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Manifestation and Magic

Working with your Guardian Angel

Here are some tips to help you stay positive and rise above the doom and gloom of this so-called recession. There is absolutely NO need to buy into the negative spin as you will see below….

Find below some simple techniques and work with your Guardian Angel to manifest good things in your life. Angels that know and love God and do his bidding do not feel restricted by man made constructs such as the recession…

ASK and ye shall receive

The simple act of asking for Angelic intervention transmutes a myriad of sins and negativity. When you put out for help of a supernatural nature, you should feel your vibration elevate and your mood lighten; so project a positive attitude and ASK for God’s help. This in itself is a simple act of trust and faith. It is not a cop out and is actually quite brave. You are trusting in something unseen which can’t be proven except through experiential experience. Test the spirits and be assured that you will be looked after. Nothing is beyond God’s reach, not even adverse material circumstances.

UPGRADE your vision and attitude

If you are open to positive affirmations and adopt a positive attitude, you will enhance your chances of success in ALL aspects of your life. You can focus on and visualize anything that you wish to obtain for yourself or for your loved ones. This is not mercenary. In fact given the current economic climate it is probably sensible. It is perfectly reasonable to wish for material benefits, so long as you do this in a spiritually acceptable way.

The key to making the magic happen is to FOCUS. If you are stubborn: even better. You will improve your results if you persist. Do not hesitate until you reach your goal. Hold the vision and do not let it go. Your positive belief will then deliver what you are putting out for in the way that is BEST for you.

Remember God knows better than we do what is right for us. But there is no need to feel guilty about asking for what you feel is right for you. Your own belief and creativity is God given. You might as well use it to benefit you and your loved ones.

 Angels exist on a higher level and a higher plane than we do. They can therefore help to seed your thoughts, words and deeds on the etheric plane. In short they assist our natural creativity and enable us to make things happen. It is important that we understand the importance of the ‘thought form’. Thought is a very potent tool which allows us to be creative and manifest to our heart’s content.

For the best results, you need to lovingly accept yourself and your loved ones. Harsh judgments and self criticism do us no favours. In fact more often these are potent blocks which hold us back time and time again.

Go for it!

Steps to successful Manifestation

1…. Hold onto your INTENTION

Intention is a key word when you are trying to manifest good things. You need to make a CONSCIOUS choice to go after what is right for you.

Know that you can have pretty much whatever you want and it does not have to be at the expense of others; nor indeed does it have to be detrimental to your well being. Quite the opposite!

The key to success is being really sure that you want what you are putting out for. ‘Be careful what you wish for’. Imagine what it will be like to actually have what you are wishing for and you may surprise yourself. If your skills of visualization are strong, you may realize pretty quickly that you want to modify your request. This kind of self knowledge is crucial to your development as a human being. But crucially it will help your skills of manifestation and will enable you to ground what you really want.

Remember that some times the grass is greener and once we reach that far off place we were traveling to it throws up a whole new desire. In short we never arrive. Living in this way is about the journey and the lessons along the way. It is a voyage of self discovery.

Do not be afraid to modify your dreams and visions. But do remember that it is your FOCUS which actually gets the result

Decide; then Focus = Result!


You need to realize that you DO deserve the best. You really are worth it.

Try to ditch the fear that you won’t get what you are putting out for. This is the most potent form of self sabotage we possess. By doubting your worth you are immediately shooting yourself in the foot.

Work on your self esteem and foster a healthy confidence and selfishness. This is the kind of self love that ultimately benefits everybody, not just yourself. If it feels odd at first, just remember you will actually help your loved ones even as you help yourself. Set things up for all of you by example.

You need to ditch the tendency to undermine the concept of ‘wishful thinking’. This process actually makes things happen. ‘Wishful thinking’ makes things happen if your focus is strong enough. Test it and make it work for you. Do not doubt it and do NOT doubt yourself.

You need to be truly committed to getting whatever it is you are manifesting. Part of this is being aware of how you are going to handle it when the Universe eventually delivers. It is no use staring at a real life gift blankly and ungratefully once it arrives.

Be sure of what you want and then go about getting it

Know Thyself.

A lack of commitment will hold you back; do not allow that to happen


Affirming what you wish for in your mind repeatedly is a crucial part of the process. Every thought, word and deed has to combine to motivate you. Your consistency in all these things is what nudges you forward and sharpens your skills of creativity.

Visualize what you wish for and if that is a bit tricky draw it or find pictures in a magazine and create a scrapbook which echoes your vision. Many people who are skilled at manifestation make a collage with cuttings that describe their dream. This technique of Cosmic Ordering makes it real and quite literally creates a picture.

It is equally possible to simply hold the intention in your thoughts by day dreaming and consciously picturing the scenario in your mind’s eye. Imagine what it is to touch, taste, see and experience your dream. Use all your senses as a meditation which serves to sharpen its reality.

These techniques reinforce your inner conviction and you really must not allow the doubts to creep in. Do not give negative thoughts of denial and failure any air time at all. It really is only a matter of time before your wish is delivered.

Your patience will be rewarded

Get this part right and you can co-create very important aspects of your life and well being. You are using your God given creativity and this is not a crime. Indeed it is a major part of the challenge of being human. There is absolutely NO need to feel guilty


A key part of manifesting is the Gratitude factor. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne majors on this aspect of co-creation. This is a book worth reading if you want to understand these principles further.  

Gratitude attracts a very high vibration of people, experience and assistance into our lives. The JOY of life is inspirational. You can see this compelling quality in those people who maintain their positive attitude whatever life throws at them.

Gratitude creates a protective barrier around you and it allows God’s love to inspire you every step of the way. Nothing can squash that still small voice within; but that still, small voice within can also deliver a whole lot to your front door if you work in tandem with these spiritual principles.

Praise and Gratitude are the most potent tools we have. They enable us to get over what has happened in the past as well as to make good things happen in the future.

Really, difficult though it may sometimes seem, any life event may be turned into something good which inspires our creativity and our success.


 The final part is perhaps the most tricky It may be difficult to let go of our dreams and visions having followed all the previous steps so intensely. But this is the most important part. You have put in your order to the Universe and must now release any sense of trying to control an outcome God has heard your request and will deliver a perfect response at the perfect time. Patience may be needed. You may have to release the idea and forget it completely before the manifestation occurs.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that ‘letting go’ means ‘giving up’. When you think about it, it is a completely different thing.

‘Let go and let God’ is a very common affirmation that we are all aware of. This really is the best way of releasing what you are putting out for. The intrinsic irony of Cosmic Ordering is that we must become almost indifferent to what we are wishing for. We need to be able to live without it.

Letting go does not mean that it is not going to happen. Quite the opposite; by letting go you are enabling it all to happen.

Trust that if you ASK, your Guardian Angel will get busy on your behalf and will deliver what is right for you in the best way possible. Remember, you have ordered something. Now you simply have to wait for the heavenly UPS service to deliver.  


It is as simple and as difficult as that.

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