truth is there are alternative ways of knowing and experiencing reality, which are equally valid and at times infinitely more enlivening than predictable cynicism! This is not to recommend that we lose the run of ourselves in endless flights of fancy, but spiritual awareness does open our eyes to different dimensions of perception.


Although science may no longer accept it as literally true, the concept of a ‘left and right side’ to the brain is useful. Psychic ability accesses the creative part of the mind, usually referred to as right-sided brain function. It is this part of the mind that enables singers and authors to write, and journalists to come up with rather spooky headlines! Intuition and instinct play an important role, and it is their ability to listen to the small voice within that gives psychics the edge. We all have the capacity to recognise a gut feeling, and we all have a measure of psychic skill. This is one of the mind’s faculties that may be developed.


Intuition is closely related to inspiration, and when the creative juices are flowing, a writer taps into the disconcerting experience of ‘channelling’. Comments like “That book just wrote itself” or “That song came to me after five minutes at the piano” are typical of material that comes from ‘nowhere’. If you amplify this experience and add the skills of telepathy, and precognition you begin to unravel the mystery of psychic ability. The problem that left- brained thinkers have is no understanding of how secret and private information arrives in the lap of the psychic. Do these ‘wierdos’ have inside knowledge? Do they know the people they are talking about? They surely must! How is it possible to comment on people you have never met?


The protestations of the cynics are ethically important. For a psychic working in the media it is a delicate juggling act coming up with predictions about celebrities whilst preserving their right to privacy. I do try to monitor the phrasing of pieces, but it is a losing battle at times. Even certain things that I requested to be off record have gone into papers, so apologies to anyone who has been offended. In general I feel comfortable predicting weddings, babies, and other happy events. However, this leaves me open to pushy journalists who want gory details. Sometimes I find myself in a position where I am aware of things that will occur, and yet I don’t feel I can mention it. This is quite a pressure, but one that the cynics will love. I can hardly say I knew that something would happen after the event. Perhaps integrity is more important than always having to be right.


The other criticism that really riles me is that predictions are the result of intelligent guesswork. I would personally have no tolerance for communicating the calculations of my own mind. What use would I serve if all the insights I offer in good faith were merely contrivances of my own brain? To me there is no mystery in ‘knowing’ things –it is a normal and integrated part of my life. Of course I can only speak for myself, but I am as genuine as I know how to be, and the catalogue of clients I have helped bears testament to this. Actually one of the most healing things someone can offer you is a good heart and a listening ear. Combine this with some psychic insight and things happen!


Legitimate psychic information comes from a variety of sources: the Akashic records; the Universal Unconscious or Collective Unconscious; angels and guides; and the psychic’s own ability to interpret symbols. The Akashic records hold the details of our lives. They indicate our life’s purpose, and the reasons for which we have been incarnated. There is a sense in which we all have an underlying awareness of what will happen to us. The psychic connects with this telepathically, and is thus able to read past, present, and future events. Clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience all play a part in psychic interpretation. These faculties relate to the sensory experiences of seeing, hearing, and feeling. It is quite unusual for a psychic to have all these gifts in equal measure. Clairsentience is actually more common than clairvoyance. This would equate to a strong sense of ‘knowing’ that comes from deep inside, which may be described as a powerful feeling that you don’t have to question. Do not make the mistake of thinking that everything a psychic utters has its origin at this level. That would be dangerous indeed. Always retain a healthy scepticism – notice I did not say cynicism!


One of the problems with psychic interpretation is the timing of events. When you take into account that a ‘divine day’ is supposed to be equivalent to a thousand of our years, you appreciate that ‘the powers that be’ are not bothered if that job promotion is tomorrow or next year! Thankfully, I tend to get the age of a person at the time of significant events, which by passes the difficulty to an extent. However, it doesn’t shift the reality that sometimes we have to accept that things will unfold in their own sweet time and not before. Knowing that something will happen is not the same thing as being able to influence it or bring it forward.


There is a huge responsibility that accompanies working professionally as a psychic and healer. It is one I do not take lightly. For a start it is quite daunting to ‘go public’, not least because of the assumptions people make. I have experienced many forms of expectation directed at the work I do, and it is part of my pledge to work with honesty, integrity, and to the best of my ability. Someone said I was brave to stick my neck out by working with the media, and in a way that is true. I am a private person. However I do enjoy the communication that publishing affords and I believe that an important part of what I do is to re educate the perception that psychics have all the answers. Some of the people I help are vulnerable, and it is important to tread carefully with predictions in particular, because of the hope people invest in outcomes. I have come across some difficult scenarios where skills in counselling are crucial to giving someone the best chance. It is dangerous to get yourself into a situation where you are perceived as some sort of definitive oracle. This is in fact why I prefer to give my readings a spiritual angle, and place an emphasis on healing, rather than get some one hooked on the idea that their lives will be OK when such and such happens.


Psychic insights appeal to our innate sense of curiosity, but spiritually there are more important issues at stake than knowing when our lotto numbers are coming up! Having been brought up in a Christian environment, I was tapped into living with a spiritual awareness from an early age. My father, as well as being a trained medical doctor, is also well known in evangelical circles as a counsellor and lecturer. With this background, working as a psychic healer was actually the last thing I had on my mind! In an unexpected way this ministry, if you dare call it that, has found me. I went up to the Scottish universities, Stirling and Edinburgh, from my home in Bristol. Immediately I felt rather abandoned. What had I done to deserve this exile? However, several years down the line the philosophy, religious studies and publishing degrees suddenly make sense, with the rather bizarre twist of healing thrown in for good measure.


Working as a healer was not contrived or planned, rather it unfolded as I followed my instincts. I had always noticed that people who would not typically give me much attention tended to queue up when something was wrong! Boyfriends have commented on my healing touch –but we won’t pursue that! I remember when my father lost his sight completely for a stretch of time the different reactions of his kids were telling. My brother’s response was to run to the woodshed in a bid to become MR DIY at the age of 13; my sister aged 10 read endless stories; but I was stumped. This 15 year-old could only reach out with the reassurance of touch, and keep quiet when the understandable questions of “why God why?” rang around the room. Sometimes there are no appropriate words. Things happen which seem unfair, even downright outrageous! I noticed a profound empathy for such situations, but I had not expected to become a healer. Although I was aware of the “laying on of hands” in church, I had not particularly related this gift to myself. I identify strongly with Eileen Drewery’s sentiment “Why Me?” and I would recommend this book by Glen Hoddle’s ‘side kick’ to anyone who is interested in understanding the dynamics of healing. It is crucial for a healer not to get hooked-up on some sense of personal power. It is God who heals through the willing channel of the healer, and fairly frequently through your local GP I might add!


So how did it happen? It was only when my own life disintegrated from every angle possible that I had a profound experience of integration: all the events of my life, traumas, difficulties etc…suddenly made sense! At the time I was doing some healing on my longhaired daschund Freddie, with another healer called Ger. The dog had been knocked over in a bizarre accident, which psychically felt like a set up. Without boring you with all the details, this proved to be a watershed in my life. The presence of Christ was strong, and I felt the somewhat contradictory strands of my life come together. I certainly went through the most brutal apprenticeship a healer could hope for!


So, is there such a thing as a tarot card reading Christian? Apparently there is – although I would prefer to call myself a Christian Hermeticist! Before the clergy start praying for me, although I would be grateful if they did, I have done a huge amount of soul searching on this subject. I don’t want to turn people on to Tarot cards – quite the opposite – but in the Vatican there are huge stained glass windows of the main trump cards. These are powerful symbols that connect with our unconscious. They are universally accessible, but since the church quite rightly frowns upon idolatry they have a mixed reputation. At the time of the inquisition people like me were slaughtered by the church. The prospect of spiritual power outside the remits of the male hierarchy generally scares people. Some of this is justified as structures are important but most of it derives from ignorance. Just as a psychic can be operating without an ounce of compassion, leaving a trail of disaster, so can a priest be self-serving and corrupt. Just as a priest can be genuine and concerned, so can a psychic of integrity provide a service that brings peace and reassurance – God moves in mysterious ways!


In my research into the world of psychic guidance, and here the clergy can breathe a sigh of relief, I have come to the conclusion that absolutely nothing replaces the value of a moment to moment trust in the ‘Almighty’. Whatever our perception of God might be, we are as well to surrender our lives to faith, trusting that there is a reason for everything. We might contrive many elaborate designs for our lives, but if they do not fit with the will of God we might as well throw in the towel before we even get started. John Drane, one of my lecturers at Stirling university, has written an important book: “What is the New Age still saying to the Church”. Although it is a comprehensive look at aspects of the New Age movement in my view it does not go far enough. I justified my own research into this revival of ancient spirituality as a means of getting to the bottom of things. I decided to play ‘devil’s advocate’, and got directly involved with aspects of the New Age that grabbed my curiosity. I knew the investigation I was undertaking was walking a spiritual tightrope, but I decided to see where it would lead. My intention was to publish this experience, but main result of going ‘undercover’  is that I can now work with authority from the inside out. This might seem rather perverse, but at least this tactic challenges people to review their spirituality, and think. There have been so many upheavals within the church that an understanding of the competition is needed. There is a melting pot of pseudo spirituality for sale, and I would be the last person to advise someone to rush out and buy a pack of Tarot cards: I have seen the damage that they can do in the wrong hands. Foster an interest in the angelic realm by all means, but it is dangerous to rely on a pack of cards if there is misguided psychic behind them!


In the Bible there are plenty of warnings against false prophecy. Jeremiah tells us to watch out for people who “speak visions from their own minds”, and John commands us to “test the spirits to see whether they are from God”. There is no doubt that some people are gifted with profound imagination, and the ability to receive messages from what Carl Jung called the Collective Unconscious. But, how can we be sure what they are tapping into? It is important to take a message on board, but also to reserve judgement. Something claiming to be prophetic may be a lie designed to mislead you. Don’t forget there are mischievous spirits that try to have fun at our expense! In Corinthians, Paul names prophecy as one of the most desirable gifts of the spirit. Whole-heartedly I agree! In the right context prophecy can be healing, encouraging, and positive. With wisdom and discernment there is a place for giving people hope.


However, it is important to be aware that there can be a huge gap between psychic ability and true spirituality. They do not necessarily travel hand in hand. Psychics are trained to think symbolically. They understand the impact that society’s universally accepted images have upon our psyche. Jung called these the Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious. He believed that the process of psychic integration involved the identification and release of these ancient symbols. Jung was controversial in his time. He acknowledged the power of the mind, and accepted the existence of psychic ability. His principle of synchronicity demonstrated the phenomenon of simultaneous events and the possibility of what he called “meaningful coincidence”. Jung is the reason that academics will entertain the notion of ‘intuition’, but extend the argument further to include “psychic occurrences” and you wander into subversive territory. This is the challenge of the PhD I am researching at UCD, and is another reason for my foray into the psychic world. I believe it is possible to present this material academically, and Carl Jung is my inspiration. I think any attempt to discredit such research stems from ignorance, and reflects the limited thinking I discussed at the beginning of this piece. Further into the future our minds will be more evolved, and we will be much more receptive to perceiving the different realms of existence. Yes, that is a prediction!


The Jewish tradition of the Kabbalah equates true wisdom with the ability to foretell the future. This is a flattering prospect for a psychic, but as I have learned there is no possibility for complacency in this profession. The challenges keep coming. Every consultation is different just as every healing session has a life of its own. This is work where guidance and intuition are strongly in play. It is not possible to pre-plan or contrive the outcome of a consultation – cynics take note! What happens is meant to happen, and I have a strong belief that the right people ask for help. Sometimes there are situations that seem to be ‘set up’ by the pranksters of the spirit world. This hazard of the trade is the reason I pray like a mad woman when I’m healing! I don’t mean to be alarmist but prayer is important because the need for protection is high. I strongly believe there is a reason for everything, challenges et al. It is important to keep perspective, and to look after your self as a healer. There are days when I delay appointments for the sake of the client because my own energies are not right. I refuse to work when I’m overtired or off-colour as this is not fair on the client, and it is not fair on me! There are days when someone could offer me £1000 for a reading and I would decline. This would probably be the most bizarre aspect of my work from the ‘cynics’ point of view, but I know many healers who would support what I am saying. Healing must be performed in the right conditions, and so must psychic readings. It is actually draining to have people pulling at you for attention, especially when you are sensitive at the best of times. So it is in everyone’s interest that I pace myself and don’t get burned out. This is by way of apology to those still waiting…


A final thought for those still nervous about how working as a psychic connects with faith in God. As I have tried to show it is possible to look into the energies that are shaping our future, but it is not always wise to do so. True spirituality reveres simplicity, and it is good to develop contentment with the present moment of our everyday lives. Grace is certainly the most powerful energy we can ally ourselves to.


Harnessing the Force of Synchronicity

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If there’s one thing you should know about, it’s Synchronicity…



Always wondered what those coincidences in life big and small really mean?


Psychic and author Sarah Delamere Hurding reveals how to harness the power of synchronicity.




Have you ever been thinking about someone you haven’t seen for months only to bump into them in a busy shopping centre? Or have their name to flash up on your mobile moments before you key in their number?


This is the tantalizing nature of synchronicity. We all have examples of intriguing, significant coincidences that have happened along the way.


But sit down and try to define the quality of these magical moments and it is likely you’ll run into difficulty.


It doesn’t help that we tend to be ruled by our logical minds, which tell us to put everything into a safe, ordered box, and dismiss apparently random events.


But these synchronicities are happening everywhere in our daily lives – whether we choose to notice them or not.


If we close our minds to this phenomenon, we run the risk of reducing life to a purely material, painfully tedious, humdrum level.


Synchronicity is a magical thing that has the power to transform and enhance our lives if we decide to give it air time.


It is my belief that a greater understanding of synchronicity unlocks our innate creativity and oomph, as well as our ability to manifest good things and choose the life path that’s right for us.


Universal Forces at work:


We are all interconnected by an energetic World-Wide-Web. Understanding synchronicity greatly enhances our life experience by helping us tune into our weird and wonderful universe.


These moments have an energizing significant quality that connects us to each other and to the hub of life itself.


Synchronicity reassures us that our lives really do have an inherent meaning. It’s comforting to think that there IS a pattern and destiny within the chaos, emphasizing life’s magical quality.


Synchronicity really is not the reflection or projection of a mad psyche, or an imagining designed to make us feel better. Psychic really is not the same as psycho!


These are real events, providing food for thought, if not nourishment for the soul.


Synchronicity directly reflects our inner and outer reality. For, it is when our inner moments are reflected in the outside world that our realities collide.


When this happens, our inner-tuition is validated by a wonderful external event. We feel vindicated and liberated in one fell swoop. Magick!


There definitely seems to be a link between heightened intuition and synchronicity.


