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21st December 2012 ~ Should we be concerned?


With the incredibly rare event of a Galactic Alignment all set to occur on the 21st December 2012, are we potentially facing massive destruction and cataclysmic events here on planet Earth?

Some prophets of doom, would have us believe we are now in the end times, and that mankind is facing into its greatest threat yet. But of course, there is no knowing if this is really true until we actually get to 21st December and check if the Sun rises or not.

I personally am going to be prepared for five days of darkness with food, matches and candles at the ready. There are some very reliable sources which say this spell of darkness could happen around this time. But do not panic, it will not be the end of things, and indeed it may not happen at all. It just pays to be ready at least in some small measure.

Besides, it might just be worth thinking about this possibility as a way to appreciate what we actually do have at this point in our lives. What will we all do, say and think, if day break does not occur on December 21st and for the few days afterwards? Will we keep our cool? Or will we instantly panic, looting shops, banks and food supplies? Chances are being human, we will start to worry come day three and fear, concealed by a brave face, may well give way to panic.

I am not writing this to be a scare monger. But to emphasize that something really IS happening to the planet at this time and we need to be aware of it. If we get five days of darkness, according to the ancient prophesies, we can actually consider ourselves to be lucky. 

As a balancing point I will say, remember Y2K? Not a whole lot happened then, and there were similar end of the world predictions at that time too. Indeed there have been end of the world predictions right down the ages of man. So what makes this 2012 stuff different? What makes this time extra concerning?

The main worry, is that so many ancient cultures and prophesies do point specifically to THIS time. Apparently there are about 15 or 16 different indicators from different times and cultures which all suggest this is a time of major change and upheaval. Indeed many of them point to exactly the same date. The Winter Solstice of 2012, 21st December.

According to the ancient Mayan calendar, 21st December 2012 does indeed have intense significance. The Mayan calendar is known for its accuracy and is still used by modern cultures in Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. This calendar dates to the minute the movement of the Sun through the solar system. It is based on a thirteen Moon cycle and is totally in sync with the evolution of natural time. The rhythm and predictions of the Mayan calendar are directly in tune with mother nature, charting and accounting  for the movements of the Sun, the Moon, Venus and the other planets of our solar system in the same precise and accurate way our own scientists and astronomers do. 

The ancient Mayans harmony with nature displays an incredibly sophisticated understanding of the universe that modern researchers still struggle to completely understand. How could the ancients have possibly been aware that the Earth shifts imperceptibly on its axis, and is directly affected by the intricate and variable dance between the Sun and the Moon?

And yet the Mayans were only too aware. How do we know this? Precisely because their all encompassing calendar ENDS on 21st December 2012. We know that for them to have pin-pointed this date, they MUST have been aware of the coming Galactic Alignment.

The ancient Mayans were able to track the movement of the planets in such a detailed way that they could account for the acceleration of time plus the subtle changes which would occur when the Earth shifted on its axis. It is absolutely incredible that the Mayan Calendar ends on the specific date of the Galactic Alignment. This is indication enough that we DO have to take this time seriously, and at least be aware of the implications of this coming event.


The immanent Galactic Alignment due on 21st December, means that this long predicted time is upon us. There is no disputing this. This is a FACT.

On the very day the Mayan Calendar disconcertingly ends, the Sun rises eclipsing the Milky Way Galaxy, in a deeply intense Cosmic event. This Galactic Alignment is rare, happening every 26, 000 years, when the occasional one degree shift of the Earth on its axis comes full circle.

It is widely known that the gravitational pull of the Sun and the Moon causes the Earth to wobble on its axis, changing our view of the heavens above as time progresses. These shifts, called the procession of the Equinoxes, are imperceptible. The Earth's view of the constellations above changes by only one degree every 72 years. This means that it takes about 26, 000 years for the full 360 degree rotation to occur. Certainly this IS a time of great importance. The ending of the Mayan Calendar indicates that it is at the very least a transition time from one Age to another.

The Mayans and Hopi Indians of South America agree that we are fast approaching the end of an Age. Neither culture predicts that we are doomed, or that everything will come to an end. But the nature of some of the things we may have to contend with could be pretty daunting. Will we as a race be facing anything we have not faced before? Or does 21st December herald the beginning of an Age where we can expect our challenges to intensify?

The message brought down the Ages from these ancient cultures is that we do have some control over our fate. This is the encouraging interpretation of their message. Others, make a more grim case for apocalyptic events and ensuing chaos, Nostradamus being one such famous Doomsday prophet.



For centuries the prophesies of Nostradamus have been part of the historical record. He has a mixed reputation. But by those who study his work in detail, he is held in high esteem for his accuracy and vision. It is worth remembering that Nostradamus was living and prophesying  500 years ago for patronage in a staunchly Catholic country where the church virtually ruled the dictates of royalty. No wonder his writings at times seem obscure. They have a veil of protection over them, which only the initiate or scholar can interpret. Yet if you study them with an open mind they seem to have uncanny accuracy and a ring of truth.

