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Mars is a fiery and uncompromising planet.  This glowing red explosive energy influences sex drive, our competitive streak and physical activity.  Mars inspires a warrior like mentality that fires up adrenaline levels and takes no prisoners.  Aries is the Zodiac sign ruled by Mars and this energy possesses a determination to win at all costs.


Mars enables us to deal effectively with most crisis situations. This planet supports us as we think on our feet. But sometimes it may take us too far and we rush headlong into things. Certainly Mars plays things to the max. The up side is oodles of energy and a dynamic nature, the down side is inherent clumsiness and foolhardiness too. The energy of planet Mars inspires us to swift action and the resolution of pressing issues. But may also stir up temper flares, a fierce unbending will and mad flashes of passion! Sounds like fun? Well quite often it is, but do treat this planet with a healthy respect and don’t rush in where angels fear to tread…






To find where MARS was at the Time of your Birth, find first the year of your birth below; then read across to the abbreviated Star Sign next to the relevant date.


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Now find out what your MARS sign means…the planet of Passion and Action







Mars in ARIES:


You are impulsive with your assertions. There is no messin’ and no doubt, what you are all about! Blunt and to the point, you are open and quite fierce with your affections. Your competitive streak leaves rivals quaking in their boots. They realize there is not much point in taking you on. For you fight to the death and always defend what you feel is yours! To your credit you do not play games, nor do you trifle with people’s affections. Loved ones and enemies alike always know where they stand with you. Okay you are hotheaded in a row, but just as quickly the calm descends. You are very good at leaving things behind. Moving on is your speciality. So when someone or something is past the sell-by date, you don’t beat about the bush! Somewhat direct and reckless, you go straight for what you want. What is more, you don’t let up ‘til it’s all yours. Needless to say you are a dynamo between the sheets. Lovers have nothing to complain about, and you would win prizes for your intense, possibly short lived, passions. You are not particularly good at commitment though. You give your heart and soul to the moment; and of course there are many moments to speak of! Be very careful and respectful of your impatience; it can get you into trouble…



Mars in TAURUS:



Earthy and affectionate, you are a full-on sexual being. You delight in your senses and experience every aspect of life completely. The moment is yours to savour; cos you make it so. You are an expert at commanding the stage of life, and not many people would disagree that you have great natural authority. You command situations with steadiness and surety. But you have a wicked stubborn streak and hate to be dictated to. Somewhat conservative in your approach to life, you need to control what’s happening. It makes you very uncomfortable to know (or think) that someone else has the upper hand. You are self assured and confident, but you have to be the best. Perhaps your worst weakness is that you automatically assume that you are in the right. You are not very open to other’s opinions or ways of being. You may listen, but when push comes to shove, you just know that you are right. Okay, you often are; but it’s crucial to your well being and adjustments in life that you appreciate that sometimes you are NOT! Your energy levels are second to none and you have great stamina. Lovers are not complaining any time soon! But you have a big potential problem with jealousy. Always remember, loved ones are not possessions.



Mars in GEMINI:



You are lively, intelligent and extrovert. A restless spirit, you are always on the look out for new amusements and mad entertainment. Your need for permanent stimulation is an exhausting prospect for lovers and family alike. Variety is the spice of life and boredom will not be tolerated! Open minded as you are, your attentions are easily diverted, which is not great for the commitment factor. Gemini energy feels a divine entitlement to two of everything. So you are capable of several things at once as well as playing both ends against the middle. Skilled at deception as you are, it may not be deliberate, but it is pretty much inevitable. Love ones need to understand your needs, or else ship out fairly lively. You do not demand loyalty, as you can not give it. But your definition of loyalty is quite different to the norm anyhow. As long as you are there when someone really needs you that’s what counts. Life is never dull with you in the room. You provide hours of entertainment and like to keep things sweet with your gregarious nature. Youthfulness is your key trait and in many ways, you will never grow up. Life is to be relished in all its glory. Needless to say, you run on nervous energy. But do unwind enough to sleep now and again!  




