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Aura Soma is a fascinating healing system based on the mysterious contents of 110 multi-coloured bottles.  The exact ingredients are kept secret, but each bottle contains a potion comprising of various herbs, crystals and colour. 



Most of the combinations are two-tone and when presented together they form a beautiful display.  The colours range from intense purples, blues, magentas, reds and oranges, to delicate pastels and hints of hue.  Some of the layers are transparent or clear, which in Aura Soma signifies the full rainbow spectrum rather than an absense of colour.  In fact, the paler the tint the more impressive the spiritual impact of the bottle.  The lighter bottles connect with the energies of spiritual leaders and masters like Christ, St. Germain, and Djwal Khul.


             It was Vicky Wall who developed Aura Soma in 1984.  She was a sensitive lady who always had clairvoyant awareness and healing ability.  This manifested in a highly developed auric sight – she could discern a person’s character in all its glory by the colours visible in their magnetic field, or aura. 



Vicky was a trained pharmacist who inherited her father’s ability to concoct healing creams and phials of unidentified liquid.  Her Hasidic Jewish upbringing gave her a legacy of intuitive discernment that she turned to good effect.  With Aura Soma she has brought many non-specific and intangible issues into a physical form.  A lot of the more inaccessible aspects of spirituality have been ‘grounded’ in a beautiful array of colour.  The bottles represent a form of vibrational healing which works in a very subtle way on the energy systems of the body. 







The variety of names given to this mix of oil and water, give clues as to their possible impact.  The Humpty Dumpty bottle is wonderfully restorative after shock; the Florence Nightingale soothes the convalescent, and is supportive of those with ME; the Get Up and Go gives an energy rush; and the Unconditional Love bottle helps with self-acceptance issues, and feelings pertaining to a lack of love.  There are many quaintly named bottles, like Charity, Kindness, Love and Light; but there are others with real guts like Physical Rescue, ‘I Am’ , and Living in the Material World. 







The bottles may be applied to the body or kept in the owner’s personal space - either way they work on the level they are chosen for.  The applications of each bottle are many and varied, and it is best if they are selected intuitively.  The bottle to take home is quite literally the bottle you would not like to leave! 







In an Aura Soma reading the client selects four bottles by instinct.  The first bottle describes your soul purpose on the earth at this time: the upper part reflects your circumstances and upbringing, and gives an accurate description of your personality.  The lower fraction gives an indication of your life’s task and reveals your true aura or colour ray.  In combination, the two layers display the nature of your soul – fairly frequently the first bottle is a persistent favourite.  When this happens you can be sure you are receiving a true description of your life’s path.  This bottle must be considered in all of its applications: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical.


For example, if someone always chose Maid Marion in first place they would likely be intuitive and energetic, possessing great powers of discernment and wisdom.  In a negative respect they might have a tendency to be rather passive and could readily fall into playing the martyr in relationships.  Spiritually this bottle offers a refreshment course: a chance to see things from a new perspective and it would certainly help someone to break free from negative emotional entanglements.  It is very supportive to females experiencing divorce and separation.


The second choice in a reading reveals where a person’s difficulties and challenges lie.  It can often indicate the past struggles which have brought them to where they are today.  The second bottle displays the gift of negative experiences, and ultimately shows how these can be turned to good effect.  If someone chose Wings of Healing in second place it would indicate that they have felt misunderstood and rejected, and may have reacted with suicidal thoughts.  The ‘Gift’ in this situation is that the isolated person has huge potential for empathy, and possible healing abilities.  Ultimately, such a process can strengthen a person to the point where they are formidable: aware of their life purpose and at one with themselves and God.


The third bottle reveals the present situation, and indicates how far along the path the client has travelled.  It is important to take note of the negative personality traits at this point, as these show the stumbling blocks to future development.  The green/magenta combination in third place (named The Wanderer) would demonstrate possessiveness and negative behavioural patterns in relationships.  If such a problem is not addressed, the person stands to repeat the cycles of relating that have marred his or her relationships to date.  Feelings of jealousy and envy must be resolved, or this person will remain emotionally stunted and restricted.



The choice of bottles thus far gives a detailed picture of someone’s life to date.  For this reason people can find an Aura Soma reading a surprisingly moving experience.  It is often disconcerting how a row of four - admittedly beautiful – bottles can reveal so much.  Indeed, we are only scratching the surface of what the bottles are capable of.  They also have connections with the Quabbalah, the Tarot cards, and the I-Ching.  Each bottle may be interpreted intuitively by an experienced reader, and if that were not enough, they often take on individual formations and colours (I have seen mermaids, dolphins, and figures formed in the oils of the top fraction). 


Finally, the fourth bottle speaks of the future, and indicates the form this might take if the person remains in their particular groove.  This is a dynamic choice as we have the free will to reshape our future by working on the issues at hand (as revealed by the reading).  It is beneficial to place the fourth bottle by the bed.  This invites the positive energies of the future in, and means the bottle is working in advance to set up the appropriate conditions for our best development. 


The reading at this level is mainly spiritual, however the bottles do have physical applications which may be addressed as the need arises.  For example, A Chain of Flowers (no. 11) supports a woman who is trying to conceive a child, and although there are no guarantees, the bottle gives the woman the best chance in this respect.  There are also wonderful skin creams amongst the range of bottles (those with pale magenta in particular), and the Peace bottle is very good for stretch marks. 


The Aura Soma collection is at the very least an aesthetically pleasing array of colour.  It should be explored on the level that feels comfortable or which makes sense.  As I have illustrated it goes very deep – but you have to want it to, (there are no rules).  Most people can accept the attraction of the bottles, and Vicky herself always noticed with amusement how the stressed out businessmen consistently chose the blue/blue Peace bottle from her stand.  As with most things spiritual Aura Soma meets us at a place we understand, and if that constitutes a challenge, so be it.       






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