Nostradamus died almost 500 years ago and his predictions are interpreted as highly accurate by those in the know. He has foreseen major events, developments in science, wars and culture, from times ahead. Major things which he could not possibly have had first-hand experience of. This makes him a formidable seer and the real deal when it comes to predicting the future.

So how worried should we be? It is quite clear that some of the events Nostradamus describes were not of his time. They most certainly belonged to the future. He was quite possibly was trying to give mankind some serious clues about his destiny here on planet Earth. For example in quatrain 2: 3, Nostradamus apparently has a vision of the current threat of global warming: *Because of the heat like that of the sun on the sea/The fish around Negrapont will be half cooked/When in Rhodes and Genoa there is lack of food*. And elsewhere, he identifies a trigger to a coming crisis for mankind, a *fire in the sky, a blazing sun which heats the sea*. All adding up to a pretty fair description of the current damage to the ozone layer.

Other Nostradamus quatrains speak of the Tsunami threats we have been experiencing in recent years. Quatrain 1.29 quite possibly refers to the horrendous Tsunami of 2004 which cost 150,000 people their lives. *When the fish which is both terrestrial and aquatic/will be put upon the beach by a strong wave/its shape strange, smooth, and horrifying/They instantly reach the enemy from the sea to the walls.* And quatrain 2.40 makes reference to a series of dramatic storms very much like the hurricanes which have been so common lately: *Shortly afterwards, not a very long interval/A great roaring storm will be raised by land and sea/...flames, animals which will make more upheaval*

Similarly Quatrain 9.48 has an uncanny connection to Hurricane Katrina and its devastating effect on New Orleans. *The great city of the maritime ocean/surrounded by a crystalline swamp/In the winter solstice and the spring/Will be tried by a frightful wind*. Up town New Orleans is full of skyscrapers made of glass with angular shapes and reflections, which could well appear *crystalline* in appearance in a scrying bowl hundreds of years ago.

Many people ask if anyone predicted the Twin Towers tragedy in New York a decade ago. Well, apparently, Nostradamus did. This quatrain bears more than a passing echo of the fate which befell the Twin Towers and all those souls lost that day: *In the City of God there will be a great thunder,/two brothers torn apart by chaos,/while the fortress endures, the great leader will succumb./The third big war will begin when the big city is burning.* The third big war is I believe a reference to the USA's battle against terrorism which was taken worldwide following 9:11.

We have to remember that Nostradamus was a private, secret prophet writing 500 years ago. He was probably torn between telling the full truth of his visions and remaining admired and feted by his peers. It was obviously a fine line he trod, like many prophets before him. For no one likes a prophet who knows too much, or who knows more about the things dear to your heart than you do. I know this phenomenon first hand, and it is not easy to live with!

Nostradamus is a voice we need to heed, although as with all prophesies we need to be cautious in our interpretation. However, in a very famous quatrain Nostradamus does appear to be describing the huge event of this coming Eclipse of 21st December, where the Sun will rise eclipsing the dark hole right at the heart of The Milky Way. 

In his Epistle to Henry 2, Nostradamus paints a picture, which could easily be a description of this coming Cosmic event: *There will be a solar eclipse more dark and gloomy/than any since the creation of the world/...and it will be such that one will think that the gravity of the earth has lost its natural movement/and that it is to be plunged into the abyss of perpetual darkness...

This could easily describe the effect of the Sun blocking the dark centre of the Milky Way Galaxy during the coming Galactic Alignment. His description evokes a powerful image indeed. But does it automatically become a marker point for a major disaster here on planet Earth? Or is Nostradamus simply describing a major event, which has yet to happen? He certainly does not seem to be describing a normal Eclipse;  rather, one of magnitude and great darkness.

One slightly alarming scientific observation which may tie in with these events and prophesies is that Galactic Alignments frequently coincide with a peak in Solar activity. It is known that the power of the Sun waxes and wanes. Yet a Solar Peak event inevitably causes massive disruption including increased global temperatures. There are many who believe that the ice on the north pole will all melt in the next year or so anyway. But the current reality of global warming, would certainly not be helped by a huge surge in Solar activity at the time of the alignment.

Quatrain 5.52 seems to describe a threat from the sky which will set a worrying string of events in motion. * Where all is good in sun and moon and abundant/its ruin approaches/ It comes from the sky to sift through your fortunes/in the same state as the seventh rock*. To me this is suggestive of something like the Super Volcano lying dormant deep underground in Yellow Stone Park, USA. There are a number of these Super volcanoes scattered across the Earth's interior landscape. If enough Solar activity were generated at the time of the Galactic Alignment, the domino effect could be catastrophic for mankind. The Super Volcano in Yellow Stone park has moved into the *red* zone, which means it is primed to blow, if subjected to enough supernatural turbulence. 

