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Discover your Indian Love sign and rev up your love life with ancient insights from Asia.


No, the symbols and esoteric tools of another culture do not invalidate our own Western Astrology. But these different insights from the Indian Tradition reflect the diversity of our universe as well as an esoteric truth. Vedic Astrology serves up food for thought and an unusual way of looking at life, love and what makes us tick.


Vedic Astrology provides a psychic map enabling the seeker to gain deeper understanding of personality, relationships and the love stuff too. This system uses 27 Moon Signs, unlike our western Astrology, which of course uses 12 Sun Signs. 


The 27 Moon signs, called NAKSHRATRAS, are symbolized by different animals, which may be male or female. This approach offers a useful tool to help us discern who we are well matched with, and who we should perhaps give a wide berth to


If you are born on the cusp of a Moon Cycle read both creatures either side of your date and see which you feel rings most true for you. You may indeed have elements of both power animals in your persona.  


So, check your date and month of birth below to find your Vedic power animal.





ASHWINI + The Male Horse   


13th April – 27th April


Vedic You: You are always up-for-it and need your adventurous, independent spirit permanently stimulated. Yes, you can be quite exhausting! But you’re never dull. Sometimes you come unstuck in the pursuit of perfection. Though, generally your intuitions are spot-on. It’s when your heart is fully engaged and distracted that you don’t always make the best judgement-calls. Always on the look out for the next thrill, you move through people, circumstances and options quickly. But you are not afraid to commit when it makes sense. Just watch out for that grass in greener syndrome when the terrain gets tough. You don’t want to baulk at the first fence now do you?


Love Style: You’re a passionate thoroughbred that won’t be tamed; not inside, nor outside the bedroom. Lovers have to run to keep up with you, and you’re always several leaps ahead of the pack. Normal you ain’t! You are curious and experimental. But somewhat idealistic about the love stuff, so you understandably get very hurt when someone disappoints you. Watch those expectations though, and try to cool the emotional responses once in a while.  


Best Match: Bharani’s sensuous style gets a grip of you in no time at all. Bharani and Ashwini are also highly compatible over time. There is no fear of commitment as the natural ease between you disperses potential jitters. Bharani can deal with Ashwini’s fear of rejection and occasional insecurities.


Steer Clear: Hastas are over bearing and horribly practical. Ashwini feels stifled and there is a potential battle over keeping the sex life scintillating. Ashwini needs adventure and excitement. Hasta isn’t that bothered! 





BHARANI + The Male Elephant


27th April – 11th May


Vedic You: You are a well-balanced creature. In touch with your feminine side, you are nurturing and kind. But you are also strong and resilient when up against it. Your independent streak is phenomenal, and you can even be a tad pushy or aggressive when you are focusing on a result. Your self-sufficiency makes you very competitive professionally, and you have great levels of stamina. You’re certainly not one to crumple when the going gets tough. Thankfully your softer side redeems you time and time again. You are not unavailable emotionally; nor are you stilted in your responses. Open, and empathetic to others; you are also quite happy in your own company.


Love Style: You’re a skilled lover who is charming and attractive. Well-able to turn it on at the drop of a hat, you like the thrill of chasing after your prey. The love stuff absorbs you fully and you are relentless until you land the object of your desire. Very like the Western Taurus Bull, you respond to a sensuous atmosphere, good food and fine wine. Sex is important to you, but you don’t forget that romance must come first! A full-on loaded situation turns you on; once committed though you are inclined to be lazy.  


Best Match: Ashwini returns the favor offering you excitement and stimulation. Life is never dull. You can expect to be treasured, nurtured and protected; though this must be an equal bond for the best level of fulfillment to be achieved. Revati matches you in the bedroom and lights the eternal flame. 


Steer Clear: Chitra brings out the worst in you. You are likely to get mighty wound up in the company of Chitra. Jealousy, obsessiveness and possessiveness all come out to play. Best stay away! 





KRITTIKA + The Female Sheep


11th May – 25th May


Vedic You: Warm, witty and responsive, you are well-able to be all things to all people. Within a family context, you are loyal, supportive and loving. Your friends get the full treatment and you never forget birthdays or what’s meant to happen next. Yes, you can be quite organized on everyone else’s behalf; just don’t neglect your own wants and needs. You love without expectation, so your time, money and energy is freely given; one big reason why you are so loved! When you first meet new faces your timid side comes to the fore. But you can be quite fiery and dynamic when your mind gets going on a topic. Matter-of-fact and undemanding, you are not generally the jealous type.    


Love Style: Your sexual responses are intense, though you are not often the one to make the first move. Highly sexed as you are, you do not generally instigate the deed. Passive and mellow in your approach, there is not a hint of desperation about you. This sparks up your mystery and allure, and you rarely have to do much more than smile to attract the right kind of lover. Your great belief in Destiny reassures you through the lean patches and you are always assured of action at the perfect time. Once committed; you’re sorted! 


Best Match: Jyeshtas is inspirational and brings out your best qualities. Kind, fun and nurturing of your heart and soul; here you will find true understanding. You will both fulfill each others wishes and desires; why look elsewhere? But, Pushya is also great for sexual shenanigans and longevity.    


