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Hi there!

I am Sarah De La Mer ~ IRELAND'S BEST KNOWN PSYCHIC & Astrologer ~ Working World Wide on the Web ~ covering ALL 50 American States and over 95 countries.

I am an experienced seer, writer and healer with mediumistic ability ~ Skilled with animals and humans alike, I am recognised for my high degree of accuracy and strong empathy. I work quickly and efficiently to bring you your answers in SUPER FAST time.

An established TV and Radio personality, my writing is regularly published in many newspapers and magazines (see biog details). My book Starscope is published by Poolbeg, Ireland.

My work was first put to the test in a big way when I agreed to be filmed doing 10 - 15 minute readings for the final 32 kids in the running to be in Simon Cowell's and Louis Walsh's new band SIX. All the readings were filmed in October 2001. Following the readings I suggested that they film me doing a predictions envelope for the final line up. This was filmed at a distance so that the camera could not see exactly what I was writing. The following February this envelope was opened on camera by Louis Walsh just after the dismissal of Nadine Coyle (who was under age at the time and who eventually joined the Girls Aloud line up). ALL the names in the envelope were correct including Nadine's replacement Sarah, whose name I had written last.

This was an especially intuitive moment as there was such a buzz around Nadine, who was indeed the best singer there. Had I listened to the whisperings on the wind about Nadine I would have failed miserably as a psychic. I asked no questions and I was told nothing. The only thing which happened in advance of the readings was that Louis met me in the corridor and sang Nadine's praises. I was not taken in! It was a puzzle to me on the way home in the car because I knew that Louis would pick Nadine, and yet I was sure she should not be in the envelope.

It was this very public performance which quickly propelled me into a lot of media work in Ireland, the UK and other parts of Europe. Since then my work has escalated throughout the media and on the internet. I have been recorded regularly in the newspapers, on TV and Radio making numerous predictions, covering sports, politics, world events and celebrity shenaningans. NONE of which have been wrong.

My only psychic horror story was when the Lotto numbers I had been studiously doing for a week came up and I had not bought a ticket! I knew these six particular numbers were going to hit soon. But on the day they did, I was running to meet my ex in the cafe and I forgot to get a ticket, missing out on 1 and a half million. And the moral of the story is?

I have always had an affinity for picking numbers, sports teams, and horses. At the age of 11 at the school fete I just knew that number five on the spinning wheel was going to come up. And it did, winning my parents a bottle of cheap champagne in the process.

When a sports match begins I can always pick out the winning team from the energy of the player's colours as they walk onto the pitch. Horses names jump off the page for placed bets, and I regularly keep my friends the Irish Rugby Team happy with predictions and tips for their coming games.

From the age of nine, I used to wake and see the shimmering outline of a Napoleonic soldier in my room at night, which was half underground. I was not scared as a child seeing this figure in the night. But I told no one about it. It was only when I got to big school and studied local history that this suddenly made sense. I discovered that my family home was built not too far from the ruins of a Napoleonic fort.

I guess I knew from an early age there was something a little bit different about me. But it all felt normal enough. I did note that my parents did not match my enthusiasm when I told them I just *knew* I was going to win them that champagne with the number 5. I tended thereafter to keep a bit quiet about my hunches. They were obviously only trying to protect me.

My sister was also not too impressed when I repeatedly predicted her next boyfriend before she even had the idea herself!

I seem to have inherited my GIFT from my Scorpio grandmother Mary who was highly intuitive in her daily life. She would always know who was on the phone and who was coming unannounced for dinner. The favourite meal would always be ready. Mary never set up shop as a psychic, but my grandpa used to regularly say she should be burned at the stake. Charming!

My father, Mary's son, has incredible gifts of intuition, empathy and 'knowing', as does my aunty Anne, her daughter. Anne is naturally sharp and ahead of the game, but really has no idea she is psychic. And my father, as a Christian medical doctor, published writer, and psychotherapist is understandably cautious about the label 'psychic'.

I totally get this, and have spent many years puzzling over the apparent contradiction between my own faith and the fact I am regularly pictured in the newspapers holding a crystal ball!

But as my friend Bono often says, 'in the middle of a contradiction is the place to be'.

I have done a lot of soul searching on the integration of my calling and my upbringing. I have learned to accept that the spiritual tight rope I walk is part of a divinely designed plan. It helps many people, despite any challenges I might be presented with along the way.

