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Animal Magic 


Chinese animals help you find a mate PLUS general personality traits of the Zodiac signs





According to legend the origins of Chinese astrology evolved from Buddah himself.  Apparently only twelve animals turned up in response to Buddah’s invitation for the naming of animals.  Hence the twelve Zodiac signs have a different complexion in the Far East.  The correct order of attendance was the RAT, the OX, the TIGER, the RABBIT, the DRAGON, the SNAKE, the HORSE, the GOAT, the MONKEY, the ROOSTER, the DOG and finally the PIG.  Consequently Buddah decided to name various years after the animals that bothered to show up; the idea being that people born in any given year would inherit many of the characteristics of the relevant animal. 


As with all esoteric tools, Chinese Astrology offers up another fascinating system based upon the laws of synchronicity and Universal law.  Expect to see significant traits reflected in your relevant sign, but be aware that there are also five different categories of each animal to consider. Each of these sacred creatures has a connection to METAL, WATER, WOOD, FIRE, or EARTH.  These elements are prominent in the art of Feng Shui, which we now all seem to know so much about.  


There is not the scope in this supplement to go into much detail about the specific differences between the Water Rabbit and the Wooden Rabbit.  But use your powers of inference and be aware that the Water Rabbit would be a fluid and emotional animal.  Whereas the Metal Rabbit would be tougher and more steely!  It is of course more intricate than this, but it will give you the right idea. Keep in mind the quality of the element that describes your power animal and work around it accordingly.


NB.  Please note that some books refer to the OX as the BULL or BUFFALO, the RABBIT as the CAT or HARE, and the GOAT sometimes passes as the SHEEP. The Chinese New Year begins at some point between the end of January and mid February, depending on the year in question.




Years re Chinese Horoscopes


TIGER= 1938 (Earth), 1950 (Metal), 1962 (Water), 1974 (Wood), 1986 (Fire), 1998 (Earth).


RABBIT= 1939 (Earth), 1951 (Metal), 1963 (Water), 1975 (Wood), 1987 (Fire), 1999 (Earth).


DRAGON= 1940 (Metal), 1952 (Water), 1964 (Wood), 1976 (Fire), 1988 (Earth), 2000 (Metal).


SNAKE= 1941 (Metal), 1953 (Water), 1965 (Wood), 1977 (Fire), 1989 (Earth), 2001 (Metal).


HORSE= 1942 (Water), 1954 (Wood), 1966 (Fire), 1978 (Earth), 1990 (Metal), 2002 (Water).


GOAT= 1943 (Water), 1955 (Wood), 1967 (Fire), 1979 (Earth), 1991 (Metal), 2003 (Water).


MONKEY= 1944 (Wood), 1956 (Fire), 1968 (Earth), 1980 (Metal), 1992 (Water), 2004 (Wood).


ROOSTER= 1945 (Wood), 1957 (Fire), 1969 (Earth), 1981 (Metal), 1993 (Water), 2005 (Wood)


DOG= 1946 (Fire), 1958 (Earth), 1970 (Metal), 1982 (Water), 1994 (Wood), 2006 (Fire).


PIG= 1947 (Fire), 1959 (Earth), 1971 (Metal), 1983 (Water), 1995 (Wood), 2007 (Fire).


RAT= 1948 (Earth), 1960 (Metal), 1972 (Water), 1984 (Wood), 1996 (Fire), 2008 (Wood).


OX= 1949 (Earth), 1961 (Metal), 1973 (Water), 1985 (Wood), 1997 (Fire), 2009 (Wood).



LIFE HINTS for the Zodiac Signs ~





Tigers can expect steady and respectable progress.  But there is no point in losing the run of yourself if you are a Tiger.  Remain measured, magnanimous and modest.  The proceedings may be initially drab and colourless which will frustrate the colourful Tiger. 


Action and dynamic events are stimulating for this magnificent creature.  But the tendency towards low-key events will give the Tiger time to consolidate recent gains.  The chance to reflect and build on past success should be gratefully received. 


Make progress slowly but surely.  The extension of your network of contacts will ensure a stable and profitable future.  Tigers should feel free to take the initiative.  But must remain sensitive to the delicate infra structure of their private life. 


Expect interesting challenges and possible developments.  Tigers should show commitment to a specific plan of action.  Make intelligent decisions and don’t waiver once under way.  Socially this can be a mellow but rewarding time for Tigers.  Take the opportunities that arise organically and make the most of apparently unexciting invitations.  Singletons can expect a rewarding early start to new relationships.  But they must not rush things along.  Accept people at face value or not at all.  Tigers will need to be adaptable, patient and tolerant.  Ingratiate yourself with good behaviour and there will be benefits from the most uninspiring scenarios.  Avoid judging the book by its cover.  Be open to events however banal.  Pleasantries will be tedious but serve you well. 


There may be a tangible flow of creative energy courtesy of your own self.  Simply access it for great results.  Be brave enough to forward your inspirational ideas and have the courage of your convictions.  Confidence in your abilities will serve you well at this time. 


Pay attention to a fitness regime.  The Tiger is prone to feeling intermittently sluggish and lethargic.  Exercise will keep energies topped-up.  Overall, enjoy the year with a laid back approach. A mellow attitude will benefit the outcome of potentially difficult scenarios.  Occasional breaks from routine will help Tigers prepare for life’s challenges.  Invest in the future and prepare to yield an abundant harvest…eventually!




TIGERS are well suited in personal relationships with the HORSE, the DOG, and the PIG.

In Business and work situations the HORSE is good to have around.

Be cautious of the SNAKE, MONKEY and OX in love relationships.  Of course it doesn’t mean ‘don’t go there’, but forewarned is forearmed- conflict is likely!

In competitive situations avoid fellow TIGERS, The SNAKE, The ROOSTER, and the OX.










The Rabbit is all set for an enjoyable time courtesy of their initiative.  At last some order can descend in the lives of Rabbits.  After a changeable volatile time, the Rabbit can make a concerted effort to find stability.  Rabbits may at last relax and thrive.  The new ease of the Rabbit’s demeanour will prove to be very fortuitous.  Simply by letting things go and letting things be, the Rabbit will fall on its furry feet! 


The Rabbit should ignore knocks and disappointments.  These will adjust and right themselves naturally.  Rabbit talents will be stretched and opportunities to flourish will present themselves.  Prospects for the Rabbit are good.  But as a Rabbit you will need to find your direction and make pertinent, sensible decisions.  Rabbits must not be afraid to take the initiative in work situations.  The good stuff will not fall out of the sky.  But don’t appear to be too eager to push for self- advancement.  Finding fine balance is the key to success.


If you are a Rabbit make the most of established contacts.  ‘Use’ in-house people who value your judgement to promote your cause.  Genuine opportunities will arise if you are keen and enterprising. Eliminate feelings of frustration and failure- these hold you back. And hamper your progress. 


Rabbits must allow their creativity freedom of expression.  If the Rabbit is willing to develop and use its intuition, not much will stand in the way of success.  Hobbies may unexpectedly turn into lucrative work pursuits if Rabbits take a risk or two.  Pertinent action will be rewarded.  Finances need care and Rabbits should be sensible as per!  Allowances should be made for unexpected expenses linked to travel and accommodation. 


Financial folly is never advisable, though Rabbits have an innate survival system and they are intrinsically lucky.  However the Rabbit must remain cautious and circumspect when it comes to money.  Do put a stop to lavish or unnecessary expenditure.  But ‘sniff out’ openings and don’t miss out on genuine opportunities. 




RABBITS are well matched personally to the GOAT, the DOG, Fellow RABBITS, and the Snake.