Steer Clear: Shravana and Purva Ashadha leave you mighty confused. The mischief of this type unsettles you and would be no peace of mind in such a union. Uttara Ashadha is as bossy as you are, so there would be an ongoing battle of wills; don’t bother!





ROHINI + The Male Serpent


25th May – 8th June


Vedic You: You’re a romantic spirit; quite Byronic and ethereal actually. Often troubled by intense torment, your chaotic emotions and ruminations leave you in a spin. Not the most decisive creature on the planet, you deal with tricky situations by becoming detached and distant. Frequently to be found in a public place with a huddle of people hanging on your every word, you are charismatic, enigmatic and popular. But, you are a changeable character, and there is no knowing what mood might descend within a minute. You are a compelling challenge indeed for those who find you attractive; and you are loving and romantic when you warm up.  


Love Style: Getting close to you can be heavy-weather. I’m sure you have driven many unrequited passions nuts in your time. You actually have very high standards when it comes to love and you do not mess around with your heart. Material well-being is important to your laissez-faire; so a mate with refined sensibilities and preferably lots of money suits well. When you have spotted your ideal lover, you won’t relent until you have wooed them heart and soul. Watch jealousies though; don’t blow it.


Best Match: Anuradha is your ideal lover, though you may never set foot out of the bedroom once you get started. You are mutually besotted and bring out the best in each other; Ah! Get past the first row though. It could be devastating. But pass this test and you’re together forever. Anuradha is a successful genius; good choice


Steer Clear: Magha and Mula are insensitive and don’t appreciate your refined sensibilities. When you’re not treasured, you get insecure. Plus, you find it impossible to forgive gross negligence and selfishness; oops!





MRIGASIRA + The Female Serpent


8th June – 21st June


Vedic You: You are a restless, refined spirit with spiritual awareness and an artistic temperament. Charismatic, witty and entertaining too, you are never short of an audience. In fact, you have quite an army of fans who respect you to the max. You are also very good at manipulating others for your own ends. But it’s always done with the utmost cool and no one’s complaining. Your high intelligence means that you get bored easily, and you’re always looking for the next pet project or soul to way-lay. You are inclined to question your circumstances too much. Do try to calm down and enjoy your surroundings a bit more; instead of always wondering what to buy or decorate next.  


Love Style: You tend to be quite analytical with your love style, so you need a mate who can tolerate your endless ramblings. Intelligent as you are, your love life often gets the third degree. It doesn’t mean you’re not having fun, but perhaps it does mean you could be having more (of everything!). Try not to criticize your lover or yourself too much. Unwind and enjoy sensual moments and don’t bother with so much speculation; well not in the bedroom anyhow. Read each other War and Peace in the Living Room instead.     


Best Match: Ardra excites you and hits the spot on every level. This is a fulfilling union to match the best of ‘em. Between you, you sort the world out. Ardra is an equal in body, mind, and spirit. You talk for hours and share the same sense of humour. Hasta opens up to you. But you may get a little bit bored in the long run.


Steer Clear: Dhanishta is not on your wave length. You do not feel understood or heard and this is a completely frustrating mismatch in the long term. The fights could even get out of hand, so don’t get waylaid if you can help it by Dhanishta! 





ARDRA + The Female Dog


21st June – 5th July


Vedic You: You are very good at spotting the people who will be helpful to you. Understandably you foster friendships which will take you places. This is your great strength; but sometimes your main weakness too. Your desire to get ahead makes you of course very ambitious. But problems arise when you think too much about the next phase when you should instead be concentrating on a finer feeling. Don’t overlook your emotional and sexual needs at the expense of status. It’s not worth it. Your inner-self and inner-child need nurturing. Is it time to concentrate on some good clean fun? Don’t sacrifice the real you. The impact you make in the big wide world is only part of the story


Love Style: You have a great need of appreciation, and often lap up the attention of many lovers before you meet your match. If you’re lucky enough to have found your Soul Mate early on; you will have found someone who reaches you deep inside; who recognizes when you’re vulnerable and who understands your hidden emotions. You do tend to suppress a great deal. But your true love will lure you out to play and you are bound to feel well-loved and comfortable in their company. Wait for the right one.     


Best Match: Mrigasira is good news for you. This is a mutually exclusive and fulfilling union. You keep Mrigasira amused with your wit and intelligence; and they return the favour by teaching you how to open up to love and life. You balance-out each other’s weak spots and develop each other’s good points.


Steer Clear: Jyeshta is dominant and will run rings around you. Can you handle it? It’s okay if you are in lazy groove. But it’s not a marvellous idea in the long run. Ashlesha is an ego on the loose when you’re around and way too selfish for you.





PUNARVASU + The Female Cat


5th July – 19th July


Vedic You: You are a sensitive, nurturing creature, who gives a lot of love to life’s waifs and strays. Always ready with sound advice and endless cups of tea, you are a great friend indeed. You’re likely to be the office shoulder-to-cry-on too. Your strong instincts give you the edge, and your intuition is formidable. It’s a rare day when you’re wrong about something; it just doesn’t happen. But in the midst of this great strength lurks your Achilles Heel. Do be careful of burn-out and don’t allow people to pull at you in an abusive or disadvantageous way. It’s okay to save up favours, and you’re never short of company. BUT, you do need more privacy and better ways to preserve your energies.  


