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Venus the planet of love influences both our visual and romantic responses. If we like what we see, our heart will surely follow! This planet heightens our feelings and thereby challenges the way we relate to each other socially and financially. Venus makes the link between our romantic and economic relationships.  According to this Ruling Planet love, money, sex and material possessions are irretrievably married - For better or for worse! 

Kinda makes sense doesn’t it…


Venus assists our partnerships, professional and personal.  Particularly if you are a Taurean or Libran ruled by Venus notice how your attitudes about money reflect in your approach to love and romance. This may sound particularly mercenary. But Venus also links to our integrity and choices, so we can always choose to take the high road.


Venus’ activity emphasises the importance of equilibrium and balance in our relationships.  She enhances our need for positive partnerships and bestows beauty on all those willing to make an effort. Also this planet assists us when there are impartial judgements and merciful decisions to be made. Venus bestows a fair demeanour and blessings on those who choose to live compassionately and considerately. But best of all, she assists our love choices and offers us guidance, urging us to follow our heart.  









Now read what VENUS means to your expressions of affection




Venus in ARIES:



You are enthusiastic and demonstrative with your affections. Passionate and impulsive, you love the thrill of the chase. In typical Aries style, you dive headlong into intense connections, and often live to regret your haste. Some may assume you are superficial, but actually you feel things deeply and mean every word you say. It’s just that what you feel, mean and say can change overnight. When you are committed, your demanding nature can put quite a strain on things. You need constant love and affection, not because you are insecure, but because you are full on. Okay you are adorable and loving too, but ‘in-your-face’ isn’t the word! You love life in all it’s glory and expect loved ones to keep up with your pitch of excitement. As a result you can be quite tiring company. For you, life is an endless stream of possibilities; and you move quickly on from those who don’t share your joy of constant partying. Anything which brings the adrenaline rush you crave gets your vote. You are loud, proud and dangerous to know. Unfortunately you are prone to jealousy and when you are angry what happens next is not particularly pretty. For the most part you are lively, congenial company. You just need to learn the meaning of the word ‘RELAX’!  



Venus in TAURUS:


You are physical and sensual with your affections. Loved ones feel appreciated, valued and strengthened by your attentive ways. A cute face always sparks your imagination, for you love beauty in all its forms. Touchy and feely as you are others often get the wrong idea. You do not really intend to give the wrong impression; but you invariably do! Many people respond to your charisma and presence, and you are never short of admirers. But you are something of a social chameleon and tend to hide the extent of your emotions. It is very easy for you to make connections; just not that easy to own up to your feelings. For you actions speak louder than words. Sometimes though, even your actions can’t be easily read. You are cautious and a tad distrustful, especially when you have been hurt in the past. Loved ones tend to be possessions, and you can get quite jealous when someone threatens to steal them. You are loyal, steadfast and true when committed; and you expect the same respect in return. This makes you a bit of a control freak if you are in any way uneasy or unsure of love. Somewhat passive, you are slow to get started. Your passions sizzle until you are ready. Then you make your lasting ties…and there’s no getting away from you!






Venus in GEMINI:


You are playful, flirtatious and communicative. Your lively mind is captivating and you thrive in varied company and situations. Displays of affection come naturally and perhaps a little too easily to you. Like a child who flits from person to person, you can come across as superficial and fickle. In reality nothing could be further from the truth (ish!). You feel things deeply, just not in the way everyone else does! This of course leads to misunderstandings; especially when you know you are trustworthy. Appreciate that you give the impression that you are anything but; then you might be more empathetic towards loved ones who remain baffled by your behaviour. The irony is, left to your own devices, you won’t stray. It is only when your freedom is threatened and you feel stifled, that you will play away from home. Sadly loved ones will never really know where they stand, for you are not the most deep and meaningful person. You are expressive, lighthearted and charming; just not particularly profound! Always on the look out for new experiences, it is difficult to keep up with you. Partners may feel they do not get the input they deserve. But you are great fun, and never boring. Your curiosity is insatiable: oops!



