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ASTRO Compatibilty Combinations


Compatibility Combinations






Aries Woman/Aries Man


There maybe fireworks at dawn with this combination. Lots of fun. But the down side is the power struggle. Who will be the centre of attention? A competitive but entertaining coupling. A shared fitness regime keeps it sweet. 



Aries Woman/Taurus Man


This is to be avoided 24/7. But it can work if independence is respected. Mutual support has to be a given. Whilst good communication is fundamental. Things fall apart where one or the other is taken for granted. Aries is a hothead!



Aries Woman/Gemini Man


A stimulating combination, providing hours of endless fun. Time alone is important & keeps passion alive. Flirting with others can lead to fun & games. Whilst playing away from home is quite likely from time to time. Not relaxing!




Aries Woman/Cancer Man


An odd combination: Cancer is an old softie who likes to know what’s going down. Whilst Aries is demanding & up for anything. It can work with good communication & mutual understanding. These two are tantalisingly different.



Aries Woman /Leo Man


A dynamic duo! This sizzling combination is too hot to handle. But it’s lots of fun. Never mind the burn out factor. It gets heated very quickly. But may subside if the intensity can’t be replaced with warmth, tolerance & forgiveness. 



Aries Woman/Virgo Man


This is a bit of a clash waiting to happen. Would you even bother? Of course love covers a multitude of sins. But Virgo’s obsessive nit-picking can get a bit much. Aries is a live wire that Virgo may never control or get to grips with.



Aries Woman /Libra Man


A sexy, coupling! Libra is a scream who provides hours of entertainment. Game for a laugh & generally up for it, Libra has to be patient with Arian impatience. Aries finds Libra’s inability to make a decision exasperating!



Aries Woman /Scorpio Man


Scorpio is probably too intense & deep. Aries may not be able to keep up & is quite superficial at times. Scorpio likes to run the show & is not at all flexible. Whilst Aries is dynamic & full-on. If Scorpio falls in love, Aries may scarper! 



Aries Woman/Sagittarius Man


This is great fun. Frolics galore & lots of laughs keep these two interested & interesting. The social whirl provides hours of entertainment. But Aries & Sagittarius may find it difficult to sit still for more than 5 mins: exhausting!



Aries Woman/Capricorn Man


Capricorn likes watching Aries act on impulse. But the Zodiac Goat is quite staid & predictable. Aries may get bored in the long term. Capricorn has to let go a little. Whilst Aries makes compromises & enjoys that earthy sensuality. 



Aries Woman/Aquarius Man


These two need to compliment each other by blowing hot & cold at the same time. Intense passion at the hot moments is worth hanging around for. But healthy respect & independence are important when Aquarius needs privacy.



Aries Woman/Pisces Man


If these magnets attract rather than repel, all is well. Pisces is a hopeless romantic. But may not be able to handle the volatile Aries temperament full time. Small doses work wonders & keep the interest alive. A mutual decision! 





Taurus Woman/Aries Man


Instant magnetism has to develop into lasting love or this fizzles out. Aries may have second thoughts re commitment & has to be kept on a short but loose lead! Taurus loves to control so may not manage the balancing act for long.



Taurus Woman/Taurus Man


A hot steamy combination initially which can deteriorate into a power struggle. These two poetic souls should give each other a chance. Mutual support & friendship work along with sensual moments & heartfelt communication: bless 



Taurus Woman/Gemini Man


Put the breaks on this! Gemini is flirtatious & may drive Taurus nuts by going after friends, neighbours, & strangers. Ok if Taurus has the patience of a saint & can turn a blind eye. Romance factor may make it all worthwhile though! 



Taurus Woman/Cancer Man


This provides warmth & companionship: great for mutual understanding & support. Good friends at least & when passion fades, these two are life long mates. Taurus must not play the martyr or sulk when Cancer is moody or grim.



