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2012 Angelic Guidance

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Angelic Guidance for 2012 and beyond ...


As many of us are now aware, the 21st December 2012 is a major cut off point in the Mayan Calendar. This date marks the end of as 26,000 year cycle and heralds the beginning of a new one. No wonder so many people are nervous about the importance of this date, especially because of the highly rated accuracy of the Mayan calendar and its accompanying prophecies. The most optimistic interpretations of the 2012 phenomena see this as a great opportunity to develop our awareness and consciousness. Others fear the worst. So are we facing into a challenging apocalyptic time, or can the powers that be steer us into lighter times?


Find out here below what the Angels might be saying to help you raise your vibration and elevate your life.


Remember all these angels listed here below are accessible to all of us. They are God's messengers after all. Test the spirits as you work more closely with the unseen. Satan is alive and well and he likes nothing more than our belief that perhaps he does not even exist. Be careful out there!


ARIES: Archangel Camael is the angel of fire, courage and cleansing. To be honest you will probably need all three of these gifts and qualities as 2012 gets a rocking and a rolling. Camael will really shine the light on any adverse circumstances you have to deal with. If you have to wade in as the warrior that you are, call on Camael to give you the extra focus and drive that you need. This Archangel makes you a major contender and player in the work place. Stick up for yourself when you need to and you may well be called on to help other lesser mortals too. Camael is associated with true love and has the power to wipe away all sorrow from your heart. If you need healing of the heart, this angel will guide you the best people and places to shift your energies in miraculous ways. 2012 requires you to be the firecracker that you really are, so there will be no sulking in the shadows, as if! Camael helps you overcome insurmountable odds in the year ahead. Failure is not an option. Aries, you have formidable intuition and yet so often you doubt it. The 2012 groove requires you to develop your psychic antennae. So do!


TAURUS: Angel Izidkiel brings interesting assistance to you this year Taurus. Where you feel enemies or even loved ones are breaching your inner boundaries, Izidkiel will guide you towards the right kind of protection. Your need for this angel heading into 2012, would suggest you are a little weary and worn down. Make sure this 'put upon' energy does not perpetuate. You need some private thinking time, so get creative about finding the personal space which will allow you to recoup some of that precious life force. If you can not immediately find a gap for some 'you' time, make sure you do not continue to yes to everything and everyone. You would do well to assess all the relationships in your life and redefine your boundaries. Yes, there are some people you cannot avoid, but as much as possible give a wide berth to toxic people and toxic situations. 2012 requires you to lighten up and redefine your boundaries. When did you last have a good old belly laugh? When did you last feel you did not have the weight of the world upon your shoulders? Yes I know you are Taurus the Zodiac Ox who shoulders everything; but actually this has to stop! OKay?


GEMINI: Archangel Uriel means 'God is my Light'. This is the angel who stood guarding the Garden of Eden with his illuminating sword. His symbol is an open hand holding a flame and he offers love to all those who seek it in the right place. Call on the guidance of Uriel to guide you into the right arms for the 2012 groove. It is now the time for Twin flames to connect and Uriel is well equipped to help you find yours. You must not try to work out how, but you must be right on cue when the time comes. Uriel is the angel who warned Noah about the flood so he is pretty good at timely intervention on your behalf also. He needs you to be receptive to what is happening, or you may well get a reprimand. 2012 is the time to listen in and not to assume that you know best and have all the answers. Spirit is all set to guide you through to an enlightened state, but you must allow it all to happen. If you resist what is, you might as well settle for second best in just about everything. This is alright for some, but you are shooting for the Moon.


CANCER: Archangel Gabriel rules the Moon, so obviously this angel has a very strong connection to your cancerian energies. Gabriel is 'God's Messenger', so really it is no wonder you have such a hotline to God and such well developed intuition. If only you could trust yourself a little more, a God a whole lot more? Gabriel means 'God is my strength', so this angel is primed to show you the ways in which your spiritual side can really help you. Tap into what you know and act on the impressions that you receive from moment to moment. Gabriel can help you will tricky work situations, but your way through things may only be revealed minute by minute, hour by hour. Gabriel also gives great guidance and strength to parents and to those in a parenting role. Working with this angel is indeed a lesson in trust. You will get the answers and messages that you need but the bigger picture may elude you. If you think about it, this does not really matter. So long as you are provided for in the moment, you have all you really need. The message of 2012 for you is not to fret about the future or about your circumstances. Trust for deliverance.


LEO: Archangel Michael is always in your corner Leo. Known as 'he who is like The Lord', Michael stands at his right hand, the ruling angel of Sunday and the ruling angel of the Sun. Michael is depicted as the warrior prince who is able to slay the forces of darkness. He is an Angel who offers you high protection. You are privileged to have him fighting your corner. Call on him when you feel threatened, bullied or intimidated by life's circumstances. If you work with the Michael energy regularly you will find quite amazing miracle manifest in your life. Archangel Michael is also there to help cut you free from toxic relationships and situations in which you are irrevocably stuck. Simply ask him to do so. His presence is marked by heat and sometimes this can be quite intense, even raising your temperature. Now 2012 is upon us, Michael will prompt you to recognise your true life purpose. Are you doing the right things from day to day? What do you need to change? How can you lighten and brighten your existence? Ask for guidance and you will be shown the way.


VIRGO: As the little oracle of the Zodiac, you are fortunate indeed to have Archangel Raziel in your corner for the 2012 shenanigans. Raziel is one of the cherubim, the 'secret of God' and the one who knows the secrets of your heart. There is no hiding from the searing truth of this angel and you will not be able to hide behind any old defences in the year ahead. Your connection with Raziel ups your oracle status and ability to read people and has the potential to make you powerful indeed. Being Virgo you are very unlikely to abuse your knowledge or your insights. Raziel will simply help you to be more yourself than ever, and of course this means a whole lot more 'service' for the benefit of others. Having said that Virgo you need to protect your autonomy and not be too readily available to those who would take advantage of your amenable nature. 2012 energies allow you to become a formidable contender Virgo. You will be primed to stand up for yourself as you have never done before which will ironically enable you to help others in ways you have never done before.


