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AZTEC Love Style Oracle


Could Ancient America hold the clue to your destiny?



What your Aztec symbol says about you.








Aztec You: You are a natural leader, who is inclined to be a bit snappy! Dynamic, passionate and full on, you fear rejection and hate to have your good intentions trampled upon. Tap into your positive spirit and use your creativity to full effect. Don’t worry so much about what others think and you will naturally shine bright. Your focus will take you places. You have a fearless nature and will tackle most things head on. Just watch that your pushy, stroppy ways don’t get you into trouble. Trust your instincts and don’t be afraid to show your true feelings. Life will reward your bravery.


Relationships: You love to rumble in the jungle at every given opportunity, and hate to be confined and constricted. Tedium doesn’t float your boat! In the right relationship you look after your brood and can be very nurturing and protective of your loved ones. Keep balance and watch out for power struggles. Don’t let the mind games go too far, even though they do turn you on!


Compatibility: MONKEY’S creativity and mischief is very attractive to you. But you need to feel secure, whereas MONKEY is inclined to love all and sundry. DOG provides loyalty, companionship and commitment.









Aztec You: You are changeable like the wind and your variable moods keep the world guessing. When you’re angry you blow the competition away. When calm and settled; you are soothing beguiling company. Witty and open, people love your company when you’re on form. You can get your head around most subjects and it takes a lot to faze you. Creative, free and easy, you have a vivid imagination, which is great for your professional life. Flexible and amenable, you fit in well. But you can also be flippant, superficial and flighty, which doesn’t always bode well for the love stuff.   


Relationships: You get bored easily and need variety in your love life. Lovers have an obligation to keep you interested. They must have stamina and oodles of oomph in the sack! Needless to say, you do not commit readily, though you are the type to hook up and fly to Vegas on a whim. Your relationships get intense quickly, and you are HOT to trot! Beauty and good looks in a mate are crucial.      


Compatibility: GRASS is your opposite sign, so you can expect mad shenanigans with those who blow in the wind! But you are likely to get into a power struggle with GRASS. MONKEY is lots of fun and it works over time.







Aztec You: Your home environment is crucial to your equilibrium. You need firm foundations, stability, and security in your life’s circumstances. So you build things up over time, and get very rattled when your dreams and schemes don’t work out. Your personal presence is powerful, sometimes over-bearing, and others may find you imposing and intimidating. But you command respect and at least you are not the kind of person who gets overlooked. Privacy is important to you, and you often need time alone to recoup your energies. Warm and caring too, you are loyal and comforting. 


Relationships: You thrive on intense and meaningful connections. Not afraid to commit, you are a trustworthy, loving partner. But in long term links, lovemaking can become routine. Make a concerted effort to avoid the sofa and slippers syndrome. Never give up on intensity in the bedroom. Keep developing and experimenting! Sex is not a household chore, so continue to express your inner naughtiness.     


Compatibility: REED, your opposite sign suits you down to the ground. You provide each other with a stable environment, enabling you both to flourish. You make more sense together than apart. GRASS suits too, but is more staid and traditional












Aztec You: You are great at getting things started with your big ideas and tenacious approach to life. Indeed, you are a live wire of vibrant energy, who can seduce and beguile just about anyone! Ambitious and impatient, you must learn to calm down and finish what you’ve started. Otherwise, you are likely to leave a trail of unfinished business behind you. Learn patience and put your perfectionist streak to good use, remaining focused until the job is done. Your mind power is formidable, and you attract people with your unusual perspectives and outlook.   


Relationships: You have an eccentric, unpredictable approach, which makes you experimental and exciting in the bedroom. Your libido is HUGE, a veritable powerhouse of sexual oomph in fact! Try to calm down a bit, and spin-out your love making skills. Don’t play away from home (too often!), and watch that tendency to mix business and pleasure. Learn to sublimate some of that sexual energy!


Compatibility: You make a hot, potent mix with your opposite sign OCELOT. But you are likely to burn out quickly and get on each others nerves when the daily grind kicks in. REED brings serenity and calm, which compliments your frantic nature.










