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2012 A New Opportunity?

Posted by sarahdelamerehurding on June 10, 2012 at 5:40 AM


It is 2012! ... Are you still there? Still breathing? Still up for it?


2012 has all sorts of mad prophesies attached to it; some apocalyptic and some transformative. But remember the whole 2YK debacle as we turned into the 21st Century? What happened? Errr....Nothing.


There we were over a decade ago heading into a new millenium and we all thought we were done for. Or at least that something dramatic would happen to boggle our minds as midnight chimed in.


No such luck.


Our computers did not have the predicted meltdown, the banks did not crash and burn (that came later) and the land did not disappear into the sea.


After all the hype Y2K bit the dust and we got on with life as normal. I suspect the run into 2012 will be much the same but for slightly different reasons.


According to the ancient Mayan calendar 2012 does indeed have intense significance. Mayan calendars are known for their accuracy and are still used by modern cultures in Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. These calendars date to the minute the movement of the sun through the solar system. They are based on a thirteen moon cycle and are totally in sync with the evolution of natural time.


The rhythm and predictions of the Mayan calendar are directly in tune with mother nature unlike our own time bound calendars which regiment the seasons and keep us enslaved to a mechanical ticking clock. No wonder so many of us are out of sync and quite a distance from where we need to be inside and out as 2012 gets underway.


The Mayan calendar charts and accounts for the movements of the sun, the moon, venus and many of the other planets in our solar system in a much more comprehensive way than we do. The ancient Mayans' harmony with nature displays an incredibly sophisticated understanding of the universe that modern researchers still struggle to completely understand. For example in the Mayan system there is a leap day once every 380,000 years!


The ancient Mayans were able to track the movement of the planets in such a detailed way that they could account for the acceleration of time plus the subtle changes which would occur as and when the earth shifted on its axis.


You may have noticed in recent years the sensation of time speeding up? The days blend so quickly into weeks, months and years now. Time is literally flying by. This photon energy shift gives us the feeling that 24 hours is probably the equivalent of about 8. I have certainly noticed the acceleration of time in the last couple of years. Have you?


This photon energy sensation is supposed to increase throughout 2012 as the earth shifts further on its axis. It will allegedly reach a peak in December 2012 by which time if we are all still here and in one piece we really will have cause for celebration.


I know so many prophesies have predicted the end of the world over the centuries. But when the accurate Mayan calendar predicts a major cut off point - which it does in December 2012 - it is actually time to be a little bit concerned!


Apparently what we should be worried about is the predicted increase of solar flare activity as the sun shifts into a new cycle during 2012. Wayward solar flares have the potential to knock out a satellite or two and completely decimate our electrical systems. Never mind a computer meltdown. What on earth would happen if our electrical supplies were out of action for any length of time?


Obviously for some primitive cultures who still live in rhythm with the seasons it would be condition normal if this happens. But for the vast majority of the western world it could lead to looting, lawlessness, panic, a feeling of disconnectedness from the world at large and all sorts of chaos. No electricity does indeed conjure up quite an apocalyptic vision. So let us hope that the Mayan's are way off with this one and that those pesky solar flares stay right away from planet earth.


On a lighter note, 2012 is linked to the unfolding of the Age of Aquarius where our consciousness has the potential to further expand and we will come to understand a whole lot more intuitively and spiritually. The Age of Aquarius heralds our coming of age as energetic creatures and the concept of everything being *energy* will come much more to the fore.


In the next decade we will see energetic medicine and healing become more prominent. Even in the business world we will need to be open and not closed to our own psychic abilities or we will get left behind. Plus there will be research breakthroughs in physics, biology and chemistry to substantiate a lot of what people now dismiss as hokum. Now there is an irony.


There is no doubt that 2012 is here to open up our minds, lives and hearts. I believe it is a challenge to us creatively and that we really need to access the fresh start which the new age brings. Enough of buying into the fear and control issues which keep us functioning below par within our relationships and in society at large.


Yes we have all fallen foul of a recession in the last while. But do we need to keep buying into it? No we do not! In fact the sooner we STOP buying into it, the sooner the momentum of economic recovery can take hold.


The Mayan legacy is inspirational. We need to realise that electronic time is a construct we have all bought into which limits us as human beings. Okay it has a functional role to play and we will probably still have to make our next appointment. But the point is we now all need to access our X Factor. Big Brother may be watching us. But the restrictions we are under can in fact get us into a groove of self expression which far surpasses anything we feel obliged to show up for.


A big part of your game plan for the year ahead should be to develop your intuition. Listen to the small voice within and remember no one knows your life better than you do. Let self empowerment be the order of the day. Learn not to give your power away to lovers, family members, the boss or the guy who sells you your lotto ticket! You have on board everything you need to make the most of YOU. Access your wisdom from deep within and trust your Inner-tuition.


The energies of fear and panic lead to stress and overwhelm, depression and escapism. Who needs any of that? It is time to ditch the old paradigms. All those factors which have been restricting you and what you can achieve. Access your love for life and your innate positivity and life will start to flow. Work with your love of nature and this will allow the earthed energy of 2012 to help you.


To realise our potential, we should be open to access the messages which the new age brings. What the Mayans knew, we can now come to know. Their great spiritual knowledge and scientific application was way in advance of ours. But we can pay heed and learn from them. Most especially that we need to take care of planet earth. For if we do not we will very quickly produce our own apocalyptic conditions. Never mind the solar flares.


I believe that the gift and lesson of 2012 is that energy resonates through absolutely everything. We are ONE, all connected throughout space and time. We can access the energy of the era if we follow and listen to our hearts rather than to our over analytical minds. It is important to ditch the fear factor. Every present moment is what counts. It has always been true that we may never have tomorrow. Perhaps it is never more true than now.


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