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WOMEN are from VENUS ~ MEN are from MARS



ARIES MAN: Men with strong Aries energy are spontaneous and exciting. These are the ambitious, uncompromising Alpha males of the Zodiac. Assertive, and focused, Aries man does not take no for an answer. This chap is driven by his passions and is well able to segregate physical activity from emotional engagement, if you get my drift! Ruled by Mars, Aries man is dynamic and energetic between the sheets; but empathy is NOT his strong point. You may not get wined and dined ad infinitum, though you will get a good seeing to, if you pardon the expression. Not the most refined sensibility, this man IS capable of curbing his desires in order to learn some finesse. But this only happens when he has fallen deeply in love. Apart from that, this guy is hormonally driven and is quite happy to undertake a new connection based solely on a person’s appearance.




ARIES WOMAN: This feisty lady needs no seducing. Aries female is fully in touch with her carnal desires and needs very little coaxing to get busy between the sheets. This little lady suits herself and she is not likely to suppress her hormonal responses once she has set her sights on you. Even if she is spoken for, she is quite capable of the odd liaison along the way. I’m not saying she inevitably WILL; but she sure as hell MIGHT if the fancy takes her. This woman is very masculine and dynamic with her love making. Not afraid to take the lead, Aries woman is as good at the love ’em and leave ’em game as the next man. With strong sexual drives as her defining quality, Aries woman is not big on emotional drama. She is independent and does not need too much input. Some men may mistrust this and find their hearts’ challenged in the face of such self-sufficiency. Hurts doesn’t it! 





TAURUS MAN: Taurus man is a supremely gorgeous lover who will seduce you in subtle ways. But be warned! The Zodiac Bull is a flirt, who will invariably test the water with many of the females in his domain. Taurus man is intrinsically loyal and hates to risk his comfort zone. But, he is not beyond indulging those sensual desires if he feels he can get away with it. If Taurus is not free to act, he is likely to leave you dangling, having fired up your hormones to a torturous level. Taurus is useless at failure and rejection and is likely to play the field in these circumstances. But keep him satiated with lots of sex, intimacy and understanding, and the Zodiac Bull is loyal, fully relishing the Status Quo you provide. Taurus man is a passive creature who likes a dominant, independent mate. He is not particularly predatory, but boy, will he respond if you make the moves. Well, may be!



TAURUS WOMAN:  Taurus woman doesn’t ask for much; she wants it all! Wit, charm, sexual prowess, personality and a mischievous boyish outlook are all part of the package she requires. Think, you are in the running? Well to woo this little minx, you must also have a huge wad and be more than happy to indulge her every whim. She loves to leave you hanging on, and will play a merry devious game which leaves you eternally wrapped around that doll-like finger. Ms Taurus IS the marrying kind, but she also likes the bohemian groove until she has the man of her dreams finally pinned down. She will NOT marry for the sake of it. This female requires loyalty and devotion without the boredom factor. Watch for the little girl coquettishness and the public displays of affection which are extremely manipulative, however beguiling. She casts her spell with girlish charm.  







GEMINI MAN: Gemini male is a smoothie who loves to dip his finger in as many pies as possible. He is what he is; which is not the most trustworthy dude on the planet. But you are bound to forgive him most things, as he is as loveable and cute as they come. Turn a blind eye and enjoy the good stuff, for Gemini man is witty, entertaining and a bundle of laughs. Okay, he is easily distracted, somewhat two-faced, and masterful at covering his tracks. It’s all true. BUT the upside is you get to spend time with a cultured, refined, intelligent individual who loves to talk and bounce ideas around; amongst other things! Close to his family and friends, the Gemini fella does have a loyal streak and he does not mess with his deepest emotions. It’s just that he loves sex and can segregate his feelings into interchangeable compartments. His heart is a mansion with many rooms, you might say.