They should stay well away from the ROOSTER in relationships, and the HORSE, ROOSTER and MONKEY in business.

Good business links for the RABBIT are with the GOAT and PIG.







Dragons can expect a pleasant time, depending on how they play it!  Dragons would be well advised to be flexible in the midst of changing circumstances.  They should learn to adjust and adapt as and when things arise.  Attitude is critical to the level of success Dragons may reach. 

Significant events will have an important knock-on effect.  What the Dragon accepts, lets-go of, or develops will as always need careful consideration.  Personal and professional issues must be thought through properly.  Action taken in the right spirit will bring inspirational results.  But reckless or impatient choices will only make matters worse. 


Dragons should embrace opportunities for further training.  New skills will always serve the Dragon well.  Lessons learned are destiny moments that will radically shape the Dragon’s future. Dragons would do well to broaden their horizons.  New roles, requests and opportunities are worth following through to the hilt.  Originality of thought will be well rewarded.  And the Dragon should use its vivid imagination in controversial situations.  Finances must be dealt with for order to descend.  A savings plan or further investment would not go amiss for Dragons.  Vigilance in practical matters is advisable. 


Balance in a Dragon’s life is crucial.  The temptation to focus fully on work will lead to accusations if loved ones are neglected.  Enjoyable social activities are worthwhile and any chance of a break should be accepted.  Dragons must not become too engrossed in their work at the expense of personal relationships.  All diversions should be gratefully received for entertainment’s sake! 


Romance is ever possible for singletons and new connections will progress quickly for Dragons.  Be open to love and don’t be alarmed at the speed of some of the developments.  Expect romance, work and head wreck (possibly in that order!).  Start as you mean to go on.  Find personal balance and don’t waste your time heading down ‘glamorous’ blind alleys.  Discrimination will serve the Dragon well.  So use wisdom, patience and intuition for the best results.





DRAGONS are well suited to the RAT, the SNAKE, and the MONKEY.

They should avoid the DOG in both business and personal relationships.

DRAGONS also work well with the RAT, the SNAKE and the MONKEY.









Snakes would do well to be reasonable, dedicated and disciplined.  The Snake should stick to what is familiar and comfortable.  Risks are inadvisable, for the time being. There will be plenty of scope for social and romantic enjoyment, for Snakes attract this kind of attention.  But be selective with encounters of the close kind!  Opportunities will be many and varied on the social scene.  So use that wily Snake like discretion and slither away when the going gets rough. 


Snakes can make great progress with their individual thinking.  Opportunities to expand personal skills and training should be welcomed.  Never mind the age gap!  If you are a Snake, keep your eyes peeled for opportune moments.  Snakes would do well to pay attention and make judgements only when the evidence presents itself.  Premature or hasty decisions will back fire Big-Time.  So stay alert ye Snakes! 


Your best chances are rooted in what you already know.  Beware of fanciful notions or dreams and visions that threaten to cloud your perception.  Give yourself regular reality checks as time progresses.  Mixing business and pleasure is well advised for a change.  Timely information will surface from the most unlikely sources. 


Your Snake like charm and intelligence will take you far.  But do not be tempted to resort to manipulation or devious behaviour.  All links with creativity, the arts or design will be lucky for Snakes. If you are a Snake take the advice of a professional if you find yourself legally or financially strapped.  Snakes should be vigilant and sensible in money matters.  Snakes should exercise financial caution and wise investment is advisable if possible. 


Snakes are intrinsically lucky and can expect good return from time and money well spent.  New friends and acquaintance will enliven your time, as always.  And creative ideas will come thick and fast, if you open your mind and allow things to flow. 


On a personal level the Snake will always face challenges.  Contentment will derive from family ties.  But expectations will have to be fulfilled to keep loved ones sweet.  Commitments must be met, or the Snake could run into trouble.  Snakes must avoid retreat when the going gets rough.  And be ready to compromise for the sake of harmony and peace.  Settling down and consolidating past progress is eternally advisable.   Snakes are typically cautious regarding personal commitments. But good energy will inspire Snakes to trust, relax and try a little bit more.  Intimate environments will become a breeding ground for self-expression.  Look out for that glint in reptilian eyes as you go about your business… 





SNAKES are well suited to the ROOSTER, the DRAGON, and the OX re personal connections.

They should avoid the TIGER, the PIG, and fellow SNAKES (can you imagine!).

SNAKES work well with the ROOSTER and the DRAGON.








Horses can expect to be singled out for recognition during their colourful lives.  Focus is always important for the Horse.  So decisions need to be made about general direction.  If Horses are willing to follow guidance and do what is asked, they stand to reach a spectacular level of achievement. 


Other Zodiac signs are well disposed towards the Horse.  So this equine creature should make the most of the good vibrations.  Horses should not be afraid to express themselves or their talents at any time the urge takes them.  They must concentrate on what comes naturally rather than force issues. 


Irrational risk taking will not pay off for the Horse.  Horses must NOT follow through on a whim and a prayer!  But a meticulous and careful approach will yield positive results.  The Horse must decide what it wants and pursue it relentlessly through to the end.  Finances need due care and attention.  And location is an issue that will have to be addressed! 


Control and focus are the keys to success for the Horse.  But they should remain flexible and allow for swift and sudden change.  Material matters will be challenging but interesting.  Avoid panic if you are a horse. A bolt from the blue may send you into a spin.  But breathe deeply and calm down QUICK!  Home improvements or a move will be worth the effort.  Rewards from time and money invested at this point will bring enjoyment for many years to come. 


Domestically life will be fulfilling but changeable for Horses.  There will always be unusual opportunities to socialise.  So accept all invites with enthusiasm! 


Single Horses can look forward to interesting connections and several new relationships will manifest at unexpected moments.  It is constructive for the Horse to always embrace the unusual or the challenging.  As a variety of experiences will maintain interest.  Make the most of talents, imagination and creativity.  The rewards will be, well…rewarding!




HORSES relate well to the DOG, the TIGER, and fellow HORSES.

They should steer clear of the RAT, the MONKEY, and the RABBIT.

In business the HORSE connects well with the TIGER, the DOG and the ROOSTER.  But should distrust the RAT, the OX, and the RABBIT.









Every year is a great year for the Goat.   But organisation is needed in order to take advantage of the opportunities therein.  All levels and aspects of Goat life are permanently well favoured.  But Goats should concentrate on where they are headed.  And good progress can be made despite recent disappointments.  Goats should develop their ideas, as their unique perception will be well received. 


Goats are the masters of their destiny, and should realise the power that lies within!  The energy invested in worthwhile projects will be highly advantageous.  Deep thinking and intelligent decisions are advisable.  Goats must not be tempted to drift on or waste precious moments.  They should follow through hunches and intuitions.  If you were born in Goat time, you would do well to assess what is truly FOR you. 


Financially Goats must not act on impulse or behave recklessly.  Be selective re what seduces the purse strings this year!  The development of a current hobby will bring equilibrium and balance to the Goat.  Goats can expect times of personal fulfilment and happiness.  But they will need sensitivity in dealings with temperamental loved ones.  The foibles and eccentricities of others will be challenging! 


The key factors that guarantee a bumper summer for the Goat are action and initiative.  Brave moves will bring recognition.  But impulsiveness should be avoided.  Random acts are not the best route to enlightenment. However, intelligent risk taking will always be very profitable. 




GOATS are well suited to RABBITS, fellow GOATS, and PIGS.

They should avoid ROOSTERS, DOGS, RATS, and the OX in personal relationships.

In Business GOATS connect well with RABBITS and fellow GOATS.