Taurus Woman/Leo Man


Leo is flamboyant & not comfortable with Taurus’ caution. Leo unnerves predictable Taurus who hates to be challenged. It ‘happens’ so long as notable differences are accepted. Powerful if it works: dismally depressing otherwise



Taurus Woman/Virgo Man


Great rapport: a quite magical, earthy combination. Definite soul mates these two! Sexy goddess meets Mr loyal & reliable: what can go wrong? Virgo’s attention to detail suits Taurus’ ability to organise. Great compliments abound. 



Taurus Woman/Libra Man


Libra is full of ideas. So practical Taurus must be careful not to bring the ‘air head’ down to earth with a bang. Tongues will have to be bitten for this potential clash to work. Libra humour tickles the fancy lightening up the mood. 



Taurus Woman/Scorpio Man


A Love: Hate relationship that can swing between the two extremes. A bit of a head wreck when it’s a bad day. But intensely passionate when the sun is shining. A roller-coaster ride that is tumultuous & unpredictable: not boring!



Taurus Woman/Sagittarius Man


Sagittarius needs a permanent option on freedom. Whilst Taurus loves to feel safe, stable & secure on the home front: not an easy combination. If Taurus lets go whilst Sagittarius goes off on one, it can work. But it’s not an obvious pair!



Taurus Woman/ Capricorn Man


This is the stuff of friendship certainly: an earthy connection. But stubborn wills & tempers can kill off the passion fairly lively as a grim stalemate sets in. Someone has to bend or peace will never be restored. Sensual links hit the spot.  



Taurus Woman/Aquarius Man


Aquarius is everyone’s friend & stays on good terms with the EX factor. This is difficult for Taurus, but not impossible. Grownup discussion sorts out most problems. But an air of silent resistance can make things awkward. A bit cool!



Taurus Woman/ Pisces Man


Pisces leans heavily on sensible Taurus & shouldn’t give in so readily. Taurus invades space in the nicest possible way & Pisces is not complaining. But this can be intense, if not a little possessive. It is for keeps, but care is needed.   







Gemini Woman /Aries Man


Great natural rapport between these two: they both flirt for Ireland! But Aries man is somewhat self absorbed & hot headed. Gemini may tire of fanning the flames!



Gemini Woman /Taurus Man


He’s all man, very physical & sensual. She has no problem staying interested. Gemini has a lively, mind & keeps Taurus amused for hours: a delicious combination altogether. 



Gemini Woman /Gemini Man


These two have the measure of each other. They can both play games & change like the wind. Surprisingly there is little tension as they have an innate understanding: anything goes! A childlike union!



Gemini Woman/Cancer Man


Cancer man is caring, kind & possibly too clingy for carefree Gemini. This could get a little cloying & claustrophobic. Cosy, but restrictive: his moods may be too much to bear!   



Gemini Woman/Leo Man


He is a drama Queen, but Gemini loves his antics. He is warm, generous & loads of fun. However, Gemini is required to play the glamour role til the cows come home: could get tedious over time…



Gemini Woman/Virgo Man


This will be instant attraction, or instant dislike. The love/hate thing is liable to play out in a roller-coaster ride. She is funny & witty, but he is intellectually superior & loves to prove it: yawn!



Gemini Woman /Libra Man


A sexy combination that will spend a lot of time in the boudoire! He has a mischievous mind & will keep her amused for hours: don’t ask! It’s romantic & sweaty…



Gemini Woman/Scorpio Man


Great for commitment this one if they can get past the love/hate stuff & control issues. It can be quite dramatic, but never boring. These two stay interested: she is fun, he is brooding…



Gemini Woman/ Sagittarius Man


This is a powerful physical attraction that rarely fades, even once they have split! These two are a great match: better stay together to avoid the annoying ex factor! 



Gemini Woman / Capricorn Man


She is indecisive & he is a professional quiz-master: not likely to be much fun. She hates being cornered & he turns into her father!



Gemini Woman /Aquarius Man


A meeting of minds: these two keep each other hooked for hours on end. He doesn’t give much away, which drives Gemini nuts, but keeps her in place!



