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Where are your ‘Out There’ Planets?






Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are the three slow moving outer planets which influence our natal charts and daily lives. Because they take so long to amble through the heavens these are planets which influence generations. Each generation has markedly different placements of these planets. This logically then distinguishes how each decade or so we have such unique changes to our culture.


When one of these three slow movers shifts into a new sign in the Heavens above, we see marked changes in our external environment. Everything from hairstyles to car design to social structures undergo through radical change.


A most significant shift of this nature was when Pluto moved from Libra to Scorpio in 1984 until the end of 1995. Through this whole phase Plutonic activity lead to the development of nuclear weaponry, destruction via landmines, an increase of crimes of sex and violence and huge increase in the development of the porn industry.


Pluto moving through Scorpio brought much of this to light, preparing for the shift of Pluto into Sagittarius during 1996. Did we then see an increase in comedy, philosophical ideas and discussion and increased emphasis on religious issues? Probably we did…


The three outermost planets of the solar system take 84, 65 and 248 years respectively to orbit the Sun. They therefore stay 7, 14 and 28 years in a Zodiac sign (with slight variations whilst retrograde).


Find out where these three planets were at the time of your birth and what their placements mean for you…








URANUS is the planet of personal transformation.  Inspirational for the individual, this Ruling Planet also blesses generations.  Uranus challenges the Status Quo, and constitutes a challenging, difficult energy.  Independent and radical, this planet moves slowly heralding profound drawn out change…


To be born under Uranus (which Aquarians are) is an honour indeed, which needs to be treated with healthy respect.  This planet inspires altruism. But also signifies self-importance and eccentricity. Uranus allows for detachment, as well as the ability to be all things to all people.  This mode of being is a law unto itself.  In true maverick style Aquarius knows best.  A perverted rebellious streak gives Uranus the edge.


Uranus returns to each sign once every 84 years and remains in the same sign for usually seven years….its influence is general.


But this sign certainly dictates your urge for freedom and the way your individuality is expressed.


SO, where was URANUS at the time of your birth?







Uranus in ARIES: Dynamism, assertiveness, self absorption, fires.


(Uranus has been in Aries for only 9 years since the 1800’s from April 1927 to March 1935. It returns to Aries March 2011)


Your spirit of adventure is pronounced and you seek freedom at any price. In the extreme this urge for freedom can cause alienation, estrangement and frequent departures from what has gone before. You are blunt and outspoken. Watch that fiery temper! You would do well to develop more empathy and understanding



Uranus in TAURUS: Strength, dictatorship, structural damage.


(June to October 1934 and April 1935 to May 1942. Uranus returns to Taurus in March 2018)


Often with this placing you are looking for new and practical ideas re money and material gain. You love to change the old way of doing things at every given opportunity. You have great determination and courage. Full of purpose you always get things done. Watch that stubborn streak though; it can definitely hold you back. Practice free expression!



Uranus in GEMINI: Intellect, versatility, educational changes


(May 1942 to June 1949)


You are a genius and intuitively brilliant! You have the ability to pioneer new concepts in the work place, and have great passion for what grabs your interest. BUT you can be deeply restless and often loose patience with your best ideas far too quickly. More self discipline will enable you to bring things to fruition. Self belief is everything





Uranus in CANCER: Detached emotions, unique family heritage


(June 1949 to August 1955 and February to June 1956)


You really need freedom of emotional expression and simply hate to be stifled. Authority figures make you baulk. As your tastes develop you love unusual décor and surroundings. You are quite the eccentric. You are highly likely to be psychic and need to stay grounded. There is a risk of instability at times. You need to be nurtured and understood.



Uranus in LEO: Great achievements, royal births, egomania


(June 1956 to August 1962)


Your need for independence means that in love and romance you like to lead the way. . You are a born leader who needs to dictate how things are gonna be. You are artistic with certain standards and you redefine set standards asap. Watch out for egotism with this placement. Your chance to make the best impact comes when you consider others. Become altruistic!



