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The Perfect BOD?

Posted by sarahdelamerehurding on June 10, 2012 at 5:35 AM


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A 2012 approach to finding and keeping the perfect bod...


Your Ideal Body.... Is it all in the mind?


Reaching our ideal weight and finding a good level of fitness is usually part of a New Year resolution plan for many of us.


But what if there were a way to reach and maintain our perfect body without the stress and strain of a punishing regime? Believe it or not there IS ...and all it takes is a little bit of discipline and a whole lot of mind power.


Now some might argue that it requires all your will power to get you to the gym in the first place. But this is not what I am talking about. Just take a simple approach to the issue of food and exercise and the rest will follow. Believe it or not it is completely possible to sculpt your optimum shape using your mind power alone.


Who needs the daunting visits to the gym and cabbage soup diet when the power to change it lies within? I assure you that it is perfectly possible to convince your body to change its shape simply by using visualisation and affirmations. Yes really!


Okay, it would be wise to stick to sensible sized food portions and take a healthy walk in the fresh air daily. But beyond getting the basics right, the answer to all that dietary angst is not as painful as you might think.


Obviously, an enjoyable amount of exercise is very beneficial. So is eating anything that you would like as long as the portion size is reasonable. The whole point of this approach to achieving your ideal body is to ENJOY your exercise and food while allowing your unconscious to do the rest. Once your brain is reprogrammed to release weight you can shed the pounds even while you sleep!




The problem is, so many of us when following a diet focus far too much on food. We concentrate on what we should and should not eat, and the process is anything but pleasurable. This is why faddy diets do not work over the long term and why so many people put the weight straight back on when they resume normal eating patterns. Who really wants to live with that level of denial the whole time? Your body certainly does not like it.


When we diet we are denying our souls and bodies of sustenance and enjoyment. We focus on the weight we must LOSE and we beat ourselves up until reach our goal. If we do not manage to reach it, we beat ourselves up even more. This whole battle ground we create over food is just not healthy.


Paradoxically, this negative preoccupation with food can lead to us eating more than we normally would. It is far better to savour and enjoy your food than to double check if is okay to swallow every mouthful. On a diet, we give too much energy and power to a regime or structure outside of ourselves. When all we really need to do is tune IN to our bodies and listen.


The key is to understand your body and its rhythm. Eat what you want when you want it and take time to prepare yourself healthy meals. Okay a couple of carbohydrate free days will always help. But you will get the best results if you cook or order colourful, additive free foods as close to their natural state as possible. These high vibration foods give your body energy and you can eat them to your heart's content. Only stop eating when you know you are full and do not be afraid to leave food on the plate. When you are full you are full.


With this energetic approach to eating there is absolutely no need to stuff your face or to feel guilty when you over indulge. The beauty of it is that you will always do what is right for your body knowing that on some days it is perfectly okay to choose a Cup Cake over a Carrot.


If you have been trying endless diets and exhausting yourself at the gym with minimal results, it is fundamental that you change your relationship to food and exercise.


Put your intention on releasing weight rather than on weight loss. What do we tend to do when we lose something? Yes; we look for it until we find it. This is the way our minds are programmed to deal with loss. It is no wonder that when you successfully lose weight with the focus on what you have lost, your brain finds a way to put it straight back on again.


The key to finding and keeping your perfect body is to focus on weight release, if this is your issue. Successful weight loss involves decreasing our resistance to holding onto weight. When we release something from our lives it is gone for good and we feel it at a very deep level.


If you are at all over weight allow this reprogramming of your beliefs to permeate your unconscious mind and the problem should never show face again.


There are only a few simple things you have to consistently do for this to work permanently.


The focus of this approach to your ideal body is so that you can achieve better health within and without. Increased energy and a fundamental change to your mind set really can lead to lasting results. It will also help you to understand more fully your emotional relationship to food. Do you eat when you are over tired? Depressed? Upset? Excited? Do you punish yourself over food? All this has to stop NOW!


Your aim should be to align your health and to enjoy your life and your ideal body will arrive over a few weeks or months as you apply these simple principles. It is a good idea to keep a journal as you head into this process. Keep track of what you put into your mouth every day and be honest with yourself. Include absolutely everything including all drinks and beverages. The results will probably surprise you.


Take a picture of yourself from all angles and then do not refer back to it until seven weeks have past. You do not need to weigh yourself at all, in fact throw away those weight scales as they will only depress you. This route to your ideal body is highly visual. Use your imagination, creativity and visualise how things will be. Only believe that it really is possible to cosmic order your ideal shape, because it absolutely IS.


Yes you are heading for your optimum body shape. But what you feel on the inside is just as important as how you look in the mirror. You must maintain this balance of nurturing yourself inside and out for lasting results.


If you need to gain weight rather than release it, you still need to follow the same guide lines. You must accept your body shape whatever it is at the beginning of this journey. Then you can slowly but surely re create yourself with visualisation techniques and affirmations as well as sensible eating and gentle exercise. You will have an idea of what you want your body to look like so use this as a guiding light rather than a form of torture. As you fall asleep have 'chats' with your future self and then trust that your unconscious will do the rest for you.


Once your mind is reprogrammed not to sabotage your weight and your life, then you can actually eat what the heck you like so long as you follow these principles.


Simple Guidelines for achieving optimum health.


1) Accept and love yourself as you are NOW. This is the most important step. If you do not manage this you will miss out on the most important principle. Self acceptance is KEY.


2) Keep a journal of the foods you eat and drink. Be honest and aim to make your diet increasingly healthy as the days go by. No pressure. These principles work whatever foods you eat. But be mindful that good decisions will get you quicker results. More carrots than cup cakes ?


3) Do exercise daily that you ENJOY. Mobility is key, gentle stretching, walking, swimming, yoga, Pilates. Choose something that is sustainable for YOU.


4) Meditate daily on an affirmation of your choice. Refer back to it several times a day and use it especially to focus as you fall asleep and visualise your future self. Use the following affirmations and make up some of your own. Put them on an audio file to listen to on your I Pod.


Egs) *I love my body*; *Every day I am becoming more beautiful, more youthful, more vibrant* ; *Every mouthful I eat nurtures my body and makes me stronger, more energised and healthy*; *I am ageing backwards and every day I appreciate my positivity and youthful glow*; *The food I eat enhances my health and helps me create my ideal body*; *I listen to my body and I eat only when I am hungry*; *I eat what I want when I want, though I barely think about food these days, except when I am hungry*; *I take time to eat my food and I enjoy every mouthful*; *I enjoy cooking and delight in preparing lovely meals which are healthy and good for me*; *With every mouthful I eat any excess weight releases from my body* etc...


5) Express Gratitude for your life during this process. As part of your journalling over the weeks write down 9 things daily for which you are grateful. When we are grateful, the universe will bring us more things to be grateful for. We just have to be open to receive these gifts.


6) As you fall asleep visualise your ideal body and know deep within that this is YOU. It is already you on the inside and it is only a matter of time before it becomes you on the outside. When we manifest changes in our lives we have to begin on the inside in faith. As our inner world shifts, our outer world comes to meet it.


7) This process does not require much discipline. Learn the principles and use them throughout your life for great results. Its guaranteed!


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