The Monkey must watch its wicked sense of mischief.  Over eagerness or indiscriminate rampant enthusiasm could get the better of this tricky creature.  Monkeys beware!  As long as the Monkey keeps a rein on its more adventurous tendencies all will be well. 


If you are a Monkey do not over reach or over extend yourself.  Acrobatic as you are, you would not want to swing too high and miss your footing now, would you?  Monkeys should build on current foundations and elevate their present position slowly but surely. 


Monkeys must give all opportunities their best shot though.  There is always a measure of unpredictability, if you are a Monkey- condition normal. 


Keep your eyes peeled for unsolicited information, which is always!  And do not trust your luck to the point of folly.  But do be aware that progress may happen upon you, so a ‘smidgin’ of opportunism is fine!                       


Monkeys should build on links with what they already know and love.  Logical developments will guarantee success in any case, never mind the spooky stuff!  Things will happen and advancement in the Monkey Universe is assured. 


Monkeys can benefit themselves by referring to past achievements to sell a point.  Do not be afraid to sing your own praises as a Monkey, but not too eloquently.  Shine out just enough to get attention.  But don’t repel others with egocentricity.  Guard against lavish spending and unnecessary extravagance.  Be sensible about what you can achieve.  Travel is well starred for the Monkey.  So perhaps budget for the trip of a lifetime.  The Monkey’s need to wander will have to be satiated somehow…but keep it clean!


Relationships are delicate for the Monkey.  Monkeys will have to guard against selfish behaviour.  And they must consider the desires, wants and needs of loved ones, or things could get messy.  Efforts will be rewarded in a domestic situation. But neglect may sadly strain important relationships.  Forewarned is forearmed!  Monkeys can expect a full and active social diary.  Balance is the key to keeping things sweet.


New relationships are highly likely as the Monkey ‘circle’ extends itself.  Prepare for some surprises and interesting scenarios that inspire endless chatter.  Allow new links the space and time to develop.  Rushing in too quickly will not serve the Monkey well at any time.  But discipline will definitely enhance the Monkey’s luck.




MONKEYS do well in love with RATS, DRAGONS, and fellow MONKEYS.

They should avoid the TIGER and the ROOSTER in love connections.

In business MONKEYS connect well with the RABBIT, the SNAKE, and the ROOSTER.

They should avoid doing business with DRAGONS and RATS.









Roosters can look forward to a prosperous life time. It takes a while for the momentum of change to kick in.  But Roosters can expect positive motion.  Steering them ever onwards and upwards. 


If you are a Rooster build on all positive experiences, think clearly and take up all invites.  Precious opportunities lurk in unexpected corners for Roosters.  Take definite action to address outstanding problems, and nip any hassle ‘in the bud’.  Don’t allow negativity to fester, as this will undermine progress.  Make the moves and the rest will follow.  Pay extra attention to the moods and wishes of loved ones.  And generally stay ahead of the game. 


The Rooster can expect many ‘make or break’ opportunities.  So guard against laziness that could easily scupper your position.  And never allow the rut of complacency a look-in!  Roosters should make strides by being as charming as possible.  Be open as a Rooster and hold onto a modicum of humility, or you may alienate people- Pride comes before a fall, remember? 


Unexpected interest in your talents and image will leave you feeling like the cat that got the cream.  Roosters only stand to remain in a rut if they choose to do so.  There is so much potential for the Rooster that it would be a sin to miss out.  Don’t be afraid to follow through hunches.  Use your intuition and you will be the victor in complex situations. 


Roosters must not let the past hold them back.  Remain open to progress and take your chances.  Watch energy levels and sleep when tired.  Eat properly and take sufficient exercise.  The scales will directly reflect your state of mind.  So keep your self in peak condition. 


Personal relationships will benefit from a conducive and comfortable domestic environment.  Create harmony in your living space and so create good vibes with loved ones. Home improvements will bring the Rooster great contentment and a sense of fulfilment.  The Rooster must watch the hectic schedule however.  As priorities will be challenged at various points.


The Rooster would do well to learn more flexibility.  Rigid and fixed attitudes will create difficulties and prevent the importance of a compromise. 


The Rooster must be eternally ready for anything.  Activity social, romantic and professional will keep Roosters very busy indeed.  And anything that enriches life and broadens the Rooster’s experience should be fully embraced. 




ROOSTERS do very well in relationship with SNAKES, the OX, the DRAGON, and the HORSE.

They should take it easy with the RABBIT, the RAT, and fellow ROOSTERS.

In business, ROOSTERS connect well with the OX and the SNAKE.

But not with other ROOSTERS.









The DOG must always guard its interests carefully.  More haste, less speed is the maxim that comes to mind.  Dogs should put effort into whatever makes sense re their specific needs, wants and requirements. 


If you are a Dog let things unfold in their own time.  But do concentrate on what you really want.  The right things will take root, but only if you focus and visualise the desired outcome.  Dogs are well advised to consolidate their position.  But adding to their current field of experience will also bring rewards. 


Major advancement will not happen overnight, except in very unusual circumstances.  Dogs would do well to check out the problem areas and stumbling blocks along the way.  A bit of lateral thought will help the Dog unravel complex situations. 


New training is always a great idea for Dogs, if the timing makes sense.  Learning new things should be a major priority, never mind the supposed barriers of age, finance, or culture.  The Dog should expand its horizons and keep the grey matter stimulated. 


Teamwork is potentially rewarding for Dogs.  And calling in the support of family and friends will help the Dog through the challenges that arise.  Dogs must watch that they don’t speak out of turn.  They surely value their independence.  As always, the Dog needs support and companionship to give life extra oomph and enrichment. 


Dogs must find a solution to the unfair demands on their time, energy and emotions.  They should guard against others taking advantage of their amenable nature.  The Dog will always be noted for its persistence, dedication and tenacity. 


Dogs need courage and they will find it worthwhile to circumnavigate unnecessary pressure.  Transform current lessons to serve you well in the years to come.  Dogs should watch, listen and learn with genuine enthusiasm.  Your summer is all set to be rewarding, if not a little ‘bitter sweet’.  When the going gets tough…




DOGS make great romantic connections with the TIGER, The HORSE, and the PIG.

In business they work well with TIGERS and HORSES.

DOGS should avoid connections with DRAGONS, or at least be well guarded around this fiery opposition!








Pigs can expect a golden lifetime.  Domestically there will be the need to reorganise, prioritise and generally get moving.  Pigs must delegate between loved ones and friends and not be afraid to call in favours.  Pigs must not even attempt to shoulder all the burdens.  The various degrees of responsibility are negotiable. 


If you are a Pig, be open to discussion and stay upbeat when the challenges arise.  The Pig’s social life will be rewarding. But balance is needed- there is work to be done!  Pigs must be willing to bury the hatchet regarding past hurts and disappointments.  Make emotional detachment and personal development a priority if you are a Pig.  All will be well if you take things honestly, sweetly and from the heart at all times! 


Pigs should take advantage of offers arising in the work place.  There will be opportunities to progress, but they will be subtle and apparently indiscernible. 


Pigs should learn to spot their moment and make nifty moves at the appropriate time.  Finances look blessed so long as the Pig remains cautious and sensible.  Money will flow in and out of accounts like water.  So it will be timely for Pigs to develop their investments and savings plan. 


Pigs can always find ways to improve their luck and expand their resources.  Creative initiative will get the Pig everywhere, always!  Life will bring many blessings along with challenges that will stimulate personal growth.  So snort around and be as prolific as possible.





PIGS are well suited to the DOG, the TIGER, the RABBIT, and the DRAGON.