Aztec You: You are powerful with a magnetic personality that keeps people transfixed once they fall under your spell. Stoic and intense, your skills of survival and strength are enviable. Life may test you repeatedly. But you are destined to shine and develop in spectacular ways as you come through a trial of fire. Deeply passionate and intense, you possess a compelling and hypnotic presence. Likely to be psychic and deeply spiritual, you understand life and willingly use your profound insights to help others. Guard against too much stress and worry and you will never get rattled beyond your remit.   


Relationships: Your mystery and allure keep your mates entranced. They may intend to just test the water, but in fact lovers become hooked very quickly. Once they have slept with you, you run the show. But until then, rely on your charisma and charm to captivate your prey. Scenarios of capture and struggle float your boat (within reason). And you love to be overwhelmed, so long as you adore the person doing the deed!    


Compatibility: EAGLE, you opposite sign is a powerful sign that attracts your profound, intense nature. But you are likely to conflict and disagree about everything outside of the bedroom. OCELOT brings privacy and peace of mind, plus good loving!  













Aztec You: You are a conscientious character, who is inclined to put social concerns and obligations before selfish desires. Very admirable! But do remember that life is to be enjoyed. You don’t want a host of simmering resentments deriving from self denial to haunt you; right? Your political inclinations mean that you’re likely to be active in community settings. Getting involved in public issues inspires you, and you do like to complain to the powers that be on behalf of everyone. You are a stickler for routine and your commonsense is commendable. Just don’t become too boring! 


Relationships: Stability and reliable relationships are crucial to your equilibrium. You don’t loosen up easily with potential partners, and you need to know you’re onto a sure thing before you get deeply involved. Committed love obviously suits you and you get off on lavishing oodles of care and attention on your mate. Just be careful what you expect in return and watch out for the green eyed monster! 


Compatibility: VULTURE your opposite sign shares your community concerns and together you can build a life of good deeds and worthy service. Save some time for each other though. EAGLE is more liberating, less dominant, and offers a lighter touch. 








Aztec You: You are a generous hearted creature, who has a lot of love to give. You nurture and cherish loved ones; supporting to the max all those you are close to. But you are a paradox! There are many people, you can’t be bothered with, and you are very selective with your affections. This may sound discerning, but to those who are excluded from your world, you come across as cool and aloof. You are a free spirit who needs a safety net. Willing to experiment, you wander aimlessly, but only if there is a secure base to return to. Your intuition guides you through life’s trials. NEVER ignore it!


Relationships: In love you need an understanding, beguiling mate. One who will allow you to remain independent and care free, yet who provides the nurturing, supportive environment you crave. You need commitment, as well as an intense connection. Needless to say, if you find such mate express your gratitude as much as possible. Sex is a psychic, spiritual thing for you; you’re positively Tantric!   


Compatibility: EARTHQUAKE, your opposite sign offers an earth-shattering, intense connection! Find common-ground, with your Soul Mate and you will go far. VULTURE shares interests and provides a safe, respectful environment.  










Aztec You: You are a bundle of energy; restless, hyper active, and always on the move. Your lively, captivating character keeps people buoyant and in good humour. You are agile in mind and body, with lots of bright and unusual ideas. But you can be perverse! You love to mix it up with controversial gossip or insights. Plus you do have a self destructive tendency, and can be a little paranoid at times. Rest assured you don’t have to fret; people generally love you. Just hold back with the unpopular points of view and you won’t alienate those who are important. Your outspoken nature is a mixed blessing.  


Relationships: You’re a RABBIT, so you love to mate! Sex is important to your equilibrium and emotional fulfillment. You make your most intimate links physically and have terrific stamina. Flirting and seducing come naturally to you. But you are slow to trust when it comes to committed connections. Others have to win your heart and you must see their love in action before you go the whole hog. 


