Sarah De La Mer ;-)




The Erogenous Zone…





Love Clue: Love is within reach. Focus on your assets & be your charming self to reel them in! Your charm will get you everywhere & take you places…


Singletons Consider: The friend of a friend perhaps: explore all your options, fully!  Earthy signs are good company.


Charm ARIES: Attend the gym, look after your appearance, & make them think they have competition. 


ARIES turn on: Hot sex, more hot sex…oh & did I mention; endless hot sex? Be impulsive & spontaneous. This lover is not for prudes. Aries wants to be your best ever, so be very open. Prepare to experiment. 


Erogenous Zone: The head: stroke the hair, kiss the eyes & massage the back of the neck.





Love Clue: Concentrate on the good times. Let them roll & forget the rest. Fret not, for stress free vibes will rev up your love life. Remember: you are the catch!


Singletons Consider: Fire signs Sagittarius & Leo have a lot to offer for the fun times. Pisces is great company & highly romantic.


Charm TAURUS: Romantic meals do it every time. Taurus loves to be wined & dined. The natural look attracts Taurus, as do earthy, sensual colours & fabrics.


TAURUS Turn on: Laze around in bed, for grand seduction style. Massages both given & received engage Taurus attention. This earth sign is hands-on & sensual. Set the scene with music & fine food. Get out the aromatherapy oils & bingo!  


Erogenous Zone: The NECK: No, strangulation is not everyone’s cup of tea & it’s dangerous! So don’t even think about it! Kiss & bite the neck; but leave the rough stuff to the bondage parlours. The throat is Taurus’ weak spot: kiss it & they melt!





Love Clue: Open your mind & the rest will follow. Love strikes when you least expect. Let cupid engage your attention! Second time around can work.


Singletons Consider: Leo & Sagittarius are all action & lots of fun. They will show you a new love style. Pisces is emotional & romantic.


Charm GEMINI: Gemini has a lively mind & needs to experience your wit & humour. Be lively, chatty & witty. Gossip is good, but don’t go too far too quickly. If you look great you’re more than half way there! 


GEMINI Turn on: Texting, e-mailing & phone calls float the Gemini boat! Anything technological catches Gemini’s attention. Secret notes & flirting & that sense of not being quite sure are important to keep up the interest.


Erogenous Zone: SHOULDERS/ARMS: Highlight this part of the body & dress to full effect. Kiss the neck, shoulders & forearms for easy seduction. Arms can be tied if there’s enough trust! 





Love Clue: Take a risk or two & don’t be afraid to stick your neck out. Speak up! Now is not the time to hide under your shell: embrace love.


Singletons Consider: Water Signs Scorpio & Pisces are great emotionally & physically. Capricorn is seriously sexy & full of good intentions. Get thee to the cinema!


Charm CANCER: Gentle, easy lines work. Give Cancer the option to run for cover now & again. Listen & be kind. Cancer needs to open up & may be slow to trust. Family ties bind, so respect commitments.


CANCER Turn on: Cancer is smouldering sexy, but it’s not immediately obvious. If things gate off to a slow start, panic not, for the best is yet to come! Soothing watery locations & hassle free environments do the trick.


Erogenous Zone: Breast/chest area: Try different techniques & focus on the torso, Cancerians will be eternally grateful. Take it slow, (or not) & you might get away with tweaking & some rough stuff! (ouch!)





Love Clue: Don’t try so hard. Let love come a knockin’ of its own accord. Sit back & smile broadly! Be your good self & the right person will notice.


Singletons Consider: Reunions hold a lot of promise. Cancer & Scorpio have a lot to offer. Taurus looks interested.


Charm LEO: Dress up & turn it on to reel in Leo. You have to be well kitted-out & look a million dollars, even if you don’t have a bean!


LEO Turn on: Leo loves to luxuriate in sumptuous surroundings. Mirrors & the chance to watch catch the Leo imagination. Weekends away & living it up in style satisfies the regal Lion. Leo likes to be showy!


Erogenous Zone: Back & Spine: Massage the pressure points of the spine to spark up the Lion!





Love Clue: Don’t get wound up or stressed about the slightest thing. You’re blocking the love stuff! Relax & party. Be eternally positive & optimistic. Love awaits…


Singletons Consider: Water signs Scorpio & Pisces bring deep love & sexy encounters. Leo is exciting & offers something different: be daring! Stay alert at work!


Charm VIRGO: Virgos like clever, sophisticated people, who are interesting, funny & unusual. Don’t be loud or crude with Virgo. But do remember they hold sensual surprises beneath a cool exterior. Be sure you can handle it!


VIRGO Turn on: Virgos are apparently shy. But in private, they come alive. They are the Zodiac’s best kept secret! Sensual, earthy & up for it, you would be hard pushed to find a better lover. The turn on is YOU! 


Erogenous Zone: STOMACH: Food from the fridge can be served up on this! But if that’s all a bit messy, concentrate your attention on the Virgo stomach with touch & tenderness. Champagne in the belly button works!






Love Clue: Friendships & deep bonds develop your love style. Love reaches new heights & peace reigns supreme. Get past the rough stuff. Party!