My life as a psychic has been full of events too numerous to mention, that continually reassure me that synchronicity is a phenomenon which hits the spot time and time again.


There is no doubt that synchronicity makes us aware of the powerful forces at work in the universe and encourages us to increasingly trust our hunches.


It is when we pay attention to what’s really going on, that our intuition kicks in and begins to help us in practical ways. As we trust it, we then begin to access the power centre within that ALWAYS knows what to do next.


The still small voice within…


Intuition is a significant part of our psyche which can be opened up and developed, making us more prone to the synchronicity moments that reveal so much. It acts as a strong indicator and yields profound clues about what can happen next.


Although my upbringing was traditional and academic (my father is a doctor, psychotherapist, Anglican lay reader and author), I was also taught to be empathetic and open to life’s magic and mystery.


My Scorpio Nan is well known for her intuition, even at the ripe old age of 93! Her memory is now severely impaired, but she still possesses the ‘Gift’ which I obviously inherited. Nan was always able to predict the arrival of an unplanned guest and would have inevitably made their favourite food the day before on a whim!


Jung famously coined the phrase ‘meaningful coincidence’ when he researched the phenomenon of synchronicity. And he identified three different types of this magical moment.


The ability to PREDICT events is the first of these. Some of you may remember that I blew the socks off Louis Walsh (not easy!) when I predicted the full line up of SIX, months before the judges had themselves decided.


I put names in an envelope in October, and the protégés were unveiled in February, minus Nadine Coyle who had famously lied about her age. My sixth choice was her replacement…


COINCIDENCE is the second type of synchronicity, which you may experience when a book falls open at the right page, or drops off the shelf in the library. Or you get that phone call just as you are dialing the person calling YOU!


I was amazed to see Bono’s drawing of ‘Mermaid in the Temple Bar’ for the I-Cross charity released in November 2002. We had bumped into each other on the beach in October, when I had just written the first chapter of my book ‘Mermaid in the Kitchen’. I subsequently opened up the paper to find his Mermaid sketch staring back at me, dated October 2002. Even though we are friends, neither of us was conscious of the similar title and theme of our work at that point!


The third example of synchronicity is TELEPATHY, which may come in the form of a dream, vision, or ‘sensing’ what someone is experiencing a distance away.


When I lived in Edinburgh, I would regularly turn up on my pregnant friend’s doorstep with the relevant craving of the day. Even quite obscure things like Kumquats, Black-eyed Beans and melons from the corner shop found their way into my bag (paid for of course!) as I arrived for our daily chat.


Getting what you want:


By opening our minds to synchronicity we are able to amplify our intuition. Rather like flexing a psychic muscle, it’s a case of use it or lose it!


The observation of synchronicity offers us a practical way to develop intuitive awareness. The more tuned-in to the universe we are, the more able we are to recognize the right way forward. Our intuition, when it’s truly jumping, enables us to access our best options. And by being more psychic and intuitive we allow destiny to take a hand in a profound way.


As we grow, and become increasingly aware, synchronicity can also be a highly effective form of guidance, revealing clues from our Guardian Angel, Higher Self, or Innate Psychology.


Once when I needed guidance about what to do with my beloved Dashund Freddie, who had been making improvements after a nasty road accident, I looked out of the window, and there against a clear blue sky were three images which answered the question. The first cloud was in the shape of a Dashund lying down, the second was of a Dashund running; then there was a gap and finally there was an image of a Dashund leaping heavenwards. The answer was clear; it was time to let him go…


Synchronicity gets us into the groove most effectively when we are as Jung described it: INDIVIDUATED. This level of maturity and unity with the universe is difficult to achieve. We can but try!


The Individuated individual is a formidable force indeed. This person has a sophisticated knowledge of symbols and is usually able to analyze, but not over interpret, life’s synchronicities.


Likely to have heightened psychic ability and spiritual awareness the individuated person knows the value of meditation, silence and humour. Let’s just call her Little Miss Perfect (or Mr Right-on-cue!).


Everyone’s personal journey is different. But with synchronicity offering to put the wind in our sails, we can certainly look forward to feeling empowered and free.


A word of warning! There is of course a danger in reading too much into every little thing, and one can no doubt go too far. But I do believe we are more powerful than we realize, and synchronicity definitely underlines that fact.


We are indeed so creative that we CAN manifest quite effectively our hopes and fears simply by focusing. It goes without saying then, that it’s best to keep it positive!


A negative spiral of thinking helps no one and you may in fact be blocking your synchronicity moments if you give your insecurities too much air time.


Remember, we are creative beings who structure our lives from minute to minute. So learn to access what you want, need and desire, as opposed to what you dread and fear.


Project the good stuff into the ether by ditching negative thought patterns. It is better not to think at all than to think negatively. Empty your mind of emotional debris and clutter, then relax and begin to visualize every good thing. It really is as simple as that!


Remain open and receptive to your destiny. But at all times use your skills of discernment and wisdom too. Your synchronicity moments will then naturally increase and you will have ample confirmation from the universe that you are well and truly on track!





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If there’s one thing you should know about it’s …SYNCHRONICITY

Sarah Delamere Hurding


Most people think they have a fair idea what Synchronicity is. We are all agreed that Synchronicity is a particularly fine album by The Police for a start. But sit down and try to define the quality of these Magical moments and is it likely you will run into difficulty.


We all have examples of intriguing, significant coincidences that have happened along the way; Sting certainly does not have the monopoly on all things Mysterious! But Synchronicity is in fact quite an involved and controversial subject.


At its most sophisticated, the troublesome phenomenon of Synchronicity has been running rings around phenomenologists for aeons! Karl Jung talked about the ‘meaningful coincidence’, whilst the materialist Freud quickly dismissed all such whackery with the scathing label ‘Spook Complex’.


Liable to get the back up of the nearest Skeptic, Synchronicity seems to endanger the safe, ordered perception of the logical mind. The what-you-see-is-what-you-get factor gets short shrift when the allure of a ‘meaningful coincidence’ takes centre stage. Suddenly commonsense and rational approaches to life have to take a rain-check; and the world of the die-hard cynic potentially comes a tumbling down. Shame…


Of course, we common-folk all love the notion of a bit of Magic in our lives. It gives us a significance and meaning out side of our sometimes humdrum existence. But our general western reserve also bestows upon us an innate fear of losing the plot. We don’t want to be seen as too off-the-wall; so far too easily we dismiss our Synchronicities as mere coincidence.


The phenomenon of Synchronicity in many ways has a bad press. We are reluctant to give the ramblings of our secret delight when something cool happens too much airtime. WHY?


There is indeed a danger in reading too much into every little thing, and one can no doubt go too far. But on the other hand, we risk reducing life to a purely material, painfully tedious, level if we ignore Synchronicity altogether.


I would like to suggest that we are in danger of missing out on a whole lot if we don’t begin to give Synchronicity more consideration. These moments have an energizing significant quality that connects us to each other and to the hub of life itself. It is my belief that a greater understanding of Synchronicity unlocks our innate creativity and oomph, as well as our ability to manifest good things.


Of course the Universe famously plays tricks on those who profess to understand its mysteries. But in my book, Synchronicity holds the key to decoding much of the riddle we spend our lives trying to understand. We only have to be brave enough to try a different approach. We can in fact get much closer to appreciating what’s really going on and our natural connectedness if we open up and pay just a little more attention.


We are all interconnected by an energetic World-Wide-Web, and even the cynical, pragmatic scientists who investigate quantum physics are not far off reaching the same conclusions. Well they probably already have. It will be a victorious day for the intuitive when science finally catches up; or at least admits to it!


Of course one doesn’t have to understand these ‘meaningful coincidences’ in order for them to happen. But there is no denying that an awareness of Intuition, Symbols and Archetypes helps us to more readily tune into our weird and wonderful Universe.


Synchronicity reflects our inner and outer reality and as such offers an apparently objective statement from the Universe that our intuitions are correct. I do believe though that we are much more powerful than we appreciate. There is in fact a strong argument to suggest that the more ‘Tuned-in’ to our creative essence we are, the more Synchronicity tends to enliven our existence. Our Inner-tuition provides us with meaningful signals; which once we learn how to decipher them, can greatly enhance our understanding and experience of life.


Many of those who have researched Synchronicity, of which the most famous is probably Karl Jung, conclude that there is not much to distinguish Intuition and Synchronicity. When you know who is on the end of the line, is it a form of telepathy, Synchronicity, or both? When you just ‘know’ something beyond a shadow of a doubt, what is happening deep within?


It is when our inner moments are reflected in the outer world, that our realities collide. As Above: So Below. There is, in a moment of Synchronicity, nothing to distinguish between the two. Our Inner-tuition is reflected and validated by an external event and we feel vindicated and liberated in one fell swoop; a precious moment indeed!


I am not totally convinced that Intuition and Synchronicity are one and the same. But they are certainly linked. You don’t get one without the other generally; though it is undoubtedly possible for even the most hardened cynic to occasionally get a moment of enlightenment!


Intuition comes from somewhere within our psyche. It acts like a strong lead or indicator as to what can happen. And if you’re clairvoyant to boot, you will also get inexplicable messages (which are impossible to verify until the event) about what is actually going to happen.


Synchronicity on the other hand seems to be an external reflection of what’s going on deep inside. Perhaps you had a profound dream which is then replicated in an event the next day; or perhaps you are powerful and need to monitor your thought processes very carefully lest they reflect in external events you had not bargained for.


I got a big warning about this one day, and have been VERY careful ever since; especially as I have seen the phenomenon play-out many times in different ways.


Several years ago, I was bored one night in my job as Hostess of U2’s Kitchen nightclub and innocently made a slapstick joke to the security guys to ‘go give Bono’s NEW Mercedes a flat tyre!’ I don’t know what possessed me, but clearly something did. I was horrified to then arrive the next evening to find the manager of The Clarence Hotel changing the monstrous wheel of Bono’s new pride and joy. OOPS! Now, was I picking up the event, or did I in some bizarre way make it happen; that is the question… (It’s okay he’s forgiven me!)


There is no doubt that Synchronicity and Intuition can occur simultaneously. Like when you think of someone you haven’t seen for a long time and they then appear before you on a crowded street within minutes. Often enough, our inner and outer worlds collide with such Synchronicities, if only we care to notice. But it is worth also being aware that we can receive ‘false intuitions’ that are never destined to lead to a Synchronicitous event. My client list used to be full of people who had received misleading information from readings which were in essence a mish-mash of inaccurate nonsense. People do waste a lot of energy waiting for Synchronicities that are never going to happen. Just because you have been told something is going to happen, doesn’t mean it’s actually going to. So be careful out there, and wait for your OWN Synchronicities to kick-in…


The Skeptics would also point out to us that there are 101 coincidences happening on a daily basis, which do not register as meaningful to us. Think of all the times we DON’T get run over when we run for the bus. This would of course be the cynic’s view of Synchronicity. But there IS something to be said for caution around the subject.


It is only too easy to get caught up in the excitement of our coincidences that we sometimes read too much meaning into them. We may even be inclined to make huge life changing decisions based on what just happened. Certainly intuitive people are quite likely to do this. Personally I make decisions in this way all of the time! There is no doubt that it has led me into some very interesting, illogical, but Magical scenarios.


But it is not a straightforward route through life, and there are definitely blind alleys we can all too easily waltz down. There is a likelihood of chasing too many rainbows if one gives too much credence to coincidences at the expense of good old commonsense! Finding the balance deep within is crucial to our success with this thorny subject. And if we are not willing to be objective, grounded and measured as we feel our way with it, getting hooked up on Synchronicity is in all honesty a recipe for disaster.


Psychologists are agreed that intuitive people are the ones more likely to experience Synchronicity. They are receptive, sensitive and some might say gullible people, who are inclined to give coincidences a lot more airtime than the pragmatic, logical types who need the proof of the pudding.


It is my view that both extremes get it wrong. It is all to easy to throw the baby out with the bath water and miss the subtle nuances and messages of the universe if we close off completely to Synchronicity.


Equally, it is easy enough to wander down a very colourful garden path which leads us into delusional territory, and from which it is very difficult to return to normality. An unbalanced perception of such Universal phenomenon can make one very withdrawn and vulnerable to all sorts of dubious energies. It is quite easy to begin to read meaning into far too much and as a result become delusional and God forbid psychotic in the eyes of the normal world. That may sound a bit harsh, but it does reflect the extreme of what can happen when one goes too far down roads that are designed to quite literally do our heads in.


The healthy energetic approach to Synchronicity kicks in when an individual becomes as Jung defined it: INDIVIDUATED. This level of maturity and unity with the universe is difficult to achieve, and one may indeed have to go down some of the blind alleys on offer, before one gets to the point where one is empowered and truly oneself. Everyone’s personal journey is different. But what one might call being-in-one’s-power is when the full force and Magic of Synchronicity kicks in.


The INDIVIDUATED individual is a formidable force indeed. This person has a sophisticated knowledge of symbols and usually has the ability to analyze, but not over-interpret, life’s Synchronicitous moments. Likely to have heightened psychic and spiritual ability, the Individuated person knows the value of meditation, silence and humour. Usually such a person has reached a sense of oneness within, and is enviably self-contained. The phenomenon of Synchronicity is important, but not the be all and end all.


Too often we assume that Synchronicity reassures us that our lives have inherent meaning; that there is a pattern outside of ourselves that really does give our lives a Magical quality. This is indeed the case; but we do become spiritually off balance if we give it too much importance.


Yes, Synchronicity in the right hands can become a highly effective form of guidance from our Guides, ‘Higher-Self’, and God too. But where do we go during those times when the Magic dies down? The answer is always ‘within’. For it is there we find our Inner-tuition, the power centre that always knows what to do next.


Never mind external events; learn to access what you want, need and desire. Be creative, honour your dreams, hopes and visions, then get busy Manifesting!


Conscious people must be careful. The potential power of our thoughts, words and deeds is daunting. And our Synchronicity moments underline the fact that we are creative beings who structure our own lives powerfully from minute to minute. Project the good stuff into the ether, whilst remaining open and receptive. Then your rewards will be bountiful and your Synchronicity-moments tangible.


Dream On...

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»» Dicing with?







Apparently unless we are an insomniac we spend over a third of our lives asleep. In an average life span this amounts to about six years of dream time!


Dreams have always been recognized as really important. The Romans revered them so much that they had official dream interpreters to analyse the significant dreams of important government figures. In the Bible dreams play a very important role. Angels whisper God’s guidance to man in his sleep; and actually it is my belief that this carries on to this day, if only we would listen.


The word dream derives from the Middle English word *dreme* which means *joy* and *music*. So even the origin of the word recognizes the magic we attach to dream land.