Compatibility: FLINT, your opposite sign attracts you. But over time, there may be a clash of wills and differences of opinion. You like a bit of antagonism; but fighting all the time? NO thanks! EARTHQUAKE supports your changeable nature. 












Aztec You: You have a great sense of humour, off beat imagination, and enviable talents. Your extreme sensitivity makes you highly intuitive, a little bit psychic and very emotional. Also you have an artistic streak and a hint of genius if only you would choose to develop it. Trust me; your ability to express yourself creatively is in there somewhere. You’re a powerful character, whose charismatic presence permeates the room. Once you gain control of your strong emotions, you possess formidable focus and determination. But until then, you’re not the most responsible, reliable character!    


Relationships: You attract many different lovers; whether or not you follow through is your choice. But people are drawn to your sexual prowess, chemistry and self-assured nature. You inspire deep feelings and possess intense sexual energy. But you hate to feel obligated or responsible for someone else’s happiness. Clingy types, need not apply! You can take it or leave it; and this may be bewildering to those who love you.


Compatibility: RAIN can handle your strong, intense emotions. Your mutual watery energies forge a life long bond, which is difficult to severe. FLINT provides great companionship, and a listening ear. But is not so much on your wave length.










Aztec You: You are a stubborn soul with high expectations. But you are not demanding; just rather gauche and socially awkward. You get hurt easily by tactlessness and inconsiderate behaviour drives you nuts. You hate to be over-looked, but you don’t pass judgement. You simply simmer, storing up the misdemeanours in your memory bank. You are devoted, faithful, loyal and true, and would like to think that others are the same. Welcome to the real world! Lighten up and don’t take umbrage so easily. Remember, you are intrinsically lucky, but just need to be a tad more realistic.  


Relationships: You don’t settle for second best in relationships, and your high standards are difficult to fulfill. Concentrate more on your independence and self-sufficiency and you won’t feel so let down when others get distracted. You are upfront and readily able to communicate your deepest feelings. But others find you too easy and available. Try to be more mysterious and hold something back. Long term links suit you best. 


Compatibility: DOG is your attractive opposite sign. You make a loyal, devoted, reliable mix. But where is the oomph? MONKEY introduces more mischief and humour. This sign provides fun, laughter and an element of surprise. Can you handle it?









Aztec You: A natural performer, you have a wicked sense of humour and well developed mischievous streak. You love to be at the centre of things, and with your skills of communication and great talent, you often are! Loud and proud, you dominate whatever room you find yourself in. But you can be quite reserved one-to-one. Is your public face all bravado, or is there some substance beneath it? You are not inclined towards introspection, but deep thought wouldn’t go amiss from time to time. You are highly intelligent and not in the least bit superficial; just easily distracted!


Relationships: A natural, sensual extrovert, love making comes easy to you. Not threatening at all, you are eager to experiment and don’t have a problem demonstrating your preferences. You love to have a bit of a giggle which is great for flirty connections. Then when things get intense, you rise to the occasion with style and panache. Not afraid to take the lead, you don’t dominate, but you do conquer!


Compatibility: CROCODILE is your opposite sign and the old CROC can exert a strong influence over you. You may not like to be dictated to; in which case choose FLOWER who understands your changeable, apparently fickle nature rather better. 









Aztec You: You are a sociable, considerate soul with tons of friends and many interests. Quietly ambitious, you can achieve great things with concentration and focus. Hang in there with treasured dreams, and never take ‘no’ for an answer. You are sensitive and thoughtful to everyone; but must also learn to give yourself equal time and attention. Sometimes you get over involved in other’s problems and don’t leave yourself enough time for reflection. Preserve your boundaries better and guard your heart a little more. You will then thrive and be far more effective with the stuff that really matters. 


Relationships: Your self-effacing attitude extends to the bedroom, which means that your partner has lots of fun. But do you? Certainly you are one of life’s givers; but you will gain even more if you dare to verbalize your own desires. Make an effort to tap into your own needs for greater all-round fulfillment. You are easy going and relaxed in love; but politeness doesn’t really have a place once you engage sexually!   