Singletons Consider: Fellow Airheads Aquarius & Gemini will always amuse you. Enjoy fun times. Aries is a challenge & very up for it! Get to the gym…


Charm LIBRA: Make sure you’re well groomed & take good care of your appearance. Libra notices the little things. Your clothes, style & colour choices speak volumes. Oh & laugh a lot at Libra’s jokes!  


LIBRA Turn on: Romance, soft lighting & mood music hit the spot for Libra. Flowers, chocolates & all the traditional gestures are expected. Spontaneous gifts & love notes inspire Libra to perform to the max! 


Erogenous Zone: KIDNEYS: Difficult to get this internal with the love stuff. But gently rub the lower back & pay special attention to drinks! This is a sexy part of the back, make the most of corsets & intimate hugs. 





Love Clue: Honesty is the best policy at the moment. Speak what’s on your mind & in your heart. Prepare to kiss goodbye to a load of old nonsense.


Singletons Consider: Water signs Cancer & Pisces understand you & make you feel great. Libra is funny & great company. Outdoorsy pursuits boost love chance.


Charm SCORPIO: Complex Scorpio is tricky! Very obvious, but possibly quite individual, so don’t wade in too quick. Scorpio likes to run the show & control the pace of things: allow this & you’re sorted.


SCORPIO Turn on: Passion has to be intense, or the Scorpion won’t bother. If you’re half hearted, don’t go near this sign, for the sting in the tail aint pretty. Take charge in the bedroom, & act out your fantasies. Any thing goes here!  


Erogenous Zone: The Genitals: Do I really have to spell this out? Fairly obvious really, but spin it out & make it last. Tease & avoid the hot spot for extra powerful lovemaking, finally!





Love Clue: Don’t focus too much on commitment issues. Have fun & keep your sense of humour active! Sit loose to the heavy stuff.


Singletons Consider: Virgo & Capricorn are sensual, earthy possibilities. Pisces is all over the place, but most appealing!


Charm a SAGITTARIAN: Find the Zodiac Archer in the great out doors. Don’t be afraid to make the first move: they like the up-front, in-your-face approach.


SAGITTARIAN Turn on: Sagittarians are adventurous & lots of fun. They like surprises, so use your imagination. Introduce a copy of the Karma Sutra & work your way through the pages over time! Prepare to be wild…


Erogenous Zone: Hips & Thighs: Wrap yourself around the waist area & be generally touchy-feely below the waist!





Love Clue: try not to expect so much & you will get what you wanted all along! Let your loved one be themselves & be more accepting. Ditch expectations.


Singletons Consider: Water signs Cancer & Scorpio get emotionally interesting: can you handle the intensity? Taurus is sensual earthy fun. 


Charm CAPRICORN: Warmth & serenity win the Capricorn heart. They are cautious & can spot insincerity a mile off. So don’t bother unless you mean it. Talk about your ambitions & reveal your game plan. 


CAPRICORN Turn on: Build up the Capricorn’s confidence. Flattery is good, but you have to mean it, or you will repel the Goat! Well-placed compliments & sophisticated romancing gets the Goat. Be stylised & a tad old fashioned for the best results.


Erogenous Zone: KNEES & SKIN: well that covers most things! Get busy, & kiss your loved one all over. Pampering massages & lots of TLC suit sensual Capricorn. Lots of foreplay hits the spot.





Love Clue: Trust your intuition above all else. It will guide your love style & your decisions. You can be the grand seducer/seductress! Choose wisely.  


Singletons Consider: Libra is humorous & lots of fun. Virgo is earthy, sensuous & full of surprises. Sagittarius will keep you on your toes. 


Charm AQUARIUS: This Air signs loves to see your independence & success. Strong opinions & the ability to keep Aquarius guessing are your weapons of massive distraction! It starts in the head, so looks aren’t that important.


AQUARIUS Turn on: Variety is the spice of life for this sign. Captivate the Aquarian mind & the rest will follow. Steer clear of what’s predictable & boring. Equality is important, so swing it both ways for sexy times.


Erogenous Zone: ANKLES & CIRCULATION; no this doesn’t mean get intravenous! Use your mind with Aquarius & the rest will follow. Ankles are made to be tied up, me thinks! 





Love Clue: Learn from past mistakes. Don’t accept the blame for everything, but do be willing to forgive & forget. Move on & be happy!


Singletons Consider: Capricorn is sexy & very with it. You will enjoy the natural authority of the goat. Leo & Gemini provide lively social fun


Charm PISCES: Pictures, photographs, etchings: if you get an invite for coffee, you’re in! Sensual, romantic vibes will ‘hook’ the Zodiac fish. Show emotion in the eyes, for words may not be needed.


PISCES Turn on: Romance, watery backdrops, & emotional warmth seduce Pisces. Take it easy, SLOW, & turn it on by following your intuition. A Polaroid camera should be near by, but look after those intimate shots!    


Erogenous Zone: The FEET: Toe sucking, foot massage & nice shoes will have Pisces eating out of your hand! Play with feet under water & the bathroom becomes the main place of seduction.