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Who IS Your Money Honey?  



Fall in Love with your money for 2013....


Boy, I bet the title of this piece pushes a few buttons. But have you ever really thought carefully about your relationship with money? Did you know it is actually useful to think of money in terms of a relationship, rather than something you stuff under the mattress in fear of that rainy day that may never come?

Falling in love with your money probably sounds like a strange idea, especially as we all experience challenges with money and there are serious threats to the banking system the world over. But the reality is, money is an energy. It is also apparently just pieces of paper, plastic in your wallet, and electronic numbers on your computer.

So WHY do we give money so much importance? Well, I guess because we were taught that 'money makes the world go around'. Yes, it sure does. Just not necessarily in the ways that we were taught. I actually believe, we do not give money enough importance. We do not appreciate it or treat it in the right way.

Many of us as we were growing up were taught that 'money does not grow on trees'. That we have to work hard for and suffer for our money. That money does not come easy, and if it does, there is probably something dodgy around it.

On the up side, we also hold somewhere in our psyche the childhood sense of magic and wonder around money. The tooth fairy always shows up and gambling, though not to be encouraged, gives some the buzz of an injection of unexpected cash. Somewhere in our minds we can relate to the concept of winning the big one and we all know, 'you have to be in it to win it'. In Ireland the magic of money has taken quite a bashing, but underneath it all, we still believe that the crock of gold lies at the end of the rainbow. Well, up to a point.

To deal with the negative money stuff, it is important to ask yourself what are your beliefs about money? Do you have limiting beliefs and a poverty consciousness you have inherited from your parents, or ancestors? Are you one of those people who reads their electricity meter incessantly and panics when there is a bill to pay?

Money responds to gratitude, just like anything else. So what about a new approach of appreciation for warmth, water, and a roof over our heads? What about paying for things freely with trust and reminding ourselves that we have always had enough to get by? When you think about it, has money ever really let you down? Has it not always been there just when you needed it, even if it did turn up at the last minute?

I know there are many people out there struggling with the basics at the moment, and believe me, I have been there too. But I have noticed some very interesting turnarounds when my own relationship with money started to shift. I stupidly made a decision when I was young to always feel rich and abundant. No matter how much money I did or did not have, I was not going to be dictated to by money. This may seem admirable in some ways, and I really do still feel it and agree with it. But, I have had to address my feelings about money, and realise that I should perhaps love it more. For what you give energy to, grows. What you deny diminishes. It still feels really odd to say I must love money more, and yet the more I understand how energy works, the more important I realise it is.

I hope here to point some of these realisations out, so that you may make a similar turn around in your relationship with money.  I know words come easy about money, and many of us have bought into the belief that the country is on its knees. That we are in some way obliged to feel this scarcity and it is somewhat disrespectful to those in difficulty if we do not.  But you know what? The more we say this to ourselves, the more this energy perpetuates. Everything is energy. Money is energy and it responds unkindly when we squash it, deny it, fear it, panic about it and disrespect it.

Trust me, there IS a way around this. So are you ready to access your inner millionaire? It is after all your divine right to experience and abundance and all the riches life brings. Obviously this is not about money exclusively, but it is very much included. There are many money coaches out there who state is your divine right to have money, that money is actually God expressing himself with love in our lives. Woah, this is a tricky one to swallow for so many reasons. But think about it anyway. We should at least be open to the possibility, as nothing else has worked, has it?




It sure would be nice not to have to worry about where the food is coming from, where the rent is coming from, and where the uniforms for school are coming from? And the truth is, when you make a shift of consciousness about your money, these issues pale into insignificance. You will be provided for. It is as sure as day follows night. But trust is key and so is the realisation, that YOU are the creator of your life. YOU have the power to turn things around and to live abundantly. What is more? It may only be a shift of consciousness away.

For example, did you know that the best way to accumulate funds is to GIVE freely, to tithe your income and to ENJOY actually paying the bills. Money comes back to you when you freely spend. This is the energy we need to connect with in order to help the economy too. Why not support your local businesses, even if they are a little more expensive? The Universe honours our approach to money. Like attracts like; and this principle applies to money most especially.

Why not get into a magical groove with money? Always have 10 euro in your pocket for a homeless person you may pass on the street. Do not give to them out of pity or judgement. Give to them as an equal.  Connect with their divine nature and give your money freely.

It is well recognised that tithing is an excellent way to boost the flow of your money. Get a savings account and put in 10% of everything that comes your way. This can either be a way to save, your 'do not touch this money' Or it can be your money for donations to charity freely given.

Why not become a money fairy? When you have a bit of extra cash, put money about town for people to find with a cute note inside. Yes I know this sounds quite nuts. BUT it is also quite FUN! Plus it taps you into the magic of money and lines you up effectively with the energy frequency of WINNING money.