Compatibility: WIND, your opposite sign is a compelling connection. But this frenetic energy is likely to wear you out. Your serious mind responds well to CROCODILE who is supportive and open hearted. CROC’s solidity makes you feel safe.











Aztec You: You are a full-on character, who loves to pioneer a just cause. Your great integrity and balance means that you get results where no one else can. The champion of hopeless cases, you always have a bee your bonnet about something. Of course you annoy certain people who can’t be bothered with anything but themselves. Just make sure that you’re not compensating for emptiness deep inside. Sometimes your frantic nature may distract you from suppressed issues you need to acknowledge. Be honest with YOU as well as everyone else; then get set to conquer the world. You’re something else!


Relationships: You love a challenge, so when you have your eye on someone exciting, you don’t let up until you have made the link. You are not afraid to follow through a powerful connection, and you don’t get hurt that easily. In love you win out, and you make a formidable opponent. When you are engaged in the full force of your powerful emotions, you let it rip! If you’re treated right; everyone’s a winner.    


Compatibility: HOUSE your opposite sign, offers strength and security. So long as you agree to disagree, you will get on like a house on fire! WIND allows you to feel more in control and you can run things on your own terms. Is that a good thing? 









Aztec You: Your presence is comforting and your voice soothing. Your aura radiates a warm glow and no none feels left out when you’re around. You have a sharp mind and spot-on intuition; so not much gets past you. But you must get your facts right before speak up. You love intrigue, gossip and secrets, so long as they don’t harm anyone. Mm! Do be careful with all that, and don’t assume you know what’s what. When you want to make something happen, you can be extraordinarily pushy. This takes people by surprise and you are often successful by default. Shock tactics work every time!


Relationships: You are very tuned in and able to sense who is interested and who is not!  Open and in touch with your emotions, you don’t have a problem being chased, or doing the chasing. Either is just fine with you, so long as you land your prize at the end of it. You don’t let pride get in the way of a good time, and you easily make intense, meaningful connections. You captivate and seduce with subtle, gentle moves! 


Compatibility: LIZARD your opposite sign is a challenge, but very attractive to boot! You love compelling connections, so look for the most intense, sexy signs if you’re on the hunt. HOUSE provides stability and a safe environment when you’re knackered.










Aztec You: A unique, independent spirit, you find it difficult to see someone else’s point of view. Sometimes you baulk under a challenge and head for the hills. But you are quietly ambitious and get things done. Guard against rigidity and learn to bend a little or you may alienate useful contacts. You need to play a nifty game to get workable results in the real world. Yes, you are full of fancy ideas. But if you stay grounded and remain as focused as possible, things will actually happen. Your free and easy nature attracts like-minded souls. Mysterious, spiritual and shamanic experiences link you to the other side.


Relationships: You love to surrender to the moment. When you feel comfortable, you are not in the least bit shy! Relationships are a voyage of discovery for you, and you relish all kinds of connection. Just be careful of projection though. You are quite prone to fantasy and obsessive dreaming, and tend to put potential lovers on a pedestal, which may mess up your chances in the real world. Keep it real and enjoy the thrills on offer.


Compatibility: SERPENT your opposite is fiery and dynamic, just the way you like it. But you need to spread your wings and fly free, so SERPENT may feel restrictive after a while. LIZARD let’s you be and won’t threaten you or cramp your style. 












Aztec You: You have a formidable intelligence and rapier wit. Your strong powers of judgement serve you well, and nothing escapes your notice. Others seek out your spectacular insights. But your innate power and commanding persona, makes you inclined to clash with authority. Be careful in your professional life, and learn to be more flexible. You like to do things in your own way, but must try to adapt just a little, or you could alienate important people. You are brutally honest and not afraid to tell it like it is. But do work on your sensitivity if you don’t want to scare off gentle souls!


