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The Moon influences our lives at a profound level. Her powerful lunar energy has an amazing impact on our creativity.  Both our psyche and energy are invariably affected, and are more dependent upon the Moon’s current phase and position than we would perhaps care to admit!       


The Moon connects us to universal mother energy, regardless of our natal sex.  The nurturing energies of The Moon define our parenting skills, and emotional impulses.  Its gentle but relentless force shapes our familial and domestic arrangements. Our home lives, relationships and responses are all profoundly influenced by the Moon’s Cycles. 


Lunar inspiration affects intuition, instinctual reactions; and the ebb and flow of our feelings.  As we all know, the Moon rules the changing tides of the sea.  But she also governs the twists and turns of our behaviour patterns; our feelings, our needs, and our reactions.


In Astrology the Moon represents our emotions, and has a profound impact upon our imagination and intuition. The lunar energy also links to our inherited traits, maternal instincts, and the feminine aspect of our natures.  


My belief is that the Moon often reveals even more about our natures than our Sun Sign. This Lunar magic is especially revealing of our humanness in all its hidden glory. With the ebb and flow of our lives and experiences, there is no doubt that a correct interpretation of the Moon in your chart can be pretty crucial!


Now find your MOON SIGN


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SO, where was the MOON on the day or night you were born and what does this mean for you?


Moon in ARIES:


You are upfront, direct and impetuous. Generally up for it, you are not one to sit on your laurels. Your sense of adventure is lively and impulsive. But perhaps you need to learn patience and more tolerance of those who lag behind. Not everyone is as ever ready, willing and able as you are! Sometimes you come across as quite self serving. But it’s usually because you wish to make the best of things. You do not always consider the consequences of your actions and tend to act first and think later. Along the way you are quite likely to receive some unsettling lessons that won’t dampen your spirits; but which will make you more careful and wise. Learn to tread lightly through things, rather than rush headlong in where angels fear to tread. Life contains many lessons and adventures that you are more than able for. Just don’t let jealous types contain you. Your ego is legendary and you have a fiercely competitive will, but you are generally likeable and cute with it. You are provocative, compelling and a great rival to those who would dare take you on. Failure is not an option you even consider, which is all very well; but do learn not to be quite so unbending. Remember that others are entitled to a look in and that possibly you do not have all the answers. Independent though you are; do try to accommodate loved ones and their need to give you a helping hand. You are a passionate soul who can’t resist a challenge.   




Moon in TAURUS:


When you are emotionally comfortable you are tactile and romantic with your responses. But put the wind up you and you switch quickly into merciless, defensive mode. You fight like a cornered rat when someone upsets your personal equilibrium. Plus you have no tolerance for disloyalty or phony gestures. Your Status Quo is of supreme importance and you cannot function properly without stability and balance. As a result you can be quite controlling and tend to over invest in the preservation of your territory. People become your possessions and when you feel uneasy you often test their intentions. Try to chill and not be such a control freak! People are human and of course their failings are ever present. So there is no point isolating yourself out of fear or intolerance. Access your altruistic self and trust life a little more. You are quite conservative in your expectations and your traditionalism sometimes gets in the way of a good time. But your practical self gets things done and you are more than a match for those who take you on. Watch that stubborn streak though; it could be your down fall. Let your hair down once in a while and don’t try to keep tabs on everyone and everything. Okay your intuition is a major tracking device. But sometimes you get things wrong. Try to be big enough to admit your mistakes and don’t think you can lord it over people who ask for your advice.



Moon in GEMINI:



You are a nifty character, who thrives on impromptu, off-the-cuff actions. Your emotional responses are quick and you are at your best in mad, hectic situations.  ‘Freedom’ is your buzz word and you feel stifled when others expect you to behave in a certain way. You love lively scenarios that allow you to think on your feet. But you are sometimes accused of superficiality and duality. The truth is you just love variety. You are the original social butterfly who flits around until you find a profitable and comfortable place to land. When you stumble upon your personal nirvana you are capable of commitment, but only on your own terms. If you feel the pressure; you’re off pretty fast. A myriad of options is the nectar which gives your life meaning. You can quite happily handle two of everything and if this makes you superficial; you don’t really give a damn! Of course you are capable of meaningful connections; but you are also great at playing the field and exploring the full range of people, places and relationships available to you. If this life is about being true to yourself, then you have a big ‘self’ to be true to. Your heart is a mansion with many rooms to fill! Understandably it is difficult for you to trust your emotions and frequently your heart and mind disagree. This produces an interesting internal dialogue that not many would be able to follow! You justify your actions in the strangest ways…



Moon in CANCER:


