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Cracking The Cosmic Code


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Cracking the COSMIC CODE



So what is this Cosmic Ordering every one is banging on about? Can anybody join in? The answer is of course a big YES!


No, I’m not going to reel off yet another account of how Noel Edmonds came through his personal and professional crisis to land the Deal or No Deal job, a wonderful house in France and the woman of his dreams. I think we are all aware of this by now, and this is just one man’s experience. Good for him! But, the beauty of Cosmic Ordering is that it is available to EVERYBODY, not just Mr Blobby.


Cosmic Ordering is a rather grand name for manifesting good things into our lives and it IS a game anybody can play.


Of course it would be naïve to say that we will all suddenly win the lotto, get our dream job or land the love of our lives in one fell swoop. But part of me is tempted to say; well why the hell not? After all BELIEF is a huge part of what this Cosmic Ordering shenanigan is all about; and it is my strong belief that we can ALL tap into its positive effects.


Be careful what you wish for; ‘cos you’re gonna get it if you do this right.


But how is this possible? Or are we all starting to lose the plot by thinking we can be the master manipulators of God, the Universe and everything? Well, no, this criticism reflects a misunderstanding of what Cosmic Ordering actually is. The populist approach to Cosmic Ordering would have us believe that it really is as simple as dialing up on a hot line to heaven. We put in our request to the mail-order company in the sky and simply await our delivery. It IS as simple as this; but it is also a whole lot more. We have to understand the principles in order to place the order effectively.


Trust in God and the Universe is a spiritual approach to Cosmic Ordering. But it is not essential to whether or not it is going to work for you. You do not have to be religious to take advantage of the Cosmic Ordering system because it taps into a neutral phenomenon; but I will say it helps. Faith in God and in ourselves is no doubt the best way for us to function in this life and it definitely puts an even BIGGER spin on the Cosmic Ordering thing. Used in the right way Cosmic Ordering is NOT a blasphemy and I do find it works well in tangent with faith. It is not in fact the same thing as demanding from God everything we wish for and quickly. But it really does hold the key to the MAGIC of life and demonstrates how we can tap into positive vibes and allow good things to happen.


Some may feel that there is something wrong with this idea. Doesn’t it make a mockery of human difficulty and suffering if we believe we are exempt from the bad stuff? Well, yes and no. The true understanding of this secret is not so much when is our order going to arrive as how are we going to be content in the present whatever our circumstances may be. Anything else then is a bonus. Believe me you WILL get the bonus. But only if you work on being absolutely content with what you actually have.


I do believe that through my own life experience I have stumbled upon a secret which will help you land just about everything you wish for. I have uncovered the principle that allows us to balance our act and gain a measure and hopefully more of what desire. This is the skill of masterful DETACHMENT. 


The key to success with Cosmic Ordering is that we must NOT strive to make things happen. We must learn the art of wonderful detachment. If we can be the observers of our life, whilst maintaining an intelligent interest in what happens; well then we can have everything we wish for.


So put in the requests by all means; but do remain philosophical about the outcome. If you want something just that little bit too much you will give off an air of desperation and it will never happen. Just go about your business, make your requests and prepare to receive many good things.


Cosmic Ordering is not about striving for the unattainable. It is about attaining what is yours by Divine Right. Believe that you deserve what you are asking for and ditch all the emotional debris from the past that may be holding back this process. Live in the present and you will get all the presents God is willing to bestow upon you. Ditch regrets, guilt, trauma, and angst; for there is no point living with such negativity however hard your road has been. The KEY is to be thankful for what you have and then ask for the hunches and intuitions which will lead you forward.


Our life experience is of course about a whole lot more than just arriving at our dream scenario. We have to learn, assimilate and listen along the way. But the key to the good stuff is NEVER to give up, however hard it gets. Cosmic Ordering is in fact quite a discipline which doesn’t require concentration, but it does require FOCUS (detached focus).


Anybody who chooses to make use of the Cosmic Ordering principle can do so. It is as simple as a dial-in type request once you understand the way it works. Visualize yourself using a heavenly mobile and have a chat with God or the Universe. This need not be a religious thing; but like a prayer it certainly works. You will in time find that your mind becomes more a-tuned to the Universe and you get a sense of what to ask for and when.


