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Apparently unless we are an insomniac we spend over a third of our lives asleep. In an average life span this amounts to about six years of dream time!


Dreams have always been recognized as really important. The Romans revered them so much that they had official dream interpreters to analyse the significant dreams of important government figures. In the Bible dreams play a very important role. Angels whisper God’s guidance to man in his sleep; and actually it is my belief that this carries on to this day, if only we would listen.


The word dream derives from the Middle English word *dreme* which means *joy* and *music*. So even the origin of the word recognizes the magic we attach to dream land.


Most of us are aware that dreams process our unconscious thoughts and issues. Dreams are a form of reboot which takes place whilst we sink into a deep sleep. Psychologists agree that the mind is like a computer. Our dreams occur as we assimilate the day’s events, the emotions we are feeling and the fears we are facing.


Dreams usually reflect an aspect of our unconscious which we are trying to process. So it is usually right to ask what do your dreams mean to you? More often than not we are the best interpreter of our psyche, never mind the psychologists.


Dreams can be predictive and of course symbolic. For example what does dreaming of striking a venomous snake mean? If you are experiencing such a recurring dream, you would need to ask yourself what aspect of your psyche are you suppressing? What are you afraid of? The snake is of course a very scorpionic subterranean creature. So this dream could link to deep seated sexual fears. Or perhaps there is a need to maintain control of another person or of an aspect of oneself.


Dreams really are open to interpretation. Many symbols are fairly self explanatory. But the random nature of how they play out when we are snuggled between the sheets is the interesting bit.


It pays to keep a dream diary. This can become a very useful tool which helps us know ourselves at quite a deep level.


Carl Jung the famous psychologist was convinced that dreams have a compensatory function. They can be a form of wish fulfillment too. How many dreams have you had of those you fancy, even though nothing has happened in real time? I know I have! In fact I think most of my affairs have taken place in dreamtime. On waking it really does feel very much like something has happened.


There are many spiritual people who believe that dreams are essentially an out of body experience which enables us to cruise the ethers liberated from our physical bodies for the night’s duration. Admittedly this would probably not be a popular belief of many psychologists, but there are many very believable stories from people who can recall graphic out of body experiences from dream time.


There are many different types of dream: Day dreams, lucid dreams, recurring dreams, nightmares and prophetic dreams. Most dreams contain messages which serve to reveal or teach you something about yourself. However more often than not we get on with the working day and forget what we dreamt about the previous night. This is not necessarily doing us any favours. It is actually very healthy and important to remember your dreams. They can be a very revealing tool which cut to the chase of our fears, dilemmas and relationship issues.


Repetitive dreams are perhaps the most important. Recurring dreams may be triggered by a disturbing event which needs to be processed. Or, our psyche may be revealing to us the answer to our problems. Often our unconscious knows better than our conscious mind what is best for us. Any recurring nightmare or unsettling dream needs your special attention. Ignore the messages of your unconscious at your peril!


Patterns which repeat in dreams can often have a prophetic quality. The human mind in its REM state is able to assimilate and integrate much more than our logical analytical thought processes. In a way the dream is a form of surrender and trust. Those who have a problem sleeping often have deep seated concerns and fears. Being unable to sleep then becomes a cycle of torture for the mind is not getting its rest or its chance to come up with a solution.


I am a great believer that if you have a big decision to make, you will get your answers if you consciously *put it into sleep*. Do this and then take note of your waking emotions.


Dreams hit us at an emotional level. They are not so much about logical information, as about how they make you feel. Needless to say women tend to be more receptive to this process and probably on balance get more from their dreams than men. But no man can ignore an Epic Dream.


The Epic Dream is the occasional dream where you wake up with the absolute *knowing* that you have had a very important dream. Epic dreams or lucid dreams have a really tangible quality and there is no ignoring them. Not only do they leave you with a high impact residue of emotion. They also more often than not provide really useful information.


So why is it so important that we try to remember our dreams?


Our dreams reveal what is hidden within; our unconscious hopes, wishes and dreams.


Remembering our dreams enables us to develop as individuals and helps us to develop spiritually.


If we tune in to our dreams we become more self aware, confident and assertive. We have a much better understanding of what makes us *tick*. We will also begin to get very potent answers to the problems which plague our waking lives.


So how can dreams facilitate our personal happiness and self development?


Self knowledge can develop through an understanding of our psyche. With greater understanding of ourselves through our dreams we gain the freedom to think, choose, feel without someone else's agenda dictating to us what these thoughts, choices and feelings should be.


Following our commonsense or logical impulses is one thing. But dreams allow us to see what needs to be changed. Dreams enable us to be self aware and so realize that when changes are in the offing we would in fact be pretty stupid to resist them. If we are holding on too fast to the past and what we have appreciated to date we may get stuck and miss out on the future and all the things it might bring.