Strongly influenced by the Moon, you can be anxious and moody, if not a little temperamental. Your emotions are intense and you are highly intuitive. If something or someone doesn’t feel right, you will steer clear. Rightly so! You should never doubt your hunches. But your sensitive nature is a mixed blessing. Not much escapes your notice; but you are prone to cutting off your nose to spite your face. Very black and white with your responses, no one crosses you and gets away with it. Protective of your interests, you are also quite controlling. You like to know what’s going on and to whom. People confide in you; which keeps you ahead of the game. But perhaps you would do well to soften up a bit and trust life a little more. You have learned the hard way and can be quite defensive when you feel threatened. On the plus side, you are sensual and unpredictable. You know how to keep people guessing, which is great when you want to attract the opposite sex. Just don’t resort to devious tactics in a bid to keep them. When your heart is open you are brilliant at making people feel comfortable. Your best quality is a talent for nurturing those you love, or in whom you have a vested interest. Watch you don’t get too manipulative with these undercurrents of love and control. You are powerful, so use your gifts wisely. Remember that privacy and personal space are crucial to your sanity.



Moon in LEO:


You are warm and kind hearted to those who light your fire. But you’re not always the proverbial pussy cat! For the most part your emotional responses are fair and you give others the benefit of the doubt. However, you can be a bit of a show off and become quite bossy when you’re on a roll. Be careful you don’t railroad loved ones into particular ways of behaving and watch your expectancy levels in relationships. Live and let live! You put a lot of love, light and effort into your closest relationships, and get quite wounded when someone short-changes you in return. Just don’t resort to blackmail; it’s very undignified, and there is absolutely no need. Besides, your open hearted nature and generosity of spirit will always generate the quality connections you need in order to thrive. Simply, ditch those who take advantage of your better nature: you’re better off with out them. It is no secret that you are a bit of a performer. In fact you are the original Drama Queen! You know how to keep the rest of us entertained. But when you kick up a fuss, it really is no laughing matter. Sometimes your need to be adored, stoked and cajoled gets the better of you; certainly, you won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Passionate and dynamic, you are indeed quite a handful. Learn to ease off the gas and give others a chance to give you something in return. You really don’t have to demand it!        



Moon in VIRGO:


You are a sensitive individual with unique responses. A law unto yourself; you will not be dictated to. You do things in your own way, or not at all. Even though you are a stickler for truth, you will still bend the rules when it suits you. Often you run on an excess of nervous energy and tend to push yourself to the max in emotional situations. Learn to be kinder to yourself; less critical and more forgiving. Be careful not to take on the role of teacher in your close connections. Have some fun and learn to access your ready wit and humour. You are a perfectionist with high standards who must try not to judge so harshly. Relax and don’t be so hard on yourself and your loved ones. Notice that relationships have a natural free flow of energy and that you do not need to control that flow. Your way with words is legendary. You can out-smart the best of them. Make good use of these tools, for you have the power to cut like a knife or sow the seeds of good will. When you are stressed and wound up, you can fall victim to high levels of anxiety. Take a chill pill and put things into perspective with good mates as often as possible. It does not do you any favours to ruminate endlessly about the past, present and future. Simply be in the moment for your sanity’s sake. Avoid your tendency to pick things apart. You have an analytical streak that’s enviable, but it can also be your downfall.      



Moon in LIBRA:


You are a cool customer with impartial emotional responses. This does not mean that things don’t bother you. But it does make you very dignified and mature in the way you handle difficult situations. Somewhat idealistic, you make a huge effort to keep the peace. You are a stickler for a harmonious atmosphere and will bend over backwards to avoid confrontation. This can work for and against you. You would do well to speak your truth more often. Okay, you are very discerning and tend to sit quiet rather than offend. But do learn to risk the odd reality check, even if it makes you feel uncomfortable. The rest of the world will not disrespect you if you stand your ground. Generally, you can be a bit of a push over, and your indecisiveness makes you ready prey for ruthless types. Develop a tougher exterior and protect your interests with a clear conscience. Use your gifts of flirtation to make a point if all else fails! You are well able to wrap anyone around your little finger with your effervescent wit and charm. Because you are so good at empathizing with others, you often sacrifice your own beliefs, desires and ideas. This has no doubt led to some expensive or regrettable mistakes. You may also find it difficult to process resentment and frustration. Stop being quite so nice all the time! Buried anger can be poisonous and will not ultimately do you any favours.



Moon in SCORPIO:


You are passionate and intense with unfathomable depths. With deep and meaningful responses, you are a delightful mystery to more simple souls who hang on your every word. Your complexity is truly captivating and your depth of emotion enables you to cast many a spell on the unwitting. Often you are not aware of your charisma and power; which is of course what appeals to and charms those who find you so compelling. The danger is, when you wake up to your personal power, you are quite inclined to use it skillfully to get your own way. So, be respectful of those you reel into your delightful but sticky web. No one messes with you; that’s for sure! When you get a bee in your bonnet about something, nothing will persuade you to back down. It just ain’t gonna happen! Try to be a bit more gracious and trust that life will bring you what you signed up for, no more, no less. You can not out- wit or out-manoeuvre destiny, though you may sometimes try to do just that. When you begin to sense the full scope of your capabilities, is also when your personal responsibility kicks in. Learn to be less obsessive and possessive about the objects and people you desire. You can channel your turbulent emotions by using positive focus and determined effort. Just make sure it’s all good, for what you project into the ether is bound to bounce back, such is your personal magnetism and power.