They should be very wary of the SNAKE.

In business and work situations PIGS like the GOAT, fellow PIGS, and the RABBIT.










Rats can get things started, if they so decide.  Much drive and creative energy will give rise to good opportunities.  Rats should learn from experience and integrate past failures and disappointments.  The future looks inspiring, so long as the Rat can leave mistakes firmly behind. 


A new and positive approach will inspire the Rat.  Determination can be renewed, but it will take a deliberate decision and a change of outlook to bring this about.  Rats can make great strides, but it will take a personal effort to manifest the magic.  Even acting on impulse will bring its own reward.  Rats have the power and commitment to turn their lives around.  They must be prepared to take responsibility, for initiative and enterprise will be duly rewarded.  Things will not fall into the Rat’s lap.  But personal commitment and endeavour will guarantee results. 


Rats must find the time to relax amidst this frenetic activity.  Schedules will become hectic, so the ‘unwind’ will be fundamentally important. 

The Rat’s personal life will get controversial but exciting and decisions must be made.  Rats should not run and hide, but face things head on.  Their responsibility must be honoured, but it IS important to give ‘number 1’ more attention. 


The Rat can achieve great things using wit and charm.  Rats have impressive qualities and can influence the toughest opposition.  So if you are a Rat take your chances.  Reel in whatever, or whoever you want- you may regret any further delay! 


Rats must always take the opportunity to move away from personal grief, sadness, or difficulty.  If this is achieved when the need arises, not much will shake the Rat.





RATS are well suited to Fellow RATS, The OX, the DRAGON, and the MONKEY.

They should avoid the HORSE in business and relationships, or at least be careful!

In business the RAT works well with the OX and the DRAGON. 








Life can be a mixed experience for the Ox.  This endurable beast can expect recognition if not notoriety over time.  The strong Ox spirit is worthy of success.  And the Ox will survive the twists and turns of fate- guaranteed.  The Ox would be well advised not to panic amidst the radical change. 


If you are an Ox adopt a ‘wait and see’ attitude rather than get overly stressed by ‘if onlys’.  Assess all your options when the ride gets bumpy.  You have more imagination than you appreciate.  So use the full range of resources at your disposal and play your wild card. 


In-house contacts will benefit the Ox career path for the duration.  Call in favours.  New challenges should be welcomed and major adjustments will be worthwhile. The Ox may well find itself up against stiff competition.  But persistence will pay off, and sheer hard work will manifest the desired results.  Guard against becoming demoralised.  There is no need!  Simply maintain your position rather than slip back through resentment, anger or frustration. 


Renewed focus will benefit the Ox handsomely in the long term. Whilst relationships will bring diversion and light relief.  Home life and domestic bliss are re-balancing factors.  But some discipline and organisation may be needed. 


The Ox will have to call in favours or rely on team effort at times.  Although the Ox is not one for sharing its burden, there will be noticeable rewards deriving from inter-dependency.  The Ox will certainly make bigger strides as part of a unit for a change. 

The private life of the Ox will flourish in the most unexpected circumstances.  New contacts will bring forward thrills, excitement and stimulation, so be selective!




The OX mixes well with the SNAKE, the ROOSTER, and the RABBIT.

The OX should avoid the TIGER in personal relationships; and the TIGER, the HORSE and the GOAT in business connections.

The OX works well with the ROOSTER and the SNAKE.






The Elements:





The Earth contains us.  It is the nurturing environment in which we grow, develop, and hopefully flourish.  Earth interacts with the other elements Wood, Fire, Metal and Water in many and varied ways.  Earth represents fairness and equality in positive mode.  But negatively tends to smother or gets overly stressed before the main event! 


Earth types are loyal, reliable and will support you come what may.  Earth takes its time and will not be rushed.  These grounded personalities are persistent and determined.  They will not give up and methodically move forwards until they attain their goal.  The enduring qualities of Earth mean that generally you know where you are with this element.  But there is the potential for the rare earthquake in areas of seismic stress!  Inner strength marks this element in the positive.  But Earth types are prone to finding fault and nit-picking within arguments.  Many hairs tend to be split by this slightly obsessive energy.  On the plus side you will not find more patient, tolerant and loyal people born with the blessing of Earth.






Wood symbolises SPRING, and the sprouting of roots and shoots.  New life links with this energy.  In fact any new or on-going growth be it animal, vegetable or mineral has a close connection with Wood.  Yin Wood is supple, pliable, and flexible, whereas Yang Wood is rigid, sturdy, and often ancient!  Wood can of course be used to stoke a life-giving fire, or it may be used to spear the enemy in battle.  Wood has endless possibilities, and may be used for good or bad according to inclination.  It is versatile, expansive and nurturing.


Wood personalities are co-operative and think of the community first and foremost.  They consider other people equal to themselves, and always, make attempts to be all-inclusive.  Plenty of ideas fly around, for Wood is both creative and constructive.  Wood knows how to win people over to their way of seeing things, which is usually practical and full of common sense.  Wood characters are also visionary.  They visualise possibilities.  But would be slow to commit them selves, for fear of alienating endless possibilities.  Here we find the artists and writers of the Zodiac.  Wood ensures a personality that takes the rough with the smooth, and embarks on tasks with positive energy.        


Enthusiasm is a given quality of Wood.  But negatively, Wood can get impatient or overly tired when energy if expended.  Wood tends to lose patience quickly, so may leave a trail of unfinished work in its wake.  A bit of application along with the inherent enthusiasm would give Wood types the edge!  








Fire of course brings light, warmth and feelings of security. The link to the SUMMER season connects Fire to the life force of the sun. Happiness and joyous times are represented by Fire energy. However, Fire also explodes, destroys and causes devastation when it is not contained. There is an inherent danger when you mess with Fire. Positively Fire brings fairness, dynamic approach and integrity. Conversely, this molten lather manifests in aggression, war and conflict.


Fire personalities are the leaders of the Chinese Zodiac.  They are always active and rarely run out of energy.  Unless of course they over do it, and burn themselves out! These characters know no boundaries and often lead themselves and others into hot water.  Fire dislikes rules, regulations and any kind of confinement.  You can expect challenges events and times when you mix with Fire.  This energy lives in the moment and pays no heed to the future- the time is NOW! 


Fire, therefore does not plan ahead, nor is it very clever at anticipating events.  A law unto itself, Fire will rampage through the neighbourhood if you do not keep it in its rightful place.  In the positive Fire signs are humorous and passionate.  But give them free reign, and they can be impatient, demanding and exploitative.   







Metal connects us to AUTUMN and brings the energy of strength and steely resolve.  Metal is strong but compliant when the engineering is skilful.  This is a molten material that can be moulded into many shapes, forms and structures beautiful or useful.  Metal represents solidity and has the ability to hold and contain the other elements.  It is also a conductor, so has the inherent capacity to protect or destroy depending on where you are standing!  Positively Metal enhances communication.  It brings justice, force and is an energy that is not to be messed with.  Metal is full of inspiring ideas and has the capacity to attain lofty heights.  In its negative aspect Metal can bring destruction, sadness and danger.  It has the potential to be quite beautiful. But can also manifest as a lethal weapon that will run you through if you are not careful! 


Metal personalities are very matter-of-fact and strong in their resolve.  This elemental type gets things done.  There is an in-built desire to be the best and to achieve ambitions come what may.  Metal inspires the dogmatic approach to life, so arguments with this element should be averted if possible.  There is a tendency for metal to have quite an inflexible attitude when up against it.  This element is single minded.  Organisational skills are good and Metal is very self sufficient, content to function in its own sphere of influence.  Not much will budge the Metal mind when it is set on a particular course of action. 


