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Zodiac Kids ~ Babies, Elevenses, Teens

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Zodiac Kids




If you are parents to an Aries child you really have to be ready for anything. Ruled by Mars, these kids are unpredictable and full of energy. Expect erratic behaviour and all sorts of shenanigans. A healthy mischievous streak bestows this child with a wicked sense of humour too. You can expect pranks galore and endless madness to keep you busy. Life is not dull with an Aries child in the house, that’s for sure.


BABY: Aries babies love stimulation, lots of activity and noise; ideal really if you have a busy family. These munchkins get bored easily, and need constant attention. Their senses must be stretched, so take note of what they are looking at, listening to and touching. Aries babies respond to different textures, mad colours and frantic music. Exhausting indeed! You may ask; do they ever sleep? Well, of all the Zodiac babies, Aries is the most wakeful when put to bed alone. Your Aries baby ironically gets more rest when you stop creeping around. Dare to put the cot in the front room; or at least let them share with a sibling. The more wound up you get; the crankier these babies become. Do yourself a favour and don’t be precious with your Aries baby; or YOU will be the one who suffers.


CHILD: This child is very strong willed, so prepare for much friction as you begin to lay down the ground rules. Aries kids don’t respond well to discipline; but they do need to be contained somehow. Only you know what the boundaries for your child will be. But be assured they will push you to the limits as they test them out. Young Aries easily develops bad habits such as untidiness, bad manners and playing-in-the-dirt. These kids make it their mission to see what they can get away with. So you could usefully ignore them most of the time. If they are free from harm; then remember the rest is just an excuse for boldness. Aries generally knows what’s right and what’s not, so you needn’t worry on that score. Most of the time they’re just winding you up; don’t rise to the bait!


ELEVENSES: Once the temper tantrums have stopped, you can enjoy the intelligence and brightness of your young Aries. These kids need to keep physically active, and there is certainly energy to burn most of the time. But as the sensitive, creative side to Aries develops, you will notice your youngster becoming more thoughtful and reflective. (Well, on a good day anyhow). Aries children are quite dramatic, so you can expect a fair quota of Drama Queen behaviour, and a natural flare for performing in front of the adults. Young Arians are quick learners, so good schooling is a must. These clever kids can easily reach the top of the class with the right encouragement and a good education. But, it’s the same old story, if they get bored, there will be lots of mischief to compensate.




Little Taureans are real home-birds. If you are parents to a Taurus child you will never be rid of them. No, they do not remain child-like, and they do pull their weight. But Taurus is hopeless at letting go of the past. So leave their bedroom in place, even when they are long gone and married with kids of their own. Taurus is reluctant to leave home turf, and needs family to stabilize and harmonize their existence.


BABY: Baby Taurus is a demanding little creature. With a strong will and stubborn temperament, you will soon wonder where the tranquil days went. But this delightful Zodiac baby will repay you with oodles of affection and lots of tactile action. The best way you can reassure your Taurean child is with a cuddle. Remember, what you say is not half as important as what you DO with this baby. Soft, sensual tranquil environments with great smells and warm, cosy fabrics are what this baby needs. The mellow, peaceful and relaxed vibe of a family home speaks to the heart of little Taurus. But this baby needs to know there is love in abundance; so will test your reactions often in the bid for yet another cuddle. Irregular sleeping patterns will be taxing; so be patient…and cuddle!


CHILD: Taurus kids are adventurous and keen to understand. Their inquisitive streak kicks-in early and no secret is well enough hidden. These children have intense instincts and will just know what you’re up to. Taurus needs to maintain the Status Quo and gets insecure when things change. But, you can expect a battle of wills once they have made up their mind about something. Be warned; they WILL not budge! Do not bargain with young Taurus. There really is no point. Nor should you withhold your physical touch as they find that very difficult to forgive. Don’t gloss over the endless questions, or spurn Taurus child’s affection. The best thing is to remain straightforward. Emotional trauma upsets them, so try not to argue in front of this kid, as they internalize an awful lot.