Most of us are aware that dreams process our unconscious thoughts and issues. Dreams are a form of reboot which takes place whilst we sink into a deep sleep. Psychologists agree that the mind is like a computer. Our dreams occur as we assimilate the day’s events, the emotions we are feeling and the fears we are facing.


Dreams usually reflect an aspect of our unconscious which we are trying to process. So it is usually right to ask what do your dreams mean to you? More often than not we are the best interpreter of our psyche, never mind the psychologists.


Dreams can be predictive and of course symbolic. For example what does dreaming of striking a venomous snake mean? If you are experiencing such a recurring dream, you would need to ask yourself what aspect of your psyche are you suppressing? What are you afraid of? The snake is of course a very scorpionic subterranean creature. So this dream could link to deep seated sexual fears. Or perhaps there is a need to maintain control of another person or of an aspect of oneself.


Dreams really are open to interpretation. Many symbols are fairly self explanatory. But the random nature of how they play out when we are snuggled between the sheets is the interesting bit.


It pays to keep a dream diary. This can become a very useful tool which helps us know ourselves at quite a deep level.


Carl Jung the famous psychologist was convinced that dreams have a compensatory function. They can be a form of wish fulfillment too. How many dreams have you had of those you fancy, even though nothing has happened in real time? I know I have! In fact I think most of my affairs have taken place in dreamtime. On waking it really does feel very much like something has happened.


There are many spiritual people who believe that dreams are essentially an out of body experience which enables us to cruise the ethers liberated from our physical bodies for the night’s duration. Admittedly this would probably not be a popular belief of many psychologists, but there are many very believable stories from people who can recall graphic out of body experiences from dream time.


There are many different types of dream: Day dreams, lucid dreams, recurring dreams, nightmares and prophetic dreams. Most dreams contain messages which serve to reveal or teach you something about yourself. However more often than not we get on with the working day and forget what we dreamt about the previous night. This is not necessarily doing us any favours. It is actually very healthy and important to remember your dreams. They can be a very revealing tool which cut to the chase of our fears, dilemmas and relationship issues.


Repetitive dreams are perhaps the most important. Recurring dreams may be triggered by a disturbing event which needs to be processed. Or, our psyche may be revealing to us the answer to our problems. Often our unconscious knows better than our conscious mind what is best for us. Any recurring nightmare or unsettling dream needs your special attention. Ignore the messages of your unconscious at your peril!


Patterns which repeat in dreams can often have a prophetic quality. The human mind in its REM state is able to assimilate and integrate much more than our logical analytical thought processes. In a way the dream is a form of surrender and trust. Those who have a problem sleeping often have deep seated concerns and fears. Being unable to sleep then becomes a cycle of torture for the mind is not getting its rest or its chance to come up with a solution.


I am a great believer that if you have a big decision to make, you will get your answers if you consciously *put it into sleep*. Do this and then take note of your waking emotions.


Dreams hit us at an emotional level. They are not so much about logical information, as about how they make you feel. Needless to say women tend to be more receptive to this process and probably on balance get more from their dreams than men. But no man can ignore an Epic Dream.


The Epic Dream is the occasional dream where you wake up with the absolute *knowing* that you have had a very important dream. Epic dreams or lucid dreams have a really tangible quality and there is no ignoring them. Not only do they leave you with a high impact residue of emotion. They also more often than not provide really useful information.


So why is it so important that we try to remember our dreams?


Our dreams reveal what is hidden within; our unconscious hopes, wishes and dreams.


Remembering our dreams enables us to develop as individuals and helps us to develop spiritually.


If we tune in to our dreams we become more self aware, confident and assertive. We have a much better understanding of what makes us *tick*. We will also begin to get very potent answers to the problems which plague our waking lives.


So how can dreams facilitate our personal happiness and self development?


Self knowledge can develop through an understanding of our psyche. With greater understanding of ourselves through our dreams we gain the freedom to think, choose, feel without someone else's agenda dictating to us what these thoughts, choices and feelings should be.


Following our commonsense or logical impulses is one thing. But dreams allow us to see what needs to be changed. Dreams enable us to be self aware and so realize that when changes are in the offing we would in fact be pretty stupid to resist them. If we are holding on too fast to the past and what we have appreciated to date we may get stuck and miss out on the future and all the things it might bring.


Our desires change and rightly so. They ebb and flow so that we can grow. If we do not grow we stagnate. Okay if we resist we might get to hold onto our security; and co-dependent situations. But if we do not eventually acknowledge that growth is actually appropriate and desirable we get stuck and everything changes anyway.


Dream awareness improves our psychological balance and well being. Dreams can guide us through relationship difficulties, career changes, health concerns or indeed any life issue which needs to be attended to. Dreams provide the clues as to what these shifts and changes need to be…


I believe that God, our guides and our Guardian Angel can all prompt us in our dreams. Our resistance is disarmed in the sleep state and we are more receptive to what we need to hear. All we have to do is to be willing to listen and receive the messages. It is not really a question of belief.


Dream analysis is actually quite logical. It is usually fairly clear what the various symbols mean. I think we have all had dreams in which we are being chased, or our teeth have fallen out or we are flying through the air or about to jump off a cliff! These are common and recognizable dreams which reflect our challenges and levels of self confidence.


The beauty of more complex dreams is that they are unique to us. Usually we make the best interpreter of our dreams. But for me the key point of any dream is the residue emotion it leaves you with. There in is the main clue, which more often than not shows you what you have to do…in the morning !


Remember no one is a better expert at interpreting your dreams than you are…





ABROAD: You probably desire a change in your current environment. Prediction of making new friends and a change of life style.


ABYSS: Fear of failing to face up to a series of problems. Fear of disappointment in life.


ACCELERTOR: Continued efforts will get you to where you want to be. Can’t decelerate? Stop bad or detrimental behaviour.


ACCENT: Indicative of foreign travel coming up.


ACCIDENT AT SEA: possible break up of a long term relationship.


ACCUSED: You probably have a guilty secret.


ACORNS: Good fortune.


ALCOHOL in moderation: Sign of fortune, success and happiness.


ANGELS: Peace and prosperity.


BALLOON descending: Prophecy of some set back to your plans.


BIRDS caged: Fear of confinement.


BOOMERANG not coming back: Symbolic of a need for change.


BUCKET Filling a bucket: desire or need for sex.


BUS: Driving a bus; heading closer to your plans or away form something detrimental.


CANDLES: Seeking spiritual comfort and warmth


CASTLES: Safety from enemies and rivals.


CAVE: Entering the unconscious mind. Enter the cave in your dreams to access important memories for healing or release.


CHRISTMAS: Good times ahead.


CHURCH: Good omen for the future.


CLOCK: Ticking clock, fear that time is running out.


CUT: Loss of friend or of money.


CROSSROADS: Clear indication that a decision needs to be made.


DEBT: Deep down you fear loss of some kind (not necessarily financial).


DEPTH: (of water or land): Are inner troubles being suppressed?


DEVIL: Are you feeling guilty?


DOOR shut: you feel isolated.


DRAGON: Great success and prosperity ahead.


DWARF: Expect a particularly enlightening experience!


EATING: Symbolizes strength, love, life, and comfort.


EMBRACE: Feelings of warmth for person embraced.


EMBROIDERY: A promise of fun and romantic adventure.


ENEMA: Need to release yourself from pent up emotions.


ENEMY: Fear a friend has turned against you for some reason.


EYES: Beautiful eyes omen of contentment and peace.


FEAR: Nightmares are a warning to consider what emotions, issues and fears you are suppressing.


FEVER: Concern over a worrying matter.


FIRE: House on fire indicates feelings of intense anger towards someone.


FLYING: Most common dream of sexual fantasy. Desire for new experiences? Willingness to view the world from a different stand point.


FOOD: Dreams of food link to emotional life. Consider what you are eating and what it symbolizes.


FOOTPRINTS: Unconscious is considering following in someone’s footsteps. Similar career? Lifestyle?


FOUNTAIN: Symbolizes happiness and freshness.


FUNERAL: Tie to say goodbye to some aspect of your life that is not working.


GOD: Represents a coming to terms with one’s mortality? Could also be symbolic of an authority figure? Boss? Parent?


GRIEF: Check out your digestion; a possible health warning.


GROWING: Unconscious knows that you are capable of more.


GUNS: Warning to be more open in sharing ones emotions.


GYPSIES: Desire for greater freedom than current life style permits.


HAIR: Long and flowing; desire for greater freedom


HALO: Are you feeling inadequate or looking for spiritual guidance?


HANDBAG: Desire to penetrate deeper into ongoing puzzles and mysteries.


HANGOVER: Unconscious warning against excesses.


HAPPINESS: Contentment; look after your health. A warning to nurture happiness.


HARVEST: Forthcoming prosperity.


HOUSE with no door: Yu can not escape your current position, much as you would like to.


ICE: Worries of death or sexual frigidity?


IMAGINATIO N: Meeting someone with great imagination (an artist or musician type) a good omen for financial prosperity.


INFIDELITY: Time to ask pressing questions about current relationship?


INHERITANCE: Good times and prosperity ahead.


JACKPOT: Your unconscious is looking for a financial resolution or answer.


JAIL: Dreamer feels constricted and confined.


JUNGLE: Dreamer is worried about what the future holds. No apparent way forward.


JUNK: You may have trouble making a decision in the near future.


KEY: Dreamer is looking for a solution.


KICKING: Being kicked. Dreamer will have to face up to severe opposition in life.

KISS: Feelings that you hesitate to show when awake!


KNIFE: Prospect of vengeance, fairly squabbles or even a death wish.


KNIGHT: You are looking for someone to protect you and look after your needs.


KNOCKING: You may have to ask for advice.


LABYRINTH: You may well find difficult to unravel a complex problem.


LADDER: Reflects aspirations and career status.


LAKE: Calm lake waters augur well for your love life.


LANTERN: Reflects the desire to find out the truth about something.


LASSOO: An omen of wealth that will be coming to you.


LIFEBOAT: You fear that you need to be rescued from something or someone.


MAGIC: Watch out for a confidence trickster.


MANSION: Augurs well for domestic bliss and happy family life.


MAP: You lack direction in life.


MATCH: Striking a match denotes the beginning of a relationship.


MATRESS: A warning not to get too comfortable in a situation.


MILLIONAIRE: Omen of financial prosperity.


NAILS: Hammering nails indicates working hard and applying yourself to the job in hand.


NAME: Desire to change your name indicates a desire to change a major aspect of yoru life style.


NESTS: Reflects a desire for marriage and family.


NIGHT: Desire to ignore or hide problems?


NURSE: Pressing problems need to be addressed.


OBESITY: Watch your diet


OBSTACLES: Being held back? Sense of guilt? Something holding you back?


ODOURS: Pleasant odours and omen of good fortune.


ORACLE: If you consult an oracle in your dreams, prepare for the opposite to happen!


ORCHESTRA: Conducting reflects desire to be in control and in a position of power.


ORGAN MUSIC: Do you feel a sense of religious guilt?


PADLOCK: Problems in unlocking a padlock reflects frustration and discontent.


PAIN: Unconscious is warning you to take care of your physical and emotional health.


PAINTING THE HOUSE: Do you have something to hide? Or do you need a check up?


PAN: The Greek god of fields is an omen of good humour in helping to overcome adversity.


PANIC: A warning to be careful not to lose your temper in the near future.


PASSPORT: A dream that your passport has expired urges you to revamp your image!


QUARANTINE: Are you feeling isolated in waking life?


QUEUE: Has life become very routine of late?


QUICKSAND: An anxiety about being drawn into something you are uneasy about?


RACE: Strong indication that you have a love rival.


RADIO: Indicates probable anxiety about lack of communication between you and a love done.


RAGE: Your unconscious is warning you about the dangers of losing control.


RESCUE: You would like to change aspects of your emotional life.


RESTAURANT: Your unconscious is telling you that you have been rather hard on yourself lately.


ROCKET: Indicates unfulfilled sexual desires.


SEA: If the sea is empty you may be heading into a time alone without a relationship or significant relationships.


SECRET: If you hear a secret in your dream you may soon be let down by someone you trust.


SEWING: Harmony and peace will reign at home.


SHIP on calm seas: Represents forging ahead with plans.


SIGNATURE: Dream indicates and issue with ones identity.


SMOKE: Indicates that plans you have been making have been fraught with danger.


TAXES: You feel a debt to someone who has helped you.


TEARS: Prepare for a small disaster or disappointment.


TEETH: Falling out teeth is a common dream which can indicate that financial issues need to be addressed.


TELEVISION: Unconscious is advising you to be less of a spectator in your own life.


THEATRE: You would dearly like to be the centre of attention.


UGLINESS: A depressing outcome to a relationship.


UMBRELLA: Unconscious is urging you to take precautions and protect yourself.


UNIFORM: You would really like to be accepted in a group.


UNIVERSITY: Unconscious is assuring you that you will get results through sustained effort.


VEGETABLES: Is life a little dull?!


VOLCANO: There is serious inner turmoil which needs to be addressed.


VOMITING: You wish to be free of certain detrimental influences in your life.


WEALTH: Symbolic of the desire for increased knowledge.


WEDDING: Generally a wish fulfillment dream.


X RAY: You are fearful of revealing your true feelings.


YACHT: Alone on a Yacht? You need to escape the pressures of daily life.


ZIP: If zip is stuck you may well feel stuck in daily life; I a rut and anxious for change.


I'm a Tree! Celtic Astrology

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CELTIC Astrology


The Solstice connects us to the rhythms of nature and reminds us of our dependence on the cycles of life. At the high point of the summer, we experience (in theory) warmth, abundance and prosperity. For Aeons we have celebrated the Sun and the fertility it bestows upon our lives. Those aware of nature’s patterns appreciate that the seasons sustain us and enrich our lives with variety. But had you ever wondered what the trees have to say, aside from reminding us whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter?


The Ancient Celts of the Emerald Isle looked to nature to categorize their birthdates.


Using the Tree symbols and insights below, find out if you’re a Wise, Witty Willow, Optimistic Oak or Arty, Arresting Ash ….





24th December – 20th January


You are trustworthy and courageous. It takes lot to bring you down as you are innately optimistic and quietly confident. You cope with the rough stuff quite effectively, remaining efficient amidst life’s trials and tribulations. You are a born survivor who knows how to melt into the background when required. Your wicked sense of humour inspires many people. Even though you are a traditionalist at heart, you’re not boring!


Life Stuff: Life is designed to strengthen you and test your mettle, so as a Birch you are likely to have had severe tests in family situations. You understand feelings of isolation and loneliness, but once you have weathered life’s trials not much then gets you down. Your wit and fun side enrich your days and you are able to put things behind you quickly.


Love Stuff: Love, romance and passion come and go for you. And even within your most established relationships there is likely to be an ebb and flow. Don’t stress about the apparent changeability of your love life. Simply adjust to each phase and stay as relaxed as possible.