LIBRA: Archangel Cassiel is the angel of Saturday, linking also to the planet Saturn. You have to deal with Saturn in Libra for most of the year, so allow Cassiel to guide you through the challenges. Cassiel will help you work with any restrictions you feel imaginatively and progressively. Patience is needed as the traditional structures of your life need attention. Do nothing in haste, but be meditative and reflective as you tune into the correct guidance for your life. Cassiel is often depicted as an old man carrying a lantern, very like The Hermit in the Tarot deck. This Archangel has the power to shine the light for you illumination the direction you should take. Cassiel will help you to accept the limitations and restrictions you might be feeling. He will help you rise above the dampening effect that Saturn can sometimes have. In fact this angel will help you expand your vision and horizons despite the impatience you may be feeling. You will be guided step by step, not by a bolt of lightning. Progress in the moment and do not charge ahead. Your results over time will be impressive but imperceptible as you work towards them. Take baby steps and you will still manifest your dreams. Promise!


SCORPIO: Hodniel is an angel reputed to have the power to deal with man's stupidity. I think you probably need his support because of all you have had to bear in the last while. 2012 requires you to forgive and forget and to move forward with your life. But this may be a tall order in view of everything that has happened. Call on Hodniel to deal with those who have given you a hard time, whether accidentally or deliberately. You might as well beseech the Lords of Karma for help while you are at it. Remember that what goes around comes around. There is really no point in dishing the dirt or considering a means of revenge. As 2012 gets underway, you are would be well advised to be gracious as you let a whole lot go. Trust that the processes of those who have hurt you will ultimately make sense to you and to them. It may in fact turn out for the best. In fact, I am SURE that it will. Being Scorpio you do have to address those control issues and move on. 2012 asks you to raise your outlook and your vibe, so you really DO need to find a sense of humour from somewhere.


SAGITTARIUS: Archangel Sachiel is the angel who presides over thursdays. Wearing the planet Jupiter on a pendant around his neck he is a fitting guide for Sagittarius as 2012 unfolds. Known as 'the covering of God', Sachiel is one of the Cherubim. Closely associated with the horn of plenty, this angel can guide you in the way of abundance. Steering your love and luck in fortuitous directions. You just have to trust this in order to receive the good stuff. Sometimes it really easier to give than receive. But the tuition of this Archangel can help you to develop spiritually. Learning to receive from the universe with a child like acceptance is part of his lesson for you this year. Be grateful for your blessings and consciousness thank the universe for them. Our gratitude acts like a magnet for many good things in our lives. The more grateful you can be of even the little things, the more your vibration can increase, putting you in line to receive so much more. Sachiel is the patron of the affluent, so call on him when you need to strike a deal or chat up the bank manager.


CAPRICORN: The Angels Metatron and Sandalphon are brothers, so you are lucky to be able to caall on these two guiding lights which complement each other. Sandalphon literally means 'brother' and this angel is a guide who will help you connect very effectively with your fellow man this year. Call on his help when you have an important meeting or an important date. These brothers in arms will help you access the right conditions for success in your life. Your self esteem and confidence will be well supported. Metatron is connected with high abundance, so call on his help if you have to make financial requests or important crucial decisions. These two angels also have a wonderful link with children and they will offer high protection for all the youngsters in your family if you request this. Metatron is a tall being of bright white light with major status in the heavens above. Ask for his help if you have legal concerns or if you need to make a balanced impartial decision. Sandalphon connects with us through music, so pay special attention to the music you hear when you randomly tune in or turn on the radio. There could well be an important message playing in the mix.


AQUARIUS: Archangel Haniel is the ruling angel of Fridays. But he can also give you assistance with your love life and family life. This angel oversees love, romance and the desires of our heart. 2012 is the beginning of a time when we really must follow our hearts. This angel will help you live less in your head and more in response to your feelings and intuitions. Ask this angel to reveal all the answers you possess deep inside yourself. No one knows your own life as well as you do. You do not need outside help. But you do perhaps need inner guidance and promptings as you adjust to the 2012 energies. Haniel is known as 'the grace of God', he is listed as one of the seven Archangels. His speciality is partnerships and you can even call on his help for business, work and study guidance. Allow Haniel to show you how to trust yourself more. Learn to use your intuition to make your crucial decisions without hesitation. It is much quicker and more effective to access what you 'know' inside than to ruminate endlessly on all the permutations offered up by your brain. Who needs swings and roundabouts when you can have clarity?


PISCES: Archangel Raphael is the angel of healing who has a special link with travel and animals. This angel will really expand your horizons as 2012 progresses. Call on him for safety and protection for unexpected travel plans which may prove to make all the difference in your professional and personal life. Say a big YES to everything which comes your way this year, even if it is unplanned and apparently off the radar. Angelic guidance can often be unexpected and radical. If you start to call more on angelic help, be ready to follow through on the unusual answers you will surely receive. You will have to close the door on doubts and exercise more trust in what is unfolding. Raphael is the angel of healing so if your loved one have any medical niggles or procedures to endure, call on his help for swift healing. This angel will ensure safe and smooth travel also, so invoke his help for any members of the family who have to travel unexpectedly. 2012 will be a busy time for you, so call on Raphael regularly for guidance and look out for his signature colour, deep royal blue as a flag signal that you are on track. You need to exercise more faith.

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