Another very concerning quatrain is number 5.98:  *At the latitude of 48 degrees at the end of cancer/There is a very great drought/Fish in the sea, river and lake, boiled hectic/Fire from the sky*. The northern hemisphere's huge productive grain belt is largely located across the world at 48 degrees latitude. Needless to say if these crops failed because of the effects of global warming, the results would be catastrophic. Drought and famine, have already been shown to be mankind's quickest route into wars, turbulence and destruction.


As the Galactic Alignment takes place, the most concerning thing for the years to come is the potential weakening of the Earth's magnetic field. When the magnetic fields are strong they can deflect solar winds and incoming radioactive particles. But when weak, the shields are down, and the Earth has less ability to defend herself. The more Solar influence reaches the earth unchecked, the more the atmosphere heats up melting the ice caps, raising the sea level. Equally if the Earth's magnetic fields eventually collapse and then reverse, we could be looking at the interchange of the polarities of the north and the south poles, which would have a dramatic effect on our technology and satellite system. Anything which communicates through or works from the electromagnetic field would collapse, drastically changing our lives...certainly simplifying them.

In quatrain 3.46 Nostradamus identifies what he calls the age of change, and it comes upon us suddenly according to this prophesy.  *The sky we presage/Through clear skies and by fixed stars/Suddenly the age of change approaches/Neither for its good nor for its evils.*

The potential for a Super Wave of radiation to be kicked off at the time of Galactic Alignment is worthy of mention. The Hopi Indians identified three main threats mankind and the final threat came from the sky (the others being the two world wars). Certainly a blizzard of cosmic radiation from outer space would have a very similar effect to a nuclear explosion, or a nuclear power leakage.

Worryingly, scientists are aware that these Super Wave surges originate at the dark centre point of the Milky Way. The Hopi Indians await a Blue star which heralds the end of time. Could this be a description of a super wave? These super waves travel at the speed of light, there is no time to think much less prevent them.  Such an event could lead to blackouts the world over, plus the threat of radiation damage would be high. Now, this all sounds like doom and gloom. But the main point the Hopi's make is that we have a choice on HOW we enter this new age. Do we transition with resistance and try to hold onto what we know, creating more chaos and confusion? Or do we embrace the turbulent manifestations of change peaceably and with acceptance, knowing that ultimately all will be well?

Other Native American visionaries pin point the importance of this time also and we have the power to face into these changes with tranquillity and acceptance, or else experience a huge upsurge of destruction and cataclysmic events, of the kind never before experienced.

One thing which is observable is that many ancient cultures from across the globe describe many events that seem to be taking place now: Extreme weather conditions, economic disintegration, the collapse of corrupt political regimes, and species under threat of extinction.

The 21st December, this Winter Solstice Time has been pinpointed as a time of a major earth shift. Are we in direct danger at this time, or does this shift in some way translate as an important metaphor, we need to listen to? I have a feeling it is a bit of both. We need to be mindful of our planet and the danger we have put her in the last decades. We also need to be responsible to ourselves and our families and prepare for the worst in order to appreciate the best.

If all this sounds like something of a paradox, that is exactly what it is. We need to be very careful of our negative expectations at this time, I believe. And I will write a lot more about this in our forthcoming New Year supplement which will be published on 6th January. I am presuming we will all still be here to read it at this point!

Life on earth has faced extinction at least five times before. Is another epic disaster on the way? Or do we now have a chance to take responsibility and embrace a New Age head on in unity?

One of the ancient indicators I find most significant is carved into a cross in the Southern French village of Hendaye, not too far from where Nostradamus lived. Those freemason initiates were busy carving all sorts of clues about the end times into the Gothic cathedrals of Catholic France. But in the end, perhaps the most revealing clues are contained embedded in the simple but deeply symbolic cross of Hendaye. The Cross of Hendaye reveals much about the Galactic Alignment of 21st December. It depicts the three significant eclipses of this year, the total eclipse of the Sun (just gone), the eclipse of Venus transiting the Sun (back in June) and this coming final eclipse of the Sun rising in front of the Milky Way. Never since the cross of Hendaye was carved has this triple event occurred. 

Most significantly, the Cross identifies this time with the second coming of Christ. the carvings symbolically place the Lamb of God right at the centre point of where the Sun rises in the centre of the Galaxy. Hmm...Maybe we'd better get ready?

In Greek , the true meaning of *Apocalypse* describes the lifting of the veil or a major revelation. Apocalypse is in fact the disclosure of truth previously hidden. It does not refer to massive destruction at all...  

Roll on 21st December?