ELEVENSES: Taurus teens work hard when a subject grabs their interest. Their sheer tenacity and determination means that they will get the grades needed to pursue the career that makes sense. Despite their home-loving ways; Taurus is an independent creature who needs to roam free. You will find Taurus individuality develops quickly from the age of six. This Sun Sign often struggles with Mathematics and Physical Education; but is meticulous, so grasps details and stores a lot of info in that expansive brain. Music elevates the Taurus soul, and it is a good idea to pay for your child’s music lessons as soon as they express an interest. Taurus teen is a sensuous being who is likely to have a string of admirers. But there is a heartless streak too; if they are not interested - that’s it.




Little Geminis are exhausting company; but they are entertaining and intelligent too. You will certainly benefit from a sense of humour, for Gemini provides many a belly laugh. If you are a parent to a young Gemini it is important that you really listen to that endless chatter. Huge offense will be taken if you switch off. So try to appreciate their earnestness, even when you’re knackered!


BABY: Gemini babies are lively souls who will communicate in whatever way they can. You can expect to have quite a dynamic, expressive baby on your hands. Somehow Gemini manages to connect in profound, surprising ways, well before the first words. Gemini baby also has a wicked sense of humour and quite a chuckle which will delight you in its heartiness. There is a knowing contained in this young soul and a willingness to muck-in and see what happens. You don’t really need a rigid routine with Gemini babies, for they are flexible and willing to go with the flow. In fact it is better not to impose a strict regime on this child. Gemini is an endless source of entertainment and destined to bring you many laughs and plenty to think about. Enjoy experimenting; it’s an adventure.


CHILD: Gemini youngsters love to shred things, so you would be well advised to leave precious items out-of-reach. If you want to keep your toddler quiet, a pile of old magazines and newspapers in the corner should do the trick. Hours of fun! Gemini kids have a special way of communicating and often words are not necessary. One look from those expressive eyes will let you know what is going on. Learn the language of those eyes and you won’t go far wrong. Gemini loves to day dream and you will often catch your youngster looking out the window, gazing ethereally into space. Gemini is not always that grounded, so learn when to step in before your child floats off entirely. The Gemini youngster has many real friends and a myriad of imaginary ones too. Cute!


ELEVENSES: Gemini kids question everything. They have intelligent, enquiring minds that want to fully grasp what’s going on. These children are creative, with a love of the arts. So, paint-box, crayons and paper will keep them happy; well, for about five minutes anyway! Gemini is enthusiastic and loves to day dream. But this child’s imagination is so profound that fantasies are become just as vivid as reality once they get a grip. These kiddies are nifty little liars when they want to be too. It’s not usually done out of badness. But the blurring of what actually happened is easy enough when the truth hurts. Little Gemini’s are independent souls who absorb information like a sponge. Let them wander as they will as their energy levels allow them to cope with just about everything.




Parents of little Cancers are blessed with caring, considerate children. Ruled by The Moon, these lunar creatures are sensitive, psychic beings with a protective emotional shell. Don’t let this child down; you will never be allowed to forget it. These kids have a strong sense of loyalty. But, they are great at emotional blackmail too. Their techniques wear you down and inevitably they get their way.


BABY: Cancerian babies are invariably gorgeous, cuddly creatures. With the typical button-features of a perfect child, these little dotes are guaranteed to send you ga-ga! Cancer kids generally sleep well; except on a Full Moon when they are likely to be exceptionally energized. Also, Cancer babies are easily amused. You don’t really need to splash out on pricey toys. Besides, these babies are usually so fixated on mammy they won’t be distracted by fancy goods. The cute-but-clingy phase lasts until the etheric cords linking mother and child begin to loosen-up (age three). Then the cheeky stuff begins to kick-in; but if you thought cutting the umbilical cord was easy! It IS a good idea to breast-feed your Cancerian baby for as long as possible to boost optimum health.