Of course these are all only suggestions. You have to make your choices and see what resonates with you. But I think you will get the picture, that it is fundamentally important NOT to be a tight wad in order to have money. Certainly it is very important to avoid the mentality where you are a slave to money.

There is nothing so awful as the fear of debt, of creditors banging on your door, of letters in the post that you really must not ignore. This fear, which is so stressful and draining for people, has to be dealt with. It has to go. Let us be practical for a second. If you are in this situation, you will probably find some of my above situations absolutely ridiculous. And yet, are they really? The Universe will honour you, if you make this inner turnaround. I promise that it will.

We are heading into 2013, and there is absolutely no excuse for us to all be at the mercy of what went wrong with the economy a couple of years ago. Ireland is archaic with its debt laws and its approach to money matters. This needs to be addressed, or else people will continue to leave in their droves and find their freedom elsewhere.



We all know what has gone wrong on our money tree. We now need to start with ourselves to set the matter straight. Let us hope certain members of the Dail are reading this piece and act upon it, though I guess that is highly unlikely. I would love to see Enda Kenny putting his magic envelopes around town!

The point of the 2013 shift of energy, it that we now get a chance to access our personal power and our freedom. We should not be a slave to anyone or anything, for this just begets more fear, servitude and misery.

So may I make the bold suggestion that you fall in love with your money? Yes we have been taught that money is the root of all evil, and that we must not be seen to be greedy. But this is not about greed or anything obscene or disrespectful. It is about shifting our money consciousness, so that we can get creative and imaginative with our situations. I do believe if we ask for guidance on this matter, it will be given. All we have to do is be receptive.

The principle of the money shift is to move into that space of gratitude for money and all that it does for you. If you are a male, why not think of your money as a beautiful, buxom female you want to nurture, protect and play with! If you are a female, look on your money as a handsome, smooth, debonair playboy, who only has eyes for you.

When money is your lover, would you not treat it so much better? Rather than stuff it into your purse and try to hold onto it, would you not want to see it blossom and grow out in the world, before coming back to you with so many stories, gifts and ideas?

This is a healthy relationship we are describing. One where money is freely given and freely received.  You may not be aware, but one of the most common unconscious blocks to receiving money, is just that. We are not always very good receivers. When you get a present, are you grateful, or do you say 'oh no you really shouldn't have'? Just remember, the Universe hears you! It can only deliver what you are willing, ready and able to receive.

We live in a highly benevolent and giving Universe, but we only add to our pain and the pain of our world, when we look on everything as dark, restrictive and difficult. 

The block so many of us have on receiving is highly significant. We may feel it is 'better to give than receive'.

We need to be aware that all the limiting beliefs we absorbed as a child now lurk in our unconscious tripping us up. It is these negative expectations and limiting beliefs which block our abundance and prosperity. Regardless of any new legislation the Dail may or may not introduce, we can be our own worst enemy when it comes to money.

Did you many people become millionaires in recession? It is just a matter of tapping into the market and tapping into YOU, to access the many gifts and treasures which are out there for you.

Why can't money be your friend? Come to you easily and look after you?

The good news is it can!



Tips for you and your MONEY HONEY for 2013 ~


1) Practice Tithing and generosity

2) Fall in love with money! Visualise your MONEY HONEY and nurture your relationship

3) If you are in debt, take practical measures to negotiate with creditors, ask for assistance from MABS, enter an IVA type scheme if needs be. Put a structure on your money issue, and love it all the same!

4)Be a money fairy! Access the magic of money. It is win, win, WIN!

5) Ditch the fear, the judgement, the hardship and the stress.

6) Become a better receiver of love, of money, of everything. To have money you have to be able to RECEIVE it!

7) Find ways to clear your unconscious blocks around money and tidy up your limiting beliefs. Anything is possible.

8) Visualise your money as a garden. How does it look at the moment, does it need weeding, pruning, re seeding? Do you need to dig it all up and relay the lawn? Do you need to take a pneumatic drill to it and dig up the concrete to find the soil underneath? What plants grow there? What plants will you introduce? Work with this and watch your garden grow. This meditation or inner picture is a powerful manifesting tool. Have fun with it!

9) Ask yourself what do you need to cut ties with? What or who is draining your resources. How can you economise but NOT out of fear? Do not deny yourself. If you want a takeout coffee BUY ONE! 

10) Be still and close your eyes. Ask your imagination what your money looks like at the moment in human form? Are you even grabbling with a money monster? Deal with this money vision in whatever way feels right. Zap it in a blaze of fire. Visualise the violet flame transmuting all the negativity and ask the ugly vision to leave. Take a few days then and go back to see if money reappears to you in this way again. If so, repeat the process. Test again. This clears your unconscious demons regarding money, and you may have to do it a few times. When you are ready and done with this process, you will see money appear in a different form. It is time to meet your money honey! Just make sure you treat him or her right this time...