Open and responsive, you are a livewire who follows up every scintillating opportunity. Luckily your energy levels are good; though you do risk emotional burn out when you get extra hyper. Try to be more measured in your approach. For you can come across as a bit reckless; which doesn’t instill much trust in those who want to invest in you. Ever the adventurer, you even view your relationships as an exciting exploration. The problem with this is that once you get the measure of the current landscape, you are anxious to move on to greener pastures. Loved ones need to keep you interested, or you’re off looking for new distractions. Yes, you get bored easily. But generally there is no harm done, so long as others respect your freedom to roam and explore. You do not respond well to emotional pressure, so your requirements of trust are high. When you are fully loved and appreciated you always return to that base called ‘home’. But until you find what you think you are looking for, anything is possible. Try to learn more caution and restraint; for chances are you have kissed goodbye to many a situation and lived to regret it. Don’t be so restless or hasty. Your optimism is infectious and you have a natural zest for life. However, you will come unstuck unless you take your most difficult risk ever and start to put down roots. Continue to take things as you find them. Just learn to appreciate what you already have.    





You are very determined to maintain good relationships. But this can make you a bit overbearing at times, especially when loved ones need personal space. When your infectious sensuality is in full swing, people tend to stay around. Just watch for the times when you feel a bit insecure or frantic and be careful you do not alienate others with your distrust. You are prone to getting wound up and anxious when you don’t feel properly appreciated. But remember that until you love and appreciate yourself, no one else is going to grant you that kind of respect. Often when things are not going your way you winge and complain, sometimes even resorting to devious measures to make a point. Watch that need you have to control people’s responses. Your key to good vibes and lasting emotions is to retreat when you feel the bad moods descend. Learn to go away into a quiet place and get through your ‘stuff’ alone. Loved ones won’t thank you for any projected anger and frustration. Only use your touchy, sensitivity in positive ways. Then you can turn bad moments around and keep everyone happy. Perhaps develop your acting abilities, since it is better to keep your moodiness at bay in company. Find an outlet for its expression that won’t do any harm: a punch-bag perhaps? You can be a bit unadventurous and staid at times. So tap into your fun side and develop your humour as your best lethal weapon!





You are altruistic in your emotional responses, but also intensely private. This makes you very giving one minute, then quite inaccessible the next. No, you’re not quite that inconsistent or changeable, but loved ones do need to read your moods in order to get the best out of you! Generous hearted and empathetic, you have great gifts of understanding. However, you can also be quite eccentric and a law unto yourself. When you need to be alone, nothing will tug at your heart strings and distract you. Actually this is a blessing, for it means you have a talent for detachment. You are skilled at sensing when to back off, which preserves both your sanity and independence. Also, you give objective, wise advice and appropriate emotional support without others then feeling they owe you for life. In short you are great at unconditional love; but with oodles of self respect you know your limits too. With your wicked sense of humour, you have a novel way of looking at the world which keeps people amused. You will always have support when you need it; but could gain brownie points by leading loved ones to believe you are needier than you actually are. Accept their input and gestures more readily and you’re all laughing. You are brilliant at surprising people with your unpredictable ideas, which is great for romance and friendship. Use that vivid imagination and access your unusual spirit.



Moon in PISCES


Highly sensitive and intuitive, you are very in touch with your feelings. But you are also quite changeable and likely to flip your perceptions without warning. This can be bewildering for loved ones who think they have the measure of you. Indeed you are likely to drive those with an interest in you quite NUTS! You are unpredictable, hate confrontation and are liable to be evasive when put on the spot. You are kind and giving, but likely to tell the odd porky pie to keep the peace! Fair enough, but do stay as grounded as possible. There is a need for consistency and stability with the Moon in Pisces. Learn to stick to decisions which felt good at the time and recall your reasons for making them. You are very susceptible to the ebb and flow of emotions around you, so it is important to protect yourself and not get so hooked into what everyone else is thinking and feeling. Put up your boundaries and know when to stop ‘tuning in’ to life, the universe and everything! Your sensitivity is a mixed blessing. Not much passes you by. But you are inclined to get overly paranoid and give inconsequential details too much thought. Learn to filter important messages and visions through a major reality check. There is no point getting lost with your head in the clouds. Easily moved to great happiness or sadness, it is quite difficult to keep track of the rollercoaster ride of emotion when you’re in full flow.