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Saturn’s authority puts a restraining order on excess.  This Planet holds The Universe in check.  Not an easy energy, Saturn challenges recklessness.  Saturn is our conscience warning against foolhardiness. Intimidating to the free spirited.  Saturn may undermine weak self-esteem, heightening self-doubt and confusion. 


Saturn’s buzzword is ‘don’t’, which may repress, depress, or comfort, according to disposition.  Like an autocratic parent, this Ruling Planet is good to have around in a crisis; but debilitating when we need to muster self-confidence. Balance is crucial in the face of Saturn’s warning flag.  It is advisable to take the hint and put the breaks on questionable behaviour.  But equally important to resist Saturn’s bullying…


Some of you may have heard of the scourge of The Saturn Return, but not really have a clue what it means to your life in detail. Generally people know that something happens when we hit the phase of our lives between the ages of 28 and 30 because they observe BIG adjustments, shifts and changes in circumstances that are most definitely beyond their control. So how is this sometimes uncomfortable experience explained astrologically? 


Saturn, the planet symbolically associated with time, challenges, fear, doubt, confusion, difficulty, heaviness and hard lessons is also more positively linked with structure, accomplishment, power, maturity, reflection, order and prestige. 


Saturn takes approximately 29.5 years to orbit The Sun when it then returns to exactly the degree which it occupied at the time of your birth. When this happens in your Natal Chart, you are going to feel the tremors of Saturn’s power like it or not. Our thirtieth birthday is for this reason a major rite of passage, and in Astrological terms it is even more important than your 21st.


At the tail end of our twenties we all begin the build up to our Saturn Return which is going to force us to restructure our lives and grow up a little. This phenomenon purges what is not good for us and it is generally a case of ‘Do or Die’ during this rite of passage…


Victoria and David Beckham went through huge marriage upheavals, stress, scandal and relocation to Spain in the midst of their Saturn Returns.


And of course, Colin Farrell was once famous for his mad shenanigans and colourful love life; the most frantic stuff going on throughout his Saturn Return. An interesting way to cope COL! Only when Colin had come through it all did he get his life in order, go to rehab and reemerge the other side.


There are always definite moves we can make to give ourselves some structure in the midst of The Saturn Return. It IS possible to give it some shape and meaning despite the turmoil and confusion which goes on at the time. If you remember that the goals to aim for are independence, maturity, responsibility, ambition, and self evaluation, you WILL come through it with your dignity in tact!  

Okay so we’re not all going to be Hollywood Stars. But we do all need to make the most of our lives and get through its challenges in one piece. Our rewards the other side of this process called The Saturn Return will reflect how we handled it. As we get stuck into this final test which paves the way for adulthood, we need to stay calm, TRUST and focus on our life goals. Yes, some people can’t cope and go off the rails, others become somewhat introverted for a time. But those who shine through it all are those who access their personal power, truth and stick-ability.


To make the most of The Saturn Return phase of your life you need Determination with a capital D. Even if you do not know what you want before it begins, the process itself will show you and by the end of it all you will be as clear as the cold light of day.


Should you envy those who are already ambitious and focused? No! For even the best of us can not escape The Saturn Return. With those who are already sorted and established it is more likely to be quite a traumatic process emotionally. Just look at the Beckham’s. Not only did they have to cope with their personal processes at this time, they also had to do it in a blaze of publicity. They hardly got off lightly…


So no one escapes the scourge of Saturn completely, it IS an important part of our lives and without this tricky planet which throws up interesting challenges, life would probably be rather dull. The energy stirred up by the planet Saturn teaches us a whole lot and especially helps us to find balance and maturity if we work with it and don’t baulk at what is happening.


The Saturn Return teaches us to be brave and face up to whole lot. It is definitely NOT a good idea to brush things under the carpet during this phase. If you do that the damage in the long term could be pretty hideous. Embrace your fears and confusion during this time and the rewards will be great indeed. Remember, life doesn’t serve you up with more than you are able to cope with and Saturn that seven-ringed planet in the sky certainly won’t either…


In fact to end on a positive note, The Saturn Return can help you to find and express yourself more fully and authentically. By teaching us how to be real and truly ourselves if we listen and observe its lessons Saturn can serve us well…



Saturn returns to each Zodiac sign every 29 or 30 years for approximately three years…


So where was Saturn when you were born and how does its placing distinguish you from your fellow Star signs? 










Saturn in ARIES:


(April 1937 to March 1940 and March 1967 to April 1969 and April 1996 to February 1999)


Saturn in Aries makes you less impulsive than other fire signs. This placing controls your impulsive streak and general assertiveness by keeping you in check. You definitely have more patience than other Arians too, which can’t be a bad thing. Saturn in Aries teaches you more composure, patience and tolerance.