Love Style: You are inclined to feel lonely in a crowd. You spend so much time tending to everyone else that they often assume you’re completely resilient and overlook your needs. Your Soul Mate knows different. Only your true love sees your vulnerable, needy side. Lucky them! Independent and self-sufficient as you are; you do not like to be restricted or possessed. Mates have to understand you attract a lot of interest, so mustn’t feel threatened by stiff competition. You’re quite a flirt; but you do remain faithful when spoken for.     


Best Match: Ashlesha is a sexual dynamo who compliments you well. But there may be a quick burnout with this union if you can’t keep up with Ashlesha’s demands. Bharani is a great teacher; mature, sensual, committed and loving. But not in the least bit dull. Also Pushya is supportive and loyal, providing great stability and surety.


Steer Clear: Jyeshta is compelling and charismatic. But will drive you to distraction and wind you up with game playing and general unavailability. Great if you like the emotional roller coaster. Not great for a peaceful life though. 





PUSHYA + The Ram


19th July – 2nd August


Vedic You: You are a walking dictionary with very high standards. Responsible and caring, you do not like to see your loved ones go without. Often times you will overlook your own needs to make sure others are comfortable. Even from a young age, you are a natural parent waiting to happen. Likely to have had a correct, proper upbringing, you have a well developed sense of right and wrong. Your home environment primed you for life in many good ways. But, sometimes you find it difficult to find the humour in life. It’s a serious business as far as you’re concerned. Though you would perhaps benefit from a smidge more levity; for the sake of self preservation, if nothing else.  


Love Style: Interestingly sex is your saving grace. You are lighthearted, playful and adventurous in your established relationship. But, even though you enjoy frivolous encounters, you won’t do much about it if it’s not right. You tend to save your best self for your Soul Mate only. You are perfectionist when looking for love, so you may get hurt along the way, when others do not return your enthusiasm. Hold back a bit when making the first tentative moves; then swing into action when you know what’s what!   


Best Match: Ahswini is your ideal love. But this may be a tale of unrequited love if you’re not careful. It can really work if you stay cool and let things unfold slowly. You are likely to put Ashwini on a pedestal; which is okay as Ashwini loves to be adored. Ashlesha stirs your soul deeply. This is a sensual, lasting bond. 


Steer Clear: Dhanishta is a dominant creature and you react badly, even violently when you’re dictated to. This won’t work unless you can understand Dhanishta’s need for freedom and somewhat hypocritical nature.





ASHLESHA  + The Male Cat


2nd August – 16th August


Vedic You: You are a dominant, proud creature, who loves an audience. Like the Western Zodiac pussycat Leo, you respond well to life in the spotlight. Fiercely independent, you do not like your style to be cramped personally or professionally. You are strong, clever and competitive, but you also have a restless streak and hate to be dictated to. Not great at taking orders, your restlessness often gets the better of you. In relationships, you baulk if things get heavy. Anything for an easy life! You do have a lazy streak, and like to keep things as straightforward as possible. Simplicity really appeals to you, though you love luxurious surroundings and sumptuous food. Fair enough! 


Love Style: Your analytical mind makes you indecisive and that restless streak does not always help either. You find it difficult to make lasting connections and can get quite jaded and cynical about love. But your heart is strong and you’re always up for a fresh attempt. Modify your expectations and try not to be so demanding of your lover. Then happiness is but a breath a way, and probably much closer than you think. Love does not equal imprisonment, so give it half a chance by relaxing into the connections you make.   


Best Match: Pushya is up-for-it, sexy and alluring. This intense creature pushes all the right buttons and leaves you panting for more. Pushya is warm, witty and lots of fun. There is never a dull moment. Ashlesha creates a deep bond with you, once you get past the initial game playing. It’s a lasting union.


Steer Clear: Magha stirs your hormones intensely, yet is too aloof in other ways. Insecurities re) how much you are needed will haunt this union. Mostly you just feel rejected and out-in-the-cold. What’s the point? 





MAGHA + The Male Rat


16th August – 30th August


Vedic You: You are a powerhouse of energy and knowledge. A born leader, everyone loves you. For you retain natural humility and genuine spirit in all situations. Fair and kind, no one gets overlooked when you’re around. You are compelling, interesting and it’s hard to match your intelligence. Life is for living as far as you’re concerned; and you certainly live it to the MAX. Because you make such a great effort with everything you attempt, you get very frustrated when your labours of love go unnoticed. It’s not that you do things for a return. But you do need to be affirmed and appreciated, even as you conquer the world. Your talents are diverse and you can turn your hand to most things.


Love Style: Your deep-seated urge is to make that special connection with your Soul Mate. Only the best will do. No, you’re not overly perfectionist, but you do need to find the magical ingredients of high-octane chemistry matched with a commitment that will run and run; or else you feel short changed. Not too much to ask for! You enjoy sex and passionate links stir your heart and soul into action in all areas of life. Your burning desire is to feel special, nurtured and desired. Good luck; it’s out there somewhere. 