Venus in CANCER:


You are sensitive and protective with displays of affection. Those you love get your undivided attention; but your intensity can be overwhelming. Temper your good intentions with a healthy dose of independence for the sake of sanity and balance. Inclined to be temperamental when out of sorts, you snap at the silliest things. Just make sure your grumpiness does not alienate people. Too often you ‘go off on one’ for no good reason and no one understands the tantrum; least of all yourself. You need an outlet for these complex emotions; but try to keep it positive and retreat privately when you feel an irrational storm brewing. Your shyness is surprising and you get insecure about the strangest things. But intimacy is important to your well being; as is sharing and caring in a close knit environment. Family life suits you and provides ample opportunity for the connections you crave. Just learn to distance yourself from other’s issues and problems. You have more than enough to cope with as it is. You can’t sort everyone out; nor should you feel obliged to do so. When things are running smoothly you give unconditionally; but you can be put off by demands from others and like to run the show on your own terms.



Venus in LEO:


You are loyal and generous hearted; and loved ones never feel shortchanged by you. Attentive and kind, you can be quite in-your-face with your gestures. You are the proverbial Drama Queen, and your emotions are bizarrely over the top when you become unbalanced. When you are appreciated, this does not really happen; but when you are abused or taken for granted the claws come out. Not afraid or ashamed to fight your corner, you can be quite haughty about correct behaviour. Okay, you don’t keep tabs; but you do notice when things aren’t quite right. Your temper tantrums are legendary. Indeed, you can be quite childlike when you don’t get your own way. Too often you demand to be the centre of attention and feel quite uncomfortable when there is a more interesting diversion. For this reason you are a consummate performer, excellent at bringing the conversation back to your favourite topic: you! Be careful not to alienate people with your natural flamboyance. You can be wonderfully entertaining; but also exceptionally tedious. Learn to discern when things have moved on and don’t labour the point. You are a born showoff and lovable with it. But your open heart always wins out and saves the day!   





Venus in VIRGO:



You are loyal, kind and modest; but a stickler for perfection. Your standards are high and you can’t be demonstrative when things don’t feel right. You show your love and affection in practical ways; so even your tidiness and organization indicates your level of involvement. When you can’t be bothered, things get left undone (dishes in the sink syndrome). But when you are wholeheartedly up-for-it, you are the chirpiest homemaker in the kingdom! Because of your analytical ability you are quite a cool customer. You express yourself dispassionately, so can come across as fairly aloof to those who don’t know you very well. You seek perfection in many things and can get held back by your need to have everything ‘just so’. Remember relationships are messy and learn to get stuck in more readily. Life’s too short to hold back after all. You might as well give it a whirl and see where you get to. Your emotional reserve does not do you any favours really; so learn to ditch it and access another aspect of your complex nature. Steer clear of being overly critical of yourself and others and don’t resort to pettiness in a row; as you are inclined to do. You are a sensitive, intelligent soul; who is perhaps easily offended: Don’t be!  



Venus in LIBRA:



You are idealistic and lots of fun. On the one hand you expect the world from your relationships; on the other you can be refreshingly lighthearted and even flippant! You express your affections sometimes extravagantly, sometimes hesitantly. Your varied responses reflect typical Libran dithering; yet they serve a purpose by keeping your loved ones entertained. That wicked sense of humour and natural charisma attracts all sorts of people. But you do have a tendency to stifle intimacy in your avoidance of conflict. You may feel you are being usefully magnanimous when you bite your tongue and avoid a row; but really is it that wise to always steer clear of confrontation? Remember, a good old humdinger clears the air and facilitates the process of moving on. Sometimes in your desire for permanent harmony, you miss the nuances of simmering resentment! Learn to identify problems, and more importantly don’t assume you can always gloss over them. Issues come along in many shapes and sizes, and you are right; harmony and peace are desirable commodities. But do be willing to identify anger as part of your emotional repertoire. Then your provision of pleasure, comfort and caring will be all the more effective.



Venus in SCORPIO:


You are compulsive and passionate, which is great for intense connections. On the down side though, you get overly suspicious and are a tad obsessive. Try to be more measured in your responses, for as it stands you have a tendency to overwhelm loved ones and stifle their self expression. Your great gifts of passion and mystery can also be a burden. On the one hand no one can fathom your intriguing depths; on the other you can be overly secretive and protective. It is important to the sanity of your loved ones that you learn to open up; to give and take. Perhaps you are not fully aware of the extent to which you control your reactions. But because you are a natural detective, psychologist and psychic; there are no flies on you! Indeed you can be quite intimidating, disconcerting company. You know how to unnerve your ‘prey’ and get your own way, time and time again. There is no point advising you to ‘lighten up’, for you take everything so damned seriously. You are nothing if not profound! So long as your exacting standards are met in relationships, things go well; but if someone dares question your natural authority? Where you’re concerned, ‘common ground’ is a concept akin to a peat bog: There’s NO compromise!           





