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SATURN in SCORPIO & Relationships 2013 & 2014


SATURN IN SCORPIO and your 2013 Relationships


This shift from 2012 into 2013 will prove to be very significant indeed for our love life, and all our relationships. Back in October of last year, Saturn the planet of Karma, lessons and teachings moved from Libra into Scorpio. This introduced a huge and powerful shift energetically.

Saturn's authority puts a restraining order on excess. This Planet holds The Universe in check.  It is not always an easy energy, as we saw throughout the last two and a half years of Saturn in Libra. This stretch challenged recklessness and was a big wake-up call in so many ways. The Celtic Tiger took a dive and Saturn our conscience revealed the consequences of foolhardiness.

Saturn’s buzzwords are *Do NOT*, which of course pushes buttons for many of us who question authority and value our freedom. This may be an energy which is repressive and depressive, or comforting and providing useful boundaries. It all depends how we respond and work with it.

Like an autocratic parent, this Ruling Planet is good to have around in a crisis. But this kind of repression can be debilitating when we need to muster self-confidence. Balance is crucial in the face of Saturn’s warning flag.  It is advisable to take the hint and put the brakes on questionable behaviour.  But it is equally important to resist Saturn’s bullying.  Saturn can be intimidating to the free spirited. It may, if not balanced within our psyche, undermine weak self-esteem, heightening self-doubt and confusion.

Through 2013, we are going to experience BIG adjustments, shifts and changes in circumstances that are most definitely beyond our control. The key is to be accepting and allowing of all the challenges. They are not negative, they are simply a wake-up call to deal with anything that is not quite right, or is past its sell by date.

Saturn's influence becomes negative if we resist it, or do not work with it. When we exercise The Law of Neutrality this can be a very positive restructuring influence indeed.

So ask yourself, are you afraid of change? Are you hiding secrets even from yourself?  Are you with someone who does not really turn you on, just because it is easy, comfortable and provides security?

Do you carry around the fear that you will never find a lasting and happy relationship? Do you feel deprived of intimacy and sex, or that the intimacy you have is not bringing in the thrills, connection and passion that you deserve?  Do you often think about death, or does the end of the relationship feel like the end of the world to you? If so, Scorpio Saturn will demand that you find some self sufficiency and fall more in love with yourself completely, before you connect with the right person.

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, you can expect to be challenged during the year ahead. It is time to get real, and to be authentic, and your love life and relationships are the natural place to start.

Co dependency and unhealthy connections will struggle to survive in the current energies which urge us to be expansive, fully evolved and everything we can be. Now is the time to explore your potential. It will not work if you are held in check by possessiveness, control, obsession  and jealousy. ANY of these Scorpio issues you have been dealing with, will need to finally be addressed and put to bed.    

Is your desire to be so wanted, loved and accepted that you feel your better half will die for you? This old and odd romantic notion has to go! Yes, we all want to be nurtured and cared for. This is so natural to our human condition.  But until we know how to look after ourselves, how can we expect to be mature, equal and responsive with all our loved ones?

This time is about coming into our own power and magnificence, where we make independent choices which suit who we are. It is not supposed to be about circumnavigating the whims and wishes of the person we profess to love. Does this mean we must all become a little more selfish? In a way yes! We are being challenged to recognise that paradoxical truth that the more we love, accept and nurture ourselves, the more we have to give from the heart to others. Loving YOU completely, means you will have a whole lot more to share and to give with the rest of the world.

2013 and beyond is all about becoming the subject rather than the object of your or anyone else's desires. Saturn in Scorpio is an energy which requires us to be magnificently independent, and yet wholeheartedly connected. The paradox of this challenge is that is means we can all be so deeply connected, in a way we have never been before. Scorpio provides the deepest intimacy, the greatest sex, the best feeling of connectedness and the most magnificent empowerment.

I think you will find that the sacrifices which may have to be made will be completely worth it. This magical way of being, is only a breath away. It only requires a shift of consciousness. It only requires you to wake up to the truth of your situation. Easier said than done, but well worth doing!

Saturn, the planet symbolically associated with time, challenges, fear, doubt, confusion, difficulty, heaviness and hard lessons is also positively linked with structure, accomplishment, power, maturity, reflection, order and prestige. As you can imagine, this is great for commitment, marriage, engagement and coming to agreements. If a parting of ways is required, this should finally smooth out for you. Where a settlement has been a long time coming? Yes, it may be raw and painful, but you will now be given a chance to wipe the slate clean and start afresh. In fact it would be foolhardy to resist the offers the Universe presents to you at this point.

There are now definite moves you can make to give yourself some structure in this Scorpionic Saturn phase we will all be experiencing. It is now possible to give love and relationships a shape and meaning despite any turmoil and confusion you are going through. The key is to sit loose, and trust that the outcome is going to leave you with what is REAL.

Saturn in Scorpio will instigate a process of separating the wheat from the chaff. If you remember that the goals to aim for are independence, maturity, responsibility, ambition, and self evaluation, you WILL come through it with your dignity in tact!  

We now all need to make the most of our lives and get through its challenges in one piece. Our rewards the other side of this process which rolls for the next year or so, will reflect how we handled it. As we get stuck into these final tests, we need to stay calm, TRUST and focus on our life goals.

