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2012 A New Consciousness?

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2012 = A shift of Consciousness


Are you ready? ... Don't get left behind


I am sure that you have heard of the Law of Attraction and Cosmic Ordering already. Cosmic Ordering is where we make a request to the universe by intent and trust that the universe will deliver. This is one of the main skills of manifesting, but it does require a certain amount of detachment for it to be successful.


When you make a cosmic order to the universe, you make your request and get on with your life, trusting that it will be delivered in a perfect way. Manifesting in this way is not about controlling exactly what happens. It is about knowing what you want and asking for it in a detached manner. More often than not, the universe understands our needs better than we do ourselves, and often times a cosmic order is delivered with a strange twist, which in retrospect makes absolute sense.


People have had some very powerful results with cosmic ordering. But you do have to be patient to use it effectively and it really helps to have an understanding of the universe and how it likes to operate.


Aside from cosmic ordering there are some very specific universal laws which can help us as 2012 gathers momentum. 2012 is all about spiritual and personal growth. It is important to develop your self reliance and personal power in these potent times. In fact if you do not, you could get left behind.


As I mentioned in the introduction, the next phase of our human evolution is the expansion of our unseen but tangible gifts. Our intuition, psychic knowing and ability to manifest will develop if we allow. Whilst telepathy, precognitive skills and unspoken connections will become much more important. Our awareness of the energy of every living thing will be fundamental to our success socially, romantically and practically.


Everything IS energy after all!


This might all sound rather dull to the practical and pragmatic amongst you. But listen in and give it a try. You will be surprised how these apparently unquantifiable skills can help you get magnificent results in the work place and in your relationships.


Many of us have spent these recent lean years anxious, exhausted and somewhat out of balance. The recessionary times have put us into fear mode and survival has been the order of the day.


But I have a 'secret', which goes beyond some of the truths relayed in the famous book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. There are in fact several additional universal laws which can help us find abundance and well being in our lives never mind the recession. Plus there are at least five behaviours we can usefully ditch in order to become more effective in our working and personal lives.


2012 is less about the striving to succeed and more about allowing the success to happen. In other words if we become less resistant and worried about our circumstances and more receptive to how the universe might be helping us, we will become much more content and successful.


For success in the years ahead we really do have to listen to what the universe is telling us. Our skills of tuning IN need to be developed. We must stop trying to make things happen and access our natural powers which have been lying idle for so long.


2012 is not about personal control. But it is about personal power. Success in the times ahead requires us to be less driven and macho and to utilize our feminine skills of receptivity, allowing and collaboration.


In the work place we need to become less competitive and 'alpha' as we go about our business and unification needs to be the order of the day. No more the lone wolf mentality. Team efforts serve us as individuals much more than underhand measures to stay ahead. We are ONE and we need to recognise this for our lives to flow better.


There are five behaviours which we all need to modify so that the times ahead can be productive, creative and powerful. 1) We tend to try to force things along instead of allowing our natural intuition to guide us. 2) We have become controlling instead of 'allowing' in our relationships and in the way we go about our lives. 3) Our inner competitor needs to give way to the collaborator who supports the team effort. 4) We need to become aware of our inner saboteur and the unconscious patterns which repeatedly undermine us. And 5) we need to stop functioning from a space of lack and limitation, fully embracing abundance and prosperity.


Taking action to alter these behaviours is obviously quite a major task requiring us to work on ourselves in ways we may not have considered. But it can all happen quite naturally without too much analysis if you become aware of the following universal laws.


The laws of allowing, potentiality, sufficiency and abundance create security and natural support for us. All we have to do is honour their existence and live with the awareness that these are universal principles designed to help us.


The law of potentiality is the source of all creation. It is pure energy expressed in physical form. It is our essence and creativity. The source of all wealth and abundance with no limits. This essential life force energy animates you in body, mind and spirit. YOU are the natural creator of your life, so dream big. In fact with this law fully activated in your energy system, the world is your oyster with brass knobs on.