I have struggled with my vocation and vision, and the effect it has had on my personal life. But I have come to realise that it is simply meant to be. Yes, I am THE RELUCTANT PSYCHIC! But I have the courage, strength, and belief in my ability to give good advice when I am called to do so because, surprisingly to me, it is what God wants me to do.

Over the years I have helped many clients access their own personal power and step up their spiritual groove. I believe in empowering clients to develop their own intuition and creativity.

I have a strong faith in God and in using my spiritual gifts to do HIS work. I work to help and heal people in God's name and by the protection of the Holy Spirit I go straight to the top for your information and answers. There is no point in anything less after all. For only the TRUTH will do!

Yes, I can accurately predict the future and get the timings right. Plus, I will only say I know something when I really do. There are always degrees of knowing, but I have found a way of working with God, my guidance, and the still small voice within, which allows us to tease out the answers to even the most complex situations.

When I know I really KNOW. There are no doubts. And I have never known this to be wrong.

In a reading I will help you unstick the areas in which you feel blocked. Together we will come up with a practical plan of action. I am a practical reader who has a powerful vision and the ability to help you ground your dreams and wishes.

I tell it like it is and I will never give you false hope. However, I believe in Miracles and Magic DOES HAPPEN.

I am also a healer, so you will always experience an energy shift with your reading. Those blocked areas which have been niggling you will start to resolve. The following two to three weeks is usually very telling. And the following two to three months should see you confident and empowered in your process. You will start to get definite confirmations and assurances that you are on track.

Yes, I can tell you what has been going on in your life and what influences you currently need to deal with. But always the most important thing is for YOU to learn to trust and use your inner knowing.

There is no point in me telling you too much of what you already know yourself. The goal is to move things up a notch and to launch you onto a path that will enable you to ground your dreams and visions.

I also have a wicked sense of humour, which always helps ;-)

That's it ...

Sarah <3


Brief BIOG Details ~


I write Astrology columns and regular articles for The Irish Independent, Sunday World, RTE Guide, Social and Personal Magazine, Cork Echo, Belfast Telegraph, Dear Sarah column for The Star (psychic agony aunt page), Star Scope ~ book published by Poolbeg

Educated at Gordano Comprehensive School in Portishead, Stirling University BA hons in English (with Philosophy and Religious Studies subsidiaries), MSC from Edinburgh University in Modernism and Postmodernism, M PHil in PUblishing from Stirling University, and studying independently to finish PHD from UCD (Philosophy).

TV experience: Irish Popstars for Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell (also shown on ITV in the UK), Ryan Tubridy Show, You're A Star, Ireland AM, TTV, Celebrity Farm, Dustin the Turkey, The Cafe, The Afternoon Show, Podge and Rodge.

Radio Stuff: Newstalk, 98 FM, Talk Sport UK, Spanish Radio, Una Power Show, Cork Red FM, RTE Radio 1 and 2, Gerry Ryan Show, Marian Finucanne Show, Tom Dunne Show, East Coast FM, Q 102, 104 FM, Corks RED FM.


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I must have inherited my intuitive ability from my Nan I think. My Father, her son is strongly intuitive too, though as a God fearing man and medical practitioner he understandably has a natural caution about the word ‘psychic’. I reassure him that psychic just means ‘of the mind’ and that such a gift must be God given, so long as it is used responsibly and advisedly.

I suppose my own interest came from my exploration to make sense of certain life events that I had trouble coming to terms with. I guess I was looking like most people for a reassurance that things would pan out okay. I think this is actually the prime reason that people go for a reading. I was no different, though I found that my own ability developed thick and fast.

In fact a lot of things fell in to place quite quickly after I took my first Reiki attunement. I opened up further and probably began to understand certain things for the first time.

Between the ages of 9 and 11 I used to wake in the night of my half underground room and see the shimmering silhouette of a Napoleonic soldier in my room. It didn’t alarm me. It was more a case of ‘oh there he is again’. It wasn’t until I studied history at secondary school that I learned that my parent’s house is built at the site of an old Napoleonic fort.

This kind of thing doesn’t faze me. I just observe it all at one remove and do not like to sensationalize it at all

I never fully understood why I didn’t drink, smoke or do drugs at any point. I knew I wasn’t boring, but I just didn’t have a curiosity about these things, despite the numerous gigs and clubs I have attended in my time. When my healing ability became apparent this made more sense to me. A clear channel has to be; well a clear channel. Instead of indulging in toxic substances I ended up helping the bouncers at The Kitchen nightclub with their strains and sprains from the gym instead.



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