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JUPITER ~ PLanet of Luck & Expansion





Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system.  It is associated with expansiveness and development, both intellectual and physical. Jupiter was the king of all the gods, akin to the Roman god Zeus. This regal energy of kingship blesses those born with a strong Jupiter component to their chart with dignity and composure. Along with inherent spirituality and the ability to philosophize, Jupiter bestows abundance and wealth; whilst the inherent cosmic link to ancient gods ensures great luck. Positive mental energies direct those influenced by Jupiter. Knowledge, vision and optimism are all gifts from this generous spirited planet. However, caution is needed for Jupiter can also inspire over-confidence and stubborn, if not bloody-minded behaviour. Do watch out for extravagance and histrionic, ‘drama queen’ behaviour, when Jupiter traits get out-of-control!




USE THESE TABLES TO FIND YOUR JUPITER SIGN ~ Look up Jupiter's placing at the time of your birth


So, what does JUPITER reveal about your personality and how can this generous planet ensure your luck, success and happiness?



Jupiter in ARIES: You are a fiery, dynamic character. Generally up-for-it, you like to do things for kicks and enjoy the rush of adrenaline which comes from taking a big risk. Your energy levels are good and you love a challenge. Not much is beyond your expansive abilities. But you can be head strong and overbearing. Do try to be a bit more sensitive to others, and learn to bend a little when it counts. Spiritually, you have a simple faith and innocence akin to that of a child, which stands you in good stead. You really can trust your intuitions and creative know-how.


Jupiter expands your assertiveness and leadership qualities. You are dominant, confident and generally lucky. As the eternal optimist you know how to find the good within even the direst dilemma. Unafraid to use your initiative, you seize opportunities readily and when they’re not available, you create your own. 


Fortune Cookie: Travel, adventure and exploration are very lucky for you. Tap into your upbeat side for great results. Big projects and expansive ideas suit you down to the ground. Nothing is beyond you, so never limit yourself or doubt what you can achieve. Simply go for it!


Luck Tip: Jupiter encourages you to network to full-effect and take up all your options. Your best opportunities will come from chance meetings in the pub; obscure phone calls you simply weren’t expecting; and a huge dose of courage which inspires you to follow your hunches to the hilt. Don’t miss a trick!





Jupiter in TAURUS: You are generous and open hearted. Your company is delightful and you have a witty turn of phrase which knocks the socks off the best of ‘em! Never far away from a good time, no party is complete without you. Often the centre of attention, you hate to be overlooked. But you expect the same show of loyalty from loved ones and colleagues that you unquestioningly give to them. Watch out for the expectations and conditions that you project onto those who captivate your heart and soul. Try to be as unconditional as possible with your affections.


Jupiter sometimes overwhelms you emotionally, so you tend to bury your head in the sand when difficult feelings surface; DON’T! This all encompassing planet expands your earthiness, stability and creativity too. You definitely possess the Midas touch, and your ability to spot a money-spinning moment never fails. 


Fortune Cookie: You are a veritable cash-magnet. Nifty moves in the world of banking, property and finance serve you well. You are likely to be musical and creative with a love of the great outdoors. But, hearth and home are where true wealth lies. Generosity of spirit also brings huge luck. Remain practical. 


Luck Tip: You have solid values and are as reliable as they come. But with Jupiter in Scorpio, you need to keep it real. Relationships should not be maintained just because you have made a promise. Your heart and soul must be fully engaged too; otherwise, you are simply being dishonest.





Jupiter in GEMINI: Your searing wit and mental agility make you a force to contend with. You have many talents and not much is beyond the grasp of your intelligent mind. Up-to-the-minute, you are always aware of the latest trends and ideas. Facts and figures don’t faze you either, so you offer prospective employers the full package. You are well able to talk or think your way out of trouble; which is just as well as you are not the most discreet person on the planet. You like to take risks and you are easily bored. But life is fun with you around, and you are truly an inspiration!