Mars in CANCER:



You are a great believer in taking things easy. It’s anything for the quiet life, as far as you’re concerned. As a result, you can be quite indirect and understated. You do not spell things out and you expect people to read your mind, in the same way you can intuit what’s going on in theirs. Very self protective and cagey about your deepest feelings, you can be quite moody and petulant. You’re good at ducking and diving and you know how to keep people guessing. When you are committed though, you nurture and care to a fault. Often, you are plagued with insecurities and inner wobbles. But you are pushy and tenacious when you have to be. Anxiety is your inner demon; and it tends to dictate your attempts to control life. You thrive in a safe environment and are great at nurturing those who will be useful to you. Okay this makes you a bit of a user, but you generally do mean it when you offer your support. When the person or circumstance has served its purpose however, you can be quite ruthless at shutting down and moving on. You are deep and emotional, but tend to spend too much time analyzing how you’re doing. If you expend too much energy fretting, learn to chill for the sake of your sanity, equilibrium and relationships.    




Mars in LEO:



You are dramatic and flamboyant.  No one would dismiss you as a wallflower that’s for sure. Definitely a Drama Queen; you are madly colourful, but good fun to be with. Your creativity is enviable and you have good energy reserves for the things that grab your imagination. But routine stuff bores the pants off you! There is a definite lazy streak that kicks in when you have made up your mind something just ain’t gonna happen. You will not be persuaded against your inclinations, yet you manage to be fairly charming when you say ‘no’. Linked to the Zodiac Lion, you are a proud creature who won’t be told what to do. Although you are dutiful, it is not in a meek way. You take pride in looking after your own, but can get quite fierce amidst injustice and abuse. When the claws come out, it’s not a pretty sight. Your need to be adored is a key aspect of your sexual drive and prowess. When you are not appreciated to the point of ridiculousness, you will find your solace elsewhere! Your need for compliments and ego massage is legendary. But you are not nasty when everything is in place; just as you like it. It’s a different story when you feel uncomfortable though: you are controlling, pushy and not particularly nice to be with…ooops! 




Mars in VIRGO:



You are modest, dutiful, and possibly a bit ‘mousy’ on first impressions. Of course once people get to know you, the real personality comes out to play. But until then, you are inclined to be overlooked by the Zodiac’s more assertive types. You make your voice heard in more subtle ways, which ultimately works to your advantage. With your systematic, methodical streak, you work your way into hearts and minds. Incredibly picky, you take along time to warm up in relationships. You are critical of others and yourself and don’t believe in making things easy. Quite fussy, you have exacting standards that must be met. In your search for perfection, you block yourself off from all kinds of interesting connections and liaisons. But casual links and superficial people are just not your style. Certainly not the most easygoing person on the planet, you come across as quite aloof, vain and unapproachable. Self contained and independent, you do not really need others, except in their vaguely useful kind of way. Your main problem is that you over analyze everyone and everything, instead of engaging fully in life’s rich tapestry. You handle things in your own way; but must learn to give life more than half a chance! 




Mars in LIBRA:



You are romantic and full of good will and co-operation. Undeniably in love-with-love, you sometimes make ill-informed choices. You are a sucker for candle lit dinners and romantic gestures, so you are easily seduced by ‘traditional’ expressions of feeling. Be aware that sentimentality and a bunch of roses does not always equate to undying love. Of course such attention is always nice to receive. But when push comes to shove, you need hard evidence of someone’s staying power before you commit! In typical Libra style, you are sometimes assertive; sometimes shy. You blow hot and cold, which always keeps relationships interesting, though don’t overdo it. Your dithering can sometimes be quite exasperating, so discern when to ‘go for it!’ Even when committed, you flirt for Ireland and are very sociable, something partners and loved ones would do well to understand. You are not likely to act on impulse however; for your sexual wiles are measured, fair and tactful. Your whole being strives for harmonious connections, so you hate confrontation and unnecessary rowing. Casual liaisons and one night stands repulse you. You have to set the scene and make sure everything is just perfect before you ‘put out!’




Mars in SCORPIO:



Passionate and intense, you are a veritable volcano between the sheets! You do not believe in half measures with the love stuff; and when you are committed to a course of action, you go for it. To make a connection let your eyes do the talking. Your natural mystery and allure does the rest. There is no need to be overt or in-your-face; you have all the skills of attraction in place when you step out the door. Passionate responses come easy to you; people know where they stand and that’s that! What you can not guarantee is how long things will last. In a whirlwind of intensity you make your links, only too find that all too often they just as quickly fade away. This is not deliberate maliciousness on your part. In fact it is as much a riddle to you as it is to your trail of spurned lovers! Of course you can commit, and when you actually do fall in love; you know all about it. That knowing smile is a dead give-away! Driven to deep emotional intimacy, you do need to protect yourself a little better. Get the balance right and learn to hold back until you are sure of your staying power in particular situations. You do have great energy levels and powers of endurance; but these need to be channeled in the right direction: or else!