Our desires change and rightly so. They ebb and flow so that we can grow. If we do not grow we stagnate. Okay if we resist we might get to hold onto our security; and co-dependent situations. But if we do not eventually acknowledge that growth is actually appropriate and desirable we get stuck and everything changes anyway.


Dream awareness improves our psychological balance and well being. Dreams can guide us through relationship difficulties, career changes, health concerns or indeed any life issue which needs to be attended to. Dreams provide the clues as to what these shifts and changes need to be…


I believe that God, our guides and our Guardian Angel can all prompt us in our dreams. Our resistance is disarmed in the sleep state and we are more receptive to what we need to hear. All we have to do is to be willing to listen and receive the messages. It is not really a question of belief.


Dream analysis is actually quite logical. It is usually fairly clear what the various symbols mean. I think we have all had dreams in which we are being chased, or our teeth have fallen out or we are flying through the air or about to jump off a cliff! These are common and recognizable dreams which reflect our challenges and levels of self confidence.


The beauty of more complex dreams is that they are unique to us. Usually we make the best interpreter of our dreams. But for me the key point of any dream is the residue emotion it leaves you with. There in is the main clue, which more often than not shows you what you have to do…in the morning !


Remember no one is a better expert at interpreting your dreams than you are…





ABROAD: You probably desire a change in your current environment. Prediction of making new friends and a change of life style.


ABYSS: Fear of failing to face up to a series of problems. Fear of disappointment in life.


ACCELERTOR: Continued efforts will get you to where you want to be. Can’t decelerate? Stop bad or detrimental behaviour.


ACCENT: Indicative of foreign travel coming up.


ACCIDENT AT SEA: possible break up of a long term relationship.


ACCUSED: You probably have a guilty secret.


ACORNS: Good fortune.


ALCOHOL in moderation: Sign of fortune, success and happiness.


ANGELS: Peace and prosperity.


BALLOON descending: Prophecy of some set back to your plans.


BIRDS caged: Fear of confinement.


BOOMERANG not coming back: Symbolic of a need for change.


BUCKET Filling a bucket: desire or need for sex.


BUS: Driving a bus; heading closer to your plans or away form something detrimental.


CANDLES: Seeking spiritual comfort and warmth


CASTLES: Safety from enemies and rivals.


CAVE: Entering the unconscious mind. Enter the cave in your dreams to access important memories for healing or release.


CHRISTMAS: Good times ahead.


CHURCH: Good omen for the future.


CLOCK: Ticking clock, fear that time is running out.


CUT: Loss of friend or of money.


CROSSROADS: Clear indication that a decision needs to be made.


DEBT: Deep down you fear loss of some kind (not necessarily financial).


DEPTH: (of water or land): Are inner troubles being suppressed?


DEVIL: Are you feeling guilty?


DOOR shut: you feel isolated.


DRAGON: Great success and prosperity ahead.


DWARF: Expect a particularly enlightening experience!


EATING: Symbolizes strength, love, life, and comfort.


EMBRACE: Feelings of warmth for person embraced.


EMBROIDERY: A promise of fun and romantic adventure.


ENEMA: Need to release yourself from pent up emotions.


ENEMY: Fear a friend has turned against you for some reason.


EYES: Beautiful eyes omen of contentment and peace.


FEAR: Nightmares are a warning to consider what emotions, issues and fears you are suppressing.


FEVER: Concern over a worrying matter.


FIRE: House on fire indicates feelings of intense anger towards someone.


FLYING: Most common dream of sexual fantasy. Desire for new experiences? Willingness to view the world from a different stand point.


FOOD: Dreams of food link to emotional life. Consider what you are eating and what it symbolizes.


FOOTPRINTS: Unconscious is considering following in someone’s footsteps. Similar career? Lifestyle?


FOUNTAIN: Symbolizes happiness and freshness.


FUNERAL: Tie to say goodbye to some aspect of your life that is not working.


GOD: Represents a coming to terms with one’s mortality? Could also be symbolic of an authority figure? Boss? Parent?


GRIEF: Check out your digestion; a possible health warning.


GROWING: Unconscious knows that you are capable of more.


GUNS: Warning to be more open in sharing ones emotions.


GYPSIES: Desire for greater freedom than current life style permits.


HAIR: Long and flowing; desire for greater freedom


HALO: Are you feeling inadequate or looking for spiritual guidance?


HANDBAG: Desire to penetrate deeper into ongoing puzzles and mysteries.


HANGOVER: Unconscious warning against excesses.


HAPPINESS: Contentment; look after your health. A warning to nurture happiness.


HARVEST: Forthcoming prosperity.


HOUSE with no door: Yu can not escape your current position, much as you would like to.