21st January – 17th February


You are a unique individual with a great sense of humour. Difficult to read, you keep the rest of the world guessing. Your maverick nature stretches what is possible and on the back of not much at all, you get results. You hate authority and make the rules up as you go along. But you are a compassionate soul, who will step in to help whenever possible. Even though you have a calm exterior, you feel things deeply and hide intense passions.


Life Stuff: You are a live wire, with an experimental nature. Your creativity and imagination stand out, and your talents will inevitably take you far. A Bohemian soul, you are off beat and quirky. But you have the qualities of a natural leader. Others rely on your composure and integrity, and you are great in a crisis. Laziness really annoys you!


Love Stuff: A free spirit, you do not commit easily. Old fashioned romance and tradition are not your style. But for the lucky partner who captivates your heart, you are a great catch. Unconventional love moves make you unpredictable in the sack, and you’re never boring!




18th February – 17th March


You are a funny mixture! Highly intuitive and sensitive, you also tell it like it is. Though not exactly a push over, you are quite easily swayed. Like the Ash, you bend in the wind; but you don’t break easily. People are attracted to your empathetic nature, and natural charm. But you see the light and dark within personalities, remaining non-judgemental and compassionate. Wise, spiritual and discerning, you are not in the least bit dismissive.


Life Stuff: You are artsy, but not ‘fartsy’! Despite your great creativity, you are surprisingly conventional and unpretentious. Structure is important to you as you feel vulnerable when things are out-of-sync. Channel your energies effectively, and you stand to make oodles of cash! You have the Midas touch, but must guard against being hurt.


Love Stuff: You don’t play by the rules in your love life. The dual aspects of your nature often conflict and you don’t settle easily. In fact you can be quite fickle and changeable until you decide what it is you want. Intense and romantic, you are just not very reliable!




18th March – 14th April


You are a dynamic, competitive character who hates to take ‘no’ for an answer. With terrific courage and panache you are destined to achieve great things. You take the initiative in life and your faith is reflected back to you in spectacular ways. Sometimes impatience gets the better of you, and others may find you arrogant. But you are loyal, effective, and good to have on side. Just don’t let that stubborn ego block your progress.


Life Stuff: Your entrepreneurial skills will take you far. You thrive on intelligent risks, and are a great instigator of projects. Be careful that you don’t get seduced by flattery though. You are a sucker for adoration, and tend to play it cool so people fawn around you. But you are magnetic and make a formidable opponent. There are no flies on you!


Love Stuff: You are independent, thrilling and love sex. You may marry on a whim, even though co-dependent relationships do not really grab you. Commitment doesn’t give you a buzz, but your sexiness makes up for it. You are a spectacular lover; but as for spouse?




15th April – 12th May


You are extremely loyal and will defend those you love to the hilt. Although you like well defined boundaries and value the Status Quo, you adjust to swift change when you have to. Your keen intuition advises you what to do and you instinctively know when to act. Although you love the safety and comfort of what’s familiar, you also know when to walk away. Psychic and mysterious, you live on your wits and keep us all guessing!


Life Stuff: You are generally healthy and stoic. But for your sanity’s sake, learn to forgive and forget. Worry and stress may accumulate if you don’t learn to let go of old emotional trauma. Undo the knots of a power struggle; then life will improve HUGELY! A restless spirit, you are destined for great success only when you have found your niche.


Love Stuff: You are intense and passionate, and it is difficult to fathom your complexity. If you marry young and get stuck, your children become a lifeline. You are likely to experience attraction to someone much older or younger. The right person brings balance.




13th May – 9th June


You are a spontaneous spirit, but you also know how to come up with a strategy. Clever at spotting people’s weaknesses and strengths; you make a supportive sympathetic friend, or a manipulative, exploitative opponent. Inspirational with a great sense of humour, others seek out your company. Your charisma and charm bring many blessings. But when you feel threatened it’s a different story. Don’t rise to the bait; tap into positive creativity.


Life Stuff: Your mind power and willingness to experiment are your great gifts. You are destined to remain mentally agile well into old age. Always trust your hunches and act on impulse when it feels right. This is your lucky charm for this life, giving you the edge in competitive situations. You love to perform and have a well developed altruistic streak.


Love Stuff: Your great bond with your lovers is your ability to be a great friend first and foremost. You need variety and can be quite restless, so you are only likely to settle for good when you connect with your true soul mate. You are destined to have fun searching!




10th June – 7th July


Your generosity of spirit is legendary, and you have a wicked sense of humour that puts a light spin on even the heaviest situation. Your charm takes you places, and when you focus you can bring about spectacular events. You are honest and possess unique integrity. But when hard-done-by or off balance, you can be quite egocentric, attention-seeking, and inclined to gossip! Trust in your optimistic streak and you will win out.


Life Stuff: Because you value the truth, you can be naïve and say too much in contentious situations. You do put yourself through it, shouldering more blame than perhaps you have to. Not very street wise, you are willing to play the martyr on a matter of principle. With your big dreams and cunning plans, things can go either way, but you inevitably hold-fast


Love Stuff: Your high standards make you picky in your love life and vulnerable to heartache. You set yourself up time and time again, by expecting too much from people. Try to understand that human failure and betrayal are part of life’s rich tapestry, and chill!




8th July – 4th August


You are a strong, resilient character who is loyal and reliable. But sometimes you put conditions on your time and energy. You have an iron will and can be very bloody-minded. When off-balance, you are quite needy and overly sensitive. Tap into your hidden strength and develop a perverse sense of humour; that should help! Keep your heart and mind open, for you are an affectionate and trustworthy soul. Why change that?


Life Stuff: You possess a meticulous, careful streak. Very with-it financially, you have an eye for an investment. But you steer clear of mad ideas that have no substance. Privacy and time alone are important, since your problem solving abilities mean that people often pull at you for answers. You are generous and funny, but you do know when to step back.


Love Stuff: Commitment is crucial to your equilibrium. You are quite religious and certainly you are the marrying kind! For better and for worse, you see things through. But you are not in the least bit boring. Caring and kind; what more could a lover wish for?




5th August – 1st September


You are too nice for your own good. The problems you face often derive from people who are not as straightforward as you. Usually, kind and considerate, when off balance, you can be nervous and a little paranoid. But you are highly sensitive and extremely intuitive. For this reason your relationships get complex, as you see through even the most subtle lie. However, you are diplomatic, genuine, and usually suffer in silence.


Life Stuff: You are organized and clever, with a great eye for detail. You honour your commitments and maintain a high standard. But you sometimes inspire jealousy and sabotage from those less capable; which hurts. Private moments keep you sane, though you do love to travel. Recoup your energies frequently, and protect yourself at all times.


Love Stuff: A genuine soul, you care deeply for loved ones. Under that cool exterior, you are earthy and sensual. Others often misread you, assuming you are aloof and unapproachable. Actually you are loyal, warm and highly affectionate once you get going!




2nd September – 29th September


You have an individual style and unique way of doing things. But you are changeable and your moods are a wonder to behold! More than a bit clingy when off balance, you have been known to have the odd temper tantrum. On a good day, you are kind and caring; on a bad day, you have tunnel vision and can’t see past your own agenda. Even though your emotions keep you on the edge, you are good company and your laughter is infectious!


Life Stuff: You need variety and there’s always lots going on around you. Of course, life throws challenges at you, but you are a born survivor. When you commit to something, do see it through. For when you find the right career, you are destined to be successful if you persist. Mix and match clothing and hobbies, but be consistent with the work stuff.


Love Stuff: You are a passionate, feisty being, full of fire and energy. You don’t often experience burnout when you’re up-for-it. But when you do lose interest, or get diverted, you’re off fairly lively. Lovers find it difficult to keep up with your earthy sensuality.




30th September – 27th October


Sometimes you stand out from the crowd; other times you pale into the background. It all depends what mood you’re in. In general, you are stoic, consistent and low key. But you have your mad moments, and you don’t miss a trick. Your quick wit weeds out anyone fake or phony and you are likely to be quite psychic. On occasion you attract dubious company and weird experiences. But you move on quickly and it takes a lot to defeat you


Life Stuff: Light, airy places, people and experiences help you balance your tendency to attract the dark stuff! You are compelling, fascinating and reel in a wide variety of friends and options without even trying. Sometimes you’re rolling in cash, other times you haven’t a bean. But you are essentially magical and lucky, so expect good things!


Love Stuff: You are romantic dreamer, who can be quite ruthless when the lovin’ is done. Love grabs you quickly and things get intense super fast. But on waking up the next morning, you may wonder what all the fuss was. Only kidding, but you catch my drift!




28th October – 24th November


You are overwhelming, dominant and forceful; a powerhouse indeed! With great energy and inspirational ideas, you are destined to multiply your resources and talents, BIG time. Your imagination and flare annoys certain people. But you know how to be subtle and seduce the begrudgers. Charisma, charm and your ability to squash nonsense, win you a great many friends. And once you set your heart on something; it’s yours within minutes!


Life Stuff: Hardy and resourceful, life throws a lot at you. But you are courageous, fearless and not much fazes you. You like to be kept on your toes, because inner confidence assures you, it will work out just fine. Adjustments come easy to you, and until you land in a scenario that fulfills your (fairly normal) expectations, you keep busy.


Love Stuff: You are an intense bundle of passions! Persistent and tenacious, you will not let go until you have landed your prize. Learn to back off though, or your suspicious nature and possessive streak may cause problems. Pace yourself: Can you keep it up?




25th November – 22nd December


You are patient, and possess oodles of discipline, which is great for your focus. Generally you achieve impressive results, and fulfill your ambitious nature. But you can be quite autocratic and difficult to persuade. You’re the one who runs the show! If things are going your way, you keep people on side with your wicked sense of humour. But if there’s a rebellion in the ranks you will manipulate and scheme to retrieve the situation.


Life Stuff: You love people and accumulate a wide range of friendships throughout life. Fame and fortune attract you, but you mustn’t be seduced by it. You can go far if you do your thing. People respect you, but don’t take their support for granted. Watch that extravagant streak. You don’t need to buy favours or give into desperation. Trust life and relax!


Love Stuff: You have it made! Relationships don’t faze you. You can enjoy them on your own terms and don’t take things too seriously. Your light approach protects you and you don’t get involved to the point of no return. Marriage is cool, but you will always travel.




23rd December


Sorry nothing much to say here! You’re an enigma and a mystery and undoubtedly special. Enjoy your unique path and make your impression on life creatively. You do not do things by the book, so don’t even try to conform. YOU decide what’s going to work, and follow it through with inimitable style and panache. When you fall in love it’s for keeps and whoever grabs you is lucky indeed! That’s all you need to know…


»A Hand Tree ..

Astro Decans

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Astro Decans ~ How to find yours!


This subject of Decans often tends to be glossed over in Astrology. Did you know that your birth sign is divided into three sections each with their own different planetary influence? Not only is your ruling planet important. But your Decan and placing within the month of your birth is too. There are sub divisions (Decans) within each Sun sign, which reflect the some of the great diversity inherent in each Zodiac sign.



March 21st – April 20th

Ruled by Mars


First Decan

March 21st – March 30th

Planetary Influence: Mars


You are a natural leader who can be forceful and convincing. Others find you annoying but inspiring. So curb that determination to get your own way. You have boundless energy and get things done. But there is no need to be too pushy when you want victory. Simply stating your case in no uncertain terms should do it. With focus, you can achieve great things. For you are destined to win or else go down fighting! Watch that tendency to be overly stubborn though. Feisty as you are, a mellow demeanour will usually be more potent and effective than a confrontational one. You are a Zodiac Crusader: a Pioneer. With a head full of ideas, you are ever ready to spring into action.


Second Decan

March 31st – April 9th

Planetary Influence: The Sun


Being influenced by the Sun your charisma is formidable! You are guaranteed to turn heads and get people’s attention. And your mere presence in a room is enough to convince us of your magnetism and power. You do not even have to open your mouth to make an impact. For you have Star quality! If you have aspirations of fame, there is every chance you will be successful. A potent mix of drive and energy gives you staying power when focused. And your instant appeal will bring inevitable recognition. You are magnificent! Who would dare to turn you down? Persistence and a big smile are about all you need to clinch a deal…


Third Decan

April 10th – April 20th

Planetary Influence: Jupiter


You are truly unique individual. And possess dynamic Arian traits combined with strong moral fibre. Respectful of people and responsibilities you do not give into temptation easily. Your fiery energy inspires and motivates. A strong sense of right and wrong makes you a great politician, preacher or healer. However, when it all goes pear shaped, you are one of the World’s worst hell raisers! Your ability to stir emotions is intense and somewhat scary. So deal with bitterness or frustration in a level headed way. Loved ones should respect your privacy. For you can not abide to be stifled or dictated to. Personal freedom gives you leeway to love and support those you choose.



April 21st – May 21st

Ruled by Venus


First Decan

April 21st – April 30th

Planetary Influence: Venus


The ruler ship of Venus renders you rock solid and dependable with a romantic sensibility. Rarely will you risk or jeopardise a sure thing. Patient, methodical, and persevering, your slow steady energy may not win the race. But you are sure to finish with a commendation. You are a force to be reckoned with, for nothing phases you! Your grounded character ensures that you are the most loyal and loving friend or lover. Being an earthy creature, you delight in sensual pleasures of the flesh. Or indeed anything that affirms your Life Force. Nature nurtures you. Whilst beauty and serenity inspire your Soul. You are centred and focused, with unshakeable foundations!


Second Decan

May 1st - May 10th

Planetary Influence: Mercury


Highly creative, you possess a rare artistic sensibility. Your intuition is sensitised which ensures that you do not miss a trick. With refined taste and high expectations, you can be unexpectedly shy. Even though you are easily wounded, you have an unbending, unswerving Will that triumphs at every turn. As a born survivor, you feel things deeply but can move on when required. Your complex character is both earthy and perfectionist. But you are inclined to bury your head in the sand rather than deal with something tricky. Stay real and monitor unrealistic expectations. Your high ideals and sense of purpose guarantee that you will find what you are looking for – eventually!


Third Decan

May 11th – May 21st

Planetary Influence: Saturn


Your staying power is impressive! Slow moving you may be, but you always find your way through a maze of difficulty. Life’s challenges inspire you, as well as test your patience. Logical, grounded and practical, you have an answer for everything. Flights of fancy are not an option. So do not be seduced by those who sell dreams! You are pragmatic and eminently sensible. Let common sense prevail - however mysterious life gets. Your innate resilience ensures that you bounce back from the brink every time. But watch out for that lazy streak. Walk permanently in a well-defined groove, and not much will veer you off track. You attract loving friends and family connections that last a lifetime.