Yes, some people will not be able to cope and may go a little introverted for a time. But ultimately, we will all get through it and will become fully empowered, shining on and fully accessing our personal power, truth and stick-ability.

To make the most of Scorpio in Saturn, you need to exercise Determination with a capital D. Even if you do not know what you want before it begins, the process itself will show you and by the end of it all you will be as clear as the cold light of day.

Should you envy those who are already ambitious and focused? No! For even the best of us can not escape the coming challenges. With those who are already sorted and established this Scorpio Saturn is quite likely to create a big (and public) process, which of course makes it all the more traumatic. There will be no hiding in corners with this. No secrets, it will all be hung out to dry. But this will challenge us all to finally release judgements and stop looking outside ourselves for the answers. Answers have to now come from within and Saturn in Scorpio will teach this to us all.

No one will escape the scourge of Saturn completely, it IS an important part of our lives and without this tricky planet which throws up interesting challenges, life would probably be rather dull in the next while. The energy stirred up by the planet Saturn will teach us a whole lot if we are receptive and will especially helps us to find balance and maturity if we work with it and do not baulk at what is happening.

Scorpio Saturn will show us how to be brave and face up to whole lot. It is definitely NOT a good idea to brush things under the carpet during this phase. If you do that the damage in the long term could be pretty hideous. Embrace your fears and confusion during this time and the rewards will be great indeed. Remember, life does not serve you up with more than you are able to cope with and Saturn that seven-ringed planet in the sky certainly will not do so either.


Scorpio Saturn will in fact help you to find and express yourself more fully and authentically. By teaching us how to be real and truly ourselves if we listen and observe its lessons Saturn can serve us well…


ARIES:  Saturn in Scorpio will make you less impulsive and will place controls on your impulsive streak. Your usual assertiveness will be kept in check. You will definitely have more patience, which cannot be a bad thing. You will come through this time with more composure, patience and tolerance. Loved ones will stir you up, but your passions will surge only in the right situation. 

TAURUS: Scorpio Saturn will place the emphasis on relationships. You will go through a major restructuring of your reality, which could be tricky as you do love the Status Quo. Oddly, material concerns will not be so pressing. You will be more cautious and less demonstrative in a situation which no longer works. If you are not feeling it, it may be time to part ways.  

GEMINI:  Saturn has the effect of keeping you grounded and sensible; enabling you to use your communication skills very effectively. You will be more logical and with Jupiter in Gemini too will get guaranteed results. Make cute, practical decisions. You are much less susceptible to illusion and scatty ideas. Plus your restless streak is well controlled.

CANCER: Saturn in Scorpio will act as something of a protective barrier. Your emotions and responses will tend to be more controlled and measured. Your exterior outer shell is well hardened and acts as a foil to those things which would usually defeat you.  You will now quickly process difficult emotions and will finally feel more peace and able to let all the old stuff go!

LEO:  Saturn calms you down and keeps your more gregarious side in check. This will allow a maturing process and you will be more accepting of the way things are. This is just when of course, it will all change around you.  You will keep your sense of humour and your fun side will have an edge. Luckily you will be more measured and less reckless with love, money and decisions. Take responsibility!

VIRGO:  Saturn puts your analytical and practical nature within firm boundaries. Your restless, neurotic streak is kept in check and you now have the words to convince the world and argue your way out of a corner. Saturn helps you concentrate on one thing at a time and makes you even more systematic. You will easily complete tasks and sort your life out. At last! 

LIBRA:  Your charm and politeness will be low key which is no bad thing. It means you can now come across as more genuine, authentic and deeper than usual.  You will access that perfectionist streak and make things happen in grand ways. Saturn will show you that actions speak louder than words. Your discipline and integrity will be commendable and you will deliver on a promise.

SCORPIO:  Saturn in this placing limits and controls your deep turbulent emotions making you more balanced.  You will also possess more tolerance and understanding than usual. Under Saturn’s direction you will soon learn that perseverance is the key to success in most things. You will be able to channel your deep responses to help others.

SAGITTARIUS:  Saturn will make you more realistic and you will be more grounded and less scatty. Freedom you appreciate; but you will now know how to monitor your selfish desires and demands. Saturn bestows on you a more understanding and empathetic quality. You are more mature and accepting. You will be finally content with what you have, yet able to make moves when it counts.

CAPRICORN:  Any bitterness or harsh and ruthless qualities you have been expressing will now be transmuted. You will be able to finally cope and accept your situation completely. Saturn gives you a quiet cool confidence and you will know how to progress slowly but surely. Success is a given and you will not  now panic about what might go wrong. You will be in control in a GOOD way!

AQUARIUS:  You will likely now be more cautious and private. Under this planet’s direction you will be like a sponge quickly absorbing and applying information to your benefit. You will be thorough and possess great leadership qualities. In short, you will not miss a trick. Just watch for a tendency to be overly controlling and give love a chance!

PISCES:  You will finally have the edge in your personal life. You will be less gullible, less trusting and possess better self protection. Your sensitive emotions and responses will be finally under control and you now know your boundaries well.  Your ability to put on a brave face to the world will be authentic and formidable. It is time to use your personal power to the max!

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