A true understanding of your creative potential, and this universal law of potentiality which supports you, should work wonders for your self confidence. It is really true that what you can conceive in your mind, you can achieve in reality. The only thing in the way is YOU. So get out of your own way and live the life you have always wanted. It is already a done deal, you just have to manifest it.


To fully access our unique potential and the gifts of the new age, we need to align ourselves with love. We need to understand our intimate connection with the universe and access an ease of consciousness as we live our lives.


These universal truths prime us for 2012 and beyond, magnetising our existence in phenomenal ways. We truly can have just about anything we put out for, if we are powerful enough.


You can probably appreciate why it is so important that you completely ditch your negative thought patterns and behaviours. Once your skills of manifesting increase, you certainly do not want to be manifesting all the woes of the world onto your shoulders.


It is possible to become so powerful that you think one thought and it manifests easily within a day or two. This is why it is so important to keep it light and bright at all times. As your vibration increases, you may find that you outgrow certain relationships and toxic patterns. This is as it should be. What used to be so comforting and solid may become outworn and tedious to you as you spread your wings.


The law of 'allowing' is a universal law which is quite challenging to the control freaks amongst us. It is a go- with-the-flow energy which many people find quite difficult to engage with, especially if they need to work with a structure and have a tight schedule. Understanding the law of allowing prompts us to actually receive what we are putting out for. We have to 'allow' the abundance to arrive in our lives in the perfect ways already designed by the universe.


We must understand that we actually get more of what we wish for if we release our desires to the powers that be. We must allow the energy to flow in our lives so that we can actually receive what we have asked for. How often do we say 'no thanks' to the things we are offered because it is not exactly what we wanted? Try a different tack and access your inner YES, accepting whatever the universe presents to you as the right thing for this moment. What you truly wish for is probably only around the next bend anyway. Trust me. The universe knows how to get us there better than we do. ALLOW it all to happen.


The balance and harmony law is also very cool, encouraging us to chill and tune into an effortless way of being. This tranquil energy allows the universe to assist us and come to our aid. We usually see it in action when we are at our wits end and have totally given up. How much better to have this law at our disposal all the time? Why wait for that point of surrender?


The balance and harmony law requires us to stop going our merry way and challenges us to live in the NOW. Maintain your inner peace and harmony and trust that you will be shown the way. There is not a hint of panic with this one. Whatever is going on around you, you must remain totally centred and calm. Side step all drama and do not buy into someone else's negative spin. You now know better.


Awareness of these universal laws is a complete gift. They afford you inner peace and serenity despite what may be going on around you. Yes, you may get tested. But you now have the full armoury to cope. Trust is at a premium, and you must utilise it at all times so that the universe can co- create with you. Remember that if you have a big vision and a big mission, you will have to use these laws to the max. If that seems too much like hard work? Do not sweat it, the rewards are guaranteed to be enormous. Roll with it.


Finally, the law of sufficiency and abundance holds the key to your personal fulfillment. If you appreciate you and hold yourself in perfect alignment with what IS, there are no limits on what you can achieve. Being grateful for what you already have will simply manifest you a whole lot more to be grateful for.


These laws of attraction work, but they need to be understood from a spiritual perspective. They are not a quick fix for your life. They are not simply, as so many who read The Secret thought, a means to manifest every material thing you ever wished for. Yes, they can do all that and more. But they require that you treat them with respect.


The universe understands where you are coming from whatever stories you may be telling yourself. What you get is what you put out for it is true. But you must first lighten your vibration and be deserving of the treasures of the universe. No one can really tell you when the magic will kick in fully, you just have to show willing and take the leap of faith.


Imagine and feel that what you desire is already yours. This magnetizes your energy and activates your creativity for great results. But remember, this is not about 'getting stuff', it is about shifting your consciousness to a higher vibration. The 'stuff' manifests as an afterthought.


2012 and rising!



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