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I'm a Tree! Celtic Astrology

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CELTIC Astrology


The Solstice connects us to the rhythms of nature and reminds us of our dependence on the cycles of life. At the high point of the summer, we experience (in theory) warmth, abundance and prosperity. For Aeons we have celebrated the Sun and the fertility it bestows upon our lives. Those aware of nature’s patterns appreciate that the seasons sustain us and enrich our lives with variety. But had you ever wondered what the trees have to say, aside from reminding us whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter?


The Ancient Celts of the Emerald Isle looked to nature to categorize their birthdates.


Using the Tree symbols and insights below, find out if you’re a Wise, Witty Willow, Optimistic Oak or Arty, Arresting Ash ….





24th December – 20th January


You are trustworthy and courageous. It takes lot to bring you down as you are innately optimistic and quietly confident. You cope with the rough stuff quite effectively, remaining efficient amidst life’s trials and tribulations. You are a born survivor who knows how to melt into the background when required. Your wicked sense of humour inspires many people. Even though you are a traditionalist at heart, you’re not boring!


Life Stuff: Life is designed to strengthen you and test your mettle, so as a Birch you are likely to have had severe tests in family situations. You understand feelings of isolation and loneliness, but once you have weathered life’s trials not much then gets you down. Your wit and fun side enrich your days and you are able to put things behind you quickly.


Love Stuff: Love, romance and passion come and go for you. And even within your most established relationships there is likely to be an ebb and flow. Don’t stress about the apparent changeability of your love life. Simply adjust to each phase and stay as relaxed as possible.




21st January – 17th February


You are a unique individual with a great sense of humour. Difficult to read, you keep the rest of the world guessing. Your maverick nature stretches what is possible and on the back of not much at all, you get results. You hate authority and make the rules up as you go along. But you are a compassionate soul, who will step in to help whenever possible. Even though you have a calm exterior, you feel things deeply and hide intense passions.


Life Stuff: You are a live wire, with an experimental nature. Your creativity and imagination stand out, and your talents will inevitably take you far. A Bohemian soul, you are off beat and quirky. But you have the qualities of a natural leader. Others rely on your composure and integrity, and you are great in a crisis. Laziness really annoys you!


Love Stuff: A free spirit, you do not commit easily. Old fashioned romance and tradition are not your style. But for the lucky partner who captivates your heart, you are a great catch. Unconventional love moves make you unpredictable in the sack, and you’re never boring!




18th February – 17th March


You are a funny mixture! Highly intuitive and sensitive, you also tell it like it is. Though not exactly a push over, you are quite easily swayed. Like the Ash, you bend in the wind; but you don’t break easily. People are attracted to your empathetic nature, and natural charm. But you see the light and dark within personalities, remaining non-judgemental and compassionate. Wise, spiritual and discerning, you are not in the least bit dismissive.


Life Stuff: You are artsy, but not ‘fartsy’! Despite your great creativity, you are surprisingly conventional and unpretentious. Structure is important to you as you feel vulnerable when things are out-of-sync. Channel your energies effectively, and you stand to make oodles of cash! You have the Midas touch, but must guard against being hurt.


Love Stuff: You don’t play by the rules in your love life. The dual aspects of your nature often conflict and you don’t settle easily. In fact you can be quite fickle and changeable until you decide what it is you want. Intense and romantic, you are just not very reliable!




18th March – 14th April


You are a dynamic, competitive character who hates to take ‘no’ for an answer. With terrific courage and panache you are destined to achieve great things. You take the initiative in life and your faith is reflected back to you in spectacular ways. Sometimes impatience gets the better of you, and others may find you arrogant. But you are loyal, effective, and good to have on side. Just don’t let that stubborn ego block your progress.


Life Stuff: Your entrepreneurial skills will take you far. You thrive on intelligent risks, and are a great instigator of projects. Be careful that you don’t get seduced by flattery though. You are a sucker for adoration, and tend to play it cool so people fawn around you. But you are magnetic and make a formidable opponent. There are no flies on you!


Love Stuff: You are independent, thrilling and love sex. You may marry on a whim, even though co-dependent relationships do not really grab you. Commitment doesn’t give you a buzz, but your sexiness makes up for it. You are a spectacular lover; but as for spouse?