Metal has an inherent self-belief, so does not take kindly to personal challenges or someone questioning their judgement.  Perhaps surprisingly, Metal does respond well to change and weathers well.  Metal types are serious minded and do not accept help lightly.  They are strong, determined and intuitive in the positive.  But in the negative can be lacking in sense of humour and tend to take them selves a little too seriously.  Metal elements should also watch for dips into melancholy.  But this is a formidable steely personality type that measures up in most respects when balanced.







Water relates to WINTER and the element of water in whatever form, be it drops of rain or the ocean deep.  Water is artistic, beautiful and serene.  It is all encompassing and reaches everything in some shape or form.  There would be no on-going life without Water- it is one of the main elements we need to survive.  In the positive, Water nurtures, embraces and understands.  But it also has the capacity to overwhelm, drown and swamp when there is no escape! 


Water consequently can wear you down and be quite exhausting in the wrong environment.  Water holds our emotions and on a deep, buried level it connects us to the unconscious and our buried secrets.  It may therefore contain and understand our hidden fears, possibly heightening stress and nervousness.  Water has the ability to see a little more than it should, so other elements find it disarming, incapacitating and not a little threatening at times.                          


Water people are great communicators.  They know how to win people over and get their own way.  Watery powers of persuasion are second to none.  Water is perceptive, intuitive and highly sensitive.  This element is likely to have innate psychic ability, and would be able to read your mind given half the chance!  Call on Water types to negotiate a deal, for they can have people eating out of the palm of their hand in a short space of time.  Water types are flexible, adaptable and great company too.  Water is able to see the bigger picture, as well as able to penetrate to the heart of a problem very quickly. 


Water is holistic and covers everything- no stone is left unturned when Water is in the vacinity.  Positively, Water people are artistic, sociable and empathetic.  They are great people to confide in.  When off balance however,

Water can be invasive, intrusive and a little bit too much.  The sensitivity of Water can at times backfire, for this personality is prone to reading too much into situations that are inherently straightforward.         


Chinese Zodiac General Traits



Profiles of the animals





(The Tiger’s element- Wood)



Tigers are independent and powerful.  They have a rebellious and unconventional streak that makes them a bit of a handful.  Tigers love acting on impulse and they are a dynamic, fun loving sign.  Never distrust a Tiger, unless you want to cause offence.  Tigers are genuine, affectionate and sincere.  Passion runs close to the surface when a Tiger is around.  So don’t wind them up unless you want to be pounced upon.  These creatures are passionate, stealthy and graceful. So needless to say, they make wonderful lovers.  Watch out for dramatic displays of emotion and the slight loss of control in hairy moments.  But Tigers are usually composed and make great leaders. It is important to monitor personal direction as a Tiger, and to guard against becoming embroiled in petty distractions.  Tigers have warmth of heart.  They are generous creatures with a lot to give…just watch those claws don’t kill you with kindness!


Tigers are strong willed and determined.  They love a challenge and are possessed of incredible energy and stamina.  Be careful as a Tiger not to be too hasty with risky situations.  Although you are not afraid to take a chance, you need to assess carefully when risks are justifiable, and when they are just plain daft! 


Restlessness is a scourge Tigers have to adapt to.  Sometimes they move on too quickly if something is developing too slowly for their impetuous nature.  Some patience wouldn’t go amiss.  And don’t be too proud as you are a creature who will often need to call in favours.  Tigers are meant to connect with their fellows and experience the interchanges of love, loyalty and affection- whenever possible!







(The Rabbit’s element- Wood)



The Rabbit is a very lucky sign.  You will find as a Rabbit that things often come good for you at the last minute.  You will notice a recurring pattern throughout your life.  Just when things look like they are going belly up, expect a miracle- it will surely manifest!  Think of the times when everything looked like it was falling down around you.  Isn’t there always some kind of incredible break through? 


Rabbits symbolise grace and beauty.  Their nature is charming and refined, without being prudish.  Rabbits are polite and know the value of mutual respect and good manners.  Don’t expect the Rabbit to be a pushover however.  Their strength of character and will are legendary.  Take one on at your peril!  They are very smart and sophisticated and have a way of making you look bad without even trying- but only if you cross them first.  The Rabbit is very shrewd and knows how to get its way.  Rabbit charm is very seductive and they are able to nibble their way through the toughest opposition.  Rabbits love peace and harmony.  They will wander off very quickly at the first sign of conflict and prefer to negotiate- because they know they can win through with the ‘talk!’  Rabbits possess an ultra cool and calm exterior that is often mistaken for aloof snobbery.  Think again!  Rabbits are actually very kind and considerate.  They are simply cautious about whom they connect with and don’t suffer fools gladly.  Any one who knows and loves the Rabbit will vouch for their charming, inquisitive and special nature.  And of course the twitching nose gives them a special propensity for magic!


Rabbits dislike change, and can feel unsettled when their security is threatened.  Bolder behaviour wouldn’t go amiss at times.  For unscrupulous people are apt to take advantage of this sweet nature.  Rabbits are agreeable beyond the call of duty.  But just remember, once they clock what’s happening, it will become apparent they should never have been underestimated!  A Rabbit would be well advised to develop a thicker skin.  This would prevent the odd skinning and serve them well.  The less time spent in the soup/stew/casserole the better.






(The Dragon’s element- Earth)



Dragons are very magnanimous and proud.  They have plenty of energy at their disposal.  Dragons are financially generous and love to spend money.  Assertiveness and self-confidence are great Dragon qualities.  Watch out for an overtly selfish streak though.  At times the Dragon gets carried away and will champion the cause of fire creatures with too much enthusiasm.  Sometimes excitement can get a grip of the Dragon.  Watch out for pushiness at the wrong times, when the determination to ‘make things happen’ gets the better of you. 


Dragons can be fussy and too snobby with certain expectations.  Things have to be ‘just so’ or the Dragon will have something to say about it.  If conditions aren’t right for the anticipated scenario, the Dragon will be off. Avoid an argument with this one.  Dragons are dogmatic and won’t be told!  They make good leaders and are mature in their outlook on life.  If you have an old head on young shoulders, the chances are you have inherited some Dragon energy from somewhere.  Dragons are fearless and not afraid to take on formidable responsibilities.  They can be a little forthright with the wind in their sails.  But they are not easily defeated, so make great friends and partners. 


Dragons can be a bit indiscreet, so don’t confide in a hurry, unless you have worked out exactly whom you are dealing with!  Having said that Dragons are not afraid to tell it like it is.  They are brutally honest and will not hold back when making a point.  Expect to be hurt by a Dragon and if you can not handle the truth stay well away!  What you see is what you get with this fiery creature. 

Dragons should definitely develop their skills of tact and diplomacy.  And curbing the urge to splurge and overspend would also be lessons well learned. 


Your lively independent manner means that as a Dragon you are well liked.  But do guard against overly impulsive behaviour.  Use your many talents wisely and you are destined for major success.  Dragons are unusual and powerful creatures, not easily defeated and great to have on side!





(The Snake’s element- Fire)



The Snakes are the hedonists of the animal kingdom.  They love to slink around hissing when it pleases them and of course love to indulge in a great variety of temptations!  The Snake knows how to enjoy life on its own terms.  But snakes are also highly intelligent and intuitive.  Nothing passes the attention of this mind-bending mind reader!  And of course try to deceive one at your own expense.  That kind of selective behaviour is the preserve of Snakes alone.  Never return the favour- it can be fatal!  Snakes of course only trust their own judgement.  They are invaluable friends as they are rarely wrong about human nature and know how to work the system.  Snakes choose their words carefully and rarely speak unless it serves their interests. 