Jupiter expands your mind and you are able to embrace obscure ideas and out-there philosophies. Your versatility and flexibility benefits too. You can transform mundane circumstances, routines and assignments into a mad adventure. Mental tasks bend your mind and bring you good luck.


Fortune Cookie: Your hunger for knowledge helps you to prosper. Media, communications, travel and personal quests all lead to great developments. Writing, speaking and in-depth investigations take you far. Fortune comes with learning and link-ups. You can never know too many people!   


Luck Tip: Use your turn of phrase to great effect. Don’t miss a beat and be ever ready to pipe up. Say yes to all travel opportunities and be open to swift developments you hadn’t planned on. Unpredictable elements and events hold the best fortune. So, go along with even the weirdest options! 





Jupiter in CANCER: You are a sensitive soul, who needs the warmth, protection and support of friends and family. Your intuition is highly a-tuned and you can see through anyone fake. Imaginative and creative, you also reserve the right to change your mind. It’s your prerogative! A highly developed motherly instinct makes you inclined to collect life’s waifs and strays along-the-way. Not exactly a push over; you can be quite easily persuaded by those who grab your interest. You act with sincerity, but have no tolerance for disloyalty. If someone crosses you; that’s it!  


Jupiter expands your emotional capacity, so you have great empathy and understanding. You are flawlessly caring and sympathetic to those who need it most. But if someone abuses your good nature, you can cut to the quick. Luck and happiness links you closely to the family unit, and home is your haven. 


Fortune Cookie: Great benefits come to you through parents, siblings and extended family. Your compassion for others and caring nature ensures that the universe will reward you in great ways. Even so, you have an appreciation for small pleasures, which means when the big stuff hits; you’re reeling!


Luck Tip: Any home based business plan or pleasure is bound to flourish. Writing, artistry and creativity produced under your own roof has the magical touch. Use your intuition to guide you forward. Just make sure others do not drain your sensitive energies. Do reserve your oomph, for YOU. 





Jupiter in LEO: You are a veritable dynamo. Optimistic and brave in all you do. Your heart and mind are truly magnificent, and you possess great generosity of spirit. You embrace life in all its glory and when you’re around, there are no half measures. Huge self belief means that you get results. Yet despite your expansive ambition, you do not tread on too many toes. You are a born extrovert, who loves to shine by being the centre of attention. In fact, you’re quite full of it once you get going. Because you’re so well loved though; it doesn’t matter a bit. Play on!


Jupiter gives you a huge drive to find the nearest party. And, you can be quite restless if you feel you’re missing out on all the fun. Life for you is one big pleasure cruise; you really are a bundle of laughs. On a bad day though, you are the proverbial Drama Queen from hell. Ostentatious, demanding but loveable; that’s you.


Fortune Cookie: Your convictions and beliefs are compelling. Listen to whatever drives you from within, for this is your key to fame and fortune. The power of what you put across is formidable. Personally and professionally, you are very difficult to turn down. Be careful what you wish for, so.


Luck Tip: Take pride in everything you do. Your success is guaranteed, so long as you can develop your sensitivity quotient. Reverse psychology always serves you well, so be a bit cute and use it. You’re going to get your own way anyhow, so you might as well be nice about it. Your luck is in.





Jupiter in VIRGO: Jupiter gives you an eye for detail and the mental ability to ground all sorts of wonderful ideas. You are meticulous and exacting. Nothing escapes your notice. Anyone trying to pull the wool over your eyes is doomed to failure. A compassionate soul, you often put the needs of others before your own. This is of course commendable, but you do need to define your personal boundaries more efficiently. Karma will serve you well because you’re so nice. But remember, destiny is not something you can side-step with a full quota of good works. Be more confident!


Jupiter expands your social consciousness and you work tirelessly for the good of all. But, you are inclined to get bogged down in details. Do learn to put things into perspective and appreciate the bigger picture. With this placing, you may have workaholic tendencies. Go easy on yourself.