Gemini Woman/ Pisces Man


He is adaptable & changeable & so is she. They are very different, but also very similar! He indulges her fantasies, but she may need more definite signs in time…











Cancer Woman/Aries Man


He is passionate & full of it, which she finds thrilling but uncomfortable. She is more discreet & intense! She needs security & safety in time: commitment sends him packing: oops!



Cancer Woman/Taurus Man


An easy-going combination, which is heaven sent!  These two understand each other. There is mutual acceptance & admiration. He loves security, she is cosy & they both love food!



Cancer Woman/Gemini Man


He loves variety & needs his mind stimulated, whereas she is the queen of emotion who gets intense. He may not be able to handle her cloying nature & she won’t know where she stands.


Cancer Woman/Cancer Man


Both have an innate fear of rejection, so this takes a while to warm up. It can become rather intense. But the magic is there, especially once commitment sets in.



Cancer Woman/Leo Man


He knows everything & is extremely flamboyant at times. But once he calms down he is the purring pussycat. She simply has to stroke him frequently! 



Cancer Woman/Virgo Man


He is sensible & pragmatic, whilst she loves the hidden mystery of life. These two are different, but she may need his grounded nature. He loves her tenderness.



Cancer Woman /Libra Man


He is idealistic & visionary, which suits her mysterious nature. He has the fantasies & she makes sure they happen. It’s an up & down thing that works!



Cancer Woman /Scorpio Man


He is a control freak, but she loves being tied up & controlled (up to a point). She is feminine & he is Mr passionate: a great combination emotionally & physically!



Cancer Woman/Sagittarius Man


These two are magnets drawn together by their differences. She is secretive & sensitive & he is ‘out there’ & up-for-it! He is the eternal optimist keeping her buoyant & happy!



Cancer Woman/ Capricorn Man


He needs to control his life & the lives of those around him. She needs to keep her emotions under wraps. It could be a bit repressed without good communication. But it can work…



Cancer Woman/Aquarius Man


He needs to move on when he gets the measure of what’s going on. So she has to stay mysterious & not too clingy to keep him. This involves game playing, but it can ‘find its feet’…



Cancer Woman/ Pisces Man


Both these two are sensitive & intuitive: a psychic combination, so there will be few secrets & endless chats about the Universe. He can’t make decisions which suits her: she can run the show!







Leo Woman/Aries Man


A fiery, passionate meeting, that can burn out quick. A very physical connection, but these two are very self-absorbed which is tedious: they need to look at each other!



Leo Woman/Taurus Man


She is a drama Queen, whilst he is a behind the scenes kind of guy. He likes to take it easy. But Leo has to be in the thick of it, stirring things up. He may tire of her attention seeking.



Leo Woman/Gemini Man


Leo is all heart, whilst Gemini does the head stuff. These two live differently & think ‘out of sync’. He is witty & fun & she is sociable: good friends, but commitment sucks!



Leo Woman/Cancer Man


He is moody & silent, whilst Leo never shuts up! She is fiery, needs attention, but loves his air of mystery. Cancer is passionate but in a discreet way. He may dampen her ardour if he can’t handle it!



Leo Woman/Leo Man


Two lions are intense, fiery & competitive. They vie for power & only one can reign supreme. It’s a challenge that could get tedious. Both are proud & will not admit mistakes.



Leo Woman/Virgo Man


She is always on a mission with too much on her plate. He is down to earth & fairly laid back. She is demanding & he may tire of her need for drama. He hates hassle!



Leo Woman /Libra Man


These two love the social buzz. Both take pride in their appearance & have 101 friends. But she is very definite & may hate his dithering nature. It’s Ok if he lets her make the moves…



Leo Woman /Scorpio Man


She is a showy tease who is dramatic & insatiable. He is difficult to satisfy & likes to control things. A powerful attraction with a lot of kissing & making up going down!


Leo Woman/Sagittarius Man


A hugely physical connection, that is passionate & playful. Commitment issues don’t usually surface. So long as these two are having fun, all is well. To be taken at face value!



Leo Woman/Capricorn Man


She is exciting, dramatic & fiery: he is earthy sensual & dynamic. Both understand control issues differently. So this can work & these two are quite complimentary!