Best Match: Jyeshta makes you feel whole and completely fulfilled. There are no questions asked. This union is a prime example of unconditional love. Jyesthta knows how to charm you into submission, and leave you hungry for more. Sexually and emotionally this match hits the spot. 


Steer Clear: Shravanas are complex creatures and love doesn’t come easy between the two of you. Shravanas take a while to warm up and are perhaps too introverted for your tastes. Go right ahead if you like a challenge!







30th August – 13th September


Vedic You: You are a gracious, grounded creature; vivacious and fun to be around. Family and friends are of supreme importance and you generally bend over backwards to please them. But you do have a cut-off point, which is invariably brutal. Your boundaries are well in place, so if the support, camaraderie and love are not equally returned, you can be quite the Drama Queen! Creative and lively, you get hurt when those you love do not match your enthusiasm, and you DO hate to be neglected or overlooked. Although you are not an insecure character, you really can’t be bothered with too much time on your own. You are comfortable with YOU; but life is too short for too much alone-ness. 


Love Style: The family unit is a crucial cornerstone for you. Although you love sex, you find fulfillment within the confines of family life. Commitment is not an eternal imprisonment as far as you’re concerned. You are mature enough to express your needs within a life-long partnership. But you do make sure that there’s lots of action and fun between the sheets! Lucky in love as you are, you always hit the jack pot in your relationships. You are great at keeping things light, bright and well-on-track.


Best Match: Magha is passionate and powerful. More than enough to turn you on when required. You love the intensity and natural authority of Magha. They can order you about and you won’t even notice (too much). Magha offers emotional security and comfort as well as a happy family life.


Steer Clear: Dhanishta is hard work. This heavy, loaded creature will put you through the emotional ringer if you allow. It is not easy to share Dhanishta with others. So, this can be a potentially destructive union. Steer clear or learn to back-off.







13th September – 26th September


Vedic You: You are a solid, warm, responsive creature. Always on the go, you have oodles of energy and mountains of stamina. Sometimes though, you get over-preoccupied by what’s going to happen tomorrow. This invariably detracts from what you should really be dealing with. Try not to get so distracted and focus more on the present. You are grounded enough, and it’s probably a reflection of your busy ways that you need to think ahead so much. But you do often feel restricted by circumstances and hate to be in situations you can’t control. Unplanned events unsettle you; you need to know what’s coming next. Routine is crucial to your equilibrium as is excitement on your own terms.


Love Style: Like the proverbial old Bull, you are a bit full of it! You have a powerful sex drive along with a predictable tendency to think the grass is greener. You desperately need the security of a relationship. But you do get lazy with your responses when settled. You definitely DON’T loose interest; but you do become a bit difficult to reach and can’t always be bothered to get busy. The thrill of the chase excites you though, and you like to reel in prospective conquests even if you’re spoken for. You won’t do anything about it though!


Best Match: Purva Phalguni is a Soul Mate. This creature touches you as no other can and reaches every fibre of your being. Practically it all makes sense too. You make a good team from day to day. Anuradha will bend over backwards to please you. But perhaps this is a tad unequal. Love is reliable and consistent though.  


Steer Clear: Shatabhishak is a defensive creature who is difficult to relate to. The barriers come up very quickly. It is as if, they don’t want to be known at all. If you are determined, you may penetrate their heart; eventually. 





HASTA + The Female Buffalo


26th September – 10th October


Vedic You: When everything is running smoothly, you are charming, generous and nicely confident. You have many friends and people generally respond well to you. But, you can be quite unapproachable and preoccupied when things aren’t going your way. Fair enough! But you should find that distracting yourself by considering how others need your help works much better than a whole load of unnecessary angst. Clever as you are, your Achilles Heel is this occasional introspection and vulnerability. You do become quite out-of-sorts and unsettled when things are challenging. More faith and trust in the support of unseen forces would serve you well indeed. You’re great at self promotion!     


Love Style: Powerful and earthy, your sex drive is dependent on how appreciated you feel. You are reticent and shy until you know you’re onto a winner. But, underneath that homely exterior is a rampant creature desperate to get-it-on. Relationships make you uneasy. Your fear is that love won’t be reciprocated. You monitor your lover’s responses for quite a time before you feel settled enough to let rip. More faith in YOU would really help your sex life. You have a lot to offer; there is no need to watch things so closely.


Best Match: Mrigasira is a vibrant creature who nurtures you and teaches so much about unconditional love and self-acceptance. This is an equal match, and your self-esteem is never better than when you are in Mrigasira’s company. Mrigasira acts like a charm on your life, bringing abundance and luck   


Steer Clear: Ashwini is a nit-picker when you’re in the room. The incessant fault-finding is sure to wear a bit thin. If you want to make a go of it, you will have to learn decorum and detachment. Even so, it’s a sweat and hardly worth it!