CHILD: The monsters come out to play in the Cancer psyche when school and outside commitments require stretches apart from mammy. It is important to be disciplined with your child and explain things gently. Chances are your little cuddle-bunny will need a lot of reassurance as the big wide world beckons. If these adjustments take place smoothly, you may then experience the opposite problem. Walkabout syndrome is probably not a big rebellion. But, the new-found freedom of your increasingly independent child leads to interesting developments. Keep a beady-eye on your child during this phase. Explorative Cancers are expert at slipping through any precaution you care to put in place. They are skilled at outwitting you, for their psychic sense detects how to slip through the net!


ELEVENSES: You will have noticed from a young age that your Cancerian has a knowing-air. Despite Mammy-fixation, these little lovelies are very in-tune and able to discern what’s what in all sorts of obscure situations. Don’t think you can hide things from your child. They will invariably sniff out your worst secrets, so the straightforward approach is the best one. Let your child come up with the complexities. There will certainly be enough going-down to keep you busy (and worried) for quite some time. ‘Why’ is Cancer’s favourite word; so prepare intelligent answers to your child’s annoyingly perceptive questions! Your child is innately wise, so you can expect to raise a little oracle. Your lunar-child is an old Soul who needs to be nurtured and trusted.




If you are parents to little Leo, you have your work cut-out. Leo’s are shameless attention-seekers with a heart of gold. This kid performs for effect and needs a constant, patient audience. You do not overlook Leo unless you want endless flak. For sanity’s sake, keep Leo at the hub of family activity. Ruled by the Sun these kids are colourful with a sunny disposition and great sense of humour.


BABY: Baby Leo needs lots of hugs, reassurance and attention. These are cute babies with a wicked chuckle and mischievous glint in the eye; which I defy you to resist! Little Leo is very interested in what is going on, and responds well to stimulation, so long as the environment is not too hectic and noisy. Little Leo is a baby to be proud of. Gorgeous, with a lovely disposition, these bundles of joy keep themselves entertained for hours. If they are aware of you in the background watching, they will feign disinterest and perform to impress. Don’t forget to heap praise upon them later, as this will ensure at least some gaps of peace and quiet. Leo is quick witted and intelligent. But when the chat starts, you will be on the receiving end of endless ideas, reports and jokes. Hours of fun!


CHILD: Leo kids are natural leaders and you will find them running rings around you from a very early age. You can expect to be shown the way by your Little Leo, and more often than not, they are right with their hunches and intuitions. Full of heart and courage, these kids have natural strength and a love of life. Do not be afraid of spoiling them; you won’t be able to resist lavishing lots of attention and gifts upon them anyhow. It IS their birthright to land on their feet with lots of sensual trappings in the future, so they might as well get used to it from an early age. You will not affect them adversely by providing them with what they require. Denial is not really the best way to discipline these kids. Besides, too much discipline just makes them feel unloved, uncomfortable and miserable.


ELEVENSES: Nurture your Leo kid. They are open-hearted and full of unusual, creative ideas. Natural leaders and performers, quite possibly fame awaits them down-the-road. Leo does have a lazy streak though, so getting them to contribute to household chores is likely to be a chore in itself. Your kid is bound to be demanding of your time, money and attention. But the up-side is that you will be rewarded in bountiful ways in years to come. Little Leo does reach a stage of self-containment and independence soon enough. Leo expends high amounts of energy putting their all into things. So you will notice quiet times of reflection and introspection during the teen years. This is nothing to worry about; it is just Leo recharging the batteries for the next attempt at gaining recognition.




Being parents to a Virgo child is a fairly joyful experience, though you may sometimes wonder if you have spawned an old head on young shoulders; well, what’s new? You have! You really don’t need to nag or criticize your Virgo child. These kids are very self-aware, introspective and self-critical. You don’t need to enforce rules to keep them on track, and you may in fact find they are better behaved than you are.