Leo Woman/Aquarius Man


These two opposites definitely attract. There’s a sense of destiny hanging in the air: a magical, mystical rapport. It comes unstuck when he wants to wander & she needs to settle.



Leo Woman/Pisces Man


A warm, spicy combination: she is intense & he is dreamy! It’s all quite passionate & romantic, until he starts to dither. Let Leo run the show & all will be well.








Virgo Woman/Aries Man


Opposites attract! She is private & he is ‘out there’. But this can work as a passionate, intense combination. He will be delighted at her bedroom antics: it’s his secret!  



Virgo Woman/Taurus Man


These two earth signs connect in an earthy, passionate, intense way: there is no need for words. Natural connections mean this union makes so much sense. There is little in the way.


Virgo Woman/Gemini Man


He is mischievous, which keeps her amused. Both ruled by Mercury, these two are sufficiently different to stay interested. Lots of chats & mad times. Don’t mention the ‘C’ word!



 Virgo Woman/Cancer Man


He is needy & emotional once he has let his guard down. But Virgo is sensible & pragmatic. She can be cool when it gets too intense. If the work is done, these two can make it.



Virgo Woman/Leo Man


A potential clash here, for Virgo is always right, but Leo thinks he is! Oops! Leo is too proud to admit a mistake. So Virgo has to be kind & forgiving…rather a lot!



Virgo Woman/Virgo Man


A mutual understanding society that may lack intensity & passion. Great friends who have long chats & sort the world out. Ok if they don’t need to ‘walk on the wild side’…



Virgo Woman/Libra Man


A sweet combination that comes close to perfect at times. He is idealistic & considerate, but wants to get it right all the time. Admirable, but Virgo may need outside interests.



Virgo Woman/Scorpio Man


He is passion personified & is hungry for more. She loves this & her secret sexy side can come out to play. He can be assured that it’s all for him, so he feels comfortable & accepted.



Virgo Woman/Sagittarius Man


Great for romance, but Virgo must be up for it! She needs a sense of adventure & crazy streak. Sagittarius loves Virgo & will go to the ends of the earth: she must too! Give & take…


Virgo Woman/Capricorn Man


There is a great & sexual rapport between these two. It is passionate, accepting, intense, & can stand the test of time. Good levels of companionship & understanding…



Virgo Woman/Aquarius Man


This is an intellectual meeting of minds, an unusual combination. She loves his detached cool view of life, but may miss intense passion. He loves her sensible streak & up-front nature…



Virgo Woman/Pisces Man


He is intuitive & romantic: she is earthy & sexy. The sexual rapport & mutual understanding is great. These two get the balance right. It’s not too intense & not too cool.











Libra Woman/Aries Man


This is an intense, immediate attraction. He takes the reigns & runs the show. But Libra loves it! A compatible match indeed: she is witty & funny & he can do his own thing.



Libra Woman/Taurus Man


He is down to earth & sensible, so she may feel short-changed romantically. If she can leave aside her expectations & take him as he comes this can work. A good double act!



Libra Woman/Gemini Man


He is sexy & hilarious & so is she! These two are not too intense & simply enjoy each other’s company. There is lots of fun to be had, until the commitment issues surface!



Libra Woman/Cancer Man


An exotic combination! He is emotional & mystical, whilst she loves romance & jovial fun. She won’t get much of this when he hides under his shell, so she might get frustrated!



Libra Woman/Leo Man


It’s a hedonistic match between these two. With a mutual love of material goods & an appreciation of beauty, both love life itself! Works when there’s glamour, sex, & lots of money!



Libra Woman/Virgo Man


Virgo is ideal for Libra romantically & in the long term. But there will be adjustments to make along the way. He may get ‘picky’ & critical which could kill patience!



Libra Woman /Libra Man


Instant understanding & rapport between these two airheads! Lots of chats & fun times, but will they ever decide on anything? Now there’s the rub! A sexy combination: love actually!