15th April – 12th May


You are extremely loyal and will defend those you love to the hilt. Although you like well defined boundaries and value the Status Quo, you adjust to swift change when you have to. Your keen intuition advises you what to do and you instinctively know when to act. Although you love the safety and comfort of what’s familiar, you also know when to walk away. Psychic and mysterious, you live on your wits and keep us all guessing!


Life Stuff: You are generally healthy and stoic. But for your sanity’s sake, learn to forgive and forget. Worry and stress may accumulate if you don’t learn to let go of old emotional trauma. Undo the knots of a power struggle; then life will improve HUGELY! A restless spirit, you are destined for great success only when you have found your niche.


Love Stuff: You are intense and passionate, and it is difficult to fathom your complexity. If you marry young and get stuck, your children become a lifeline. You are likely to experience attraction to someone much older or younger. The right person brings balance.




13th May – 9th June


You are a spontaneous spirit, but you also know how to come up with a strategy. Clever at spotting people’s weaknesses and strengths; you make a supportive sympathetic friend, or a manipulative, exploitative opponent. Inspirational with a great sense of humour, others seek out your company. Your charisma and charm bring many blessings. But when you feel threatened it’s a different story. Don’t rise to the bait; tap into positive creativity.


Life Stuff: Your mind power and willingness to experiment are your great gifts. You are destined to remain mentally agile well into old age. Always trust your hunches and act on impulse when it feels right. This is your lucky charm for this life, giving you the edge in competitive situations. You love to perform and have a well developed altruistic streak.


Love Stuff: Your great bond with your lovers is your ability to be a great friend first and foremost. You need variety and can be quite restless, so you are only likely to settle for good when you connect with your true soul mate. You are destined to have fun searching!




10th June – 7th July


Your generosity of spirit is legendary, and you have a wicked sense of humour that puts a light spin on even the heaviest situation. Your charm takes you places, and when you focus you can bring about spectacular events. You are honest and possess unique integrity. But when hard-done-by or off balance, you can be quite egocentric, attention-seeking, and inclined to gossip! Trust in your optimistic streak and you will win out.


Life Stuff: Because you value the truth, you can be naïve and say too much in contentious situations. You do put yourself through it, shouldering more blame than perhaps you have to. Not very street wise, you are willing to play the martyr on a matter of principle. With your big dreams and cunning plans, things can go either way, but you inevitably hold-fast


Love Stuff: Your high standards make you picky in your love life and vulnerable to heartache. You set yourself up time and time again, by expecting too much from people. Try to understand that human failure and betrayal are part of life’s rich tapestry, and chill!




8th July – 4th August


You are a strong, resilient character who is loyal and reliable. But sometimes you put conditions on your time and energy. You have an iron will and can be very bloody-minded. When off-balance, you are quite needy and overly sensitive. Tap into your hidden strength and develop a perverse sense of humour; that should help! Keep your heart and mind open, for you are an affectionate and trustworthy soul. Why change that?


Life Stuff: You possess a meticulous, careful streak. Very with-it financially, you have an eye for an investment. But you steer clear of mad ideas that have no substance. Privacy and time alone are important, since your problem solving abilities mean that people often pull at you for answers. You are generous and funny, but you do know when to step back.


Love Stuff: Commitment is crucial to your equilibrium. You are quite religious and certainly you are the marrying kind! For better and for worse, you see things through. But you are not in the least bit boring. Caring and kind; what more could a lover wish for?




5th August – 1st September


You are too nice for your own good. The problems you face often derive from people who are not as straightforward as you. Usually, kind and considerate, when off balance, you can be nervous and a little paranoid. But you are highly sensitive and extremely intuitive. For this reason your relationships get complex, as you see through even the most subtle lie. However, you are diplomatic, genuine, and usually suffer in silence.


Life Stuff: You are organized and clever, with a great eye for detail. You honour your commitments and maintain a high standard. But you sometimes inspire jealousy and sabotage from those less capable; which hurts. Private moments keep you sane, though you do love to travel. Recoup your energies frequently, and protect yourself at all times.


