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Sarah's 2012 Tool Kit 


Are you bewildered by the current array of transformational services available?

 2012 is certainly bringing the *industry* of Love & Light to the fore...

These recommendations here below actually WORK and will bring you some amazing results if they resonate with your process at this time.

Always remember YOU know what is best for you.

Follow your heart <3 with what makes sense for YOU and NEVER give your power away ...not even to the best of them!

And with that cautionary warning... I highly recommend these people, their way of working and their vision.

All are completely authentic and deeply resonate with those sometimes evasive concepts of Integrity and The Truth :-)

Do you doubt your ability to access miracles and healing in your life?

Watch this... and access the morphic field of FAITH & BELIEF in MIRACLES.



Recommended TOOLS and amazing PEEPS who may well help you speed up and accentuate your ASCENSION PROCESS. Choose wisely, the person and approach which most resonates with your journey.


1) ANN Taylor   @innerhealing

AN amazing woman who is all heart <3. She is there to serve you and her gift of *knowing* and *asking* is just amazing.


2) Mahendra Trivedi

Once you get past the science bit with this guy, be assured he is channelling some amazing healing and transformative energy.


3) Margaret Lynch

Emotional Freedom Technique aka TAPPING

AN amazing woman who is very skilled at stirring up the deep stuff and clearing it in an utterly charming but powerful way. Tap Tap Tap...

(Tapping is a very effective form of emotional and physical clearing and healing... )


4) Brent Phillips

Theta Healing

Formula for Miracles

This is an acquired taste. But Brent's work is very powerful and transformative. A commitment to work deeply and powerfully is required. One for the boys? 


5) Vibes UP  ~ Kaitlyn Keyt

Listen to Sarah De La Mer and Kaitlyn Keyt ~   I do not usually recommend products ...but everything from comes highly recommended! The results speak for themselves ...

All products produced and created by Kaitlyn Keyt. for purchase of products

Exclusively for Soul to Soul listeners and my clients ~ SPECIAL offers


6) Mas Sajady 

Speechless! AMAZING!!! But be warned you have to be ready to totally transform and shift your life. Not to be undertaken lightly.

If your one INTENTION is to connect to your PURE source and enjoy the consequences of doing so... Mas Sajady is the guide to help you.  

A POWERFUL remote healer. `


7) Cordelia F Brabbs ~ DIAMOND LIGHT LADY 

Cordelia F Brabbs  is a ‘Magical Life’ Mentor for Lightworkers, change agents and conscious entrepreneurs who want to create their lives as abundant adventures full of miracles, blessings and possibilities. She guides you to unlock your own manifesting magic, unplugs you from the old consciousness, paradigms and programming you have been limited by, and elevates you to the highest possible version of your life and your self. Cordelia is the creator of the Diamond LaserLight™ technique, a high-vibration healing method that is helping her clients experience profound transformations and manifestations – including more money, clients, success and opportunity. Cordelia has spent several years on her healing path, raising her own vibration to the point where she has remembered her gifts as a Priestess of the Diamond Light, so she can empower people in this lifetime. She has used her own manifesting gifts to journey to sacred sites around the world and live her dreams of being a ‘globalpreneur’. She has visited Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Egypt, Rennes le Chateau, Bimini (Atlantis), Sedona and Mount Shasta, and has spent months in Hawaii swimming with wild dolphins. She weaves the light codes and energy she has received on these journeys into her healing work.

Cordelia is also an original co-founder of conscious activism group Women for Whales and author of book and oracle card deck Goddess Power Pack.

Listen to Sarah De La Mer and Cordelia Brabbs ~


8) MASSHUR ANAM ~ STRAIGHT out of the 23rd Century! You will have to engage with Masshur's energy to appreciate what I mean ~ teleportation is perhaps just a step away! lol.

Masshur Anam pioneers the holograms which heal and transform your energy field and aid your ascension process into 5 D reality. Manifestation ability is greatly enhanced through the use of Masshur's techniques.


9) AMAZING Christie Marie Sheldon ~ Programme UNLIMITED ABUNDANCE ~ Highly recommended for clearing deep seated unconscious blocks to the life you trutly deserve...

Special offer ~


LOVE OR ABOVE ~ The invisible force that shapes your destiny ~



Shift your consciousness with RIKKA



10) The Emotion Code ~ The healing modality of the future

Based on an elaborate application of muscle testing, this technique is absolutely incredible. it works remotely also, so long as you make a good connection with your chosen practitioner. A strong feature of this technique is the amazing Heart Wall clearing, a technique which potentially releases you of carrying the inhertied pain of parents, even ancestors in your energy field. Clear this in 2 or 3 sessions and you will never look back. 

A heart-wall is made up of many different, negative trapped emotions throughout life that block our ability to give and receive love freely. It also creates symptoms of depression, anxiety, self-sabotage and blocks our ability to achieve what we want. These negative emotions are placed around the heart originally to protect it from feeling hurt, but end up separating you from others and success. Physical symptoms of neck and shoulder discomfort are often associated. The heart-wall consists on average of about 25-35 different trapped emotions and takes two to three sessions to clear.


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