 GEMINI WOMAN: Gemini female is a funny mixture. She loves her independence and privacy, but she does have a vulnerable streak and likes to role-play Little-Girl-Lost, when the situation requires it. You will doubtless enjoy rescuing her from whatever it is that plays upon her mind; for she is beguiling, playful and childlike on a good day. Just steer clear when the thunder clouds are a-forming, and be prepared for the odd bit of nifty deception when she is trying to get ahead. The Gemini chick is competitive and likes to excel in her chosen field. But this prowess, luckily for you, extends to the bedroom. You can expect hours of fun, so long as you don’t become boring and predictable. If Gemini woman does demand one thing; it’s a vivid imagination between the sheets. She is dangerous in manipulative mode, but strangely innocent as she indulges her desires. Enjoy… 





CANCER MAN:  The Cancer male is a great believer in taking things easy. It’s anything for the quiet life, as far as he’s concerned. The Zodiac Crab can be quite indirect and understated, even a little cold. Not the best communicator in the world, this fella expects you to read his mind in the same way he can read yours. Very self protective and cagey about his deepest feelings, he can be quite moody and petulant. He is also good at ducking and diving and knows how to keep you guessing. Plagued with insecurities and anxiety, he can still be pushy when he has to be. If a person or circumstance has served its purpose he can be quite ruthless at shutting down and moving on. When committed though the scuttling Crab can be coaxed into nurturing and caring. Deep and emotional, this man tends to spend too much time analyzing how HE is doing. What about you?



 CANCER WOMAN: This woman is sensitive and protective with her displays of affection. Those she loves get her undivided attention; but her intensity can at times be overwhelming. Inclined to be temperamental, the female Crab can snap at the silliest things. Too often she goes ‘off on one’ for no good reason. This sensitive lady needs an outlet for her complex emotions; if you know what I mean. Get busy between the sheets and most things can be readily forgiven. Remember, her shyness is surprising and she gets insecure about the strangest things. But intimacy is important to her well being; as is sharing and caring in a close knit environment. She really is very unlikely to stray as family life suits her, providing ample opportunity for the connections she craves. When things are running smoothly this lady gives unconditionally; but she can be turned off by other’s demands.







LEO MAN:  The Zodiac Lion is a dramatic and flamboyant lover. No one would dismiss this beast as a wallflower that’s for sure. Definitely inclined towards dramatic gestures, the regal male is madly colourful and good fun to be with. This man’s creativity is enviable and he has good energy reserves for the things which grab his imagination. Let’s hope one of them is YOU! Remember, routine stuff bores the pants off him; but he does have a lazy streak which allows him to snooze off at the drop of a hat when there is nothing better to do. Keep him stimulated and interested and the loving will intensify. Give up too readily, and he will go out on the prowl to peruse his domain. The Lion will not be seduced for the sake of it; yet of course he manages to be intrinsically charming when he says no. But his need to be adored is a key aspect of his sexual drive and general prowess.



LEO WOMAN: The Zodiac Lioness is loyal and generous hearted. Attentive and kind, she loves to dominate her terrain and takes tremendous pride in her brood. But she can also be quite controlling and in-your-face with her gestures. The Leo female is the proverbial Drama Queen, and her emotions are bizarrely and entertainingly over the top when she becomes unbalanced. However when she is fully appreciated, this does not really happen. Just watch out for the claws if you ever take her for granted. Her temper tantrums are legendary, and she can be quite childlike when she does not get her own way. If she’s going to stray, this would be the time, so it kind of pays to keep her happy. Indulge her and she will repay you with more loving than you know what to do with. Scary really! On the plus side, this female is wonderfully engaging and magically open hearted. 





VIRGO MAN:  The Virgo man is usually low-key, modest, dutiful, and possibly a bit ‘mousy’ on first impressions. But don’t be fooled, this earthy sign warms up eventually and there are few who could beat him for over all performance. This man makes his voice and presence felt in subtle ways and he is intrinsically loyal. He really IS worth your time and attention if you are looking for lasting love, fun and commitment. But watch out for his systematic, methodical streak, as he works his way into hearts and minds. He does have a controlling streak and of course that tendency to worry too much can be a bit of a pain. The Virgo man is incredibly picky and perfectionist. Likely to be critical of himself and others he does not believe in making things easy. On the plus side, casual links and superficial people are just not his style. What you see is what you get with this reliable fella.



VIRGO WOMAN: This female is loyal, kind and modest; but a stickler for perfection. Her standards are high and she finds it difficult to be demonstrative when something doesn’t feel right. The Zodiac Goddess shows her love and affection in practical ways. Even her tidiness and organization indicate her level of involvement. When she is wholeheartedly up-for-it, she is the chirpiest homemaker in the kingdom. But this lady has a cool analytical side and can express herself dispassionately. She may come across as aloof and fussy to those who don’t know her very well. Virgo woman seeks perfection and sometimes gets held back by her need to have everything ‘just so’. But she is unlikely to stray even if things get dire. Not great at revenge, you will probably be forgiven if you are unfaithful to her. Remember though, she will be tortured by it and will never forget.