You will also need to be aware of what is okay to ask for and what is most definitely NOT appropriate. We can not by pass life’s major difficulties with this process. But we CAN control how we react to things, what we put out for and what we expect. Remember, that what you expect is often drawn towards you like a magnet. So keep it positive and don’t even give the concept of bad luck any thought. You are LUCKY, Lucky, Lucky…


As you will learn, DETACHED expectation is a magical phenomenon which is guaranteed to maximize our luck. Positive, lucky people get positive lucky results, and CRUCIALLY, they know how to turn around a crisis. Anxiety definitely BLOCKS the Cosmic Ordering process. So put in your order and CHILL. Do not worry or fret about the outcome and most importantly do not keep repeating or checking on the request. Simply know that it is done and wait for the heavenly UPS service to deliver at the RIGHT time.


If you need, or would like a new job, lover, house or car, put in your order and trust that it will be delivered in a perfect way which will really SUIT you. Remember that the powers that be know what we wish for even before we ask. They also have a better understanding of our needs than we do, so be prepared to appreciate HOW your wish is granted. It will almost certainly be in unexpected ways. The beauty of this cosmic phenomenon is that all you really have to do is ASK.


This is not some New Age phenomenon, or cranky newfangled concept that people are going to make a lot of money from (though that will no doubt happen too). It is in fact as ancient as the hills and as simple as ABC with a modicum of faith thrown in to the mix.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Cosmic Ordering is eventually revealed as a scientific principle, which operates by Cosmic Law and the established boundaries of what is acceptable and what is not.


We must NOT for example request anything which infringes on someone else’s free will. Be careful with those love requests as you put out for someone in particular. It may in fact be smarter to ask for someone who is actually going to be good for you this time around!


Nor must we put out negatively to the Universe to wish harm on a rival. Such requests will certainly be ignored. Or even worse, you may create negative karma for yourself which will backfire spectacularly on YOU! The Universe is not to be messed with in these matters.


So what do we need to know to allow these principles to work in our own lives in magical ways?


Logically speaking, we all have to start just at the place we find ourselves and begin to test the theory. A lot of success begins to happen with the Cosmic Ordering principle when you test it out in small ways and begin to have faith in its effectiveness.


The basic lesson is to start with putting out for a parking space near to where you need to go and expect it to be there when you arrive. Believe me it works! Start with everyday examples and begin to get a feel for how it works. When I used to work at The Kitchen nightclub parking was a nightmare on the Quays, but I would ALWAYS get a spot even though there were only about four possible places to choose from. For along time my parking spot in Dalkey was a small gap in the double yellow lines exactly the size of my little KA. Eventually I had a conscience and gave up the spot so they could paint the lines. But for a whole year, that spot was ALWAYS there for me and was a source of amusement locally. Similarly, my favourite seat by the clock in Finnegans is there for me whenever I choose to go in, however busy it is. I do not think about it, ask for it, or expect it; it is just the way it is.


I often drive the busy librarians in Dalkey nuts when I go in to do emails and haven’t booked. There is always a computer sitting waiting or someone will get up to leave just as I arrive. I don’t fully understand why this happens, it just does. I think once we get used to working with Cosmic Ordering, the organic flow of our lives increases. So, get to work with this and see what happens. Try asking your Guardian Angel for what you need on a daily basis before you put out for big houses and Lotto wins. Or if you do not believe in the heavenly realms, simply put it out there that you are going to be looked after in your current circumstances. Don’t doubt it; you will be.


None of us have an easy road to travel, anyone who has knowledge of transits and astrology will vouch for that. We will all go through our seven yearly Saturn returns for example and there is not much we can all do when some of the big planets are cranking backwards in the heavens and stressing our natal charts. However, even so I do believe there are ways through everything if we exercise enough FAITH and TRUST in God and the Universe. I have only got through my own stuff in this way, so I can promise you that the best way to stay safe and get your needs met is as simple as BELIEVING you are looked after. This is where our guardian angels step in, and as I have said before all we have to do is ASK for Divine intervention in our lives, and there it will be; quite often in miraculous ways.


Cosmic Ordering is a bit like flexing an unseen muscle. I haven’t done the research, but I do suspect that intuitive, creative types will be better at it than cynics and skeptics. But I do not believe that it depends upon elaborate psychic techniques or spiritual awareness. Really, anyone who cares to try this system is guaranteed to succeed.


Cosmic Ordering is for ANYONE, the City Boy, the DR on call, the meals-on- wheels lady, and the seller of the Big Issue. We ALL have more control over our destiny than we appreciate. So THINK lucky and see what starts to happen.


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