BABY: Your Virgo baby is bound to be beautiful with gorgeous rounded features and a knowing look in the eye. These children are usually Old Souls incarnated to make the world a better place. Very evolved, and easy to look after, your baby responds well to routine and a cool, tranquil environment. You can expect your baby to beat all records and probably develop a step-ahead of its peers. But, Virgo babies can be little control freaks, and you will notice that they don’t like their routine to be upset. They are flexible enough if you need to travel, or if there is a change of plan. But do try to stick to regular hours, feeds and sleeps, wherever you may be. Virgo baby has delicate digestion, so won’t thank you for missing a feed, or heating up the milk to the wrong temperature!


CHILD: You can expect your Virgo child to run a tight ship! Yes, at times it will feel like this kid is running the family home. But, the beauty of it is; you will find that your child is right most of the time. You would be well-advised to swallow your pride and hang on their every word. You might as well accept that you have produced a little oracle and get on with it. Test it out, and see what goes wrong when you ignore your little Virgo’s hunches. These kids are wise souls sent to help you and make your life easier; you might as well get used to it. Virgos are practical, earthy old souls with a matter-of-fact approach to life. But they do need lots of reassurance and TLC. It is lonely for them sometimes with so-called friends who get jealous of their talents, knowing-ways and good looks.


ELEVENSES: It is a myth that Virgo is prim and proper. These kids are actually earthy, sensuous beings with a great connection to Mother Earth. If you have any doubt how to bring out the best in your teen Virgo, encourage their innate link with nature. Virgo kids are perfectionist and thorough in their work, play and relationships. But they are quite serious-minded, so could use some cajoling sometimes to spark up their sense of fun.


Ruled by Mercury, these kids are very intelligent and seem to carry the whole weight of the world on their shoulders. It is as if they already understand what they are being taught at school. Little Virgo really has heard it all before. Like a sponge, this child responds well to new ideas, so you more than likely have a Grade A student on your hands.




Libran kids are obtuse, so you can expect lots of contrary behaviour and bizarre disagreements from your little angel. Yes, the Libran child invariably looks gorgeous; like butter-wouldn’t-melt. But as all parents know, appearances can be deceiving. Libran kids will argue the point ad infinitum; so you really have to make sure that no means NO. Stick to the boundaries that feel right, and don’t budge an inch.


BABY: Baby Librans are witty and amusing with a real feel for music. Indeed it is music that will calm their souls before sleep; so before you try any of the usual tricks give your child a blast of Beethoven. It will work quicker than all the soothers in Mothercare! Libran babies are shy little things and may need their confidence boosted as they start to emerge into the big wide world. A squeeze of the hand at well-chosen moments should do the trick. But be warned, Libran kids are very good at playing off both ends against the middle. They will approach the favoured parent with a request and invariably win them over with general cuteness. Previous denials and resistance from Bad-Cop parent will then have no impact. Do guard against being out-maneuvered by your nifty child.


CHILD: Little Librans are creative and intelligent beings possessing profound imaginations. Here is another child of the Zodiac likely to have a plethora of imaginary friends. Don’t discourage the make-believe aspect of your child’s psyche; for it is the dreams and visions of this kid that make life bearable. Play-time boosts your child’s confidence and allows them to assert control on their environment. The imagination is literally a haven from adverse pressures, people and experiences. But, Librans become increasingly self-willed and stubborn as their equilibrium stabilizes. You can expect a few screaming matches and temper tantrums as moodiness kicks-in. Librans get seduced by the latest craze or gadget; so expect to be worn-down until you relent. Just say yes!