Straightforward and adventurous, you are up for anything that tickles your fancy! You are quite a rowdy soul, liable to be boisterous even in the wee small hours when the rest of the world is asleep. With endless reserves of nervous energy, you are at risk from burn out if you don’t learn to unwind, occasionally. In love you are idealistic; but this doesn’t mean you are on the look out for perfection. Born optimist that you are, you have embarked on a continual quest to improve your lot. You strive for the good things in life and your restless spirit demands that this search is continuous; even when you have already got a quite a good deal! In love ties you can take it or leave it a lot of the time. Especially before you commit, you are a soul who experiments and experiences a whole range of connections. Even after tying the knot the urge to stray is often overwhelming. But you are not devious. You simply enjoy other people’s company; and of course, the grass is always greener over the hill! On the plus side, your sense of humour is wicked. You will find that throughout life, you are forgiven most things, for one particular reason only: you are extremely huggable and loveable! Just don’t take advantage of your strong position…






You are an earthy, matter of fact soul, who can be quite calculating. This means that you carefully guard your interests and always keep your boundaries in check, but you are eminently nice with it! One night stands are anathema to you; you rarely go there, except with the long term in view. If something feels right, you will follow through, but you certainly won’t connect for the sake of yet another experience. You’re not the most curious bunny on the planet! Quite a traditionalist; before you commit, you are on the hunt for a soul mate to settle down with. Once you have found them, you’re a faithful soul, who is hardly mad, bad and dangerous to know! No, you’re not boring, but you are an acquired taste. In the bedroom you shine; in a conservative, safe kind of way. But your sexual drives are strong, relentless, and your stamina is good. You have commendable self control, and won’t make your move ‘til the time is right. You are cautious with the love stuff and not afraid of commitment. However, sometimes this works against you and you may come across as a sure thing to someone unscrupulous. Get over it! Once you find your feelings reciprocated, you have it made. You are humourful and offer great affection…     








You are a truly unique humanoid!  Eccentric and a law unto yourself, you make things up as you go along. Anything goes, so long as it feels okay. Convention and tradition be damned: you do things in your own way, or not at all. Anyone who dares dictate to you gets short shrift. You have a strong altruistic streak, but you will not suffer fools. Your humanitarian, caring gestures are from the heart; but you don’t allow others to take advantage. In the bedroom, you are imaginative and free spirited. Anything goes and your lovers are invariably in for a treat once you get going. Fresh approaches and unusual ideas turn you on. You can cope with most forms of weirdness and precious little offends you. Life is not one big quest for excitement; but you don’t say ‘no’ when the madness sets in. During your single years, you do not have a problem sacrificing intimacy for the sake of a superficial connection. But once you make a commitment you honour it to the hilt; on your own terms of course! Your rebellious streak is certainly a cause of amusement for those who can handle it. Just steer clear of conventional types who are easily offended. You need a partner who stimulates your mind: the rest then naturally follows. 



Mars in PISCES



You have great powers of empathy and perception, which makes you nice to know. But you do have a nosy streak, and love to be at the heart of other people’s business. Your natural psychic ability and sensitivity give you the edge in many situations. However, you can be a bit vague; you won’t be pinned down when you are unsure. Evasive and deceptive when cornered, you are a subtle mover with wily ways. No you are not actively dishonest, but you don’t like confrontation and will do anything to wriggle away from it. You are good at reading people and quite skilful at nipping problems in the bud. In intimate situations you bring it all together with an intriguing mix of confidence and sensitivity. Hardly a tough nut, you do have an unbreakable strength that sometimes passes for weakness. Others assume you don’t know what’s what; but your intuition and perceptions give you the edge. Idealistic with the love stuff, you are a bit vulnerable to disappointment. Perhaps you hope for too much too quickly? Once committed, the main problem is your irrational moodiness. Learn to steer clear of loved ones when the black cloud descends. Try to be less of a soft touch; you are sometimes too obliging for your own good.