CHITRA + The Female Tiger


10th October – 23rd October


Vedic You: You are a hectic, intense creature, always on the look-out for a party. Your life is full of mad, frantic activity and you have many interesting contacts stored on your SIM card. You get bored quickly and need to be constantly stimulated; spare a thought for those who need to breathe-easy now and again. You are exhausting company and difficult to keep up with. Easily distracted, commitment is not your favourite word. You take along time to settle down and prospective partners have to honour your independent spirit, or things won’t last long. Your intuition is jumping and your creativity is your best friend. You rarely spend time on something that is not highly beneficial to you.


Love Style: It is a rare creature who can pin you down long-term. Your Soul Mate has to be formidable indeed to grab and keep your interest. You are not intrinsically afraid of commitment; it’s just that it takes you quite a time to meet your match. In theory you are faithful and true. But the reality is in the wrong relationship, you are easily distracted. More often than not, you hook up with fellow free spirits, who are just as restless as you are. It doesn’t make for peaceful Holy Matrimony; but the excitement quotient is HIGH!   


Best Match: Hastas is inspirational, cultured and refined. This is a classy, spirited creature who will keep you on your toes for as long as you like. Hastas is warm, earthy and generous. You will want for nothing. Hastas is attentive, creative, and more often than not loaded. Where can you go wrong?


Steer Clear: Uttara Bhadra is not the most spontaneous creature in your company. You certainly rub each other up the wrong way. But, you can improve things by not retaliating to their incessant teasing and bullying. Why bother?





SWATI + The Male Buffalo


23rd October – 6th November


Vedic You: You are an inspirational character, who thrives on knowing everybody’s business. A natural politician, you are diplomatic and kind. Your concern for the greater good always wins-out as you have a way with words and leadership qualities that work in most situations. Your positive outlook inspires people, for you are a comforting presence with natural charisma and a soothing, earthy quality. Quite happy to step back, you have in-built humility and don’t need to take the credit for your efforts. Your altruistic sensibilities are well-developed and you are a wonderful family member. Are you human? Fair play; but don’t always gloss over your needs for the sake of others; right?


Love Style: You have the love style of a hunter and pursue your love interests relentlessly. Often your sex life gets put on hold, as you always have a lot to be getting on with. Once you get the chance though, you’re up there with the best of ‘em. Sensual and earthy; you are a great lover. There are no complaints or mumbles from the bedroom in your house! When on the prowl, you are dynamic, even aggressive. Plus, you are inclined to be possessive, needing the assurance of your lover’s fidelity incessantly at the start.    


Best Match: Bharani has a hypnotic effect on you. Passionate and intense, there is no room for boredom. This is a great sexual match with lots of experimentation to keep it interesting. Your earthiness compliments Bharani’s general pazzazz and zest for life. An empowering inspired union.  


Steer Clear: Revati puts you on a pedestal which brings out the worst in you. Not normally bullish or abusive, you don’t like anything too easy, so you rebel. This just doesn’t work very well. You don’t live up to their expectations!





VISHAKHA + The Male Tiger


6th November – 19th November


Vedic You: You are an intense over-bearing character who makes heavy-weather of most things. It’s okay though, you get away with it, for you are usually likeable and productive. Constantly busy though, even your relationships have to run-to-schedule. This is where you should perhaps lighten up, as people often do get oppressed by you over-time. The upside is that you offer a stable and reliable presence. You are not particularly demanding, as you don’t dictate to others. But you do set yourself high standards, and those who don’t like it, can go elsewhere as far as you’re concerned. You are dogmatic and you take things a little bit too seriously. Slow down and don’t criticize!   


Love Style: You are an arduous love challenge who sees a relationship through to the bitter end. You just don’t know when to let go. Identify when something’s not working and move on. There are no mistakes! Your Soul Mate is a tolerant being, with a broad grin and wicked sense of humour. They need both qualities; the one to melt your heart and the other to drag you out of the doldrums. Change unsettles you, which is why you hang on. But, your desire for fulfillment is strong and your sex drive is a slow burner.


Best Match: Chitra is a sexy creature who will keep that wily smile fixed firmly upon your face. Passionate and exciting too, there is a soothing quality about Chitra which suits you down to the ground. Chitra calms your soul and revs up the hormones; a potent mixture which paves the way for lasting love.  


Steer Clear: Revati is a critical creature, and the two of you in combination invariably rip each other to shreds. You may try to compensate and end up not being yourself at all. There really is no point if it’s such an effort. 





ANDURADHA + The Female Deer


19th November – 2nd December


Vedic You: You are a bundle of laughs; probably because you are a bundle of contradictions. Your complex character certainly keeps us all amused. On the one hand, you plan things meticulously; whilst on the other, you are magically spontaneous and lots of fun to be with. It all depends on your waking mood, what kind of day it’s going to be! Sometimes you are a fearful, over emotional creature, afraid to bare your soul lest it get in the way of a productive day’s work. You tend to distract yourself with endless projects when you are going through a rough patch. Spiritual and kind as you are, life is not always easy, and you have jaded cynical responses which surface from time to time.


Love Style: You’re a true romantic with a real love of refined gestures and sumptuous settings. In love with love, you fall quickly in love and get bitterly disappointed when things go wrong. Likely to be a bit transparent with your emotions, you are not much of a challenge. You get downtrodden when neglected, and too often your emotions are unrequited when you attract the wrong type of lover. All is well when you hook up with your Soul Mate, for they share your aesthetic sense and love to love as much as you do.