Libra Woman/Scorpio Man


It’s a deep, intense, sexy connection between these two. They are very different & spend lots of time exploring why. There is little conflict, if Scorpio makes the decisions.  



Libra Woman/Sagittarius Man


This is a fun duo! She must keep up with his spirited nature & he can make the decisions. If she can accept him for who he is this works. It’s full of life but not ‘lovey dovey’.



Libra Woman/ Capricorn Man


He is no nonsense, earthy & sensible, but she loves to be wined & dined. She must ditch her expectations & work out if she loves him! Different approaches to life cause a clash…



Libra Woman /Aquarius Man


Very sexy mind games go on between these two. There’s great attraction & it starts in the head! His independence may frustrate her & she may not feel ‘connected’ over time. 



Libra Woman/ Pisces Man


It is fantasy heaven when these two get together. Shared dreams, visions & magic mean these two may never leave the bedroom. Work needs to be done when the rot sets in…








Scorpio Woman/Aries Man


These two definitely get stuck in! There is a great spark between them & a whole lot of mischief. He is a party animal, but eventually she will want something more…



Scorpio Woman/Taurus Man


There is magnetic attraction between these two zodiac opposites. It’s a love / hate thing that can run on & on & on! It’s erotic, tantalising & down right infuriating too!



Scorpio Woman/Gemini Man


He needs to be kept on his toes. But finds compelling Scorpio sufficiently interesting to stay around. She can beguile him, hypnotise him & wrap him around her finger!



Scorpio Woman/Cancer Man


These two water signs love each other’s deep brooding intensity. They keep each other amused for hours: even silences are golden & loaded! Good for the long haul!



Scorpio Woman/Leo Man


He’s full of ideas & adventure, but she wants to run the show. Commitment issues maybe a spanner in the works if she gets too pushy. Jealousy can spoil things: he loves company! 



Scorpio Woma/Virgo Man


She is passionate & chaotic in her emotional displays. He won’t take the bait & is coolness personified. This may drive her nuts if she is looking for a reaction. Unfulfilling probably…



Scorpio Woman/Libra Man


He craves perfect love & romance & she is intoxicating. Her mystery & allure keeps him interested & as he is not pushy, she gets her own way. Let’s hope he doesn’t catch on!



Scorpio Woman /Scorpio Man


This sexual, emotional heaven & the power struggles add to the fun. However, once the physical side wears off, this can get messy. These two vie for control & outwit each other.



Scorpio Woman/ Sagittarius Man


He is a free spirit, who likes to come & go. Unless she has some diversion or secret she will hate this! A great fling & buzz of sexual energy lies here. But wedding rings? Mm!



Scorpio Woman/ Capricorn Man


Sexual dominance & power make this a heady combination. Mind games & sensual rewards are inevitable. She is intensely passionate; he is pragmatic & will not suffer fools…



Scorpio Woman/Aquarius Man


This is an erotic, sensual combination. Aquarius keeps Scorpio guessing & is detached, which drives her nuts in the nicest possible way! He is unconventional & kooky.



Scorpio Woman/Pisces Man


He is social, romantic & likes to go with the flow. There is an intense emotional connection if they can get past the dithering. She is more definite & needs answers he won’t have…









Sagittarius Woman/Aries Man


This is an intense fiery combination: hot stuff indeed! But as for long term delights? I think not…unless there is a huge willingness to compromise & make it work.



Sagittarius Woman/Taurus Man


Taurus can be possessive & Sagittarius is a free spirit. There could be a clash over what’s important. But essentially this is good stuff: dynamic & satisfying. Grows over time…



Sagittarius Woman/Gemini Man


These two are Zodiac opposites. This is a magnetic attraction with lots of fun & sociability. A zesty, dramatic relationship with a lot going down! Both can expect to be kept on their toes!



Sagittarius Woman/Cancer Man


He loves home, cosiness & security. But she is a free agent with a lot to be getting on with. Ok if he is willing to play house-husband. But there could be a clash over priorities.