Relationships: Your privacy and personal freedom are important. It’s not that you get up to all sorts, but prospective mates need to understand your lonesome nature. Within a secure, committed relationship, you love to roam far and wide. You need the best of both worlds. But you are loyal and not afraid of linking forever with the right person. Bossy too, you manage to have a laugh once your perverse sense of humour is engaged! 


Compatibility: OWL your opposite is traditional and stable; a good match. OWL helps you take on life and fulfill your potential, but doesn’t invade your space or privacy. SERPENT is compelling, and dynamic, keeping you entertained and satiated.     














Aztec You: You are always two steps ahead of the competition. Your mind power is immense and your wit razor sharp. But your skills of empathy could be better developed. You sometimes get stuck on a one-way-track, and miss out on worthwhile connections. Being stubborn and resolute, you are not great at compromise. But at least people know where they stand. Always trust your judgement even when it comes to BIG risks. You have brilliant instincts and ‘Lucky’ is your middle name, so what can go wrong? Develop your emotional responses and don’t always rely on logic to solve problems.     


Relationships: You can be quite self-centered, so you don’t want a demanding long term mate who takes the attention off you! No, you’re not selfish, but you are very aware of your needs, wants, and desires from minute to minute. And it would take someone quite formidable to displace your priorities; that’s for sure! Your Soul Mate reads you well and is no doubt very different indeed. It’s the mind power factor that does it for you.


Compatibility: DEER is your opposite and this gentle soul is highly suitable. Able to fade into the background and be independent, you are well matched in intellect and inclination. OWL also makes the link, being socially with it and very cool.









Aztec You: You can be hard work to relate to, but you have great energy and your heart is in the right place. You tend to question things too readily and are not always very relaxing company. As you go about your business, you are practical and meticulous. But flexible, you are NOT! When things do not go as planned, it throws you off BIG time. And you can be quite desperate and domineering when you’re trying to manoeuvre things. Take a chill pill and be less dependent on outcomes. Channel your focus and intensity into work stuff and foster your FREE spirit for play time. 


Relationships: You are in love with love and when relaxed, you make a great lover. You’re good in the sack, and there are never likely to be complaints in the bedroom department. Allow your free and easy manner to translate into your daily life, and you’ll be onto a winner. But do keep your wants and needs in focus, and don’t let your lover take over completely; as if! Get the balance right, and use your charms to full effect.  


Compatibility: It’s an extreme case of love or hate with your opposite sign RABBIT. Give things a chance, cos it could be HOT! But if the fighting doesn’t calm down, move on. DEER is less frantic, mellow company. You respond more evenly to a gentle soul.











Aztec You: Your mind is a veritable Bendix machine! IE) you rarely allow yourself the luxury or head space of NOT thinking. Great at making other people’s ideas happen, you are a popular character. Few problems and challenges defeat you, and you really are a gift in a crisis. Do try to still your mind and see what happens from time to time. Who knows, you may get even better insights. A warm, nurturing soul, you love to love and it means the world to you to se your loved ones happy and sorted. Sometimes though, you may interfere and help too much. Learn to leave well enough alone when you have to. 


Relationships: You are a lucky soul, young at heart and probably great looking too. You age slowly and will always maintain your optimistic spirit. Just watch that tendency to interfere, and don’t spoil your connections with too much input. Love-making is VERY important to you, and you perform to the MAX in a committed relationship. Boring you are not, and you will always attract lots of attention.  


Compatibility: WATER your opposite sign is a great match. But the moodiness and intense emotions you both experience will keep you on your toes. RABBIT is exciting, sensual and never boring. Either way, you will have lots of fun. 








Aztec You: You love to be caught up in the social whirl, so loved ones who demand your intense attention get short shrift! Loyal and patient as you are, you like to keep life, light and bright. Intense issues and ridiculous rows are not your cup of tea. And you don’t have much time for those who don’t know how to enjoy themselves. Peace and harmony are important to you, and you are great at diffusing tricky situations with your humour and charm. Definitely a team player, you also know how to fulfill you own needs. But in reality you don’t need too much privacy or introspection. Variety keeps you buoyant.