Uranus in VIRGO: Neurotic behaviour, Health Changes, Mental restlessness


(August 1962 to September 1968)


You have original and unique ideas regarding health and well being. You are very innovative with science and technology also. Meticulous intellectual research comes naturally and you get to the bottom of whatever you undertake to understand. You may feel your have health niggles; but these inspire you to get busy. You always find solutions 



Uranus in LIBRA: Unique talent, coldness, superficiality


(October 1968 to November 1974 and May to September 1975)


Ironically you find your independence through relationships and partnerships. You set yourself up for stress and disharmony if you hook up with someone too demanding. Choose partners carefully. You have an unusual legal brain and often find ways to reform rules and structures in your environment. You are unconventional, inspirational and probably musical!



Uranus in SCORPIO: Sexual deviations, emotional coldness, cruelty


(September 1975 to November 1981 and October 1974 and April 1975)


You find that independence comes through radical and inspirational change. Bound to be over emotional with this placement; you also have unique psychic insights and pick up far more than is humanly useful! Your sensitivity is certainly heightened and you need to find ways to protect yourself. Watch that temper. Sometimes you insist on change in dictatorial fashion…  





Uranus in SAGITTARIUIS: Exploration, unique records, new discoveries


(1904 and November 1981 to November 1988)


You have very unique individualistic ideas about religion, philosophy, spirituality and education. You are eccentric and have a bizarre way of coming up with pertinent perspectives. No doubt you are interested in anything hidden and mysterious. But be careful in your exploration of things which may be more powerful than you! Beware natural forces!



Uranus in CAPRICORN: Ruthless power, insensitivity, new regulations


(1905 to 1911 and December 1988 and January 1996)


This generation brings about powerful changes in government and business power structures. You know how to keep the best of the old traditions, whilst making radical plans for significant grass roots reform. Doubtless your ambitions are strong. Your desire to succeed is formidable and you have ways of making people walk and talk. Be kind!





Uranus in AQUARIUS: Inventions, rebellion, advanced space travel


(February 1912 to March 1919 and January 1996 to March 2003)


Old outmoded ideas don’t cut the mustard for you. You have to have the freedom to make your own decisions. No one is going to tell you what to do anytime soon. You use intuition more than logic; but you get some serious results by trusting your visions. You set the trends and the rest of us follow. You are no sheep that is for sure  



Uranus in PISCES: Unique talent, emotionally chaos, tidal waves    


(April 1919 to March 1927 and March 2003 to 2011)


You seek to bring about change and assert your independence with the use of your heightened intuition. You dig deep and have a good understanding of the universal unconscious as well as formidable self awareness. You can be idealistic though and expect the best of people. You get disappointed; but not much perturbs you








PLUTO highlights personal obstacles and our ability to overcome them.  This planet has a strong influence on our hidden secrets.  Life’s mystery and dark side loves Pluto energy. Its terrain is the skeleton in the closet, and the subterranean depths of the unconscious.


Pluto is the ancient god of the Underworld.  This energy dances in the shadows, and is not afraid to stare death in the face.  An intrepid fearlessness attaches to this Planet’s vibration.  Pluto is resilient, determined and will not take defeat lying down. Therefore, Pluto inspires transformation.  But Pluto can be dark, dangerous and cruel.  When off balance resist and avoid this energy at all costs…         


Pluto entered Sagittarius in late 1995 and this significant shift brought about significant pressure for all of us, depending on what issue it hit.   





SO, where was PLUTO at the time of your birth?

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Pluto in ARIES: Sudden eruptions, nuclear wars


This is a reforming placement; but without the staying power to complete the good ideas. This transit begins in 2082 and ends in 2101. Maybe Aries pioneers in the future will be exploring the outer reaches of the Universe and finding everything we never could!



Pluto in TAURUS: Dedication, underground activity


A resistance to initial changes but then acceptance and long term results once the new regime in place. The long haul produces major change. Pluto moves into Taurus in 2101 and stays there for 31 years!



Pluto in GEMINI: Advanced changes in communications, verbosity


Regeneration manifests through the dissemination of ideas and good communication. Pluto moves into Gemini in 2132 for 30 years. It is perhaps hard to imagine but there will be new forms of communication and new ways to distribute information developed under this influence.