ICE: Worries of death or sexual frigidity?


IMAGINATIO N: Meeting someone with great imagination (an artist or musician type) a good omen for financial prosperity.


INFIDELITY: Time to ask pressing questions about current relationship?


INHERITANCE: Good times and prosperity ahead.


JACKPOT: Your unconscious is looking for a financial resolution or answer.


JAIL: Dreamer feels constricted and confined.


JUNGLE: Dreamer is worried about what the future holds. No apparent way forward.


JUNK: You may have trouble making a decision in the near future.


KEY: Dreamer is looking for a solution.


KICKING: Being kicked. Dreamer will have to face up to severe opposition in life.

KISS: Feelings that you hesitate to show when awake!


KNIFE: Prospect of vengeance, fairly squabbles or even a death wish.


KNIGHT: You are looking for someone to protect you and look after your needs.


KNOCKING: You may have to ask for advice.


LABYRINTH: You may well find difficult to unravel a complex problem.


LADDER: Reflects aspirations and career status.


LAKE: Calm lake waters augur well for your love life.


LANTERN: Reflects the desire to find out the truth about something.


LASSOO: An omen of wealth that will be coming to you.


LIFEBOAT: You fear that you need to be rescued from something or someone.


MAGIC: Watch out for a confidence trickster.


MANSION: Augurs well for domestic bliss and happy family life.


MAP: You lack direction in life.


MATCH: Striking a match denotes the beginning of a relationship.


MATRESS: A warning not to get too comfortable in a situation.


MILLIONAIRE: Omen of financial prosperity.


NAILS: Hammering nails indicates working hard and applying yourself to the job in hand.


NAME: Desire to change your name indicates a desire to change a major aspect of yoru life style.


NESTS: Reflects a desire for marriage and family.


NIGHT: Desire to ignore or hide problems?


NURSE: Pressing problems need to be addressed.


OBESITY: Watch your diet


OBSTACLES: Being held back? Sense of guilt? Something holding you back?


ODOURS: Pleasant odours and omen of good fortune.


ORACLE: If you consult an oracle in your dreams, prepare for the opposite to happen!


ORCHESTRA: Conducting reflects desire to be in control and in a position of power.


ORGAN MUSIC: Do you feel a sense of religious guilt?


PADLOCK: Problems in unlocking a padlock reflects frustration and discontent.


PAIN: Unconscious is warning you to take care of your physical and emotional health.


PAINTING THE HOUSE: Do you have something to hide? Or do you need a check up?


PAN: The Greek god of fields is an omen of good humour in helping to overcome adversity.


PANIC: A warning to be careful not to lose your temper in the near future.


PASSPORT: A dream that your passport has expired urges you to revamp your image!


QUARANTINE: Are you feeling isolated in waking life?


QUEUE: Has life become very routine of late?


QUICKSAND: An anxiety about being drawn into something you are uneasy about?


RACE: Strong indication that you have a love rival.


RADIO: Indicates probable anxiety about lack of communication between you and a love done.


RAGE: Your unconscious is warning you about the dangers of losing control.


RESCUE: You would like to change aspects of your emotional life.


RESTAURANT: Your unconscious is telling you that you have been rather hard on yourself lately.


ROCKET: Indicates unfulfilled sexual desires.


SEA: If the sea is empty you may be heading into a time alone without a relationship or significant relationships.


SECRET: If you hear a secret in your dream you may soon be let down by someone you trust.


SEWING: Harmony and peace will reign at home.


SHIP on calm seas: Represents forging ahead with plans.


SIGNATURE: Dream indicates and issue with ones identity.


SMOKE: Indicates that plans you have been making have been fraught with danger.


TAXES: You feel a debt to someone who has helped you.


TEARS: Prepare for a small disaster or disappointment.


TEETH: Falling out teeth is a common dream which can indicate that financial issues need to be addressed.


TELEVISION: Unconscious is advising you to be less of a spectator in your own life.


THEATRE: You would dearly like to be the centre of attention.


UGLINESS: A depressing outcome to a relationship.


UMBRELLA: Unconscious is urging you to take precautions and protect yourself.


UNIFORM: You would really like to be accepted in a group.


UNIVERSITY: Unconscious is assuring you that you will get results through sustained effort.


VEGETABLES: Is life a little dull?!


VOLCANO: There is serious inner turmoil which needs to be addressed.


VOMITING: You wish to be free of certain detrimental influences in your life.


WEALTH: Symbolic of the desire for increased knowledge.


WEDDING: Generally a wish fulfillment dream.


X RAY: You are fearful of revealing your true feelings.


YACHT: Alone on a Yacht? You need to escape the pressures of daily life.


ZIP: If zip is stuck you may well feel stuck in daily life; I a rut and anxious for change.


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