Sagittarius Woman/Leo Man


Lots of glamour, flirting & messing goes on between these two! It’s an exciting combination, than can weather a few storms. There is mutual understanding & respect. Watch re jealousy!



Sagittarius Woman/Virgo Man


He is captivated by her sense of humour & fun: he hasn’t had it so good in a long time! But she may find him a bit ordinary & stuffy at times. She is late & he is on time: oops!



Sagittarius Woman /Libra Man


He is inclined to be too keen. She needs to think she can walk away at a moment’s notice & come back when she feels like it! She will get under his skin, but he likes that!



Sagittarius Woman/Scorpio Man


He is liable to get intensely jealous of her friends, flirtations & commitments. She makes him feel dispensable, which of course he is! It is exciting though if he is cool enough to handle it!



Sagittarius Woman/Sagittarius Man


Mutual understanding here makes this a match made in heaven. They must allow each other room to breathe. But there is trust, compassion & a hot connection. Magic!


Sagittarius Woman/Capricorn Man


He is liable to look on her as a trophy or piece of property! She is rebellious when confined & constricted. So this will only work if he stays calm & taps into his earthy side.



Sagittarius Woman/Aquarius Man


A great combination that works if there is personal freedom, & space, room to breathe is essential. There is a mutual fascination. This can work for years if it doesn’t get heavy…



Sagittarius Woman/Pisces Man


A sexy duo: the attraction is intense. But he is a slippery fish & she is equally unreliable. The fun begins when the arguments start. Making up is passionate: it’s worth the fight!










Capricorn Woman/Aries Man


He is full of himself & she isn’t far behind! This can turn into a battleground. Who has the upper hand in this domestic drama? Lots of sexy antics when it gets hot & heavy.



Capricorn Woman/Taurus Man


This is a great combination. These two are very earthy & sensual. But there is competition for control of the purse strings & it can get autocratic! Who runs the show: does it matter?



Capricorn Woman/Gemini Man


This is a sexy duo, but he needs constant stimulation. She may be too matter of fact for his tastes. He likes to be kept on his toes & she can be a no-nonsense control freak!



 Capricorn Woman/Cancer Man


This is sexy, serious & emotionally intense. She makes him feel secure & grounded: but she will never replace his mother! But this lasts for the long haul, God willing!



Capricorn Woman/Leo Man


He is a poser & she loves status, so these two will be quite ‘out there’ socially. The best of everything is what counts, but they could get bogged down with material concerns.



Capricorn Woman/Virgo Man


An earthy, fulfilling connection, which becomes the stuff of long-term contentment. These two enjoy the same pleasures, tastes & preferences. Harmony reigns supreme!



Capricorn Woman /Libra Man


These two are very different which makes it interesting at first! However, her stubborn nature & his flippancy can become annoying. He needs perfection, she thinks she is perfect: oops!



Capricorn Woman /Scorpio Man


Both understand the constructs of power. So this is an ambitious pairing who can take on the world. They make good business partners & great lovers too! It can go sour though…



Capricorn Woman/Sagittarius Man


He loves the trappings of status & she is hungry for material comfort & credibility. Appearances count for a lot. Things have to be ‘just so’: watch that white carpet! 



Capricorn Woman/ Capricorn Man


This is a sexy combination, but these two are very similar. The novelty could wear off. They are more like brother & sister after a time, but make great companions.



Capricorn Woman/Aquarius Man


These two are different & keep each other interested. But there is no chance of agreement once a difference of opinion is established. It’s live & let live…or else move on!



 Capricorn Woman/ Pisces Man


This is not easy! She is very definite & knows what’s what (or so she likes to think). Whilst he is changeable & likes to go with the flow. A clash of personalities!






Aquarius Woman/Aries Man


This is a passionate & intense emotional connection. He likes to do his own thing & she must be careful not to dominate. But there is mutual understanding & great love.



Aquarius Woman/Taurus Man


He likes to possess things & she is fiercely private & at times independent. She will not explain herself at every turn, which may drive him nuts. He is passionate & sensual- nice!