Sometimes disarmingly quiet, the Snake watches, observes and notes the behaviour playing out in its field of vision.  Very economical with its energy, the Snake only moves tactically, and doesn’t miss an opportunity to further its interests.  Having said that this is not a selfish creature.  But the Snake IS self-serving if that doesn’t sound too much like a contradiction!  The Snake persona is charming, beguiling and enigmatic.  There is also elegance in movement.  This creature knows how to glide to perfection, so can certainly make quite an entrance. 


Snakes tend to see the drama in life and have a head for gossip and scandal.  They can get things out of proportion and often read too much significance into harmless events.  When a Snake is off-balance, possessiveness and tenacity kick in quite unattractively!  Never cross one of these creatures!  Snakes know how to milk a revenge scenario to perfection.  If you can’t handle the intensity of the Snake, you would be advised to keep a healthy distance, and approach only when you know it’s not hungry!   





(The Horse’s element- Fire)



The Horse is a happy, content and intelligent creature.  Those born in a horse year are usually popular, bright and well able to pace life sensibly.  However, the Horse has an impulsive and tempestuous streak that craves adventure.  Occasional grazing may suddenly turn into a bolt across the field, for no apparent reason.  The Horse has a quirky sense of humour and is open to a wide variety of experiences.  This elegant creature has a wicked idea of what constitutes fun.  And has an inherent capacity to shock in quite unexpected ways!  Eloquence is a key word in ‘Horse speak’.  The Horse knows how to convey a point or two and adopts an unusual angle when making a convincing case.  The Horse can certainly call the kettle black, never mind the pot! 


In matters of the heart, the Horse is not fussy so much as discreet and choosy.  A great variety of mates may catch the Stud’s attention, but once settled the Horse is loyal…unto the moment therein!  This animal is a creature of habit, except when that urge for a wild spin kicks in.  Not possessive, mistrustful or jealous, the Horse will live and let live.  It is accepting of others and will not be overly demanding when in a relationship.  The Horse has high standards for its own behaviour, but will not expect very much from others. 


One point that will rile the Horse is not getting its own way!  Clearly this animal’s agreeable nature ensures this kind of conflict rarely happens.  But you can expect scenes of irritability if you go back on an agreement you made with a Horse friend or lover.  The Horse is not a drama queen, but short shrift is what you will get if you are unreliable.  I guess loyalty towards such a magnificent companion is not much to ask for. 


Apart from the occasional flare of temper, the Horse is desirable.  If you are a Horse avoid alienating loved ones with undignified moody displays.  Make the most of your many talents and build towards a successful future.  You have a great temperament that will contribute to a rewarding and fulfilling future.  Just keep those four trotters on the ground and don’t rush too far ahead of yourself.  A full paced gallop will certainly cover a lot of ground.  But you will be finished at the end of it- the field might just peter out!  Put the brakes on and work methodically towards the achievement of your goals.






(The Goat’s element- Earth)



The Goat is an honest and reliable animal.  Sincerity is this creature’s middle name.  But you may not believe it, as the Goat can come across as quite smug!  A misunderstood Goat is introspective and apparently unapproachable- Billy Goat Gruff!  But get past what you think to be the case, and you will find a charming and refined sensual creature.  The Goat can appear to be pessimistic and aloof.  However, underneath the thick coarse skin is a romantic soul, quite ready and willing for intimacy!  The Goat is surprisingly tolerant and able to forgive with ease.  This typifies a generous and open heart.  The Goat gives this personal leeway, not as an excuse for his own bad behaviour.  But out of a genuine unconditional way of being…Baaa! 


Goat’s hate strict schedules and do not perform well under pressure.  They are discipline in their own way, but would not respond well to a dictatorial regime.  Goats hate to be put under pressure, and will run and hide if they are obliged to perform.  They love domesticity and a sense of security in their own home. 


The Goat makes bonds for life, and it would be very rare for the Goat to be mistreated or abused.  Perhaps that aloof exterior serves a purpose after all!  This creature attracts only those it can work with and connect to.  There is no nonsense and no funny business with the Goat.  This creature shapes its own destiny.  Anything can happen!  Be careful if you are a Goat to build on the positive vibes in your life.  Say ‘no’ to negative thinking and embrace the future fearlessly with good faith.  Disappointment is a rare occurrence. But if you do get a knock along the way, learn from it, pick up and start over.  You have the power to turn things around…so do!


Watch out for your tendency to be a little haphazard in your approach to life.  Fine some discipline but always function under your own terms, in personal and business relationships.  Show your true feelings to enliven your connections.  And give your best for a great reward on all levels.






(The Monkey’s element- Metal)



The Monkey is of course warm, spontaneous and funny.  An infectious sense of humour will have this animal laughing even in the midst of adversity.  The Monkey loves life and this creature is very energising company.  The Monkey is not one of life’s vampires who would leave you drained and crawling out the door!  Quite the opposite: If you are down…find a Monkey to cheer you up! 


The Monkey is elegant and stylish and has great taste.  This animal is not mercenary or materialistic but loves comfortable and tasteful surroundings.  Show me a Monkey who is not stylish and well turned out!  The Monkey has a sharp and intelligent mind and an irascible wit.  Don’t take on this animal with a competitive ‘banter’ as you may well lose face.  The Monkey is a great improviser and can talk its way out of most compromising situations.  This animal is not actively deceitful, but the Monkey does know the fast track away from trouble.  A streetwise little fluff ball you might say! 


The Monkey is inventive and gymnastics of all kinds come naturally to this animal.  A great mover in more ways than one is the monkey.  This animal is a master of lateral and illogical thinking.  Present a riddle or puzzle to the Monkey and it will be sorted very unconventionally, but brilliantly nonetheless.  The Monkey is able for complex scenarios and situations that would normally defeat the best of us.  Indeed this Chinese animal thrives on the unexpected.  And comes into full power and self-expression when up against it!  Look to this creature for a solution.


The Monkey learns quickly and absorbs information like a sponge.  As a Monkey you will be a success at whatever you turn you hand to.  What a luxury of choice you have at your finger tips.  Nothing eludes you.  And you can do great things if you concentrate your boundless energy in one direction.  Some hope there!…ah go on then…just do it all.


Watch out for that arrogant streak.  Sometimes your competence gets a bit much for us lesser mortals.  So do have mercy…we will catch up eventually.  Don’t be too crafty or nifty in your bid to succeed.  You don’t want to get caught now, do you!  Having said that even if you were found in a ‘red handed’ situation, you would have a plausible get out clause.  Do try to concentrate on one thing at a time.  You are a great social animal and are destined to be well loved experiencing a lifetime of mischief and laughter…what’s your number?!






(The Rooster’s element- Metal)



The Rooster is a neat and precise creature, who likes to peck around making sure things are ‘just so’.  Needless to say this power animal is proud and colourful.  The appearance of things is important to the Rooster.  If something does not measure up to expectations, this creature will feel short-changed and most annoyed! 


The Rooster is very organised and tidy.  Perhaps unrealistically it expects those who inhabit the same air space to be equally responsible.  The Rooster has a great eye for detail and won’t miss the intricacies of an argument.  This animal will not easily forget a wrong and is quite self-critical as well as fussy with loved ones.  The Rooster has no time for impatience, and yet is one of the most impatient creatures ‘out there!’ 