May 22nd – June 22nd

Ruled by Mercury


First Decan

May 22nd – May 31st

Planetary Influence: Mercury


Mercury bestows you with a quick wit and lively mind. Your thought processes change like the wind, and it is impossible to pin you down. This makes for an edgy exciting personality that keeps us both interested and exasperated! You are versatile and multitalented. Little is beyond your remit. Your willingness to tackle most things ensures results, so remain focused. Well able to keep the rest of us guessing, you are a resourceful character who lives by wit alone. You love to keep your options open and play the field, or at least appear to be so doing. Success is a surety for your ambidextrous disposition. You are eminently loveable, mischievous and forgiven a lot!


Second Decan

Planetary Influence: Venus

June 1st – June 10th


You are blessed with a rapier wit, and lively mind. Venus and Mercury help you to seduce whomever you set your sights on. Whether for business or pleasure, you are a dab hand at getting your own way. Gentle charm ensures your success. And your cutting sense of humour makes you irresistible. You are popular and shrewd with great focus. So what ever you set your heart upon can be yours, as long as concentration is maintained. You do not have it in you to be actively devious in a damaging way. But you can be pretty nifty, when push comes to shove! Expect a fun-filled life of humour, joy, love and understanding.


Third Decan

June 11th – June 22nd

Planetary Influence: Uranus


You are quite ‘Out There’ and always on the look out for new experiences. For you, reality is one big joy ride that occasionally becomes the ghost train! As an eternal optimist, you have visions and dream dreams, each one more magnificent than the last. Your natural intensity means that you experience life by the minute. You are a law unto your self in true maverick style. Your upbeat groove does not have to indicate immaturity. But there is a part of you that will never grow up! Uncompromising as ever, you will stick your neck out, rather than damage your personal integrity. You are a powerful figure with the Midas touch, who can quite literally run the show without being there!



June 23rd – July 23rd

Ruled by The Moon


First Decan

June 23rd – July 1st

Planetary Influence: The Moon


You are highly intuitive and emotional: a lunar creature who is responsive, empathetic, and sensitised. Nothing passes you by, for you are profoundly psychic. Relationships come easy and you are tailor made for human interaction. Always engage in the full flight of your emotions. Never mind the climb up the career ladder. Home is where the heart is, and you will not rest until you find your Soul Mate. Your dedication and like-ability ensure your success. You are not the most ‘pushy’ sign, but you are inherently lucky. It is impossible not to love you! You have a unique perception, and view the world in a matter of fact but astute way. There are no flies on you…


Second Decan

July 2nd – July 12th

Planetary Influence: Pluto


You are a mysterious and enigmatic personality: a passionate and deep individual who feels everything on an intense level. Life is exhausting but exhilarating for those connected to you. Certainly, there is never a dull moment! At times you feel like an alien in a strange land. You are highly psychic with many overwhelming perceptions and intuitions. For sanity’s sake, find an outlet so that your incredible imagination can express itself! You are liable to implode and beat your self up when things go wrong. But to an extent you thrive on hardship and respond well to a challenge. Resilient and defiant, you are fiercely independent and treasure your privacy.


Third Decan

July 13th – July 23rd

Planetary Influence: Neptune


You are very sensitive with a lovely gentle energy. As you have an innate ability to understand and empathise, you make a great confidant. With your personal, intimate relationships you can be clingy. You love to be loved, and need to be needed! Reassurance is important, but displays of affection are always repaid in kind. You can be intense and demanding, but you also have a lot to offer. Watch out for irrational reactions and guard against moodiness. You are artistic, creative, with a definite eye for beauty. Expend your energy positively for maximum fulfilment. Let your intuition be your guide, and you will end up better off than those who follow the logical route.



July 24th – August 23rd

Ruled by The Sun


First Decan

July 24th – August 1st

Planetary Influence: The Sun


You are a powerful compelling character, possessing great charisma and appeal. With incredible magnetism, you know how to command attention, and you are skilled at getting your own way. You are never likely to be ignored, even when incognito! Ego is an issue. But you automatically instil respect in both loved ones and opponents. Using humour and witty rhetoric you manoeuvre situations to maximum effect. Loyalty, generosity, and restraint make you a regal creature that never stints on affection and support. Your warmth of character and skills of performance attract the limelight. Express yourself on the stage of life. And expect the spotlight to shine upon you.


Second Decan

August 2nd – August 12th

Planetary Influence: Jupiter


You have extra determination and expansive vision: truly, a Master who can see the bigger picture. Somewhat idealistic, you are a pioneer who wants to save the World. Never mind laziness, you need to maintain a sense of purpose. You have a wicked humour and know where to find the fun! Jupiter’s influence renders you brave and optimistic. Very little demoralises or defeats you. You are kind, open hearted, and destined to be successful- without even trying. You inspire friendship and treasure your intimate relationships. It is very difficult to dislike or begrudge you anything. Your Midas touch makes you perhaps the luckiest sign in the Zodiac. It is your destiny to win big, in some respect.


Third Decan

August 13th – August 23rd

Planetary Influence: Mars


As one of life’s true survivors, adversity brings out the best in you. You are a dynamic character, who is willing and able to take on challenges. Indeed you are powerful! Whatever you set your heart on, can be yours. But stay on track and avoid confrontation. You possess rare grace and charm. So there is no need for masterstrokes or manipulation. Acknowledge your gifts, and develop self-confidence. You are able to achieve great things through faith and belief alone. As a true entrepreneur, you can seal the deal with the full force of your personality. Few distrust or doubt you. Your reassuring presence instils confidence in the rest of the World. You understand life and the people therein.



August 24th – September 23rd

Ruled by Mercury


First Decan

August 24th – September 3rd

Planetary Influence: Mercury


Failure is not in your vocabulary! You set very high standards and are extremely self-critical. As someone who can objectify and assess situations at the drop of a hat, you are flexible and adaptable. A born survivor, you can turn disappointing events into a real gift. You are a cerebral Sign, adept at both logical and intuitive thinking. A natural student, you transport the Wisdom of Ages into the present. Hard working and studious very few subjects are beyond the remit of your lively mind. You can tackle most things standing on your head. But your creativity needs to be permanently stimulated or you get bored. Love has to be heart, soul and passion, or you will not bother!


Second Decan

September 4th – September 13th

Planetary Influence: Saturn


You are a veritable force to be reckoned with! There is no point trying to pull the wool over your eyes…you can see around corners! With your exacting standards and strong ambition, you are inclined to take life quite seriously. As well as being determined and focused, your organisational skills are second to none. It is virtually impossible to fault you! You are a master of discernment, with an innate understanding of human nature. And since you never take ‘no’ for an answer, your success is guaranteed. You are reliable, honest, and not in the least bit ruthless. There is an on-going sense that anything can happen in your life, and probably will…You carry infinite possibilities!


Third Decan

September 14th – September 23rd

Planetary Influence: Venus


Venus introduces a warm, loving and tolerant quality to your personality. You are content with simple pleasures and do not aspire to the giddy heights! You are warm, affectionate, and respond to plenty of TLC. Because you are all heart, you give freely with no strings attached. But you are no push over! Your natural intelligence renders you canny, witty and wise. And you are so self-assured that you feel no need to control people. In love you are earthy, sensuous, and ‘in it for keeps’. But with no tedium or boredom factor. And you make an exceptionally caring and considerate lover. Loving and patient, you forgive and tolerate a lot without damaging your self-esteem. Are you human?



September 24th – October 23rd

Ruled by Venus


First Decan

September 24th – October 3rd

Planetary Influence: Venus


The very core of your being yearns for harmony. Finding peace is the sole motivation of your body and soul. You are gentle and companionable, making a genuine and reliable friend. Beautiful from the inside out, you are pure with oodles of integrity. Even though you are stoic and determined, you will usually put others first. For your loyalty and generosity are beyond question.

What you may lack in terms of ambition and determination, you make up for with charm and skills of diplomacy. You have enviable social talents! With skilful self-expression you will ‘tell it like it is’ is the nicest possible way. An endless imagination, creativity, and ability to put things into words guarantees your success.


Second Decan

October 4th – October 13th

Planetary Influence: Uranus


As a cool customer, you are willing to calculate your moves. You are nobody’s fool. Independent and candid, you are not afraid to tackle things head-on. Not much is beyond you. You keep a cool head in a crisis, and know when to act for maximum impact. Logically minded, you are not liable to get carried away. You are free spirited. But, you do not compromise readily. Things have to be on your terms, or they tend not to happen! Outgoing, popular and approachable, you never want for company. And your in-built protection is that inherent like-ability. Your originality holds the key to wealth and riches. Whilst honed instincts will propel you to the level of success you choose.


Third Decan

October 14th – October 23rd

Planetary Influence: Mercury


Lively, witty, versatile, with an imagination second to none, you are an enthusiastic chatterbox! And great company to boot. Boredom is not a word in your vocabulary. You are the Zodiac ‘Wild Child’ who guarantees eternal high jinx and endless fun! There is the touch of the Maverick about you. For you will not be dictated to, or ‘told’. Entertaining, mad and hilarious company, the rest of us can not expect to get a word in edgeways. Communications and conversation stimulate you and your social calendar is always busy. You are attractive to many, and boy don’t you just know it! You love to be IN love, and feel less than complete without it. Get the next round in…



October 24th – November 22nd

Ruled by Pluto and Mars


First Decan

October 24th – November 2nd

Planetary Influence: Pluto


Your dynamo personality is captivating and compelling. And your powers of persuasion are irresistible. Not one to give up easily. You are the Master seducer/seductress of the Zodiac! Nothing will defeat you, whilst your heart is open and compassionate. You bring warmth, discipline and passion to your relationships. Whilst your magnetic charisma means there is no need for words – one look from those soulful eyes does the trick! Insightful, but non-judgemental, you get straight to the point. And are great to have around in a crisis. Your level head and sensible demeanour sorts things out. And you are able to wriggle out of compromising situations in a most charming way! Complex, but utterly adorable, nothing escapes your eagle eye.


Second Decan

November 3rd – November 12th

Planetary Influence: Neptune


Laid back Neptune makes you less intense and driven than fellow Scorpio. You are charitable, giving, and maintaining the ‘Status Quo’ is a priority. Being family orientated you make sacrifices for the sake of peace and quiet! Getting ahead is not so important. Job satisfaction is crucial, but prestige and status are not. You are stimulating, interesting company. Somewhat offbeat, but eminently charming. Mystery emanates from your very pores. And you have a unique way of looking at the world. It is difficult to fathom your thinking and perceptions. But wherever you go, quirky fun and intrigue surely follow! You are intense and meaningful without being intrusive - delicious company, altogether…


Third Decan

November 13th – November 22nd

Planetary Influence: The Moon


The Moon enhances your mystery and powers of seduction. You are guaranteed to be compelling and alluring, even first thing in the morning! Truly magical, you have the ability to captivate anyone you care to mention. All things to all people, you are very feminine and powerful, never mind your gender. Enticing in the extreme, you are also very domesticated. Tender, loving, and caring, you give priority to security and comfort in the home. Silence is golden when you are around. For your presence is simply enchanting. Your allure is transmitted with a gaze, touch or meaningful gesture. You are subtle, canny and adaptable. If any person is capable of casting a spell it is you!



November 23rd – December 21st

Ruled by Jupiter


First Decan

November 23rd – December 2nd

Planetary Influence: Jupiter


Jupiter guarantees you eternal optimism and an indomitable spirit. You are endless fun with a serious side that surfaces intermittently. Love of life and the acquirement of knowledge are your strong motivations. For you are an intelligent philosopher who likes to get to the bottom of things. You crave freedom and can not stand any form of restriction. Restless as you are, you can be exhausting but stimulating company. Life must be a continual exploration and journey. As you do not respond well to the idea of ‘arriving’ somewhere. Books, literature and philosophy expand your horizons if you can not literally travel. But you are destined to go far, one way or another!


Second Decan

December 3rd – December 12th

Planetary Influence: Mars


Oh Boy! You are a handful! With more than your fair share of energy and zest, you are entertaining but tiring. Once you have decided something, there is no stopping you. You possess an indomitable will. And you WILL make things happen, come what may. Quite compulsive, your determination to succeed is a wonder to behold. But you are generous spirited, and will not intentionally tread on toes. Truly you are a force to be reckoned with. You like to be stimulated, unsettled, and amused – all at the same time! But you are endlessly entertaining and rarely cause offence. With your sense of fun, stamina levels and passion power…you should come with a government health warning!


Third Decan

December 13th – December 21st

Planetary Influence: The Sun


What a regular dynamo! With clarity of purpose and extra energy, you get things done. The Sun bestows you with an open, generous spirit. And not much stands in your way. You are inherently lucky. For even when challenged, something will surely happen to ‘save the day’. Optimism is a way of life. Rarely does your will get crushed beyond repair. You look for the good in everything and everybody. And often the leap of faith is repaid in full. People love your ‘off the wall’ madness and wicked sense of humour! Variety is the spice of life, and you thrive on a bit of scandal or gossip. You need endless stimulation, and were not created to be ignored…the Craic sure is mighty!



December 22nd – January 20th

Ruled by Saturn


First Decan

December 22nd – December 31st

Planetary Influence: Saturn


Determination will see you through – But life is hard work! So expect character-forming challenges to occur regularly. A true survivor, your achievements are precious indeed. Stoic qualities serve you well. And much effort goes into the attainment of your dreams. With grounded equilibrium, you are a formidable force when focused. Your tenacity and discipline win every time. When up against it, keep your head down. Expect to reach the dizzy heights of success. But first prove your durability. Fame awaits you if you are patient and do NOT give up. You are sensual and practical: a skilful, considerate friend and lover. Appreciate the view along the way, and learn to value the ‘little things’ in life…


Second Decan

January 1st – January 10th

Planetary Influence: Venus


Your artistic temperament and diverse talents ensure that you do not miss a trick! Less the Drama Queen, more the Queen Bee, you are compelling and seductive. A photographic style memory serves you well. But, watch you do not lose perspective. Even Super humans need to keep a grip on reality! That high intelligence may tempt you to take advantage - ‘Lesser mortals’ beware! An aesthetically appealing environment is very important to you. And you do have impeccable taste. Domestic and material bliss travel hand in hand. You make a reliable and committed partner, but only when you have reached a respectable position. First things first…You ARE romantic, just not before it is appropriate to be so!


Third Decan

January 11th – January 20th

Planetary Influence: Mercury


Mercury gives you the edge! You are highly motivated and disciplined. Nothing blocks your route to the top of the tree. And you possess a ruthless streak that comes into play if someone attempts to sabotage or undo your good work- understandable! You do not respond kindly to competition – you HAVE to be the best – or else! A true perfectionist, you have a brilliant mind. There is indeed a touch of genius when you are in full flow. An exceptionally creative and powerful personality, you cast a spell. And who can say ‘no’? With a computer’s memory for detail, you take some beating. Facts and figures trip off your tongue. When you want to impress, you surely will.