Relationships: You are great in a committed relationship, so long as you feel valued. If you get short changed, you move on, and may even put it about a bit until you’re sure! Watch out for your suspicious streak, in the early days of a connection. It would be a shame to sabotage a good thing. Give love a chance, and relax as things heat up. Don’t let fear get a foot hold. Be mature and circumspect, then love will grow. 


Compatibility: FLOWER your opposite sign shares your love of all things cultural, and you will have endless chats designed to stimulate the intellect. Remember to give the love stuff a look in! RAIN is also up for travel, adventure and exploration.  









The Aztec Zodiac is based on an ancient astrological system which uses 13 day cycles to yield 20 signs.


The Aztec symbols are Crocodile, Wind, House, Lizard, Serpent, Owl, Deer, Rabbit, Water, Flower, Monkey, Grass, Reed, Ocelot, Eagle, Vulture, Earthquake, Flint, Rain, and Dog…


Find out which symbol will reveal your Aztec personality and Soul Mate by following the five simple steps below.



Stage 1 * To begin the process, find the month of your birth below, which will give you a figure to carry over to the next stage


January, begin with 0


February, begin with 31


March, begin with 59


April, begin with 90


May, begin with 120


June, begin with 151


July, begin with 181


August, begin with 212


September, begin with 243


October, begin with 273


November, begin with 304


December, begin with 334


Eg) If you were born in July, jot down the number 181,


If you were born in January, you actually don’t have a number to begin with yet!


Stage 2


Add the number of the day you were born to your number from stage 1


Eg) If you were born on 11th July, add 11 to 181 to give you 192


For those born in January, you now have your day of birth as your starting point.



Stage 3


Now add the number which corresponds with your year of birth on the table below.


Eg) If you were born on 11th July 1974, add 5 to 192, giving you 197!


1900 17

1901 2

1902 7

1903 12

1904 18

1905 3

1906 8

1907 13

1908 19

1909 4

1910 9

1911 14

1912 0

1913 5

1914 10

1915 15

1916 1

1917 6

1918 11

1919 16

1920 1

1921 7

1922 12

1923 17

1924 2

1925 8

1926 13

1927 18

1928 3

1929 9

1930 14

1931 19

1932 4

1933 10

1934 15

1935 0

1936 5

1937 11

1938 16

1939 1

1940 6

1941 12

1942 17

1943 2

1944 7


1945 13


1946 18

1947 3


1948 8


1949 14


1950 19


1951 4


1952 9


1953 15


1954 0


1955 5


1956 10


1957 16


1958 1


1959 6


1960 11


1961 17


1962 2


1963 7


1964 12


1965 18


1966 3


1967 8


1968 13


1969 19


1970 4


1971 9


1972 14


1973 0


1974 5


1975 10


1976 15


1977 1


1978 6


1979 11


1980 16


1981 2


1982 7


1983 12


1984 17


1985 3


1986 8


1987 13


1988 18


1989 4


1990 9


1991 14


1992 19


1993 5


1994 10


1995 15


1996 0


1997 6


1998 11


1999 16


2000 1


Stage 4


If you were born in a leap year, ON or AFTER 29th February in the following years, add 1 to your current result. 1948, 1952, 1956, 1960, 1964, 1968, 1972, 1976, 1980, 1984


Stage 5


You now have your final number, which for the example we are using is 197


Find the last digit of your number in the ONES DIGIT column below.


Number 7 is the last digit of our example, which reveals Deer or Earthquake as the possible symbols for this date of birth.


To find which sign is yours look at your second to last digit and match it to the TENS DIGIT BOX below.


So for our example, the number 9 is the second to last digit, which reveals the sample symbol to be Earthquake….Earth shattering!





DIGIT 0 2 4 6 8 1 3 5 7 9


1 Crocodile Monkey


2 Wind Grass


3 House Reed



4 Lizard Ocelot



5 Serpent Eagle


6 OWL Vulture


7 Deer Earthquake


8 Rabbit Flint


9 Water Rain


0 Flower Dog