ELEVENSES: Your Libran child is clever, but tends to excel at one or two subjects rather than across the board. There may be some angst and loss of confidence on account of subjects that don’t gel with the Libran mind (usually Maths and Science). But gentle coaching can get your kid over most of the hurdles. Arts, Media and Music suit Libra well indeed. You can expect your child to shine in one area, which will set them up for a successful career. Your little Libran is bound to have a wicked sense of humour and gets easily distracted by the opposite sex. Anyone who takes their fancy gets put on a pedestal which can lead to scanty school reports and dodgy grades. Eventually of course, reality dawns and your B student will be able to concentrate once again, and get a few A’s!




Being parent to a Scorpio is an uncomfortable privilege! This child is a cute little thing, who can read your mind and anticipate your next move. Once they get the measure of you; you can expect your buttons to be merrily pushed until you relent to that impressive will. There is a bewitching quality to this kid, which serves them well. You needn’t have too many fears on account of little Scorpio.


BABY: Your baby Scorpio is an alluring, charming creature, who will captivate you with just one look. You will notice a knowing glint in your child’s eye and realize you have spawned a mind-reader; or perhaps a mind-bender! Don’t be daunted, but do be careful. This youngster does not understand the meaning of the word ‘no’. The sooner you lay down ground rules and impose a routine, the better. Scorpio loves to control things and loves a bit of drama too, so you can expect many a temper tantrum in the supermarket if you try to avoid the latest fad. Scorpio child is destined to play a dominant role in family life, and you will find that older siblings are quite charmed by the new arrival. This viper-in the-nest is a bossy little thing, who will stir things up BIG time. Brace yourself.


CHILD: Watch out for your child’s tendency to exaggerate. This bundle of brooding mischief loves gossip and drama, so it is important to check the facts before you run to other parents or teachers complaining about injustice in the play-ground. Your child loves to wind up unsavory characters and is likely to get into a scrape or two. But Scorpio kids with their innate psychic ability are street wise and canny. It is advisable to stay in their good books, for the infamous sting-in-the-tail is no myth. Your little Scorpio is excellent at pushing buttons and sensing weak spots; and their behaviour can be unpredictable as well as mysterious. Scorpio has their own reason for doing things and those well-honed instincts will get them out of all sorts of trouble, even as they land their mates right in it!


ELEVENSES: Your Scorpio child is well able to cast a spell or two. Their stories and shenanigans are captivating. They are likely to be surrounded by all sorts of mates in awe of their charisma. Don’t be surprised if your kid is a ring-leader for many a rebellious uprising, as they are particularly good at making teacher’s lives a misery. Of course their political awareness is not that well developed yet. But just wait until they hit student age! Young Scorpio will ignore what makes them feel uncomfortable and responds only to what is understood. The opposite sex gets torture not romance at this stage; for Scorpio is not adverse to a bit of intimidation. Life with this child is certainly weird and wonderful; and you can expect to be kept on your toes. Scorpio makes the rules up; get used to it!




Young Sagittarians are lively and fun. If you are parents to a little Sagittarian, you are in for lots of laughs. But will need boundless energy to keep up with the mad shenanigans. These kids have a well developed sense of adventure; so you will need to keep an eye on them. They are likely to wander. It is a good idea to encourage your child to sublimate all that excess energy with lots of physical activity.


BABY: Needless to say, it is quite tricky to get this baby to unwind enough to sleep. Innately restless, this is the baby you will have to push around the block, hoping the land-of-nod will descend a.s.a.p. But, the extra exercise and fresh air is just what you both need, so get into it. You really have no choice. You will have to come up with endless ideas to keep your child amused. This baby needs attention, stimulation and constant activity. At a later stage, you may be relieved to notice a lazy streak develop. But really, for your child’s benefit it is better to encourage positive activity. If you notice lethargy kicking-in, it is usually a sign of listlessness and despondency, so do be hands-on when it happens. Go to a film, go for a drive, have a giggle, or go kick a ball…together!