Love Stuff: A genuine soul, you care deeply for loved ones. Under that cool exterior, you are earthy and sensual. Others often misread you, assuming you are aloof and unapproachable. Actually you are loyal, warm and highly affectionate once you get going!




2nd September – 29th September


You have an individual style and unique way of doing things. But you are changeable and your moods are a wonder to behold! More than a bit clingy when off balance, you have been known to have the odd temper tantrum. On a good day, you are kind and caring; on a bad day, you have tunnel vision and can’t see past your own agenda. Even though your emotions keep you on the edge, you are good company and your laughter is infectious!


Life Stuff: You need variety and there’s always lots going on around you. Of course, life throws challenges at you, but you are a born survivor. When you commit to something, do see it through. For when you find the right career, you are destined to be successful if you persist. Mix and match clothing and hobbies, but be consistent with the work stuff.


Love Stuff: You are a passionate, feisty being, full of fire and energy. You don’t often experience burnout when you’re up-for-it. But when you do lose interest, or get diverted, you’re off fairly lively. Lovers find it difficult to keep up with your earthy sensuality.




30th September – 27th October


Sometimes you stand out from the crowd; other times you pale into the background. It all depends what mood you’re in. In general, you are stoic, consistent and low key. But you have your mad moments, and you don’t miss a trick. Your quick wit weeds out anyone fake or phony and you are likely to be quite psychic. On occasion you attract dubious company and weird experiences. But you move on quickly and it takes a lot to defeat you


Life Stuff: Light, airy places, people and experiences help you balance your tendency to attract the dark stuff! You are compelling, fascinating and reel in a wide variety of friends and options without even trying. Sometimes you’re rolling in cash, other times you haven’t a bean. But you are essentially magical and lucky, so expect good things!


Love Stuff: You are romantic dreamer, who can be quite ruthless when the lovin’ is done. Love grabs you quickly and things get intense super fast. But on waking up the next morning, you may wonder what all the fuss was. Only kidding, but you catch my drift!




28th October – 24th November


You are overwhelming, dominant and forceful; a powerhouse indeed! With great energy and inspirational ideas, you are destined to multiply your resources and talents, BIG time. Your imagination and flare annoys certain people. But you know how to be subtle and seduce the begrudgers. Charisma, charm and your ability to squash nonsense, win you a great many friends. And once you set your heart on something; it’s yours within minutes!


Life Stuff: Hardy and resourceful, life throws a lot at you. But you are courageous, fearless and not much fazes you. You like to be kept on your toes, because inner confidence assures you, it will work out just fine. Adjustments come easy to you, and until you land in a scenario that fulfills your (fairly normal) expectations, you keep busy.


Love Stuff: You are an intense bundle of passions! Persistent and tenacious, you will not let go until you have landed your prize. Learn to back off though, or your suspicious nature and possessive streak may cause problems. Pace yourself: Can you keep it up?




25th November – 22nd December


You are patient, and possess oodles of discipline, which is great for your focus. Generally you achieve impressive results, and fulfill your ambitious nature. But you can be quite autocratic and difficult to persuade. You’re the one who runs the show! If things are going your way, you keep people on side with your wicked sense of humour. But if there’s a rebellion in the ranks you will manipulate and scheme to retrieve the situation.


Life Stuff: You love people and accumulate a wide range of friendships throughout life. Fame and fortune attract you, but you mustn’t be seduced by it. You can go far if you do your thing. People respect you, but don’t take their support for granted. Watch that extravagant streak. You don’t need to buy favours or give into desperation. Trust life and relax!


Love Stuff: You have it made! Relationships don’t faze you. You can enjoy them on your own terms and don’t take things too seriously. Your light approach protects you and you don’t get involved to the point of no return. Marriage is cool, but you will always travel.




23rd December


Sorry nothing much to say here! You’re an enigma and a mystery and undoubtedly special. Enjoy your unique path and make your impression on life creatively. You do not do things by the book, so don’t even try to conform. YOU decide what’s going to work, and follow it through with inimitable style and panache. When you fall in love it’s for keeps and whoever grabs you is lucky indeed! That’s all you need to know…


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