Best Match: Jyeshta is everything you could wish for. A passionate, sexy, and sensual package, you really would be daft to look elsewhere. Jyeshta is tailor made for commitment, and doesn’t mind your changeable, sometimes flighty nature. This creature sees YOU and likes everything about you. 


Steer Clear: Chitra is a stickler for detail and likely to be very nit-picky in your company. You really won’t have a moment’s peace. This creature is not very good at flying high, and your spirit gets crushed fairly quickly by Chitra.





JYESHTA + The Male Deer


2nd December – 15th December


Vedic You: You are a formidable creature. Charismatic and spiritual, you love to be challenged and enjoy living life to the full. Spiritually well-developed and mature, you have an innate understanding of the way things should be. Talented and creative, you invariably demonstrate true genius in whatever you attempt. You don’t need to be competitive; things come naturally to you. Others find you daunting and those who are less than secure often get jealous of what you are able to do, without even having to think! What riles such people is that you don’t even notice how clever and effortless you are. You have everything deep-within and therefore need nothing; an enviable life indeed. 


Love Style: Your high intelligence means you can be very cool in the love stakes. Just as well you have integrity. Your brilliant mind has oodles of allure and compassion, so those who don’t find you threatening find you very attractive indeed. You don’t have to do much to seduce your lover. Your sex life is potent and passionate. Indeed, you won’t make love unless it’s going to take you to that ‘other place’. Your spirit has to fly, or else you won’t bother. Passion and soul connections go hand in hand for you. Very Tantric! 


Best Match: Magha is warm and loving; a gentle soul who will nourish your often battered spirit. Magha provides security and support. You really will want for nothing as your every need will be tended to. Even your extreme sensitivity is nurtured and valued. Magha calms you down and spurs you on.        


Steer Clear: This is a combustible union. Ardra is difficult to trust and has a completely different take on what’s acceptable. You are likely to react by being dominant and aggressive. Then Ardra retaliates and its general mayhem.





MULA + The Male Dog


15th December – 28th December


Vedic You: You are a productive, intelligent, hard-working character. But you do have a self-destructive tendency, which manifests as grumpiness or petulance in your closest relationships. Even though you are intrinsically loyal, you can not bear to be wrong, and you do sometimes border on paranoia. Because of your well-honed instincts, you rarely miss a trick. But be assured, it’s pretty messy when you do. Your cleverness is your saving grace, and you have good staying power as well as discipline. When your interest is engaged, you make a great and reliable employee. But when you’re listless or restless, you can become snappy, aggressive and untamed. You BITE!  


Love Style: Your dangerous, snappy side makes you uneasy re sexual experimentation. Part of you is worried about taking things too far too soon. Don’t panic even as you make your suggestions. It’s okay to test the water; no one can reprimand you for that. But, you do indeed have some interesting fantasies! You need an understanding, up-for-it partner who supports your wicked ways and allows you to reach your fullest potential in-the-sack. Loving stability brings out the worst in you…and I mean that in a positive way.


Best Match: Purva Ashadha provides a tranquil environment and calms you down. You don’t feel quite so wound up and angry about everything. This is an unconventional union. As a couple, you do what you want; when you want. Other Mulas understand you. But it’s a bit dull in the long-run; you’re too similar.  


Steer Clear: Punarvasu winds you up to the point of no return. They then become demanding, possessive and hypocritical. Punarvasu won’t commit in a hurry. But will expect you to behave. Arguments are memorable and entertaining!     





PURVA ASHADHA + The Male Monkey


28th December – 11th January


Vedic You: You are a talented, creative creature with oodles of nervous energy. Your natural flare and panache ensure you top the class effortlessly. Those who don’t know or trust you, frequently get jealous; stirred by your self-assurance and ease of expression. Thankfully, you don’t really notice. Courageous as you are, you are also quite changeable. Flexible and well able to move on quickly if required; you are also pretty nifty at shifting the goal posts to suit yourself. This is confusing for your conventional, staid friends and loved ones, who find it difficult to keep up with your latest whim. But you are usually validated by your choices which inevitably lead to great success.


Love Style: You love mind games and mental connections. If someone doesn’t grab you intellectually as well as physically, there is unlikely to be much action in the bedroom. You need to be stimulated from the head down; and a wicked sense of humour works every time. Exclusively cerebral relationships you find stifling and restrictive. You need fun and laughter with plenty of high jinks to keep you coming back for more. Sexual union is a way to express your-self heart and soul; so it has to makes sense on all levels.  


Best Match: Revati compliments you well, and can read your mind brilliantly. You can be serious-minded one minute, wickedly mischievous the next. Revati is sensitive to your needs, loves sex. But can be pushy at clever moments. Revati allows you to be; is not in the least bit clingy and loves you up in the right way.     


Steer Clear: Your union with Dhanishta has a quick burn-out factor. Things get intense quickly. But the rot sets in when commitment issues surface. Dhanishta can be thoughtful and caring, so try to enjoy the positive bits.  







