Sarah De La Mer ;-)

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30 Minute Psychic & Spiritual Guidance HIGHLY accurate


For a 30 minute reading it is US $444

Alot of info comes through in the half an hour and I work quickly and thoroughly for you on any matter which concerns you.

However if you are feeling stuck and blocked and you need a significant energy shift also, I would strongly recommend the investment of the hour long connection with me. :-)

This reading is a good investment for a detailed look at one or two situations which are troubling you.


Also good for a follow up reading after we have established contact usually in an hour reading.


Six half an hour readings may also be purchased as a package at a much reduced price of $1500 . Pay at pay pal using email [email protected] if you wish to avail of this package which must be used within two or three months

This reading is done by phone on a landline ~ I phone you at agreed time for FREE.

OR by arranged Internet chat on gmail, facebook or SKYPE ~ psychicsarah1


Email [email protected] or phone 00447535172629 to arrange a mutually suitable time, once you have made your payment.

There is no such thing as Time, Space or Distance when the Spirit moves <3

NB) I have been extensively used by a number of Hollywood Actors and Business Leaders, as well as High Profile Music Moguls and Performers.

I also have Professional Sports People amongst my clientele, as well as Professional Writers and TV Personalities.

NB) ACCURATE Sporting Tips are on offer as a bit of fun. BUT essentially this is a serious opportunity to sort out your concerns and to experience amazing, magical healing and guidance from me.

If expenses are paid, I am able to meet with you any where in the world or alternatively you can come to my location if you choose to do so.

I have an excellent track record of professionalism and accuracy. You can be assured you will be getting the BEST possible advice and healing opportunity when you avail of this service.

WHATEVER your concerns and field of speciality I can apply my skills and help you.

Discretion is GUARANTEED and I will sign a confidentiality agreement if needs be.

I can mention of course the high profile celebrities I have assisted publically and who have acknowledged me publically as being accurate and helpful. Amongst these are Bono, Ashton Kutcher, Simon Cowell, Louis name drop a few lol ;-)

Publically known Celebrity Testimonies:

Louis Walsh called me *The woman who knows everything*

Simon Cowell was silenced for once when I predicted the FULL line up of Irish Popstars band SIX (out of 32 contestants)

Ashton Kutcher referenced me at the top of a recent TV interview with Jimmy Kimmel as HIS psychic, generously stating I am completely ON POINT with everything.

Bono has used me for guidance over the years and oddly composed this rather flattering ditty for me ~ *Her name is Sarah / And she drives a blue car / You'd like to get to know her / 'Cos she is a star* ....

Lol... keep the day job I think Bono!

Qualifier ~

When I know I really KNOW. There are no doubts. And I have never known this to be wrong.

In a reading I will help you unstick the areas in which you feel blocked. Together we will come up with a practical plan of action. I am a practical reader who has a powerful vision and the ability to help you ground your dreams and wishes.

I tell it like it is and I will never give you false hope. However, I believe in Miracles and Magic DOES HAPPEN.

I am also a healer, so you will always experience an energy shift with your reading. Those blocked areas which have been niggling you will start to resolve. The following two to three weeks is usually very telling. And the following two to three months should see you confident and empowered in your process. You will start to get definite confirmations and assurances that you are on track.

Yes, I can tell you what has been going on in your life and what influences you currently need to deal with. But always the most important thing is for YOU to learn to trust and use your inner knowing.

There is no point in me telling you too much of what you already know yourself. The goal is to move things up a notch and to launch you onto a path that will enable you to ground your dreams and visions.


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