January 21st – February 19th

Ruled by Uranus


First Decan

January 21st – January 29th

Planetary Influence: Uranus


A truly free spirited being, you are not afraid to follow your heart. One of life’s philanthropists; there is not a selfish bone in your body when you are balanced and stable. Your destiny is to serve humanity with discernment and wisdom. Speak the truth as you see it, and always be willing to help. Life is a trip! There is always something to think about, and to be getting on with. No problem is insurmountable. Your great instincts and innate wisdom mean that you are a walking oracle, with enviable skills of detachment. You know how to isolate and intercept dilemmas even as they arise. Pearls of wisdom trip from your tongue…So focus on what counts!


Second Decan

January 30th – February 8th

Planetary Influence: Mercury


Lively and quick-witted, your mental agility is impressive. Liable to be academic and highly intelligent, you happily grapple with most topics. With great eloquence, you are rarely lost for words. You hate to admit mistakes so will store up excuses just in case! But that perfectionist streak makes you your own worst critic. A true Renaissance man or woman, you need a lot of stimulation or boredom sets in. Very sociable but intensely private, you are complex. Adaptable and willing to work in unusual conditions and in unusual ways, you will try anything once! Flexibility is your middle name whilst you amuse and amaze. You respect life, humanity and see the best in everyone, without being wet…


Third Decan

February 9th – February 19th

Planetary Influence: Venus


You house an interesting blend of energies. Less cerebral and intellectually driven than the previous two Decans, objectivity is not the strong point of your feeling-based personality. Compassionate in the extreme, and beautiful with it, you do not possess the ability to detach and consider! With a tendency to get in too deep, you get involved with other people’s problems far too readily. Out of the goodness of your heart, you want the World and its Auntie to ‘be OK!’ Altruistic in the extreme, you must guard against a tendency towards self-sacrifice for the benefit of loved ones. Toughen-up a bit…Your creativity is second to none. So channel positive energy into yourself, and do not disperse your life force…



February 20th – March 20th

Ruled by Neptune


First Decan

February 19th – February 29th

Planetary Influence: Neptune


Neptune governs transcendence, spirituality, illusion, and suffering. So you are one interesting, compelling human being! Inspirational and creative, it is nigh on impossible to fathom your murky depths. Even your silence is loaded and fascinating. Quiet and unassuming, no one is bored in your company. For your mere presence ensures an element of mystery. Generous spirited you are willing to give without guarantee of a return. A true romantic with a poetic soul, you are naturally psychic, wise, and profound. Your sensitivity and compassion makes you highly desirable. But your spirituality ensures that you are not impressed by anything superficial. Natural ease combined with a romantic, dreamy, and sexy spirit, makes you a great catch indeed!


Second Decan

March 1st - March 10th

Planetary Influence: The Moon


The feminine energy of the Moon heightens your sensibilities. You are a gentle, nurturing soul. Above all you are caring, sharing and kind. A beautiful person indeed, the finer feelings of love, romance and perception encapsulate your ‘raison d’etre’. There is no active deception or nastiness hidden away. In fact the very idea you having hidden secrets is quite a joke! Ok, so everyone has a shadow side. But it is difficult to find it in your case. With a talented and unusual disposition, you possess a refined, artistic nature. You are a creative and poetic personality, skilled enough to make a fortune by not doing very much at all! The art of living excites you…


Third Decan

March 11th – March 20th

Planetary Influence: Pluto


You are positively spooky! The energy of Pluto ensures that you miss nothing. Being very psychic and intuitive, it is impossible to lie to you. And with your great intensity and heightened sensitivity you are exceptionally powerful. Not much stand in your way, once you are committed to a plan of action. Your great intelligence identifies you. With a lively mind and definite vision there is no stopping your Pluto driven character. Natural flexibility and versatility make you a winner every time…You are not held back by negative or corrupt ideas and thoughts. Life flows for you. And you are truly blessed with access to phenomenal opportunities. Live and let live…


When two hearts are meant for each other,
no distance is too far, no time is too long,
and no other love can break them apart …

2012 A New Opportunity?

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It is 2012! ... Are you still there? Still breathing? Still up for it?


2012 has all sorts of mad prophesies attached to it; some apocalyptic and some transformative. But remember the whole 2YK debacle as we turned into the 21st Century? What happened? Errr....Nothing.


There we were over a decade ago heading into a new millenium and we all thought we were done for. Or at least that something dramatic would happen to boggle our minds as midnight chimed in.


No such luck.


Our computers did not have the predicted meltdown, the banks did not crash and burn (that came later) and the land did not disappear into the sea.


After all the hype Y2K bit the dust and we got on with life as normal. I suspect the run into 2012 will be much the same but for slightly different reasons.


According to the ancient Mayan calendar 2012 does indeed have intense significance. Mayan calendars are known for their accuracy and are still used by modern cultures in Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. These calendars date to the minute the movement of the sun through the solar system. They are based on a thirteen moon cycle and are totally in sync with the evolution of natural time.


The rhythm and predictions of the Mayan calendar are directly in tune with mother nature unlike our own time bound calendars which regiment the seasons and keep us enslaved to a mechanical ticking clock. No wonder so many of us are out of sync and quite a distance from where we need to be inside and out as 2012 gets underway.


The Mayan calendar charts and accounts for the movements of the sun, the moon, venus and many of the other planets in our solar system in a much more comprehensive way than we do. The ancient Mayans' harmony with nature displays an incredibly sophisticated understanding of the universe that modern researchers still struggle to completely understand. For example in the Mayan system there is a leap day once every 380,000 years!


The ancient Mayans were able to track the movement of the planets in such a detailed way that they could account for the acceleration of time plus the subtle changes which would occur as and when the earth shifted on its axis.


You may have noticed in recent years the sensation of time speeding up? The days blend so quickly into weeks, months and years now. Time is literally flying by. This photon energy shift gives us the feeling that 24 hours is probably the equivalent of about 8. I have certainly noticed the acceleration of time in the last couple of years. Have you?


This photon energy sensation is supposed to increase throughout 2012 as the earth shifts further on its axis. It will allegedly reach a peak in December 2012 by which time if we are all still here and in one piece we really will have cause for celebration.


I know so many prophesies have predicted the end of the world over the centuries. But when the accurate Mayan calendar predicts a major cut off point - which it does in December 2012 - it is actually time to be a little bit concerned!


Apparently what we should be worried about is the predicted increase of solar flare activity as the sun shifts into a new cycle during 2012. Wayward solar flares have the potential to knock out a satellite or two and completely decimate our electrical systems. Never mind a computer meltdown. What on earth would happen if our electrical supplies were out of action for any length of time?


Obviously for some primitive cultures who still live in rhythm with the seasons it would be condition normal if this happens. But for the vast majority of the western world it could lead to looting, lawlessness, panic, a feeling of disconnectedness from the world at large and all sorts of chaos. No electricity does indeed conjure up quite an apocalyptic vision. So let us hope that the Mayan's are way off with this one and that those pesky solar flares stay right away from planet earth.


On a lighter note, 2012 is linked to the unfolding of the Age of Aquarius where our consciousness has the potential to further expand and we will come to understand a whole lot more intuitively and spiritually. The Age of Aquarius heralds our coming of age as energetic creatures and the concept of everything being *energy* will come much more to the fore.


In the next decade we will see energetic medicine and healing become more prominent. Even in the business world we will need to be open and not closed to our own psychic abilities or we will get left behind. Plus there will be research breakthroughs in physics, biology and chemistry to substantiate a lot of what people now dismiss as hokum. Now there is an irony.


There is no doubt that 2012 is here to open up our minds, lives and hearts. I believe it is a challenge to us creatively and that we really need to access the fresh start which the new age brings. Enough of buying into the fear and control issues which keep us functioning below par within our relationships and in society at large.


Yes we have all fallen foul of a recession in the last while. But do we need to keep buying into it? No we do not! In fact the sooner we STOP buying into it, the sooner the momentum of economic recovery can take hold.


The Mayan legacy is inspirational. We need to realise that electronic time is a construct we have all bought into which limits us as human beings. Okay it has a functional role to play and we will probably still have to make our next appointment. But the point is we now all need to access our X Factor. Big Brother may be watching us. But the restrictions we are under can in fact get us into a groove of self expression which far surpasses anything we feel obliged to show up for.


A big part of your game plan for the year ahead should be to develop your intuition. Listen to the small voice within and remember no one knows your life better than you do. Let self empowerment be the order of the day. Learn not to give your power away to lovers, family members, the boss or the guy who sells you your lotto ticket! You have on board everything you need to make the most of YOU. Access your wisdom from deep within and trust your Inner-tuition.


The energies of fear and panic lead to stress and overwhelm, depression and escapism. Who needs any of that? It is time to ditch the old paradigms. All those factors which have been restricting you and what you can achieve. Access your love for life and your innate positivity and life will start to flow. Work with your love of nature and this will allow the earthed energy of 2012 to help you.


To realise our potential, we should be open to access the messages which the new age brings. What the Mayans knew, we can now come to know. Their great spiritual knowledge and scientific application was way in advance of ours. But we can pay heed and learn from them. Most especially that we need to take care of planet earth. For if we do not we will very quickly produce our own apocalyptic conditions. Never mind the solar flares.


I believe that the gift and lesson of 2012 is that energy resonates through absolutely everything. We are ONE, all connected throughout space and time. We can access the energy of the era if we follow and listen to our hearts rather than to our over analytical minds. It is important to ditch the fear factor. Every present moment is what counts. It has always been true that we may never have tomorrow. Perhaps it is never more true than now.


2012 Angelic Guidance

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Angelic Guidance for 2012 and beyond ...


As many of us are now aware, the 21st December 2012 is a major cut off point in the Mayan Calendar. This date marks the end of as 26,000 year cycle and heralds the beginning of a new one. No wonder so many people are nervous about the importance of this date, especially because of the highly rated accuracy of the Mayan calendar and its accompanying prophecies. The most optimistic interpretations of the 2012 phenomena see this as a great opportunity to develop our awareness and consciousness. Others fear the worst. So are we facing into a challenging apocalyptic time, or can the powers that be steer us into lighter times?


Find out here below what the Angels might be saying to help you raise your vibration and elevate your life.


Remember all these angels listed here below are accessible to all of us. They are God's messengers after all. Test the spirits as you work more closely with the unseen. Satan is alive and well and he likes nothing more than our belief that perhaps he does not even exist. Be careful out there!


ARIES: Archangel Camael is the angel of fire, courage and cleansing. To be honest you will probably need all three of these gifts and qualities as 2012 gets a rocking and a rolling. Camael will really shine the light on any adverse circumstances you have to deal with. If you have to wade in as the warrior that you are, call on Camael to give you the extra focus and drive that you need. This Archangel makes you a major contender and player in the work place. Stick up for yourself when you need to and you may well be called on to help other lesser mortals too. Camael is associated with true love and has the power to wipe away all sorrow from your heart. If you need healing of the heart, this angel will guide you the best people and places to shift your energies in miraculous ways. 2012 requires you to be the firecracker that you really are, so there will be no sulking in the shadows, as if! Camael helps you overcome insurmountable odds in the year ahead. Failure is not an option. Aries, you have formidable intuition and yet so often you doubt it. The 2012 groove requires you to develop your psychic antennae. So do!


TAURUS: Angel Izidkiel brings interesting assistance to you this year Taurus. Where you feel enemies or even loved ones are breaching your inner boundaries, Izidkiel will guide you towards the right kind of protection. Your need for this angel heading into 2012, would suggest you are a little weary and worn down. Make sure this 'put upon' energy does not perpetuate. You need some private thinking time, so get creative about finding the personal space which will allow you to recoup some of that precious life force. If you can not immediately find a gap for some 'you' time, make sure you do not continue to yes to everything and everyone. You would do well to assess all the relationships in your life and redefine your boundaries. Yes, there are some people you cannot avoid, but as much as possible give a wide berth to toxic people and toxic situations. 2012 requires you to lighten up and redefine your boundaries. When did you last have a good old belly laugh? When did you last feel you did not have the weight of the world upon your shoulders? Yes I know you are Taurus the Zodiac Ox who shoulders everything; but actually this has to stop! OKay?


GEMINI: Archangel Uriel means 'God is my Light'. This is the angel who stood guarding the Garden of Eden with his illuminating sword. His symbol is an open hand holding a flame and he offers love to all those who seek it in the right place. Call on the guidance of Uriel to guide you into the right arms for the 2012 groove. It is now the time for Twin flames to connect and Uriel is well equipped to help you find yours. You must not try to work out how, but you must be right on cue when the time comes. Uriel is the angel who warned Noah about the flood so he is pretty good at timely intervention on your behalf also. He needs you to be receptive to what is happening, or you may well get a reprimand. 2012 is the time to listen in and not to assume that you know best and have all the answers. Spirit is all set to guide you through to an enlightened state, but you must allow it all to happen. If you resist what is, you might as well settle for second best in just about everything. This is alright for some, but you are shooting for the Moon.


CANCER: Archangel Gabriel rules the Moon, so obviously this angel has a very strong connection to your cancerian energies. Gabriel is 'God's Messenger', so really it is no wonder you have such a hotline to God and such well developed intuition. If only you could trust yourself a little more, a God a whole lot more? Gabriel means 'God is my strength', so this angel is primed to show you the ways in which your spiritual side can really help you. Tap into what you know and act on the impressions that you receive from moment to moment. Gabriel can help you will tricky work situations, but your way through things may only be revealed minute by minute, hour by hour. Gabriel also gives great guidance and strength to parents and to those in a parenting role. Working with this angel is indeed a lesson in trust. You will get the answers and messages that you need but the bigger picture may elude you. If you think about it, this does not really matter. So long as you are provided for in the moment, you have all you really need. The message of 2012 for you is not to fret about the future or about your circumstances. Trust for deliverance.


LEO: Archangel Michael is always in your corner Leo. Known as 'he who is like The Lord', Michael stands at his right hand, the ruling angel of Sunday and the ruling angel of the Sun. Michael is depicted as the warrior prince who is able to slay the forces of darkness. He is an Angel who offers you high protection. You are privileged to have him fighting your corner. Call on him when you feel threatened, bullied or intimidated by life's circumstances. If you work with the Michael energy regularly you will find quite amazing miracle manifest in your life. Archangel Michael is also there to help cut you free from toxic relationships and situations in which you are irrevocably stuck. Simply ask him to do so. His presence is marked by heat and sometimes this can be quite intense, even raising your temperature. Now 2012 is upon us, Michael will prompt you to recognise your true life purpose. Are you doing the right things from day to day? What do you need to change? How can you lighten and brighten your existence? Ask for guidance and you will be shown the way.