CHILD: This kid is a bundle of vibrant energy, destined to run rings around you for many hours of the day, and many years to come. You will get respite, but only once your little dynamo has collapsed into a heap of exhaustion in the corner. This physical sign scoots around like a mad thing until the batteries run low; which they do at a moment’s notice. It is a good idea to learn the art of cat-napping if you have a young Sagittarian on your hands. Grab your moment! You are also likely to have wakeful nights once that overactive imagination starts on the night-time terrors. The best way to calm the mind of this frantic creature is with a lilac-coloured bedroom and a charming nightlight of the moon. Learn to pace your child if you have a tight schedule; a workable routine is crucial.


ELEVENSES: Your child is a natural sporting champ, which is a great use of all that surplus energy. Intelligent, with a lively mind, young Sag is also good at studies. But, the opposite sex is likely to be a distraction from an early age. Thankfully, the school work does not suffer too much. These kids really do have energy for everything! Your child’s insatiable curiosity gives them a hunger for travel and adventure. Sagittarius has a love of life and embraces it in all its glory. Your kid is not likely to get into serious trouble. But there will inevitably be the odd scrape. Your child’s humour is their saving grace, so do encourage it at every given opportunity. At least your Sag is great at looking on the bright side, and more often than not they are the tonic YOU need at the end of a weary day.





Little Capricorns love their home life. If you are parents to young Capricorn, you are lucky to have a youngster who will really treasure family life. Indeed, this Earth Sign finds it difficult to detach from its roots. So when the time comes to flee the nest, your son or daughter will certainly need a gentle nudge. If you don’t manage this, chances are they would still have their own room upstairs, aged 42!


BABY: Baby Capricorns are as good as gold. They respond well to a practical routine and adore home life. These babies sense what is best for the family, and are great at settling down for the night, unless they are unwell. In fact if you have a cranky Capricorn baby on your hands, chances are they need to be checked over by your GP. In the fullness of health these babies sleep so well, you are likely to get a full night’s sleep right from the off. Indeed, you may well have to wake them up in the mornings; they really do love their cosy nest. If you are planning a baby, you could do worse than aiming for a mini-Capricorn! The only potential problem is the inevitable teething saga. Your baby Capricorn is bound to get frustrated that sleep is no longer straightforward. Try Bonjella!


CHILD: This child hates to be unsettled and needs the grounding of home life to function effectively in the adult world. The formative years set Capricorn up for life and they are eternally grateful for a settled, comfortable home-life. Depending on the Zodiac Signs of the family, your little one may sometimes get over-shadowed. Make an effort to include them if this happens a lot. But generally these kids are happy watching and observing from the side-lines. It’s the way they learn what is acceptable and what is not. Capricorn kids are quite placid; but the good news is they are obedient and love to do as they are told. You are lucky indeed to have such an obliging child. The only frustration or concern may be their lack of independence and slightly serious-minded nature. Lighten them up!


ELEVENSES: Young Capricorns are studious and hardworking. They are never rebellious for the sake of it, except perhaps when they have been hurt. But these placid, docile kids are not a complete pushover, and they sometimes do something controversial to make a point. Take note when this happens, as they are more than likely upset and need a good old-heart-to-heart. As young teens, Capricorns begin to show more oomph, creativity and develop a taste for life. Their years watching and observing begin to pay off and their confidence increases. It is difficult to fault the performance of this Grade A student. But there may be clashes with the most authoritative parent as the need to assert independence kicks-in. This may be a shock after the many docile years; but it passes.




The young Aquarian has an opinion on everything. If you are a parent to this intelligent Air Sign, you certainly have an intelligent child on your hands. Indeed the incessant chat is likely to drive you bananas after a while. But be mindful that it is very important to nurture this trait in your little Aquarian. In time to come, when they have talked their way into a lucrative career, you will be glad you did!