Saturn in TAURUS:


(July 1939 to May 1942 and May 1969 to February 1972 and June 1998 to April 2001 2001)


This placing affects your materialistic concerns making you less acquisitive and ambitious than fellow Taueans. It perhaps makes you more cautious and less touchy feely too when it comes to sensual match ups. Saturn in Taurus teaches you to be practical and realistic about your expectations and material well being.   



Saturn in GEMINI:


(May 1942 to June 1944 and June 1971 to August 1974 and April 2001 to June 2003)


Saturn has the effect of keeping you grounded and sensible; enabling you to use your communication skills very effectively. You are more logical than your Gemini counterparts and tend to get results with cute practical decisions. You are much less susceptible to illusion and scatty ideas. Plus your restless streak is well controlled.





Saturn in CANCER:


(August 1914 to June 1917 and June 1944 to July 1946 and August 1972 to June 1976 and June 2003 to July 2005)


This is a good placing for Cancerians for Saturn acts as a protective barrier. Emotions and responses tend to be more controlled and measured. The exterior outer shell is hardened and acts as a foil to those things which normally defeat your much more sensitive fellow Cancerians. You learn quickly how to deal with feeling inferior and paranoid.



Saturn in LEO: 


(June 1917 to August 1919 and August 1946 to September 1948 and September 1975 to July 1978 and July 2005 to August 2007)


Saturn calms you down in comparison to your more gregarious fellow Zodiac lions. You are still fun, but you tend to be more measured and less reckless with love, money and decisions. Saturn also teaches you to take responsibility. You are a natural leader who is able to shoulder many issues. It is all water off the ducks back!



Saturn in VIRGO: 


(August 1918 to October 1921 and September 1948 to August 1951 and July 1978 to September 1980 and August 2007 to October 2009 and April 7th 2010 to July 21st 2010)


Saturn puts your analytical and practical nature within firm boundaries. Your restless, neurotic streak is kept in check and you usually have the means to argue your way out of a corner. Saturn helps you concentrate on one thing at a time and makes you even more systematic than your fellow Virgoans. You also complete things!



Saturn in LIBRA:


(October 1921 to September 1924 and November 1950 to October 1953 and September 1980 to August 1983 and October 29th 2009 to April 7th 2010 and July 21st 2010 to 2012)


Your charm and politeness is low key which is no bad thing. It means you can come across as more genuine and deep than your fellow Librans. You still have a serious perfectionist streak. But you are trained by Saturn to be aware that actions speak louder than words. Your discipline and integrity is commendable. You deliver on a promise…






Saturn in SCORPIO:


(December 1923 to November 1926 and October 1953 to October 1956 and December 1982 to November 1985 and October 2012 to December 2014)


Saturn in this placing limits and controls your deep turbulent emotions making you more balanced than fellow Scorpions. You also possess more tolerance and understanding than usual. Under Saturn’s direction learn that perseverance is the key to success in most things. You are able to channel your deep responses to help others





(December 1926 to November 1929 and January 1956 to January 1959 and November 1985 to November 1988)


You are more realistic and have less of a mad sense of adventure than your fellow Sagittarians. Freedom you appreciate; but you know how to monitor your selfish desires and demands. Saturn bestows on you a more understanding and empathetic quality. You are mature and know how to be content with what you have



Saturn in CAPRICORN:


(December 1929 to November 1932 and January 1959 to January 1962 and February 1988 to February 1991)


The harsh and ruthless qualities of typical Capricornians are dampened down with Saturn in this position. You have a quiet cool confidence and know how to progress slowly but surely. Success is a given and you never panic about what might go wrong, because of course things rarely do. You are in control in a GOOD way!



Saturn in AQUARIUS:


(February 1932 to February 1935 and January 1962 to December 1964 and February 1991 to January 1994)


Aquarians tend to be overtly friendly and altruistic But Saturn in this position makes you more cautious and private. Under this planet’s direction you learn how to absorb and apply information to your benefit. You are thorough and possess great leadership qualities. In short, you do not miss a trick. Just watch for a tendency to be overly controlling



Saturn in PISCES:


(February 1935 to January 1938 and March 1964 to March 1967 and May 1993 to April 1996)


This is a great placing and you have the edge on fellow Pisceans. You are less gullible and get better protection. Your sensitive emotions and responses are under control and you know your boundaries well; which is unusual for a Piscean. Your ability to put on a brave face to the world is formidable and you give the illusion of being steely…no bad thing!