Aquarius Woman/Gemini Man


He is great fun, but also a pain in the proverbial backside! He is liable to go off on one. She won’t be able to handle him for more than 5 minutes, unless she turns a blind eye. 



Aquarius Woman/Cancer Man


He may get jealous of her mates & the ex factor is a problem. She is liable to stay friends with previous lives & he will find this difficult. He needs her heart & soul: a bit intense!



Aquarius Woman/Leo Man


He is sexiness personified. These two are Polar opposites, so compliment each other well. This is a great heart connection. But loyalty is supremely important.

Love stuff!



Aquarius Woman/Virgo Man


These two have a lot to share & talk about. They are different but complimentary. With each other, they have everything they need. A healthy match indeed.



Aquarius Woman /Libra Man


This can be a lot of fun. But it is liable to get a bit silly & out of hand! He is a live wire & she may tire of endless laughter! It really can work so long as it avoids intensity.



Aquarius Woman/Scorpio Man


He is heavy & intense, which she detests! A battle of wills as he pursues her heart & soul & she runs quickly in the opposite direction! He will have to play games to keep her.



Aquarius Woman/ Sagittarius Man


He needs lots of freedom & space, which suits her down to the ground. A great combination devoid of possessiveness (well it has to be!). She likes her privacy & he is often away!



 Aquarius Woman/ Capricorn Man


He is conventional & traditional, whilst she is kooky & eccentric. This is a clash of temperaments. Aquarius likes to do things differently & Capricorn follows the rules… 


Aquarius Woman/Aquarius Man


A meeting of minds this. Hours of intellectual conversation means the bedroom antics may never happen! Mutual honesty & integrity make this run & run: heavenly love…



Aquarius Woman/ Pisces Man


He is charming & seductive with love skills to make her quake in her boots! He can get intense & falls heavily, which she may find tedious over time. He will have to stay cool!









Pisces Woman/Aries Man


He is passionate & confident & she loves to be invaded! He loves her sensual reactions, but she may get a bit too intense at times. She must keep him interested & stay cool!


Pisces Woman/Taurus Man


She is sensitive & he is easily seduced by her feminine wiles.  He melts when she walks by, & she loves his warm responsive touch. Finances may cause grief though.



Pisces Woman/Gemini Man


He is funny, light & bright, but may get up to things she doesn’t need to know about! If she can turn a blind eye & take him at face value all will be well. Not easy…



Pisces Woman/Cancer Man


He is passionate, broody & moody which keeps her interested. She needs to be kept on her toes, so long as he is loyal. Great sexual connection this & her fantasies have a field day!



Pisces Woman/Leo Man


She is a dreamer, but he keeps it real. They may not be able to meet half way for long. He finds her kooky & intense, but may be waylaid by warmer natures & fiery temperaments.



Pisces Woman/Virgo Man


There is a great sexual connection between these two Polar opposites. She can read him like a book & they are intuitively in harmony: words need not be spoken. Great long-term



Pisces Woman /Libra Man


Romantic indeed, but he is an intellectual who needs constant mental stimulation. She likes to float along in dreamland & he is not the most grounded company!



Pisces Woman/Scorpio Man


Great stuff this: an intensely deep watery connection. But these two may drown in each other’s company! He may get possessive as she floats along regardless, not paying attention!



Pisces Waoman/ Sagittarius Man


He loves to roam the green fields & she needs intense love & romance. These two seduce each other very easily: great for a fling. But it could end in tears! She must ignore too much…



Pisces Woman/ Capricorn Man


He is reserved & not the most communicative man on the planet. She needs to feel wooed & romanced at every turn. She may not feel fulfilled & he may get frustrated as he does his best!



Pisces Woman /Aquarius Man


He is proud & intellectually superior; whilst she has a different emotional agenda. It’s sexy, but she will have to stay cool & develop outside interests. Anything can happen!



Pisces Woman / Pisces Man


This is fantasy heaven & very romantic. Will these two ever leave the bedroom & get on with life? They are liable to become co-dependent & may not do things separately: puppy love!