LIBRA MAN: Libra Man is romantic, full of good will and happy thoughts. Well, in theory! In love-with-love, Libra will make uninformed choices until they hook up with their Soul Mate. A sucker for candle lit dinners and romantic gestures; this male is easily seduced by traditional expressions of feeling. It takes him a while to realize that sentimentality and a bunch of roses do not equate to undying love. When the situation gets serious, the harmonious Libran ups his game and pursues hard evidence of his chosen amour’s staying power before he fully commits. In typical Libra style, he is sometimes assertive; sometimes shy; blowing hot and cold, often to your eternal frustration if you have already fallen for him. Yes, his dithering can indeed be quite exasperating, and even when he is committed, you will have to remember that he will flirt for Ireland whenever possible.



LIBRA WOMAN:  Libra Female is idealistic, dreamy and good calming company. She expects a lot from her relationships. But she can also be refreshingly lighthearted and even flippant. She expresses her affections sometimes extravagantly, sometimes hesitantly and her varied responses reflect typical Libran dithering. Unlikely to stray once she has fallen in love, this Zodiac female is reliable and unusually beautiful. Others may try to seduce her and you may feel insecure when she is out and about. But rest assured; this little lady does not look elsewhere so long as she is not stifled or pushed into a corner by YOU! Okay, that wicked sense of humour and natural charisma attracts all sorts of people. It’s just the way she is and you will have to appreciate this sociable aspect of her nature if you are going to keep her happy and buoyant. She hates conflict and will walk not talk. 







SCORPIO MAN: This passionate Zodiac Sign is surprisingly reticent about casual connections. The one-night-stand circuit is not the first choice of behaviour for the Scorpion. Of course this is a habit that is easy to fall into if there is an underlying fear of being hurt by love which there often is. But contrary to most Zodiac Scorpio myths, this man does not tumble into bed at the drop of a proverbial hat. Intense and deep, commitment is important to Scorpio male. One thing is for sure, this man does not believe in half measures with the love stuff. When committed to a course of action, which hopefully involves YOU, this man will follow through to the MAX. If you are unsure of his advances, watch his brooding eyes for clues. The truth is in there if you care to see it. This man certainly IS a catch with great energy levels and spectacular powers of endurance. Passionate responses come easy



SCORPIO WOMAN: This HOT Zodiac female is compulsive and passionate, which is great for intense connections. Yes, she may be likely to stray if the notion takes her. But there is NO point getting het up about it. You may pick up the vibes and be completely wrong, so if you love a Scorpio female, give her lots of space. She is much more likely then to wonder what YOU are up to, which will keep her on the straight and narrow like nothing else. Be aware that her mystery, privacy and charisma are all part of her allure. If you breathe down her neck in a less than seductive way she may turn against you, becoming overly suspicious and a tad obsessive. Her great gifts of passion and intensity can also be a burden. You will have to be a self contained, self assured and charismatic fella to attract and keep this lovely lady. She quickly casts a spell that will keep you hooked. Enjoy!




SAGITTARIUS MAN:  Sagittarius male is straightforward and adventurous. If you are up for an experience that will tickle your fancy, do hook up with a Sagittarian. Yes, they are hyper, busy and sporty, and you will sometimes wonder where you fit in. But apart from that, you are signed up for a rollercoaster ride with never a dull moment. If you enjoy peace and quiet; don’t bother. But if you like to be entertained, and never bored; go right ahead. This fiery soul is idealistic in his quest for true love. He is a born optimist who in this life has embarked on a continual quest to improve his lot. Sagittarius male is a restless spirit who keeps up the pressure, even when he has already got quite a good deal. Yes, the grass is always greener and he loves to spend time with the lads. Here is a free spirit who will experiment ad infinitum with a whole range of connections; like it or not!



 SAGITTARIUS WOMAN:  The Sagittarian female is open with her affections and somewhat idealistic too. When she feels love, the whole world invariably hears about it. This is fine if you like the object of your affections to make a fuss; but not so good if you are the discrete, private type. This female wears her heart on her sleeve and she can be quite easily led, which is great if you want to seduce her; but may unnerve you if you want to keep a hold of her. A firm, loving approach should do the trick and a busy schedule too (for her). Be strong and self-contained to keep her interest. Apart from that, precious little dampens her lively spirit, which is great for intimate shenanigans, but not the best if you need a night’s kip. It takes a lot to get this lady riled; and even then she is one of the most forgiving souls on the planet. She’s difficult to pin down, but hours of endless fun. 