Powers of observation are truly a blessing from heaven for the Rooster.  This gives them the edge in career situations that involve playing ball and pleasing the powers that be!  Roosters are hard workers and are very meticulous and patient within a working environment.  Their steely determination to succeed will inevitably reap a reward in the long term.  But not necessarily as quickly as this one would like. 


The Rooster is blessed with an innate capacity to get out of trouble and difficult situations.  Resourceful and intelligent, it will seem as if the Rooster was absent, even whilst mingling in the thick of it!  A master stroke indeed.  With patient application the Rooster is able to arrive on its own terms.  This takes determination and tenacity.  But believe me the ambitions will inevitably be fulfilled as long as there is no wavering.  (And there won’t be!) 


Watch out for a certain prudish element in your relationships.  You’re not exactly one for ‘getting down and dirrty’! Your refined nature takes offence at such suggestions…so sorry that sentence is there, but you get my point.  Don’t let this emotional prickly streak tamper with good connections.  Rise to the occasion in every sense and make a link.  Not everyone is as polite as you granted.  But you don’t want to be stuck in a ‘liason’ of terminal boredom and tedium…do you? So keep your options open and become aware of the many types of emotional expression.


Be careful also that your pedantry doesn’t make life overly tense.  Accept that others have a different way of being and go get you some!  Take good advice about decisions that make you uneasy.  When you are in a tight spot your thinking tend to become a little fussy.  So don’t be too proud when you need a guiding hand.  You are a brilliant planner.  But watch out for the expectation that your wishes be followed to the letter- it isn’t gonna happen, especially not within a group situation. 


Make allowances for the inadequate performance of other power animals!  They have a different set of circumstances to contend with.  Your outgoing personality and inevitable success (if you are careful) will make life very rewarding.  There are plenty of good friends who worship the ground you walk on.  So what can go wrong?







(The Dog’s element- Wood)



Dogs are sincere and intelligent animals.  They are as loyal as they come, and there is a strong unconditional element to the love they express.  Dog’s are sticklers for justice, and will champion a worthy cause to the hilt.  They play by the rules and you won’t find a dog looking for loopholes.  Having said that Dog’s do have a certain independence.  And they are not boring despite their conventional streak.  You can count on a Dog.  They are extremely reliable and their word is their bond.  A Dog will die before it lets you down.  A slight exaggeration perhaps, but you get the picture. 


Dog’s are diplomatic but will never gloss over the truth.  They are not afraid to speak their mind on controversial and complex subjects.  A lie tripping from the Dog’s mouth would be a rare occurrence indeed.  Tact, along with the fearless defence of what is right, are trademark Doggy traits.  Dogs are able to objectify most situations and always listen to problems with interest and respect.  They are great confidants when you feel like the whole world is against you.  Dogs preserve secrets and can be trusted to keep ‘schtum’ with juicy gossip.  So if you want the Chinese whisper effect, don’t make a Dog part of the human chain! 


When Dog’s do get annoyed or lose their temper they are quick to make amends. And even have a habit of taking on other people’s mistakes as if they were their own.  If you hurt a Dog, it will wonder whether it hurt you first.  There will be great demonstrations of affection and huge remorse until you have kissed and made up.  Dogs will forgive and forget very quickly once the problem has been sorted.  And you will never find a Dog bearing a grudge.  Once a solution is found, there’s the end of it- it will be as if it never happened. 


Dogs have a tendency to be a bit pessimistic.  They wear a slightly sulky look at times.  But they are the world’s realists, so the serious face is often justified. 


Dogs are not superficial or flippant, and out of respect they do take life seriously.  If you are Dog try to be a little more light hearted!  We do not expect you to carry the burdens of all.  Though we are certainly grateful for your friendship when we need a listening ear, oodles of affection, and great company.  Watch out for a tendency to be stubborn over particular issues that bother you.  Be careful not to be too bloody-minded - you can’t win ‘em all!


Guard against anxiety and a propensity to think quite negatively at times.  You have an admirable character.  So observe and be proud of your personality.  A healthy self-esteem would not go amiss.  Be accepting of who you are, and realise that enjoyment of life is equally important as the attempt to sort everything out!         






(The Pig’s element- Water)


Pigs are open, sincere and strong creatures who shuffle around achieving great things, almost without being noticed!  Pigs will avoid a fight at all costs and prefer to keep a low profile in controversial situations.  They will walk away from hassle, as they wound easily and don’t need that kind of grief.  Pigs are very adaptable and know how to blend in to the background.  They are not shy, but they are clever.  A Pig could be a leader within a group situation without anyone being particularly aware of the fact. 


Pigs are not good at any kind of confrontation.  They do not respond well to the pressure to sort out a problem, whether it be emotional, financial or romantic.  Pigs hope for the best and expect things to sort themselves out.  More often than not their ‘laissez faire’ attitude works.  But Pigs scream and holler when pursued with a view to slaughter! 


Pigs have a tendency to store up resentment, and won’t forget a wrong doing in a hurry.  The are prone to simmering resentment which can be quite soul destroying and destructive.  So do guard against this if you are a Pig, as you are only hurting yourself. Objectify and forgive, for your own sake. 


Pigs are loyal and make wonderful companions.  They love socialising and meeting people.  A great variety of connections keep them interested.  They need the stimulation of harmless fun and gossip.  Indeed Pigs give fun and ‘frolics’ so much importance, that they are in danger of frittering away opportunities for serious progress.  Pigs need to watch their priorities and find balance in their lives.  They are capable of good work.  They just don’t particularly want to do it!  If you are a PIG do be aware of your responsibilities and remember to fulfil your obligations.  At least sometimes!


Pigs hate to disappoint people and sometimes promise too much before failing to deliver.  Keep track of your commitments and try to avoid letting others down.  Actions speak louder that words so watch that the neglect of duty does not alienate you from loved ones.  Pigs need to watch out that their charming naivety does not trip them up.  They can be a little too child like and trusting at times.  Pigs do learn quickly from their mistakes however.  So the same ‘faux pas’ will never happen twice- there just might be another one to take its place!


Pigs should monitor self-indulgence and extravagance.  Pigs are pleasure seekers, and will be the life and soul of social events if they feel comfortable.  Pigs have great integrity and mean well.  But they need to be careful not to promise the world when they can only deliver gestures of intent.  The destiny of the Pig is to be loved and respected by many.  You are lucky as a Pig, for you will be forgiven most of your misdemeanours- there is something irresistible about you!               





(The Rat’s element- Water)


The Rat is a charmer that knows how to get its way using the nicest possible techniques- well usually!  Don’t forget this rodent can chew its way through the most impervious materials and possesses the ‘where with all’ to invade your most unsuspecting, intimate places!  It doesn’t pay to be complacent about the Rat.  This is a persistent and tenacious creature.  The Rat is a master and there’s no stopping this animal when it wants to get under your skin and make an impression. 


The Rat is a hard worker, and is not afraid of the graft needed to guarantee impressive results.  This creature is sincere and direct to the point of brutality if necessary.  The Rat is an all or nothing type of being.  If you don’t float this animal’s boat, forget it.  The Rat is not a time waster, and hates any kind of slack behaviour in its associates.  Financially, the Rat is a genius and certainly possesses the Midas touch.  The Rat knows what to do and when to do it.  This power animal is an expert at discerning the right time to make a Splash!  The Rat can expect maximum impact in its chosen field. 


The Rat is also very intelligent and likes the stimulation of good social company.  But the Rat also needs ‘down time’ and enjoys its own thoughts and privacy at pertinent moments.  Rats are very generous to ‘their’ nearest and dearest.  This animal is slow to trust and will be very wary until it is comfortable in your company.  Because the Rat is often misunderstood, it has learned to be slightly shifty and slippery in personal dealings. 