Pluto in CANCER: Family traumas, obsessions, ultra sensitivity


(July 1913 to June 1939 for the first time since the 1600’s)  


Regeneration of society will come through the deep emotional involvement in the home and homeland. Pluto in this position will domesticate new worlds, new environments and new emotional attachments.



Pluto in LEO: Changes in power and authority

(1939 and 1956 and January to August 1957 for the first time since the 1700’s)


Regeneration manifests dramatically through power struggles internationally. Potentially a dangerous time! The last time Pluto was in Leo saw the power struggles which led to the Second World War. Hopefully the proceeding reign of Pluto in Cancer establishes a peace which cannot be threatened by such shenanigans



Pluto in VIRGO: Minor obsessions, earthquakes, ingenuity


(October 1956 to October 1971 and April to July 1972 for the first time since 1720)


Purging of society and life occurs through the analysis of what is or is not essential. This is a practical time. Under the last reign of Pluto in Virgo great advances were made in surgery and medicine. Perhaps by this time science will have the capacity to defrost all those frozen cryogenically.



Pluto in LIBRA: Transforming legal change, intense charm


(October 1971 to Nov 1983 and May to August 1984 for the first time since 1735)


Regeneration of society comes through revamped partnerships, relationships and marriages. By the time this reign occurs it will be interesting to see if it will see a return to the traditional values we just about still hold dear. Or will there be harems and multi dimensional marriages galore? Mm….



Pluto in SCORPIO: Sexually transmitted diseases, alternative therapies

(November 1983 to January 1995 and April to November 1995 for the first time since before the Revolution in Europe)


This is the eleventh hour placement of Pluto in Scorpio, which last occurred from 1983 to 1995. This is the time when Global Warming became established in our hearts and minds as a serious issue. AIDS surfaced as a serious threat and alternative medicine developed its influence significantly. Will we all still be here by the time Pluto hits Scorpio again?




Pluto in SAGITTARIUS: Prophetic powers, extrasensory perception, extensive travel


(November 1995 to February 2008 and June to November 2008 for the first time since the American Revolution)


In this sign Pluto leads to the success or failure of the transformation which has gone before. Perhaps by this time we will all be more enlightened spiritually and bound by our beliefs and common humanity. Preoccupation with materialism, profit, and loss do not work. It is make or break time. 



Pluto in CAPRICORN: Return to law and justice, earthly restrictions


(January 25th 2008 to June 14th 2008 and November 26th 2008 to January 21st 2024 for the first time since 1762 to 1778 during the American Revolution)


This is a practical time where the debris and loose ends of the Pluto in Sagittarius reign get tied up and sorted. The Aquarian age gets reconstructed and new rules are put in place. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn the French Revolution brought serious reform and change across Europe and the United States was founded.



Pluto in AQUARIUS: Development of the new world, uniqueness, spiritual science


In 2041 a New Order will be established and structures in place which will benefit from Aquarian altruistic reforms. A more altruistic phase begins…



Pluto in PISCES: Self destruction, enlightenment, strengthening of the emotions


This regime next begins in 2061, more than 50 years from now. By this time we should have a much deeper understanding of who we are and what our priorities should be. Here’s hoping….why cant we get there sooner?! 
















NEPTUNE ruler of the oceans has energy enough to transform the masses.  The processes inspired by Neptune are laborious but profound.  Ideologies, beliefs and social norms come under the jurisdiction of Neptune.  But commendable spiritual tendencies may become off-the-wall fanaticism. The down side of Neptune involves escapism, indecisiveness, and elaboration of the truth. 


Neptune off balance muddles the vision.  So discernment is important.  Those ruled by Neptune should guard against self-deception.  For wild fantasy and wish fulfilment tendencies need to be monitored. 


With Neptune in the frame, dreams and visions are loaded with significance.  This depth, wisdom and imagination may be expressed as a great gift…        


Neptune spends twice as long in a sign as Uranus….usually about 14 years. This is most definitely a generational planet. But it has an important influence in your natal chart depending on which ‘House’ it resides in.