VIRGO: As the little oracle of the Zodiac, you are fortunate indeed to have Archangel Raziel in your corner for the 2012 shenanigans. Raziel is one of the cherubim, the 'secret of God' and the one who knows the secrets of your heart. There is no hiding from the searing truth of this angel and you will not be able to hide behind any old defences in the year ahead. Your connection with Raziel ups your oracle status and ability to read people and has the potential to make you powerful indeed. Being Virgo you are very unlikely to abuse your knowledge or your insights. Raziel will simply help you to be more yourself than ever, and of course this means a whole lot more 'service' for the benefit of others. Having said that Virgo you need to protect your autonomy and not be too readily available to those who would take advantage of your amenable nature. 2012 energies allow you to become a formidable contender Virgo. You will be primed to stand up for yourself as you have never done before which will ironically enable you to help others in ways you have never done before.


LIBRA: Archangel Cassiel is the angel of Saturday, linking also to the planet Saturn. You have to deal with Saturn in Libra for most of the year, so allow Cassiel to guide you through the challenges. Cassiel will help you work with any restrictions you feel imaginatively and progressively. Patience is needed as the traditional structures of your life need attention. Do nothing in haste, but be meditative and reflective as you tune into the correct guidance for your life. Cassiel is often depicted as an old man carrying a lantern, very like The Hermit in the Tarot deck. This Archangel has the power to shine the light for you illumination the direction you should take. Cassiel will help you to accept the limitations and restrictions you might be feeling. He will help you rise above the dampening effect that Saturn can sometimes have. In fact this angel will help you expand your vision and horizons despite the impatience you may be feeling. You will be guided step by step, not by a bolt of lightning. Progress in the moment and do not charge ahead. Your results over time will be impressive but imperceptible as you work towards them. Take baby steps and you will still manifest your dreams. Promise!


SCORPIO: Hodniel is an angel reputed to have the power to deal with man's stupidity. I think you probably need his support because of all you have had to bear in the last while. 2012 requires you to forgive and forget and to move forward with your life. But this may be a tall order in view of everything that has happened. Call on Hodniel to deal with those who have given you a hard time, whether accidentally or deliberately. You might as well beseech the Lords of Karma for help while you are at it. Remember that what goes around comes around. There is really no point in dishing the dirt or considering a means of revenge. As 2012 gets underway, you are would be well advised to be gracious as you let a whole lot go. Trust that the processes of those who have hurt you will ultimately make sense to you and to them. It may in fact turn out for the best. In fact, I am SURE that it will. Being Scorpio you do have to address those control issues and move on. 2012 asks you to raise your outlook and your vibe, so you really DO need to find a sense of humour from somewhere.


SAGITTARIUS: Archangel Sachiel is the angel who presides over thursdays. Wearing the planet Jupiter on a pendant around his neck he is a fitting guide for Sagittarius as 2012 unfolds. Known as 'the covering of God', Sachiel is one of the Cherubim. Closely associated with the horn of plenty, this angel can guide you in the way of abundance. Steering your love and luck in fortuitous directions. You just have to trust this in order to receive the good stuff. Sometimes it really easier to give than receive. But the tuition of this Archangel can help you to develop spiritually. Learning to receive from the universe with a child like acceptance is part of his lesson for you this year. Be grateful for your blessings and consciousness thank the universe for them. Our gratitude acts like a magnet for many good things in our lives. The more grateful you can be of even the little things, the more your vibration can increase, putting you in line to receive so much more. Sachiel is the patron of the affluent, so call on him when you need to strike a deal or chat up the bank manager.


CAPRICORN: The Angels Metatron and Sandalphon are brothers, so you are lucky to be able to caall on these two guiding lights which complement each other. Sandalphon literally means 'brother' and this angel is a guide who will help you connect very effectively with your fellow man this year. Call on his help when you have an important meeting or an important date. These brothers in arms will help you access the right conditions for success in your life. Your self esteem and confidence will be well supported. Metatron is connected with high abundance, so call on his help if you have to make financial requests or important crucial decisions. These two angels also have a wonderful link with children and they will offer high protection for all the youngsters in your family if you request this. Metatron is a tall being of bright white light with major status in the heavens above. Ask for his help if you have legal concerns or if you need to make a balanced impartial decision. Sandalphon connects with us through music, so pay special attention to the music you hear when you randomly tune in or turn on the radio. There could well be an important message playing in the mix.


AQUARIUS: Archangel Haniel is the ruling angel of Fridays. But he can also give you assistance with your love life and family life. This angel oversees love, romance and the desires of our heart. 2012 is the beginning of a time when we really must follow our hearts. This angel will help you live less in your head and more in response to your feelings and intuitions. Ask this angel to reveal all the answers you possess deep inside yourself. No one knows your own life as well as you do. You do not need outside help. But you do perhaps need inner guidance and promptings as you adjust to the 2012 energies. Haniel is known as 'the grace of God', he is listed as one of the seven Archangels. His speciality is partnerships and you can even call on his help for business, work and study guidance. Allow Haniel to show you how to trust yourself more. Learn to use your intuition to make your crucial decisions without hesitation. It is much quicker and more effective to access what you 'know' inside than to ruminate endlessly on all the permutations offered up by your brain. Who needs swings and roundabouts when you can have clarity?


PISCES: Archangel Raphael is the angel of healing who has a special link with travel and animals. This angel will really expand your horizons as 2012 progresses. Call on him for safety and protection for unexpected travel plans which may prove to make all the difference in your professional and personal life. Say a big YES to everything which comes your way this year, even if it is unplanned and apparently off the radar. Angelic guidance can often be unexpected and radical. If you start to call more on angelic help, be ready to follow through on the unusual answers you will surely receive. You will have to close the door on doubts and exercise more trust in what is unfolding. Raphael is the angel of healing so if your loved one have any medical niggles or procedures to endure, call on his help for swift healing. This angel will ensure safe and smooth travel also, so invoke his help for any members of the family who have to travel unexpectedly. 2012 will be a busy time for you, so call on Raphael regularly for guidance and look out for his signature colour, deep royal blue as a flag signal that you are on track. You need to exercise more faith.

Setting the World on FIRE?

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Receptivity …
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TWIN FLAMES and 2012

*When World's Collide*


Many of us know who our Soul Mates are. But do we recognise our other half? Our Twin Flame?


This is a new concept to many of you I am sure. But as 2012 gets underway and your opportunity for growth and spiritual evolution expands, it is time to get ready for the ride of your life.


Your Twin Flame awaits. But be warned it ain't necessarily gonna be a picnic.


Each of us has between 6 to 12 Soul Mates ranging from siblings to spouses to teachers to lovers to friends. Our Soul Mates in this life are the people who support us and whom we are closely connected with. They probably have a lot in common with us and are always there for us, understanding, encouraging and sharing every step of the way.


Our Soul Mates feel familiar to us and this is because more often than not we have had several life times together. In each life time we meet up again and replay our connections, sometimes more successfully than others. We cannot avoid our Soul Mates. Indeed our lives would be pretty empty and meaningless without them. These deep friendships and bonds are what makes life worthwhile. Together we always have the opportunity to transform ourselves and clear the karmas and controversies of previous times.


We all adore our Soul Mates. They give us that warm fuzzy feeling full of love and support. These are the relationships where we can say and think pretty much anything and be confident that we will be forgiven.


The purpose of connecting with Soul Mates is to learn, share and grow together. We would find it hard to manage without them. Yet as our spirit develops and changes sometimes we are tested with a letting go process which can be quite difficult and painful. The good news is, these trials and difficulties often pave the way for the real humdinger of a connection - our reconciliation with our Twin Flame.


So if you have been having a hard time of tests and changes in the last couple of years, take heart that a very worthwhile relationship is more than likely just around the corner. As 2012 gets into full gear, all roads lead to this magical point. It is where we should all aspire to get to and as 2012 speeds up it is what many of us will be lucky enough to experience.


Of course many people are in established and happy relationships with their Soul Mates and young families and they do not need to be reading this with a hint of panic. Sometimes the Twin Flame thing is too much for some. This is okay. If it is meant to happen it will do so and if it is not then life roles on, no harm done. What will be will be...


But the reality is that 2012 will accelerate our lives in ways we have not yet anticipated. There will be unpredictable and unanticipated changes as the energies change. The planet does need more and more spiritually conscious people to get busy on its behalf. This why the Twin Flame thing really could stir the pot and take you by surprise.


Just remember you have free will and you have choice. Even when confronted with your other half, you can just say no if you are happy in your current situation. Just be very self aware if this happens to you and double check that you are not in some kind of unhealthy denial about who you are and whom you should be with. Whichever way you look at it your Twin Flame will stir you up to look deep within. Can you handle it?


Our Twin Flame unions have the potential to be a whole world apart from what we have experienced to date. Other worldly in fact! These advanced spiritual soul mates shine a light on us and reflect all our issues back to us in spades.


Twin Flame relationships are the ultimate challenge. They inspire great healing within but if you are not ready to shift all of your nonsense, dramas and negative patterns it is very unlikely you will ever be lucky enough to fully connect. The Universe only tends to allow this union when both parties have gone through a whole lot and are ready for a whole lot more!


So have you met your Twin Flame yet?


The chances are you have not. These are rare connections and many Twin Flames are in spirit rather than walking the earth plane. Or at least this has been the way of it for aeons.


Up until the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, it was very common for your Twin Flame to support you in spirit. You see your Twin Flame is a completely independent and autonomous unit. Yes, they are your other half; the other part of you. But equally they are whole in themselves and can get by without you.


The chances are you will only connect with your Twin Flame when you have reached such a level of independence within yourself that you can actually manage quite well without them.


This might not sound very romantic. But the Twin Flame connection is so powerful that it is about spirit and soul much more than a mere physical connection; though that is all included if you are lucky enough to hook up in this life time.


Many people connect with their spouse or main Soul Mate during childhood. But it is really not very typical for Twin Flames to connect during childhood. Typically both parties have to have evolved to a certain level of consciousness or vibration before the universe allows the connection.


You do not happen upon your Twin Flame in a casual way, nor do you go out of your way to find them. It is quite simple, when the time is right you find each other.


It is very common for a Twin Flame to be in another country or another continent and very unlikely they will be living in your neighbourhood. Because this is primarily a spiritual connection, the universe likes to test things by keeping Twin Flames apart for quite some time. This is the union of two mature souls who have probably been to hell and back and who have finally found each other and suddenly it all makes sense.


This union is everything you have wished for and more. It is mutual and reciprocal; not unrequited or one sided; not dysfunctional or co-dependent. There is really no separation from your Twin Flame. They are a part of you, even now. Chances are they are waiting to find you even as we speak.


So how will I know if I have found my Twin Flame?


The beauty of this connection is that usually there is a strong telepathic link that dispenses with the need for words. You do not even have to be alone in the silence. Tune into the universe and see what impressions you start to get about your Twin. Do not assume that they are a lot like you. Often times their role is to compliment you, so they may well have had quite a different life path up until the point when you connect.


It is very important that you sit loose to the situation. Stop, look and listen. The universe will start to give you very definite clues in the form of synchronous coincidences. There will be subtle signs which you may well resist at first because you will not quite believe what is happening. There will be magic in the air and yet you may feel some resistance too. Sit loose to it all with a wry smile on your face because of course there really is no panic. You will feel quietly confident and assured deep within. This all makes complete sense as they are your twin. They have been wanting to connect with you just as much as you with them. so why sweat it?


So what are the odds of connecting with your Twin?


God only knows: literally. After all they are one soul in a sea of souls. It is possible to put too much emphasis on finding your spiritual Twin. If it is meant to be it will be. This is not really one you can force anyway for the universe will not allow this. The Twin Flame connection flows only when the time is right.


Twin Flames?


The logic is. IF we are meant to connect with our Twin Flame in this life time we will cross paths soon enough and both parties will just 'know'. There will be no doubts. Like magnets drawn together in a compelling, unavoidable way the nature of the Twin Flame relationship is undeniable. It leaves no room for analysis and doubt. All the 'will he or she' torture is nowhere in sight.


The down side is that your Twin Flame may indeed be in Spirit in this life time. But as we are in the 2012 groove this is less likely to be so than it would have been aeons ago. As the magical 2012 energies develop many people will finally connect with their Twin Flame. This is all part of the divine plan and encourages the spiritual evolution of the planet. The babies born from these unions will be something else!


The down side of this 2012 time is that serious established relationships that seemed so right will surprisingly fail to enable the Twin Flames to connect. If your Twin Flame is currently single; well then it is only a matter of time before you naturally connect.


Remember that connecting with your Twin Flame may well be challenging. When you initially connect - after the inevitable fireworks - you may feel some resistance and adjustment. This is only natural. Hooking up with your Twin Flame is a major reality check that can be more than a little bit uncomfortable. It is often like dealing with a part of yourself you have chosen not to look at for quite some time.


This all makes sense in a way. Connecting with your Twin is like looking squarely in the mirror and seeing the naked truth warts and all. No one is pretending that this kind of connection is going to be plain sailing. There is also quite a high chance that your Twin may be coming out of a relationship in which they have had to fulfill certain karmas. So, there will be adjustments on all sides.


Even if you do connect, your opposite number may not yet be ready or brave enough to leap into the void with you. It all takes time. People's lives and emotional processes have to be in sync and there is usually a lot at stake.


Of course the things in the way of this magical connection ultimately work to confirm its validity. The challenges heighten mutual determination but only if it is the right TIME for this connection. Bravery is required on both sides.


Connecting with your Twin Flame does not usually follow the same pattern as the straightforward romantic falling in love process. It surpasses the traditional romantic images of strolls on the beach hand in hand, candlelight dinners and gazing at the stars - it is much more of a crazy rollercoaster ride. Enjoy!


Practical Tips To Attract your Twin Flame into your life


1) Eliminate clutter and create space.


2) Create the right conditions to magnetize your mate both within and without: Enhance your living environment with attractive decor.


3) Ditch the past within and without: Let go and embrace the void for a while if needs be. You need to be strong and independent to attract your mate.


4) Clear Obstacles: Release all evidence in your environment that you might be hanging on to the past.


5) Identify and Clarify: Tune in and get a sense of what your Twin Flame might be like. Feel what it would be like to be with them. Magnetize your feelings and trust yourself to draw the right person to you.


6) Love connections: Fully appreciate and experience your Soul Mate connections first. Sort out issues with your nearest and dearest.


7) Forgive yourself past mistakes and do not anticipate you will repeat them. With your Twin Flame you definitely will not do so.


8) Maintain a vibration of love, spirit and openness to all. Prepare your heart and be ready.


You were created to love and be loved.  You were meant to live life in relationship with other people, to know and be known. You need to know that your story is important and that you’re part of a bigger story.  You need to know that your life matters.