The Rat is difficult to pin down amidst uncertainty.  Usually it is better to leave the Rat alone and not ask for favours.  But surprising displays of generosity will inevitably occur, just when you have given up! Needless to say the Rat likes to operate in its own way, and is quick to drop people who don’t fit in with the game plan.  Loved ones are safe as houses however.  The Rat is loyal in defending its own, and will destroy anyone who threatens the ‘Status Quo’. 


Rats are great party animals and enjoy throwing very lavish occasions to verify their social status.  They take care of friends and families without question.  But be careful you don’t assume a connection with this quite private creature.  Wait to be chosen, or forget it! 


Rats are sentimental and may feel things on a deep emotional level.  They have fine sensibilities and are usually culturally aware or politically minded.  Engage the Rat in conversation and you will not budge for many hours. 


If you are a Rat do not fret unnecessarily about security and the safety of loved ones.  Sometimes you over burden yourself with stress, so confide in good friends when the going gets tough.  Be aware though that certain associates have their own agenda, and may not have your best interests at heart.  A rude awakening may sometimes demoralise you.  But never lose faith.  The Rat is a born survivor that can process the dark and difficult side of life very effectively.  Rats inspire respect from most people.  Ignore those who find you too intense or self-obsessed- they do not see YOU!


Rats when they are committed will not let go, even in the midst of defeat.  They will never walk away from a commitment, however rough the road gets.  Rats would therefore benefit in recognising the time to let go.  A lot of stress and ‘agro’ is eliminated if as a Rat you can discern what is going on at a deeper level.  Channel your energies wisely.  Or you may find that at times you work against yourself unwittingly.  Monitor self-defeating behaviour, and use your irresistible charm to get you everywhere.                




The OX


(The Ox’s element- Earth)



The Ox is not afraid to work very hard to achieve its birthright of prosperity.  This power animal is systematic, disciplined and leaves no stone unturned.  The Ox is patient and trustworthy and makes a great friend and reliable companion.  This creature hates ostentation and obscene displays of decadence or wealth.  The Ox has refined taste but likes to live a simple life with minimal fuss and clutter.  Very little will shake the constitution of the Ox, and very little will throw this creature off track. 


The Ox is slow and steady and gets long-term results.  He prepares for meticulously for the inevitable harvest further down the road.  The self-confidence of the Ox is second to none!  The Ox possesses oodles of charisma and does not even need to speak to make an impact.  The sheer presence of the Ox ensures all eyes look in its direction.


A magnificent animal, the Ox commands respect and admiration, but never insists on it.  This creature is a reluctant star in his own sphere of operation.  But the Ox is also prone to naïve displays of bad judgement.  Emotionally the Ox can get deeply bruised by bad treatment.  This creature is all heart, and is prone to be too open in relationships.  The Ox needs to guard its privacy a little more, and not be quite so giving when the return is not mutual. 


The Ox respects tradition and does everything to the best of its ability.  This animal is not afraid to take on major tasks and will always perform well amidst difficulty.  If you are an Ox, be careful that this tendency to say ‘yes’ to everything, does not leave you with too much of a burden to shoulder.  Even the Ox can only bear so much weight.  Admittedly you can carry more than your fair share of heavy-duty demands.  But keep the balance right.  Make sure that your nature is not abused.  Opportunists may come and go, but your durability is worth more than this kind of abuse.  Do everything to the best of your ability as always.  But expect an equal return from others.  You give others great respect, and must expect the same honour for work well done. 


As an Ox you bring great stability and security to your relationships.  You are a brilliant provider and attend unquestioningly to the needs of loved ones.  Try to be a bit more open to the ebb and flow of life’s circumstances.  The Ox hates the shift and change of circumstances.  And needs to know that all is well. 


Watch out that you do not stress yourself with unnecessary panic, and be wary of the negative self-fulfilling prophecy.  Try to be more verbally expressive to loved ones.  They all know that your loyalty is guaranteed, but would appreciate greater displays of affection from time to time.  Be careful not to become too preoccupied with your ambitions and so neglect your personal responsibilities.  Always stand up for what you believe in.  And never waiver once you have decided on a course of action.  Your sheer determination will guarantee you a result.




Celebrity Chinese Zodiac


Famous TIGERS: Victoria Beckham, Phil Collins, Jon Bon Jovi, Neil Morrissey, Alanis Morissette, Terry Wogan, Robbie Williams, Tom Cruise, Cheryl Crow.


Famous RABBITS: David Beckham, Drew Barrymore, Nicolas Cage, Emma Bunton, Bertie Ahern, Roger Moore, Angelina Jolie, Fatboy Slim, Kate Winslet, Sting, Tiger Woods, Enrique Inglesias, Neil Jordan, Whitney Houston, J.R.R Tolkein.


Famous DRAGONS: Jeffrey Archer, Maeve Binchy, Roald Dahl, Tom Jones, Ringo Starr, Dave Stewart, Elle MacPherson, David Hasslehoff, Kirk Douglas, Clive Anderson, Alicia Silverstone, Sigmund Freud, Courtney Cox.


Famous SNAKES: Liz Hurley, Bob Dylan, Tony Blair, Pierce Brosnan, Kim Basinger, Bjork, Ruby Wax, Shania Twain, Courtney Love, Sir Alex Ferguson, Brad Pitt.


Famous HORSES: Rowan Atkinson, Rolf Harris, Lou Reed, Mike Tyson, Will Young, John Travolta, Annie Lennox, Bob Geldof, Chris Evans, Clint Eastwood, James Cameron, Cherie Blair, Billy Connolly, Helena Bonham Carter.


Famous GOATS: Julia Roberts, Cilla Black, Angus Daeyton, Billy Idol, Jerry Springer, Keith Richards, Bruce Willis, Michael Palin, Mel Gibson, Julio Inglesias, Robert De Niro, Sinead O’Conner, Whoopi Goldberg, Noel Gallagher.


Famous MONKEYS: Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Aniston, Gillian Anderson, Michael Douglas, Rod Stewart, Daina Ross, Lisa Marie Presley, Celine Dion, David Copperfield, Roger Daltrey, Tom Hanks, Bob Marley, Kylie Minogue, Jerry Hall.


Famous ROOSTERS: Michelle Pfeffer, Dawn French, Yoko Ono, Steve Martin, Britney Spears, Paul Merton, Byran Ferry, Catherine Zeta Jones, Joan Rivers, Daniel Day Lewis, Michael Caine.


Famous DOGS: Bill Clinton, Chris Tarrant, Holly Hunter, Michael Jackson, Brigette Bardot, Cher, Naomi Campbell, Kate Bush, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Elvis Presley, Barry Gibb, Claudia Schiffer, Sylvester Stallone, Sharon Stone, Prince William.


Famous PIGS: Byran Adams, Iggy Pop, Meat Loaf, The Dalai Lama, Luciano Pavarotti, Ewan McGregor, Steven Speilberg, David Letterman, Kevin Kline, Carl Gustav Jung, Billy Crystal, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Woody Allen.


Famous RATS: George Bush, Bono, Ben Affleck, Buddy Holly, William Shakespeare, Geri Halliwell, Chris de Burgh, Hugh Grant, Gareth Gates, Cameron Diaz, Liam Gallagher, Shirley Bassey, Gary Lineker.


Famous OXES: Antony Hopkins, Diana, Princess of Wales, George Clooney, Saddam Hussein, Billy Joel, Kate Moss, Meg Ryan, B. B. King, Billy Ocean, Sigourney Weaver, Meryl Streep, Adolf Hitler, Walt Disney.