Fortune Cookie: Your innate ability to make something out of nothing is enviable indeed. You are born with a natural genius and it is difficult to keep up with your creativity. You will always land on your feet, so must not doubt what you can achieve. Look at your track record of success any time your confidence needs a boost.


Luck Tip: Use your practicality and logic to great effect. But don’t scrimp on your sensuality. Let it boost your love and luck. Your charm will open doors; never mind your ability to out-wit the competition. Well chosen words at the right moment will totally transform your world. Good communication reels in what you want.





Jupiter in LIBRA: You are an easy going, social bunny who loves good company and revels in luxurious surroundings. When you feel comfortable you automatically prosper; so your living and work environments are crucial to your success. With natural charm and charisma, others are drawn to you. But thankfully, they aren’t in the least bit tempted to take advantage. Your natural antennae for B*** S*** sees to that. Justice is supremely important to you, and you can’t abide anything unfair or off-balance. The only problem is; you don’t always muster the oomph to act on what you feel.


Jupiter expands your popularity, which is just as well as you don’t like to be on your own for long. Your charms and talents inevitably lead to great success. And your great belief in fair play ensures good relationships personally and professionally. Sometimes though, you sacrifice your own interests for the greater good. Fair enough!


Fortune Cookie: Partnerships benefit you and you would do well to treasure them. Your success lies with a give and take approach to life. Selfishness definitely does not suit you; so for an easy life, your ego often goes walkabout. Just be careful that you don’t dissipate your focus and energies when it really counts. Don’t be afraid of decisions. 


Luck Tip: This is time to pin things down. Negotiate to full effect and don’t be afraid to push for resolutions to your dilemmas. It is a time for decisive action and definite results. Jupiter is all set to boost your finances and luck Big Time. Good partnerships will enable you to move forward.





Jupiter in SCORPIO: You are a full-on master of life. Your energy knows no bounds and you frequently tire out those who try to keep up with you. Do learn to preserve your oomph for what really matters. Your self belief is beyond question and you certainly make a formidable opponent. It pays to be nice to you, let’s put it that way! When you are focused, you won’t let up until you have achieved your objective. But your charisma and intensity part the waves in your favour more often than not. You are very uncompromising, but your passion brings you every good thing.


Jupiter expands your depth of feeling and ability to get to the bottom of things. Naturally psychic and probably quite spiritual too, you understand life. With you, there are no half measures. Great endurance and perception allows you to reel in whatever you set your heart on. It’s only a matter of time, once you have made up your mind.


Fortune Cookie: You are very shrewd in money matters, and possess the savvy to make a lot of money once you find your niche. Just be patient and wait for the universe to signal the correct direction. Don’t worry you will know when to act and when to keep silent. Sexual liaisons serve you well and add to your innate mystery.


Luck Tip: Your determination and will power are the great keys to your success. Don’t bother with what anyone else is up to. Even though you have the personal power and ability to control others; you will actually do better if you concentrate on your own agenda. Leave others to make their own mistakes.





Jupiter in SAGITTARIUS: You are apparently optimistic, generous spirited and generally up-for-it. Yes, it’s all true, but only you are aware of your other side; which you keep well-hidden! Intelligent, with a wicked sense of humour, you really are very good at putting things into perspective. It’s just that you really must learn not to gloss over important issues that need your attention. NOW! Sometimes you expect too much from people, and often set yourself up for disappointment. But, the good news is, your natural joie-de-vivre gets you through most things. Life is good to you.


Jupiter expands your bizarre sense of humour and ability to find the fun in even the direst situation. Just watch out for too much flippancy at inappropriate moment! Your sense of adventure is tireless and you are always on the look out for the next person, event, or hobby to capture your attention.  


Fortune Cookie: Jupiter is your ruler, so you are naturally luckier than most. Your generosity of spirit draws abundance, fortune, and many blessings towards you. Travel is always a good idea, so keep on the move and expand your horizons whenever you get a chance. Study and debate catch your attention and serve you well.