Neptune links to your spiritual and intuitive talents…






SO, where was NEPTUNE at the time of your birth?






Neptune in ARIES: Dissolution of leadership, spiritual evolution



This placing fires your imagination big time. It also allows you to act on your psychic impulses with the full force of trust and faith. Ego needs to be watched for this can be a dangerous combination when off balance. Powerful indeed…



Neptune in TAURUS: Financial losses, gothic architecture,


(Next in 2052!)


Imagination and spiritual energies are channeled into concrete practical expression. This is a handy grounded placing. The danger lies in your tendency to put too much emphasis on material well being. The illusory seduction can be that you are too rooted in reality! Work that one out…



Neptune in GEMINI: Instability, openness to spiritual awareness


Your heightened intuition bridges the gap. A great combination where left and right brain function tend to be well balanced. Imagination and spiritual issues are channeled through logic and reasoning. You are formidable and must guard against burn out and thinking you can conquer everyone and every thing… 





Neptune in CANCER: Psychic development, oceanic changes


(July 1901 to July 1915 for the first time since before the American Revolution)


This placement ensures heightened psychic ability. But also makes you quite impressionable if you are not aware of your own ability. There is a need for grounding; and an acute need to be aware of the difference between reality and illusion



Neptune in LEO: Theatrical talent, dissolution of royalty


(July 1915 to July 1929 for the first time since the American Revolution)


This is a bold, creative and imaginative placing. You are bound to be extremely expressive and imaginative. Watch that your ego does not alienate people or hold you back. Yes you can conquer the world; but do not advertise the fact…



Neptune in VIRGO: Floods, mental instability, agricultural booms


(August 1929 to September 1942 and April to July 1943)


You are cute and know how to handle your productive imagination and spirituality. You carefully analyze and understand what is what. Just do not over analyze as you need to trust a greater freedom of expression. You can not always fit your spirituality into a box.



Neptune in LIBRA: Flower power, hallucinations, peace, beauty


(October 1942 to October 1956 for the first time in 200 years)


You use beauty and harmony to express your spirituality and your essence. Watch for misplaced idealism and do not assume you can save the world. You perhaps can; but would do well to be practical and channel your good energies wisely.






Neptune in SCORPIO: Lack of control, addictions, healing power


(October 1956 to November 1970 and previously in 1806)


Your great imagination serves you well and allows you to understand deep spiritual matters if you are so inclined.  Watch for the temptation or pull of drug and substance abuse. You may be prone to sex issues. Just keep your deep dark side in check and talk things through when needs be



Neptune in SAGITTARIUS: Restlessness, visions, religious fervor


(November 1971 to January 1984 and June to November 1984 for the first time since 1820)


You may not yet appreciate the psychic ability you have and you would probably want to try to understand it intellectually first before using it. Um it doesn’t work like that…USE it. You really need creative freedom and self expression is your most valued asset. In the exploration of all things spiritual you may be drawn into the cult/guru thing; be careful



Neptune in CAPRICORN: Dissolution of laws, clouded principles


(January 1984 to January 1998 and August to November 1998 for the first time since the Civil War)


You have a practical side which allows your spiritual ideas and impulses to be expressed sensibly. Watch that the voice of reason does not completely stifle your imagination and psychic impulses. You always double check your messages and tend to doubt things unless they are staring you in the face



Neptune in AQUARIUS: Intellectual depreciation, great visionaries


(February 1998 to February 2012 for the first time since the Civil War)


Great spiritual changes and developments are linked to this placing. You have the capacity to be quite the innovator. Not much passes you by and you have a unique perception which can really help others. You may not appreciate that your talents can be grounded to help you in practical ways.    



Neptune in PISCES: Compassion, surrealism, spiritual awareness




You have a vivid imagination and might as well see where it can take you. But you need to stay grounded and not get lost in a world of illusion. Learn how to balance your psychic insights with practical application. You can help many with your messages but need to test that you are getting it right before you can be fully confident!