11th January – 24th January


Vedic You: You have an arid, dry humour, so you are not the best flirt in the world. Your natural intelligence makes you over-analytical. But you love a good argument, so long as it’s civilized. You find it very difficult to cope with aggression one-on-one, and avoid confrontation at all costs. But, you are direct; up-front and straightforward. What you see is what you get. You have a way of getting to the heart of a problem. Your advice is always relevant, so loved ones frequently turn to you for support. But, because you are so sorted, others assume you don’t need the same reassurance and security as they do. Not in the least bit insecure, you often get overlooked. Tell them you need cuddles too!    


Love Style: You are complex creature when it comes to love-stuff. You have many needs and a spiritual connection is just as important to you as a sexual one. Quick to make your move when you fancy someone; in your established relationships, you can be quite passive. You generally prefer a lover to make the running. But, when you’re on the prowl its all systems go! Day-to-day concerns are a turn off for you, and you really can’t be bothered with mundane nonsense. Love has to make your spirit fly; or you’re off-ski.


Best Match: Uttara Bhadra loves you deeply, so don’t doubt their sincerity. Their calm, even temperament wins you over slowly but surely. This creature understands your vulnerable side, and is patient and kind too. You can work through all life’s challenges confidently with Uttara Bhadra at your side. 


Steer Clear: Magha is so different from you, that this normally reasonable creature gets right under your skin; and not in a good way. Vicious anger and irrational aggression flare up when the negative influences kick-in. 




SHRAVANA + The Female Monkey


24th January – 6th February


Vedic You: You are a complex creature with a strong maternal instinct and developed feminine side. Although you are very loving, others find it difficult to keep up with you. Changeable and unpredictable; when the fancy takes you, you’re off. Thankfully, your concern for loved ones means that you stop short of disaster. But it IS an important part of your psyche to pursue your fantasies and daydreams. Despite your inclinations, you know when to back-off, and you are not overtly prone to obsessive behaviour. People don’t always understand you; you don’t explain yourself very well. But you are an old softie as well as sentimental through and through. Only mind-readers need apply!


Love Style: You are a jumpy, edgy lover who finds it difficult to settle. Relationships may come and go, but you still hold the ideal of a blissful family life close to your heart. Are you are looking too hard for perfection? Why not relax and run with what you’ve got? Love has more chance if you deal with what’s what. Don’t leap too far ahead and spoil it all before it even gets off-the-ground. Your playful streak is lots of fun. But generally, your light-side comes out for an airing only when you’re sorted.


Best Match: Purva Ashadha is in tune with you body, mind, and spirit. This is an intense sexual union, which can develop on all levels given enough time and patience. Try to get past the physical aspect and see what else is there. Uttara Bhadra makes a great life-partner. Love grows and matures over time.  


Steer Clear: Magha is not tolerant of your wants and needs. Magha has an agenda. Not many manage to pin down or fluster this flighty spirit. Your own emotions may get overlooked and this relationship makes you wobble.





DHANISHTA + The Lioness


6th February – 19th February


Vedic You: You are an idealistic spirit who is very good at fighting everyone else’s battles. A Trojan, stoic character, you are great at shaking off the doldrums and coming up with a game-plan for tackling the latest dilemmas. Your largesse and grand persona hates to be restricted, so you get stressed out by unnecessary nonsense and agendas. You often wonder why the whole world isn’t as straightforward and kind hearted as you. But you are no push over and you do see things for what they are; as well as what you want them to be. Your childlike hope and excitement often surfaces and takes over. But it is this wonderful quality that redeems you and everyone else you meet, time and time again.    


Love Style: You are a passionate but cuddly creature; a great mixture that brings you a whole lot of lovin’. Your sex drive is strong and you are ardent in the expression of love. While someone is loyal to you; you are loyal to them. But if you get double-crossed, you come up with a revenge plan, which usually involves a long wait so you can serve the dish cold. You love the thrill of the chase and when single you see a good bit of action whilst you make your mind up who is right for the long-haul. A lucky love star indeed! 


Best Match: Shatabhishak is compelling, mystical and mysterious. This creature will keep you fascinated for hours on end. You’re both independent, and neither of you has a problem with the other doing what they will. This is a balanced, mature union. Committed yet not stifling; perfect bliss in fact.   


Steer Clear: Uttara Bhadra is a stubborn, tricky customer who brings out the worst in you. The thick skin of the Elephant is oblivious to your refinement and sophistication. Do you like being unappreciated? Hardly!





SHATABHISHAK + The Female Horse


19th February – 4th March


Vedic You: You are a mysterious, ethereal creature who loves to fathom the depths of life itself. As well as being many layered and complex yourself, you love to understand what makes others tick. Your life’s mission is to glean as much knowledge as possible, and you delight in the quest of wisdom. Oftentimes your spiritual nature distracts you from more earthly pursuits; like a sex life! Developing your persona and furthering those aspirations is your main aim. But of course, you need love and affection just like any one else. Quite perfectionist, you have high expectations of yourself and others. The sickening thing is; you always pass life’s trials and tribulations with flying colours.  