You are open with your affections and somewhat idealistic too. Over-the-top is not the word! When you feel love, the whole world knows about it; and you can be quite excessive with its expression. This is great if the object of your affections likes you to make a fuss. But not so good if you’re with someone more discrete and private than your exuberant self! Learn to read the mood and do try to enjoy low key subtle moments from time to time. There is no doubt; you are a regular Diamond Gezzer/Chick, who gives freely and whole-heartedly. Watch that you don’t get taken advantage of by unscrupulous types. You wear your heart on your sleeve, so are likely to learn a few lessons the hard way! Apart from that, precious little dampens your lively spirit. You are tolerant and broadminded. Most misdemeanours go unnoticed when you’re in the room. It takes a lot to get you riled; and even then you are one of the most forgiving souls on the planet. You’re not exactly gentle, but you are faultlessly kind. Your wicked sense of humour and adventurous out-look make you difficult to keep up with, but always good fun. The only problem is; you assume everyone else is feels IT the way you do! Unfortunately this aint the case…






You are faithful and dutiful with your affections and your relationships are somewhat sanitized. Indeed you are so meticulous about doing things the right way; that you often create a joyless, edgy atmosphere, without meaning to. In trying to do things by the book, you sometimes lose your spontaneity and sense of humour. Loved ones potentially feel stifled, by always having to be on their best behaviour. Not that you force such loyalty or respect; but you do command it somehow! You take relationships seriously, which is commendable. Whilst you are sensual, faithful and down to earth; you are rather exacting too! Your reserve sometimes comes across as snobbish. But your loved ones know they can trust you. You are reliability personified, though would benefit from a flexible, more relaxed approach. Life IS messy; ‘things happen’ and you can’t always be there to sort it all out! Free yourself up a bit, by accepting the flow of events and the challenge of new circumstances. Your conscientiousness and caring nature mean that you are not afraid to commit. But it does take you a long time to trust and open up within new relationships. At least your loved ones know you mean it: there is no funny business when you’re around…




Venus in AQUARIUS:


Your displays of affection are unconventional and experimental; if not rather odd! You are eccentric and a law unto yourself. Anything goes and you are offended by precious little. So long as you are free to express your feelings you’re happy. Privacy is crucial to your sanity; but you are also sociable and lively of wit and mind. Your unusual sense of humour takes some beating and you are a match for most people. Quick off the mark; nothing gets past your extreme powers of perception. With your altruistic tendencies, you are full of empathy and understanding. But you know your limits too. You do not suffer fools gladly and anyone who takes advantage of your good nature gets short shrift! Loved ones have to get used to your unusual, slightly weird habits. You’re not about to change for anyone; for you are quite set in your ways. Things get done as you ordain them, or not at all! On the plus side, you make a lively, interesting lover. Experimental, adventurous, and a skilful flirt; new ideas and experiences grab your imagination, and you are willing to give most things a try. However, you are quite the fantasist, who must make a concerted effort to stay grounded. Sometimes your reactions are extreme and you go just a bit too far!  



Venus in PISCES


You are romantic and compassionate, if not a little wet with your displays of affection. Some may say that you get over sentimental about inconsequential details, but at least you care! No one could ever accuse you of neglect or flippancy. But you are a soft touch. Watch out for ruthless or self indulgent types who are likely to take advantage of your amenable nature. Try to toughen up, and use discernment re what or who to say ‘yes’ to. Your perceptions are acute and your powers of sympathy heightened; but you must learn to protect yourself better. Sensitized to many emotions, feelings and reactions, you experience everything to the full, which is of course very tiring. Idealistic and overly sensitive, you are likely to become a tad unhinged if life serves you up a blow or a lesson. Also you are inclined to be economical with the truth to spare people’s feelings and to preserve your own interests. Quite capable of devious behaviour, you do not deliberately ‘double deal’; but, you do sift information and keep track of every little detail. Sometimes you get disillusioned that things don’t happen as you deem they should. But you are not a control freak, merely an idealist. Always guard against confusion and use your commonsense!