Luck Tip: Fitness levels can peak now if you get busy with a new regime. You now need to unravel many a mystery. Your intuition will be jumping, so don’t ignore those hunches. Pay heed to your dreams and visions; and take steps to pin things down.






Jupiter in CAPRICORN: You are resourceful and pretty relentless, so you are naturally very good at creating your own luck. Not one to wait for things to happen; you make them happen. In all things you are conscientious and generally you have good levels of integrity; which is just as well for you are capable of bending many people to your will if you so choose. Use your power wisely! Sometimes you get bogged down with things and come across as quite serious minded. Often you possess tunnel vision and will get lost in something you are trying to manifest. Lighten up a little.


Jupiter expands your focus, dedication and moral standards. Just don’t become too inert and stuck-in-a-must-do-the-right-thing-rut! Have some fun as you go about your business. Your levels of success are going to be phenomenal come-what-may, so you might as well enjoy the ride.  


Fortune Cookie: You are a wise soul, who is primed for success and longevity. Diligent and reliable, career commendations will be coming out of your ears once you find your niche. All set to make oodles of money for both yourself and your employer, you are destined to be a star on the corporate ladder.


Luck Tip: Unafraid to put the work in, you are not a great believer in the quick-fix. But the beauty of your luck is that you will often find the required turnaround much more quickly than you expect. Your instincts will be honed to perfection and this will land you great choices and deals in next to no time. Just say yes!





Jupiter in AQUARIUS: You are a philanthropic soul who wants the best for the world, and you have a magnanimous, generous nature. An independent spirit, you are the true maverick. You do your own thing in your own way and that’s that. Because you are interested in others, fair minded and free from prejudice, you expect the same respect in return. Injustice gets under your skin, and you are the pioneer of freedom and original thought. Even though you are quite private, you love your family and friends to the MAX and would do anything to protect them. 


Jupiter expands your leadership skills and sense of fair play. You are great at delegation and detachment. Your emotions do not rule your decisions or influence you adversely. But you are not cold; simply calm and collected. Intellectually superior, your mind is agile and you love to be stimulated in strange ways (don’t ask!).   


Fortune Cookie: Your popularity and ability to put your point of view across guarantees your success. There is a touch of genius about you, and you rarely fail at what you set out to achieve. Though you are sometimes tempted to control things, generally you concede to let things unfold organically. Good choice!


Luck Tip: Friendships are fortuitous for you, so develop those that really matter. Keep a cool head as you strive to get ahead. Your luck comes along in strange ways, so do remain open minded and open hearted. That life changing moment will happen in the blink of an eye; don’t miss it.





Jupiter in PISCES: You are sympathetic and well liked. A compassionate soul, you are sensitive and kind to all. Do guard against psychic vampires who would take advantage of your better nature. Spot the blood suckers with your spot-on intuition and give them a wide berth. This will strengthen you; your aura and LIFE will benefit. Spiritual and highly imaginative, you love mysterious people, events and places. Do protect yourself though. It really is the difference between success and failure for you. You can be taken in by the unscrupulous, and are prone to weak decisions.


Jupiter expands your sensitivity, creativity and intuition. You need a huge measure of freedom, so the possessive need not apply. In love you are true and hugely romantic. But you need to know you can explore other options, even if it’s just in your imagination. You love a healthy dose of fantasy; and why not?    


Fortune Cookie: A great deal of your good fortune derives from your generosity to others. Always give freely of your time, money and favours. Just steer clear of those who are taking the p***! Religious and spiritual concerns develop you body, mind and soul. But avoid fakes, phonies, and anyone ungrounded like the plague.


Luck Tip: Your emotional sensitivity and imagination hold the key to your success. But people may well be jealous of your spookiness and try to undermine you. Be strong and believe you are right; don’t doubt it. Don't be afraid to tackle two things at once. It could just be the recipe for success you need.