Love Style: You are fussy when it comes to your love life. But you are no prude. It’s just you prefer to hold back until you’re absolutely sure of someone. You come across as quite traditional and subdued. The truth is there are hidden depths to you that come out to play once you get into gear. You are up for excitement and stimulation within your relationships, despite all appearances. But, your expectations let you down. Love would come easier, if you would only chill. No one is perfect, so work with what’s real.  


Best Match: Rohini is a true romantic who restores your faith in love. Like soothing balm for the troubled soul, Rohini nurtures you. You feel affirmed and appreciated. Prepare for a sexy rollercoaster ride with Dhanishta. Your feet won’t touch the ground, and your heart welcomes this love match with ease. 


Steer Clear: Punarvasu is a complicated, slippery creature. Difficult to understand Punarvasu blows hot and cold. One minute you feel smothered; the next neglected. Your own inconsistency does not help; a definite miss-match.  







4th March – 17th March


Vedic You: Relationships are your be all and end all. If you’re not experiencing quality connections, you feel shortchanged. Ambitions, material goods and status are all very well; but what really floats your boat is great company. Passionate exchanges are more important than major success or lots of dosh. Of course you would like all of the above; but you are genuinely not too bothered. You can take or leave the good times, so long as you have deep, lasting love links. The inbuilt irony is that you often receive everything you think you don’t need, anyhow! Life is good to you. You are lucky, self contained and well-blessed. In return you support and sustain those you love; no questions asked. 


Love Style: You give your all to relationships, especially passionate ones. Your sex drive is strong and you have stamina left to burn. Your ideal partner has their work cut out to keep up. But you are tender, loving and kind, so there are never too many complaints. Love rarely gives you much cause for concern. Your luck is such that the pain of unrequited love usually eludes you. It is thankfully not a huge part of life’s game plan. Even when relationships get stressful, you always have a tactic ready to improve things. 


Best Match: Uttara Bhadra balances your refined, majestic, untamed nature. Practical and eminently sensible, Uttara Bhadra brings out the best in you. Together, you can have it all. This is a lucky, abundant union full of promise and goodness. Stop hankering after what will never be and enjoy what IS.  


Steer Clear: Jyeshta stirs you up profoundly, but in quite disturbing ways. Don’t go near this creature if you want a quiet life. Passionate at first, Jyeshta keeps you guessing; but ends up pushing all the wrong buttons. Pure torture, really. 







17th March – 31st March


Vedic You: You are a sensuous, soulful creature with hidden depths. Others tend to underestimate you, as you are much more complex than you first appear. You love your home comforts and feel under-par in sparse surroundings. Control and having things ‘just so’ is important to you. You don’t want to come across as too demanding, so you pride yourself on keeping your desires under wraps. Spirituality is important to you, and you are prepared to make certain sacrifices in life to preserve your integrity. Do remember that it’s okay to loosen up and have fun. You are a mature character, but there is nothing to lose if you enjoy the medicine of a good laugh now and again. No one is watching!


Love Style: Love and sex go hand in hand as far as you’re concerned. You don’t get one without the other; well, one shouldn’t be happening without the other! To find lasting happiness is your game plan, and if you don’t find love (very unlikely), you are self-contained enough for it not to matter too much. Whilst single, you are not adverse to a touch of experimentation. You are not totally devoid of fun and adventure; not by any means. But the ultimate prize is the conglomeration of love, commitment, and loyalty. 


Best Match: Revati makes a great match; together you can conquer the world. You’re both willing to put the work in and your natures fit snuggly. This union is special and sacred. You include and help many along the way; your relationship is all-embracing.

Pettiness and silliness don’t get a look-in.


Steer Clear: Bharani finds you a bit off-balance. You are inclined to give more than you gain in this union. In your company, Bharani becomes one of life’s takers. They are compelling and sensual, but not compatible. 





REVATI + The Female Elephant


31st March – 12th April


Vedic You: You are a creature of huge integrity and high standards. Those who know you are lucky indeed, for you find the best in everyone. You are inspirational and kind with a delicate sensibility and soft heart. Your spirituality is well-developed and you have a sophisticated code of conduct by which you live; which is not in the least bit contrived. Your heart and soul are genuine; one couldn’t ask for a better companion. Often though, you get disappointed by others and by life itself. You are not oblivious to the trials and tribulations of our existence. But you do have an amazing resilience and optimism that sees you through most things. Your stubborn streak is your saving grace!  


Love Style: The union of sex, romance and love is very important to you. You won’t usually have sex for the sake of it. But you do relish the activity when in a meaningful relationship. You’re a perfectionist and very intense, so early on in love, you can be a tad overbearing. Sometimes you over analyze new links. Just be careful not to miss out on true love. When love is fully reciprocated, you sense how to balance things much better. It’s the knowledge that you are truly loved that enables you to give selflessly.


Best Match: Uttara Bhadra is a special, comforting companion. Together, you create a lasting, union that touches many. Peaceful and happy, Uttara Bhadra keeps you serene and smiling all your days. There is barely a cross word between you. But it’s not in the least bit boring.   


Steer Clear: Vishakta is very full-on sexually, and you respond better to more subtle moves. Vishakta is also not big on commitment, so if you’re getting it together steer well clear of ultimatums and the ‘C’ word!