BABY: This little dote is a gorgeous baby who thrives on attention and interesting company. Mature and independent from a young age, this child still hates to be left alone. Aquarius babies need company for speedy development and enjoyable vibes. This little one would happily sleep through a party in the corner, rather than pine upstairs knowing there’s fun going on down below. Of course this does not mean you can never go out. But do make efforts to keep your child up-to-speed with your plans. Your Aquarian baby is really an old soul in a little body, so you must not ignore or overlook them. Besides, the joyful disposition of your wee dote will keep you amused and repay you handsomely. Don’t bother with fancy toys; that old cuddly bear or comfort blanket is what matters.


CHILD: Your Aquarian kid is a born entrepreneur, and stands to make a mint. Encourage this child’s lively mind and wicked sense of humour. If you tolerate all the chat and do not say ‘hush’ the whole time; you will really help set your baby up for life. Patience and a listening ear really is the best gift you could possibly give. These old souls are generous and spirited too; so you can only benefit in the long run if you support them beyond the call of duty now. Your little Aquarian has an experimental, quirky nature and needs a certain amount of privacy. If there are many siblings to contend with, your little one will love the company. But also need quality time and special gestures of affection. Apart from that they are independent, resourceful, and good at staging their own entertainment.


ELEVENSES: Your Aquarian child has strong instincts and is able to sense what to do next without any prompting from you. Don’t be tempted to interfere; you won’t be thanked. Little Aquarians are popular and well-loved; and your child will want to join in with all sorts of activities. Aquarius is a team player who loves to be included. But, there is still occasional need to withdraw. The quiet moments are the prime time to subtly check that all is well. Aquarians like to follow their intuition and do not respond well to routine. They perform well with the subjects they like; but will not be pushed along with those they don’t. Your child is a gadget whiz and is likely to spend hours on the computer. Don’t expect them to be tidy while they are absorbed; the chores can wait.




You have your hands full if you are parent to the Zodiac Fish. Your little Piscean is highly psychic and you won’t get away with anything. This little one can read your mind and will often tell you what you have just done, or who you have just talked to. These kids come alive at night, so you can expect fitful nights with your baby and endless nights lying awake waiting for your teenager to show face.


BABY: This baby is a gorgeous, sensitive creature. But, you will have your work cut-out adjusting to their sleeping pattern. Pisces comes alive at night and the Moon does strange things to this baby’s delicate system. There is something very special about your otherworldly baby. You will soon appreciate this when their extra-sensory perception starts to develop. These kids have a natural zest for life. But you will also notice a tricky duality in their behaviour. On the one hand you have a cute, obliging little child; and on the other, the monster who just won’t settle comes out to play. Pisces has a golden, endearing nature one minute and a petulant, impatient nature the next. Pisces babies are exhausting, but entertaining. They are mystical, magical babies who are also very human.


CHILD: Your Zodiac Fish is very cute, and loveable. But you can expect a battle of wills if you impose unreasonable boundaries. Pisces needs some structure; but generally, these kids do not respond well to discipline. They simply need to know where they stand. You may sometimes notice a selfish streak when it comes to sharing thoughts, possessions and affections. Pisces child will not be forced to do go against their natural inclinations. You can be assured there is a reason for this; but it is no excuse for bad behaviour. Never forget that your little fish is very susceptible to energies, so may take an unexpected dislike to certain people. Pay attention to this and don’t assume that they are just being rude. Pisces has plenty of imaginary friends and does not need weird human ones!


ELEVENSES: Your Pisces child is likely to be an avid reader, so do line up an interesting array of books to keep them busy. These intelligent kids respond well to the arts. But Pisces learns at a measured pace, and may find it tricky to retain facts and figures. Exam time can be stressful and coursework seems to suit the Piscean psyche rather better. Your child will likely have quite far-fetched dreams. But these are treasured and fiercely guarded; so do not try to steer them away from their chosen career. This would only make them more desperate and determined to prove you wrong. When this Zodiac Sign sets its heart on a course of action, nothing will deter or discourage their resolve. There is a touch of genius about your Pisces and wicked instincts too! Wait and see…



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