CAPRICORN MAN:  This fella is an earthy, matter of fact soul, who can also be quite calculating. If you are with him, you need to guard your interests and keep your boundaries in check. One night stands are anathema to this man, so that is a comfort. But the down side is you won’t often get a let-up from his intensity and need to control things. Can you handle it? Of course love covers a multitude of sins, and you can have full confidence in your relationship if you have adjusted through the tricky times. Once the deeper levels of love have kicked in, this man is full of romance, love and tolerance too; a great mixture for the archetypal family man, really. The Capricorn male is quite a traditionalist even before commitment sets in. But as a singleton he is not beyond the quick fling. Still, he makes his selection carefully, and then usually ends up marrying her anyway!




CAPRICORN WOMAN:  This woman is faithful and dutiful with her affections; but her relationships can be somewhat boring and sanitized. Meticulous about doing things the right way; she is prone to creating a joyless, edgy atmosphere, unwittingly. In trying to do things right this lady is in danger of losing her spontaneity and sense of humour. Loved ones potentially feel stifled, so be warned if you start to feel like you always have to be on your best behaviour. This earthy lady takes relationships seriously, which is commendable. But whilst she is sensual, faithful and down to earth, she is also rather exacting too. Her natural reserve may come across as snobbish. But she is not dull and you will quickly know you can trust her with your life, heart and just about everything else too. Be patient with her when you first meet. She needs time to warm up and trust you.






AQUARIUS MAN:  This man is unique. Eccentric and a law unto himself, he makes it all up as he goes along. What is expected, be damned! Aquarian man does things as he wishes, or not at all. If you are involved with him, be aware that he can be controlling. Any one who dares to influence him adversely gets short shrift. On the up side this man is a real catch as he has a strong altruistic streak. He does not tolerate idiots; but he is wise, with a knowing air. His caring gestures are from the heart. In the boudoir he is imaginative and free spirited too. Anything goes and lovers are invariably in for a treat. Fresh approaches and unusual ideas turn him on, and he can cope with most forms of weirdness. This man is a good mix as he is loyal too; until he gets bored. Brush up on your intellect and knowledge to keep him hooked and things will flow in a longstanding, blissful way.  



AQUARIUS WOMAN:  This lady is affectionate but unconventional and experimental. She can be a little kooky and odd and her fashion sense is certainly individual. But she is interesting and humourful. Little fazes her and she is offended by precious little. As long as she is free to express her feelings she is easily pleased. Privacy is crucial to her equilibrium; but she is also sociable and lively of wit and mind. Don’t expect an easy ride with this Zodiac Queen. You have met your match in her that IS for sure. Quick off the mark, nothing gets past her extreme powers of perception. She makes a great mother too, for with her altruistic tendencies, she is full of empathy and understanding. You will have to get used to her quirky habits and unusual ways. But she will keep you entertained and ready for anything. She makes a lively lover; she is experimental, adventurous, and a skilful flirt





PISCES MAN:  This man has great powers of empathy and perception, which makes him nice to know. But he is not beyond deceptive activity if it is required. He goes through phases where he likes to be unavailable and mysterious. He also has a nosey streak, and loves to be at centre of other people’s business. Pisces man has a natural intuition and sensitivity, which gives him the edge in many situations. However, he can be a bit indecisive and vague when does not understand his deepest emotions. Don’t doubt his feelings. But do be prepared for frustration at his non-verbal communication and reticence just when you want to get busy. Be warned, he can be evasive and deceptive when cornered; he is capable of subtle moves and wily ways. But when in love he falls deep and is idealistic in his expectations. Prone to depression, you will have to be patient to keep him.


PISCES WOMAN:  This lady is romantic and compassionate, if not a little over sentimental with her displays of affection. No one could ever accuse her of neglect or flippancy. But she is a soft touch, so don’t take advantage of her in a ruthless way. She WILL fall for you. You have been warned! Protect her from ruthless, self indulgent types who are likely to take advantage of her amenable nature. Yes, she needs to toughen up, and use more discernment. But her perceptions are acute and powers of sympathy heightened. You won’t get away with anything underhand yourself as she is extremely psychic. But she is capable of deception herself, and may stray if you have wronged her first. Pisces lady is good at walking into situations that don’t reflect her in the best light. So, it is best to trust her and let her make some mistakes. She will listen the next time. Well, maybe!