The Perfect BOD?

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Artist painter French . Gaston Bussière 1862-1928
Ambrosia the Nymph of the rain


A 2012 approach to finding and keeping the perfect bod...


Your Ideal Body.... Is it all in the mind?


Reaching our ideal weight and finding a good level of fitness is usually part of a New Year resolution plan for many of us.


But what if there were a way to reach and maintain our perfect body without the stress and strain of a punishing regime? Believe it or not there IS ...and all it takes is a little bit of discipline and a whole lot of mind power.


Now some might argue that it requires all your will power to get you to the gym in the first place. But this is not what I am talking about. Just take a simple approach to the issue of food and exercise and the rest will follow. Believe it or not it is completely possible to sculpt your optimum shape using your mind power alone.


Who needs the daunting visits to the gym and cabbage soup diet when the power to change it lies within? I assure you that it is perfectly possible to convince your body to change its shape simply by using visualisation and affirmations. Yes really!


Okay, it would be wise to stick to sensible sized food portions and take a healthy walk in the fresh air daily. But beyond getting the basics right, the answer to all that dietary angst is not as painful as you might think.


Obviously, an enjoyable amount of exercise is very beneficial. So is eating anything that you would like as long as the portion size is reasonable. The whole point of this approach to achieving your ideal body is to ENJOY your exercise and food while allowing your unconscious to do the rest. Once your brain is reprogrammed to release weight you can shed the pounds even while you sleep!




The problem is, so many of us when following a diet focus far too much on food. We concentrate on what we should and should not eat, and the process is anything but pleasurable. This is why faddy diets do not work over the long term and why so many people put the weight straight back on when they resume normal eating patterns. Who really wants to live with that level of denial the whole time? Your body certainly does not like it.


When we diet we are denying our souls and bodies of sustenance and enjoyment. We focus on the weight we must LOSE and we beat ourselves up until reach our goal. If we do not manage to reach it, we beat ourselves up even more. This whole battle ground we create over food is just not healthy.


Paradoxically, this negative preoccupation with food can lead to us eating more than we normally would. It is far better to savour and enjoy your food than to double check if is okay to swallow every mouthful. On a diet, we give too much energy and power to a regime or structure outside of ourselves. When all we really need to do is tune IN to our bodies and listen.


The key is to understand your body and its rhythm. Eat what you want when you want it and take time to prepare yourself healthy meals. Okay a couple of carbohydrate free days will always help. But you will get the best results if you cook or order colourful, additive free foods as close to their natural state as possible. These high vibration foods give your body energy and you can eat them to your heart's content. Only stop eating when you know you are full and do not be afraid to leave food on the plate. When you are full you are full.


With this energetic approach to eating there is absolutely no need to stuff your face or to feel guilty when you over indulge. The beauty of it is that you will always do what is right for your body knowing that on some days it is perfectly okay to choose a Cup Cake over a Carrot.


If you have been trying endless diets and exhausting yourself at the gym with minimal results, it is fundamental that you change your relationship to food and exercise.


Put your intention on releasing weight rather than on weight loss. What do we tend to do when we lose something? Yes; we look for it until we find it. This is the way our minds are programmed to deal with loss. It is no wonder that when you successfully lose weight with the focus on what you have lost, your brain finds a way to put it straight back on again.


The key to finding and keeping your perfect body is to focus on weight release, if this is your issue. Successful weight loss involves decreasing our resistance to holding onto weight. When we release something from our lives it is gone for good and we feel it at a very deep level.


If you are at all over weight allow this reprogramming of your beliefs to permeate your unconscious mind and the problem should never show face again.


There are only a few simple things you have to consistently do for this to work permanently.


The focus of this approach to your ideal body is so that you can achieve better health within and without. Increased energy and a fundamental change to your mind set really can lead to lasting results. It will also help you to understand more fully your emotional relationship to food. Do you eat when you are over tired? Depressed? Upset? Excited? Do you punish yourself over food? All this has to stop NOW!


Your aim should be to align your health and to enjoy your life and your ideal body will arrive over a few weeks or months as you apply these simple principles. It is a good idea to keep a journal as you head into this process. Keep track of what you put into your mouth every day and be honest with yourself. Include absolutely everything including all drinks and beverages. The results will probably surprise you.


Take a picture of yourself from all angles and then do not refer back to it until seven weeks have past. You do not need to weigh yourself at all, in fact throw away those weight scales as they will only depress you. This route to your ideal body is highly visual. Use your imagination, creativity and visualise how things will be. Only believe that it really is possible to cosmic order your ideal shape, because it absolutely IS.


Yes you are heading for your optimum body shape. But what you feel on the inside is just as important as how you look in the mirror. You must maintain this balance of nurturing yourself inside and out for lasting results.


If you need to gain weight rather than release it, you still need to follow the same guide lines. You must accept your body shape whatever it is at the beginning of this journey. Then you can slowly but surely re create yourself with visualisation techniques and affirmations as well as sensible eating and gentle exercise. You will have an idea of what you want your body to look like so use this as a guiding light rather than a form of torture. As you fall asleep have 'chats' with your future self and then trust that your unconscious will do the rest for you.


Once your mind is reprogrammed not to sabotage your weight and your life, then you can actually eat what the heck you like so long as you follow these principles.


Simple Guidelines for achieving optimum health.


1) Accept and love yourself as you are NOW. This is the most important step. If you do not manage this you will miss out on the most important principle. Self acceptance is KEY.


2) Keep a journal of the foods you eat and drink. Be honest and aim to make your diet increasingly healthy as the days go by. No pressure. These principles work whatever foods you eat. But be mindful that good decisions will get you quicker results. More carrots than cup cakes ?


3) Do exercise daily that you ENJOY. Mobility is key, gentle stretching, walking, swimming, yoga, Pilates. Choose something that is sustainable for YOU.


4) Meditate daily on an affirmation of your choice. Refer back to it several times a day and use it especially to focus as you fall asleep and visualise your future self. Use the following affirmations and make up some of your own. Put them on an audio file to listen to on your I Pod.


Egs) *I love my body*; *Every day I am becoming more beautiful, more youthful, more vibrant* ; *Every mouthful I eat nurtures my body and makes me stronger, more energised and healthy*; *I am ageing backwards and every day I appreciate my positivity and youthful glow*; *The food I eat enhances my health and helps me create my ideal body*; *I listen to my body and I eat only when I am hungry*; *I eat what I want when I want, though I barely think about food these days, except when I am hungry*; *I take time to eat my food and I enjoy every mouthful*; *I enjoy cooking and delight in preparing lovely meals which are healthy and good for me*; *With every mouthful I eat any excess weight releases from my body* etc...


5) Express Gratitude for your life during this process. As part of your journalling over the weeks write down 9 things daily for which you are grateful. When we are grateful, the universe will bring us more things to be grateful for. We just have to be open to receive these gifts.


6) As you fall asleep visualise your ideal body and know deep within that this is YOU. It is already you on the inside and it is only a matter of time before it becomes you on the outside. When we manifest changes in our lives we have to begin on the inside in faith. As our inner world shifts, our outer world comes to meet it.


7) This process does not require much discipline. Learn the principles and use them throughout your life for great results. Its guaranteed!


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2012 A New Consciousness?

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2012 = A shift of Consciousness


Are you ready? ... Don't get left behind


I am sure that you have heard of the Law of Attraction and Cosmic Ordering already. Cosmic Ordering is where we make a request to the universe by intent and trust that the universe will deliver. This is one of the main skills of manifesting, but it does require a certain amount of detachment for it to be successful.


When you make a cosmic order to the universe, you make your request and get on with your life, trusting that it will be delivered in a perfect way. Manifesting in this way is not about controlling exactly what happens. It is about knowing what you want and asking for it in a detached manner. More often than not, the universe understands our needs better than we do ourselves, and often times a cosmic order is delivered with a strange twist, which in retrospect makes absolute sense.


People have had some very powerful results with cosmic ordering. But you do have to be patient to use it effectively and it really helps to have an understanding of the universe and how it likes to operate.


Aside from cosmic ordering there are some very specific universal laws which can help us as 2012 gathers momentum. 2012 is all about spiritual and personal growth. It is important to develop your self reliance and personal power in these potent times. In fact if you do not, you could get left behind.


As I mentioned in the introduction, the next phase of our human evolution is the expansion of our unseen but tangible gifts. Our intuition, psychic knowing and ability to manifest will develop if we allow. Whilst telepathy, precognitive skills and unspoken connections will become much more important. Our awareness of the energy of every living thing will be fundamental to our success socially, romantically and practically.


Everything IS energy after all!


This might all sound rather dull to the practical and pragmatic amongst you. But listen in and give it a try. You will be surprised how these apparently unquantifiable skills can help you get magnificent results in the work place and in your relationships.


Many of us have spent these recent lean years anxious, exhausted and somewhat out of balance. The recessionary times have put us into fear mode and survival has been the order of the day.


But I have a 'secret', which goes beyond some of the truths relayed in the famous book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. There are in fact several additional universal laws which can help us find abundance and well being in our lives never mind the recession. Plus there are at least five behaviours we can usefully ditch in order to become more effective in our working and personal lives.


2012 is less about the striving to succeed and more about allowing the success to happen. In other words if we become less resistant and worried about our circumstances and more receptive to how the universe might be helping us, we will become much more content and successful.


For success in the years ahead we really do have to listen to what the universe is telling us. Our skills of tuning IN need to be developed. We must stop trying to make things happen and access our natural powers which have been lying idle for so long.


2012 is not about personal control. But it is about personal power. Success in the times ahead requires us to be less driven and macho and to utilize our feminine skills of receptivity, allowing and collaboration.


In the work place we need to become less competitive and 'alpha' as we go about our business and unification needs to be the order of the day. No more the lone wolf mentality. Team efforts serve us as individuals much more than underhand measures to stay ahead. We are ONE and we need to recognise this for our lives to flow better.


There are five behaviours which we all need to modify so that the times ahead can be productive, creative and powerful. 1) We tend to try to force things along instead of allowing our natural intuition to guide us. 2) We have become controlling instead of 'allowing' in our relationships and in the way we go about our lives. 3) Our inner competitor needs to give way to the collaborator who supports the team effort. 4) We need to become aware of our inner saboteur and the unconscious patterns which repeatedly undermine us. And 5) we need to stop functioning from a space of lack and limitation, fully embracing abundance and prosperity.


Taking action to alter these behaviours is obviously quite a major task requiring us to work on ourselves in ways we may not have considered. But it can all happen quite naturally without too much analysis if you become aware of the following universal laws.


The laws of allowing, potentiality, sufficiency and abundance create security and natural support for us. All we have to do is honour their existence and live with the awareness that these are universal principles designed to help us.


The law of potentiality is the source of all creation. It is pure energy expressed in physical form. It is our essence and creativity. The source of all wealth and abundance with no limits. This essential life force energy animates you in body, mind and spirit. YOU are the natural creator of your life, so dream big. In fact with this law fully activated in your energy system, the world is your oyster with brass knobs on.


A true understanding of your creative potential, and this universal law of potentiality which supports you, should work wonders for your self confidence. It is really true that what you can conceive in your mind, you can achieve in reality. The only thing in the way is YOU. So get out of your own way and live the life you have always wanted. It is already a done deal, you just have to manifest it.


To fully access our unique potential and the gifts of the new age, we need to align ourselves with love. We need to understand our intimate connection with the universe and access an ease of consciousness as we live our lives.


These universal truths prime us for 2012 and beyond, magnetising our existence in phenomenal ways. We truly can have just about anything we put out for, if we are powerful enough.


You can probably appreciate why it is so important that you completely ditch your negative thought patterns and behaviours. Once your skills of manifesting increase, you certainly do not want to be manifesting all the woes of the world onto your shoulders.


It is possible to become so powerful that you think one thought and it manifests easily within a day or two. This is why it is so important to keep it light and bright at all times. As your vibration increases, you may find that you outgrow certain relationships and toxic patterns. This is as it should be. What used to be so comforting and solid may become outworn and tedious to you as you spread your wings.


The law of 'allowing' is a universal law which is quite challenging to the control freaks amongst us. It is a go- with-the-flow energy which many people find quite difficult to engage with, especially if they need to work with a structure and have a tight schedule. Understanding the law of allowing prompts us to actually receive what we are putting out for. We have to 'allow' the abundance to arrive in our lives in the perfect ways already designed by the universe.


We must understand that we actually get more of what we wish for if we release our desires to the powers that be. We must allow the energy to flow in our lives so that we can actually receive what we have asked for. How often do we say 'no thanks' to the things we are offered because it is not exactly what we wanted? Try a different tack and access your inner YES, accepting whatever the universe presents to you as the right thing for this moment. What you truly wish for is probably only around the next bend anyway. Trust me. The universe knows how to get us there better than we do. ALLOW it all to happen.


The balance and harmony law is also very cool, encouraging us to chill and tune into an effortless way of being. This tranquil energy allows the universe to assist us and come to our aid. We usually see it in action when we are at our wits end and have totally given up. How much better to have this law at our disposal all the time? Why wait for that point of surrender?


The balance and harmony law requires us to stop going our merry way and challenges us to live in the NOW. Maintain your inner peace and harmony and trust that you will be shown the way. There is not a hint of panic with this one. Whatever is going on around you, you must remain totally centred and calm. Side step all drama and do not buy into someone else's negative spin. You now know better.


Awareness of these universal laws is a complete gift. They afford you inner peace and serenity despite what may be going on around you. Yes, you may get tested. But you now have the full armoury to cope. Trust is at a premium, and you must utilise it at all times so that the universe can co- create with you. Remember that if you have a big vision and a big mission, you will have to use these laws to the max. If that seems too much like hard work? Do not sweat it, the rewards are guaranteed to be enormous. Roll with it.


Finally, the law of sufficiency and abundance holds the key to your personal fulfillment. If you appreciate you and hold yourself in perfect alignment with what IS, there are no limits on what you can achieve. Being grateful for what you already have will simply manifest you a whole lot more to be grateful for.


These laws of attraction work, but they need to be understood from a spiritual perspective. They are not a quick fix for your life. They are not simply, as so many who read The Secret thought, a means to manifest every material thing you ever wished for. Yes, they can do all that and more. But they require that you treat them with respect.


The universe understands where you are coming from whatever stories you may be telling yourself. What you get is what you put out for it is true. But you must first lighten your vibration and be deserving of the treasures of the universe. No one can really tell you when the magic will kick in fully, you just have to show willing and take the leap of faith.


Imagine and feel that what you desire is already yours. This magnetizes your energy and activates your creativity for great results. But remember, this is not about 'getting stuff', it is about shifting your consciousness to a higher vibration. The 'stuff' manifests as an afterthought.


2012 and rising!



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